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  1. Suspect nothing will be announced until start of next season. If we make CL then we will earn a nice bit to help toward the cost.
  2. I hate it when Stringer says (names opposition player) has never scored against Leicester or (opposition player) has not scored in x amount of games and looks unlikely to now. Then what happens? You've guessed opposition player duly scores! The times the commentators seem to curse us with comments like this. STOP IT!
  3. Yet again Shmeichel gets beaten from distance.
  4. Who remembers our pitch cover? If I recall correctly a company based in Heather manufactured these. https://www.facebook.com/100865096953196/posts/1259507531088941/
  5. Is it worth us winning corners or free kicks? Many a time this season we seem to waste any advantage we may have in being awarded one! Can't remember the last time we scored from a corner. It's usually taken and ends up near the near post where it is headed away by the opposition. Do we not practice these on the training ground? I could say the same about free kicks, it;s not very often we seem to score from them.
  6. C'mon all of you get real. Remember we are Leicester City. We nearly always lose to the teams that are at the bottom of the league. Those of you expecting any different have not supported us long enough!
  7. Can't see it happening this season. Not sure if we start next season allowing fans in either. Until we get a vaccine that works and majority of the population have had it, then I feel that social distancing will remain.
  8. By legends I take it you mean people that fans will never forget. Apart from all those already mentioned how about Peter (haven't a clue) Taylor and David Pleat. Both remembered for all the wrong reasons!
  9. No thanks, I'll probably listen to it on the radio and then watch MOTD. Sod the money grabbing bar stewards.
  10. It's in my blood! My Grandfather had a trial with the City over a hundred years ago, my father took me to see them when I was young. I'm now 67 and my sons are city fans. One of my granddaughters is now also a keen city fan, she's 8. Long may it continue.
  11. It's patently obvious that fans outside of the so called big six are outraged at this idea. ( I haven't checked their forums). It's the usual sounds good on paper until you study the reality of it. It's Hans Christian Anderson stuff. For instance we'll cap away fans price to £20, in reality, we'll put up home ticket prices by £10. Play off, the 3,4,5, placed teams in the Championship play the 16 placed team in the Premiership. Odds clearly favour the PL team. The other clubs must do as we say, while we get richer with your help. It's a pity fans aren't allowe
  12. Hold on we're on telly, we usually play crap when this happens. I say a 2-1 nervy city win.
  13. Hopefully a good signing, looks good, however seen it all before! Big fanfare and hype from the fans, next thing you know they're calling them useless! I'll reserve judgement, my glass is always half full.
  14. He's now under the pecking order so expect him to want to move on to pastures new.
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