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  1. Another game I’ll miss due recently having a spell in hospital. (Missed the last home game) At least this time I can go to my local and watch it onBT sports 👍🍻 Hopefully we’ll at worst get a draw out of this game.
  2. I said early last season that he was failing to improve and it’s time we moved him on. I still feel the same. Brendan get rid of him.
  3. Think one of my memories of Filbo was when we played a non league team in the League cup, it was a freezing cold winters night, the kop was virtually empty. In the row I sat in there were only 2 other guys, the game was that bad that just after half time they lit a spliff and sat there in a haze watching the game with a smile on their faces! To this day I can't recall who we played or what the (if any) score was, I simply recall these two guys! When I first went the match cost 7shillings and 6 pence to go into the Kop, About 35p in todays money.
  4. One of my all time favourite players. Good luck to him and thanks for some great memories.
  5. I placed a bet three weeks ago for us to finish in top 4 at 250/1 Thought with those odds well worth a punt. ?
  6. All coming together nicely. So looking forward to the new season. Well done to all involved for getting this done.
  7. To be fair, I think it would be a realistic exercise for KP to look into possibly of buying the club. With the new investment coming into Rugby also with the plans for the hotel alongside the ground this could be a sound investment for them. Let's take into account the size of the Tigers fanbase, the clubs past success, in not only domestic honours but also european, this makes them a very attractive proposition. What better way to add to the KP brand. I know that at present the Tigers look to be struggling as regards the team at the moment, but look how we were when they took us over! We know that our owners are very savvy business wise, so to me it would make sense to consider the idea.
  8. Have you had a go on the mastermind quiz for city on the Mercury website. (Leicestershire Live). I managed to get 10 /11 questions correct. The that got away was who beat us to the title. Sorry I can’t paste the link, maybe someone else could do that.
  9. Can anyone help? I am overseas and wish to download some programs. Never used to have a problem I could go via Hola vpn. However the beeb now block us from even using this. Really pees me off being a licence payer and they won’t let me download overseas. Anyone know how I can get around this?
  10. We were discussing this in the pub the other night! Over the years what is most number of laps / distance covered at any one time. How much money is usually raised? Missed him running on Sunday as was about 15 mins later in the ground, how many laps did he do. Did any well known personalities or Chelsea personnel join him for a few laps.
  11. For me it was a tale of 2 managers. Puel season 4/10, fancy football with no bite. Rodgers season 8/10, kept reasonably fancy but used our main asset (Vardy) to provide the bite.
  12. 1. Sign Tielemans. 2. Sign a recognised striker to play alongside Vardy. 3. Get rid of the fringe players who can't step up to the mark. 4. Sell Gray 5. Give free beer every home game.
  13. As long as I remember from way back when, fans have always left early. Some due to not wanting to be caught up in the crowd all trying to exit the stadium at the same time. Some due to age or infirmity, some to catch transport home, some because they've seen enough crap under Puel! Some because they know we have the game won / lost. Some even left early when we won the PL and the trophy was being presented! It doesn't bother me, I always wait until the final whistle before leaving.
  14. Don't really care as long as we beat Man City. Then finish off with a nice home win against Chelsea. Would round the season off nicely after the shite we had under Puel.
  15. I suspect Rodgers will keep him this season to see if there is any improvement. Personally I would like to see him sold on. If we want to push for CL and top four place next season we need better players than him. Whoops! Just upset my missus! She rates and and thinks he is a good player. The difference is I go to games every week, she sits at home and only sees glimpses of him on MOTD!
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