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  1. TBH not expecting any points from this game. How long is it since we last won at Arsenal?
  2. Bloody hell it has been a long time since we played. Julian Joachim the best player! Ha, never...…………...
  3. I see that to subscribe to BT to watch the matches not only entails a monthly fee but also a one off activation fee of around £30! This means an initial outlay of approx. £60 for our first few games. What is the cost of the LCFC live stream and is it any good? I have looked on City's website but there is no mention of how to subscribe to it or cost! Anyone help me on this?
  4. Not happy ☹️ have had a hospital appointment come for Sat 20th at 12.10. Means I’m going to be stuck in the Royal waiting for a scan instead of sitting at home in front of the tv to watch the game. ☹️☹️☹️
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Like most of us I'm getting fed up with there being no football. The match of the day joke show on Saturday is a waste of time. Can't wait for hopefully, the league to return and finish the season off, you can't beat a live televised game. (Although some are crap!) The beauty of them is that you don't know what's going to happen until the final whistle. The downside of course is that I cannot see any fans going through the turnstiles at least until the start of the 21/22 season. Till then I'll continue to savour Vardys goals on YouTube!
  6. I note that in one of today’s daily papers that nearly all Premier League clubs are selling the replica kits at massively reduced rates. Everton for instance are selling their shirt for a whopping 70% discount. Only Leicester and one other club are still charging full price . The question is if the club were to follow suit would you buy one?
  7. Liverpool to get the VAR results every time?
  8. Makes sense to me to complete the league season. Agree with playing games from first week in May and to play 2 games per week behind closed doors. Let the tv companies show all of the games, this fulfills contractual obligations. Forget about the cups, let the euros be put back 12 months.
  9. What happens now? I assume the cup matches will be scrapped this season. I have my ticket for the game so will probably get a refund. It’s a pity as we stand a good chance of making the final.
  10. What a load of effin shite. Shite tactics, shite formation. Champions League don’t make me laugh.
  11. Birmingham or Coventry at home please.
  12. As of a couple of minutes ago 13:44 7/1/20 there were 13 tickets available in section B1 also loads of tickets in the family stand. So if you buy online now, chances are you'll get one.
  13. Imagine this scenario. Final game of the season and we have to win to take the title. Would our opposition let us? Ha, Ha, probably. 🤭
  14. Same team apart from Fuchs for Chillwell. 👍
  15. Did you notice that when the fa cup draw was about to take place, there was a list put up of the draw numbers to look out for. First six shown were the supposedly top six premier clubs. Man City, Man U, Chelsea,Arsenal ,Liverpool and Spurs! Just shows that’s all the media think about. Still not complaining, the longer we’re off the radar the better. Means we can go about our business relatively unnoticed.
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