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  1. Miguel the work Geordie. But what about those that aren't unelucy****ingwhaddayacallit?
  2. gw_leics772


    Either way mate. Look after yourself. I hoped I was wrong, but it was the kick up the are I needed to practice what I preach and share and offload. It can be very cathartic. @Kopfkino don't feel bad about posting here. Anxiety and depression are 2 branches of the same shitty tree. Thankfully I have never had anxiety to the lengths of some on here, but there are people here who definitely have and can give good advice. What I will say is that your thoughts were dealt with on the stress control course I am currently attending and although some of the examples were not as relevant to me as they are to you, the coping mechanisms are the same and they are certainly helping me.
  3. gw_leics772


    This sounds like the ultimate cry for help. I hope for your sake it isn't but if it is, I hope my very recent, and definitely still current problems, will help to put some perspective on things for you. Sunday 23rd september, I walked out on my wife and 4 kids, aged 1 to 12, and went to my mother, crying my eyes out. I then rang my wife to tell her I was leaving her. I went to the doctors the next day and got a sick note for 2 weeks. I spent the vast majority of the first week just sleeping. I had taken the first step in what I call, 3 steps to armageddon. **** the job, **** the family, **** life. I spoke to many people and realised that I was at rock bottom. I needed a break. My children were told that daddy is poorly and needs to some time to get better. I tried to explain to my wife that I was broken. I did not want to make any life altering decisions whilst in this frame of mind. She told me I already had by leaving. We talked again throughout the first week, and I explained to her that what I did was ****ing drastic. I knew that, but the choice was not to stay or leave, the choice was far scarier than that. I understood that walking out on my kids was obviously not good for them, but the very real alternative was not staying and carrying on as normal, as I was already past that. The alternative was suicide, and having lost a friend to a motorcycle accident, leaving behind 2 young children, I was not prepared to do that to my children. My wife reluctantly admitted that given those 2 choices, I made the right choice. Everyone I spoke to recommended relate counselling, my wife refused, until doing the school run and talking to others and realising this was her stubbornness. We agreed to go, we laughed, we cried, then I dropped the freudian slip of going "home", meaning back to my mothers. I understood that that hurt my wife, but missed the biggest part. My wife did not expect me to leave again at all, but I expected to go back to my mothers for the remainder of my sick note, 1 more week. We talked again, and she told me what others had said to her. I am grateful they made her see sense in relate, but also grateful their comments relayed back to me made me see sense. I had got what I wanted, more than I dared to hope for. Now I had to give back. I returned home on Friday evening of week 1 after having this discussion on the Thursday. Then my wife fell ill. Obviously what had happened was a shock to her, and it had taken it's toll on her. I let her stay in bed while I got back on the school runs, and tried to get my life back on track, but I was still not well myself. I gave my wife until yesterday, and then had to take back some control and insist that I stayed in bed. Minor, and possibly too much info, but my point in relation to your post, is that I had to be selfish. Not once, but twice, and will no doubt have to be again the future. My wife told me I had been selfish. I did not disagree, but also made no apologies for it either. Nobody will look out for me, as much as I can look out for myself. People may not agree with my actions. I say take a walk in my shoes, and ultimately don't really care too much about what others think. I hit rock bottom, and realised what it was that I needed, which is ultimately that I need my wife to understand my depression, because it is cyclical. And when I am at my lowest, my wife does not understand and unfortunately her actions make me worse. I have some very real, and very big business problems at the moment, which were no doubt the trigger, but as I pointed out to my wife, my business partner cannot make me crawl back to my mother, only my wife can do that. Perspective has helped as when I return to work on monday, and have to face my problems head on, I am now 100% certain that I will take no more shit from him. My wife and family were far too high a price to pay for my business problems. I'm not through it by a long shot, but I hope you can see that there is little more drastic than walking out on my wife and children, whom I love dearly. It definitely hurt them, but much less than the awful potential alternative, and we are now on the road back to a better place, potentially much better than it ever has been, if my piece of mind can be restored. The other still real possibility, is that my wife decides she cannot live with me like this. At least I will know I have tried everything, and can then concentrate on the relationships that will change accordingly, but matter more than any. My children. Disclaimer: I have already contacted counselling service via my GP and now understand that the GP is the best place to go if feeling suicidal, and/or samaritans. If your GP's are generally as shit as mine, that takes some believing, but they have crisis teams in place and have a legal duty to respond immediately if you mention this to them, or even the dreaded receptionist that is sometimes difficult to get past.
  4. gw_leics772


