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  1. If it is not broken, don't fix it
  2. Brendan Rogers would have been well aware of who Steve Beaglehole was prior to joining the club. He sees the progression of under-age players making the first team and he knows Beagleholes Coaching is a reason for it. Roger's is very aware of the young players coming up with Academy system. He also brought his own staff who have in-depth knowledge of the how he thinks about the game and Coach the players accordingly.
  3. If you want a little insight into Brendan Rogers and his addiction to Football then you could do worse than getting your hands on a copy of "Invincible". The backdrop to the book is his first season with Celtic.However his belief in "Death by Football" is what we are viewing on a weekly basis.Worth a read
  4. We are going to WIN this game, l don't care about Arsenal's problems as they are the architects of their own downfall. If We continue to play the free flowing one touch football we have then this could get nasty for Arsenal
  5. We are the cause of these two being stronger. The first thing the did when we won was get the Cheque book out. Tottenham, Arsenal, Man Utd, did the same but their scouting department haven't delivered like the big two have. That said, we are again causing consternation with the Media and their Top 6
  6. City are a different beast under Rogers and are playing beautiful Football that gives the players reason to express themselves within the structure of Rogers Philosophy. We will win
  7. Rogers knows what he has in Chilwell, and the fact he plays him weekly speaks of a manager who knows more about the man and trusts him
  8. I travelled with that lad and his partner to an away game Vs Tranmere a little while back and he said he had relations in Cork and thus had the Irish Flag on display in their honour.
  9. I don't know him personally so l will withhold judgement!
  10. If Rogers loses faith in him then l will begin to worry
  11. I too go to support my Team and not the opposition or gaze at the overpriced theatre's we are travelling to, and l take issue with ticket prices being raised because of the opposition.
  12. Ryanair assisted in my deluded approach to watching Leicester in the mid 2000s, and as they say misery loves company so my late Father and Brother were inflicted also upon the Walkers Stadium. My Father/Brother would delay the pain by staying outside smoking until they gave way to the "let's get this over with" pangs of evitability as the Grim Reaper ushered them in!
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