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  1. I think I heard that the ticket will have your name on which will be checked against photo I'd such as driving licence.
  2. Just heard I've got a ticket. Ye hah.
  3. The big question is though, how did the fans get into the ground? No reason for any gates to be open. Surely the only way in is via the staff, media or players entrance. Someone must surely have helped them enter the ground. I suspect it was Richie Wellens.
  4. Mother of God! Listen fella just who's idea was it to throw a full can of beer?
  5. Not sure if it is possible to deny a player registration to play. This could probably be fought in a court of law under the human rights act. You cannot stop someone from legitimately working.
  6. A game we should win, however WBA fighting to stave off relegation. How many times have we done teams like this favours? West Hams defeat should give us the kick we need to win this game. Come on you blues.
  7. As you rightly say, the PL rules do indeed state both figures! However as I mentioned previously this is probably due to the fact any club who breaks the rules is not allowed to vote, therefore 14 votes would be required. Since in this case 6 clubs are involved (who could not vote for themselves) then maybe it is the majority vote of the 14 clubs that would count i.e 11 votes, to meet approval.
  8. Just thinking about the rule that states it requires 3/4 of the clubs vote, if a club is not invited to the meeting then does the vote then only require 3/4 of the attending clubs vote to be approved? I'm not a lawyer, but to me it seems as if this could the solution.
  9. This is from the PL Handbook rule B7 B.7. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 27, the League may expel a Club from membership upon a special Resolution to that effect being passed by a majority of not less than three-quarters of such members as (being entitled to do so) vote by their representatives or by proxy at a General Meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the Resolution has been duly given
  10. Difficult one for the 14 remaining PL clubs in trying to kick them out of the league. According to PL league rules 75% of clubs (ie. 15) have to agree to any changes, this leaves them one short of implementing such action. Don't know how they could get round this.
  11. One simple way to kill this idea dead. UEFA the PL and other countries sporting bodies make a stand and refuse to accept any player registration from the offending clubs. This will stop players transfers, in addition will prevent players playing for their country.
  12. How about any player that signs for any club in this proposed league be sold for no less than £200 million. That would bring money into the PL and others, bleed the tossers dry I say.
  13. Should be denied playing in any league or cup games. Players banned from representing their countries. Sod em.
  14. Who's got the fish and chips, they smell lovely, any curry sauce?
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