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  1. Bluearmy888

    Mahrez has asked to leave

    Just hope it doesn't drag on too long. It's painful enough waiting for someone to sign let alone leave! We need to settle ship fairly quickly (manager officially sorted and players who are going to leave gone) and get set for pre season
  2. Bluearmy888

    Mahrez has asked to leave

    Any educated Leicester fan would have realised he was going at the end of this season. While he will be missed, hes not irreplaceable. I think luxury players are easier to replace and we have a couple of potential options waiting in the wings. Time for Demarai to step up! Personally I'd be more worried if Jamie or Kasper left. Good luck Marhez
  3. Bluearmy888

    Transfer targets?

  4. Bluearmy888

    Transfer kitty for the summer

    Its already a done deal - ITK!!
  5. Bluearmy888

    Transfer kitty for the summer

    Is this a comedy thread? Brunt and Kyle Walker!!!!
  6. Bluearmy888


    Really? 3 at the back when the team sheet came out before kick off? I'm sure everyone would have loved that! You go out like that first half against an experienced and well organised TEAM, you get bullied. Shakey did fantastic today along with the team. He played the right formation to start and made a bold move second half. Well played Leicester city football club
  7. Bluearmy888

    CL Quarter Final Draw

    Juve may to our favour
  8. If I'm honest I don't care! Stay up, that's all that matters. This season is a write off, weirdly I think next season we'll do well if we stay up
  9. Bluearmy888

    Am i on my own actually looking forward to the Liverpool game

    I agree. The key is for everyone to get behind the club and the team. I could give an argument for and against Ranieri being dismissed. The fact is it's happened and winging and moaning isn't going to keep us in the prem. We all need to remain positive and fingers crossed all comes good.
  10. Bluearmy888

    Am i on my own actually looking forward to the Liverpool game

    It's never a dull moment being a Leicester fan. Ill feel excitement, nervousness and fear like I have for the last 20 odd years!
  11. Bluearmy888

    Next Manager?

    i agree but frank is a risk as he's an unknown in this league. Give it Gus till the end of the season and then let's go from there.
  12. Bluearmy888

    Swansea City ( a ) next Sunday

    Agree with the above. Potentially drop vards for Mark and switch him with mahrez
  13. Bluearmy888

    Wilfred Ndidi

    Ndidi = A young Yaya Toure
  14. Apologies to all Leicester fans - it was my fault lost Kante!
  15. To get rid of Claudio is ridiculous. We need to remember who we are and where we've come from. Last year was a freak of nature, not taking away from what we did, but it’s a one off. The fact we can say we've won the premier league is something most clubs will never have the pleasure of saying and we need to remember this. Granted this season is frustrating at times, but who cares! Call me a simple but, I'm happy we're playing premier league football for another season. Sitting mid/bottom half of the championship table is what I call frustrating.