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  1. Yes I agree.And to win the FA cup would be a dream.But we are progressing slowly which is how it should be. For how much I hate to admit it,we dont have the history or the pulling power of the top clubs,but we are moving in the right direction. COYB
  2. I know I dont get it!Under gas always looked good when hes played.
  3. I hope so.Although I think they should have snapped him up in January when not many other clubs seem to be interested. Its the link with BR that I think will swing it for us in the summer.
  4. Brendan keeps saying we wont spend 50,60 70, mil on a player.If you want to compete and be a consistent top four side, then theyre going to have to in reality. They should have had a striker on the radar last summer and bought him in this window. I think a striker is priority IMO. I think the Fulham game will be a test! I also think they might have to call Matty James back.
  5. I agree.We needed another striker in this window.These little niggling injuries Vards keeps getting are just going to be more frequent.Their will be a lot more clubs after the same players in the summer which will just bump the price up!Should have tested Celtics arm over odsonne IMO.I just dont think Perez or kelechi have got it. I seriously think it could cost us at the end of the season.
  6. Blokes just a tosser!Ive never liked him even when he played the game.Insignificant **** if you ask me!
  7. I hope so!Concern for the Vards.Definitely need a quality striker to take the pressure off him.I think Ed from Celtic would do a job!
  8. Dont get me wrong,Id love it to be 48k.And I hope it is! That to me would be a proper statement of intent.Hopefully well here something this month.
  9. So does anyone know anymore on final capacity?Or was the 48k that was being touted around just a load of bollocks?
  10. Cant see him going anywhere to be honest.He was so excited when he came here with the group of players,new training ground and possible stadium expansion. Its a really exciting time for the club,and BR will be linked with every top job going by the media and bookmakers.
  11. I think most of the Celtic team are low on confidence being so far behind Rangers. But hes still a sought after striker being looked at by a lot of clubs.
  12. Yes definitely.I would rather chew broken glass than listen to the BT Bellends.
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