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  1. The first city goal scored in my lifetime was by Arthur Rowley in a 3 all draw against Leeds. The first live goal I saw was scored by Keith Weller in 1974 against Liverpool. We lost 2-1
  2. I actually said to the guy next to me when Gray once again tried to take on a couple of players and lost the ball, that I would sell him in the summer. I think he will would be a very good championship player. Not quite premiership standard. We should be looking at better quality if we want to break into the top six.
  3. Go on please start on Wycombe! 🤬🤬🤬
  4. Much better all round. Rode through a sticky twenty minutes in the second half after they scored. Vardy excellent. Gray very, very poor. Chilwell at fault for their goal.
  5. I have a really good feeling about this appointment. I think he will do very well for us. After all the years of supporting city I feel that for once we may well become an established top six club. Well done to the board for going and getting the manager most fans wanted. Onward and upward.
  6. I always thought, that had it not been for the tragic untimely death of Vichai, that Puel would have been given his marching orders some time ago. Good riddance to a manager who's performances lacked the intensiteeee, deeesire and commeetment of the fans.
  7. Looks highly likely as the Sun is reporting it! No doubt if he's spotted at the game tonight they'll be a big round of applause.
  8. Puel is from France, is that not abroad? Some good he turned out to be!
  9. According to reports Robert Huth has said that the training is not up to scratch. Now not being an expert in these matters, my question is why do different managers employ different measures. I'm not talking about the tactical play the different managers try, what I mean is regarding players fitness levels. Under different managers you hear that players are possibly overtrained, undertrained so cannot maintain full effort during the course of a game. We all know that both MON and Pearson's teams were very fit, yet under other managers players would struggle to do a full 90 minute+ shift. Surely other than tactical game play the fitness training should be basically the same no matter who you play for. As I said I'm no expert, so what are your views. Incidentally, which manager had steep hill built for the played to run over. I remember seeing reports of it in the Mercury. Was it in Bradgate Park?
  10. If true, not surprised. Thought he may have hung on for at least the Brighton game! I could see his philosophy in building an exciting young team, however it takes time to do this and he tried to change us too quickly. Not sorry to see him go though as the football had become boring and tedious. Let's get an interim manager in until the end of the season, then take stock from there.
  11. Thought the crowd were OK yesterday until Palace scored the penalty. Things very quickly then became ugly. For the first time this season I have heard what were considered moderate loyal fans saying enough is enough. They are now beginning to show their frustration and anger at what we have become. Lose against Brighton on Tuesday and I think Puels job becomes untenable. I will be surprised if this form continues if he is still manager at the end of the season.
  12. As someone mentioned depends on what era you look at. For me Ade Akinbadbuy However one could always say Musa or Icheanacho.............etc. It all depends on your age and how long you've been watching city.
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