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  1. I get what you say,but it was to little to late. we shouldnt be going 4 nil down before we respond. we did have chances during the game which we should have taken,but thats football. I get your point though.
  2. We need to show some true grit against Man U.I thought the body language against Newcastle when Wilson scored the fourth at the second attempt was terrible.We should have been well up for it,but I thought we lacked desire.Is it a confidence thing? I dont know.
  3. I cant believe hes not made a change yet. This is clearly not working ffs
  4. He should have fired some ****s into them at half time. Need to show some proper metal this half,or else I really feel for the rest of the season. FFS come on Leicester!!!!!!
  5. Cant believe how nervous we look. should be well up for it considering league position.
  6. He always has,not sure why seeing Leicester gave him his big break in football. Hes a ****!
  7. Yes they werent brilliant,but its a point in the right direction.The pressure is on those teams below.
  8. Nothing like thinking positive everyone.The seasons not over yet ffs!!
  9. Come on you ****ing blue boys.Go on and win this game!!!!!!
  10. Just giving the ball away to easily. lack of concentration.
  11. I really thought Leicester would have had a ruthless mentality today.
  12. Look to lethargic,West ham have shown more desire.
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