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  1. Be tempted to start Gray behind Vardy tonight if Albrighton is available. He always drifts into that space anyway and we could probably get away with an experiment agains this lot.
  2. Wasn't he dropped before hand though by Puel despite him being their captain and best defender? I know he was getting on, but surely he was a better option than Yoshida.... Seems to me like something went off behind the scenes and he decided to hand in a transfer request and be off with it. It kind of seems like a win win situation for all parties as Puel clearly wants to build his defence around Van Dijk and have just got £8mil for a 33 year old.
  3. Vertonghen must be the biggest p***k in the league right?
  4. The majority of your solutions are highly unlikely to happen but this takes the mantle. Breath tests on the turnstiles? We can barely get in the ground before the champions league games when the club tries to search peoples bags. Imagine trying to breathalise around 55,000 people
  5. Bolasie over Albrighton??? Palace fans were saying on twitter they would be happy with £15million for him let alone 30! He has about 2 good games a season and then goes missing for the rest of it. You're talking out your arse mate!
  6. What in the world was Knocky's celebration for Brighton today haha!
  7. It wasnt like they just spent the 10mil, they signed that bloke from Brentford for about 6million admist others taking their spending to the championship. Now back in the prem with this huge new influx of T.V money and they wont even stump up 5mil for Hendricks. This is after they've already had a season seeing that spending nothing will not get results, even if you have great team spirit you still need some quality. Dyche is crazy.
  8. When he was playing in Italy I wouldn't say it was a mickey mouse league... It wasn't at it's best admittedly, but other than PSG he's played in pretty competitive leagues throughout his career.
  9. Man City sign Nolito from Celta Vigo. Probably the end of Navas at City...
  10. Cant say I watch a lot of german football so may be a bit late to the party. But Kimmich for Germany has really impressed me. The fact he is only 21 and could be mentored by Lahm in the rb posistion is scary
  11. I had this problem, didn't realize it would score your final 11 at the end of the game week. I assumed if players had played you could sub them out and their points would still contribute to the final score. So I ended up dropping Neuer and Boatang for Rui Patricio and Dragovic...
  12. Was torn between picking Morata or Pique as captain today and went for Morata... What a poor choice that turned out to be
  13. I've always thought Viktor Vaughn was his best alias, (I'd argue that Madvillian was a group), some fantastic stuff especially on Vaudeville Villain. I find it interesting that when you listen to a lot of new Hip-Hop artists now you can hear they were all massively influenced by Doom. I think Bishop Nehru was quoted saying he was his biggest influence, and this was before they worked together on NehruvianDoom.
  14. Drove past it yesterday and it looks like it's set up like a carnival... Food/drinks stalls all over the place
  15. Blimey, chill out pal