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  1. I tey not to get sucked in but here we go. You don't like it bin it. I think they should do the same with eastenders and formula 1. Well i dont but if we expect the world to revolve around ourselves, it sounds like i should. And then the follow up line. Because people are ***** and make shit up, ban the program. Happy to hear a better reason if you think you have one but can't help my low expectations on this one.
  2. Ps. Wtf is wrong with people. Just seen a facebook link that kobe Bryant's wife committed suicide due to grief, googled it and it is pure made up bullshit. Wtf?
  3. Cancelled again tonight.
  4. As someone else said before my response (reason 2 below). The blame is for me equal parts The Sun "news" paper trying to be our moral barometer, when they have absolutely no right, and the fact that on Twitter it is perfectly acceptable to abuse people so badly. Trolls etc. Should be punished.
  5. I shall be trying to get this going in my own quiet area where people hardly sing (including me) Dont expect too much, but i think i may get a few chuckles abd naybe one admiring glance (from my son)
  6. Do you remember any outpouring of sympathy for us? I certainly don't. How did we feel. Pretty bad.how much did they care. Not a toss. Why do we have to be the magnanimous ones? **** 'em.
  7. Someone at uefa will probably become a multi millionaire overnight a la sepp blatter and we can all agree that qatar hosting a world cup is a fantastic idea, and that ffp was a silly idea anyway. Chelsea's crime re kids was worse in my opinion, but "it wasn't fair" on the cheaters so was halved. Meanwhile in rugby, saracens are publicly castigated, rightly pointing to the fact that people have lost their jobs while playing fair. But then football would cease to exist if it didn't include such powerhouses as chelsea and man city (due to their rich history of being bought by the richest spendthrift oligarchs to ever buy a football club, at a time before it was punished) Can't argue with that kind of tradition.
  8. Can't help feeling that even this much is his version of counting how much you get paid for sitting in the toilet at work.
  9. A petulant little twat who feels justified in blaming someone else for another 2 years of his career "wasted"?
  10. Due to jiminez scoring nil when he should have had 5.
  11. We're all going on a european tour, youre not. A european tour, you're not A European tour, you're not. Champs league alongside sheff united. Get in.
  12. Our best/only 3 forward runs were 2 misplaced lunges and one choudhury tackle. Wrong choices almost every time. Decent point though at this time of the season abd especially against 10 men. They wer half decent all round when traore came on. Boring as **** otherwise but gos they are solid at the back and are effective counter attacking. If jiminez was good..
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