    I think the opposite on anti depressants. I accept they might not work for everyone but for me they are excellent and I would not be able to cope without them. Try it, if it works for you like it does for me, then it could be an immediate game changer.
  5. gw_leics772


    It sounds to me like you already know the answer 're restarting counselling. It also sounds like a classic case of depression and over thinking. Please see your gp and try to get counselling restarted. I have been referred to "let's talk wellbeing" and can definitely recommend them. It also sounds like anti depressants could help if you are not already on them. I am currently on a 7 week classroom course via let's talk wellbeing which is a low level cognitive behavioural therapy course, which could be right up your street. I have written a lot more about the counselling service and my own expectations of the nhs in previous pages that are definitely worth a read of you decide to go down this route.
  6. Enough about wolves buying the league (They did, fair play to em) I like the "Cardiff and Huddersfield bring nothing to the league" debate. I personally agree with it. Don't begrudge them their chance but will be glad when they **** off again for all of the reasons already mentioned. We couldn't even give ourselves credit (unanimously at least) for beating Huddersfield and Newcastle. And after seeing how shit the Geordies were, short of Benitez turning it around, the relegation places look pretty much sewn up already as someone joked about recently. Someone also stuck up for Huddersfield 're budgets, but getting promoted to the premier league is like winning the ****ing lottery so that doesn't wash for them or Cardiff, but mostly for Burnley. Now they are a team I really can't wait for, to **** off. Talking about budgets after 5 seasons of premier league money! Now there is the wolves type argument that maybe they can't attract those type of players, but ****ing hell, it would be nice if they even tried. Understandable for Huddersfield and Cardiff as it's still early days but Burnley can **** right off. They didn't even embrace Europa so what is the ****ing point in them even being here. Its like being invited to the top table and bringing a ****ing lunch box with jam sarnies in it. That's my two penneth. You're welcome. Love from the briefcase willy puller 🤣
  7. gw_leics772

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Yeah, no. It definitely read better in the original. I think you are seeing what you want to see in the original article. It was excellently written, and not at all patronising imo. He is basing his assertion on the bookies odds, tabloid sensationalism, AND 90% of what we read on here. He's bang on the money and telling non Leicester fans what is really happening here. The additional comments you add could easily be included in a longer piece but the man is writing freelance to earn money,and good luck to him if this is what he produces, but I seriously doubt if many non Leicester fans Could give two shits about your further analysis and as Leicester fans, we pretty much knew it anyway. Nice to read something accurate about our team for once.
  8. gw_leics772

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    Pretty sure the away team get a cut of the gate and Leeds agreed to it as we made it the same price for their fans. Could be wrong but I'm sure I remember some greedy pl team refusing and prices went back to normal. Got a feeling it might have been Southampton as well. Anyone else remember reading anything about it? I could have just made it up or had a really boring true to life type dream.
  9. gw_leics772

    First names on shirts.

    Mine was Joachim. I understand that the thread is not what I wanted it to be but I think My interpretation is better so I'm rolling with it.
  10. gw_leics772

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    30+ years alongside Coventry. Ask them how that turned out.
  11. gw_leics772


    In response to the bad experiences people have had with the nhs, I'd like to balance it with some good experiences with "let's talk wellbeing", a self referral via a leaflet I received from my gp. I can echo some of the negatives but took a lot from my most recent interaction with them. It took a while to get telephone assessment but once I accepted they will not fix it on their own and immediately it helped. I was advised that for urgent suicidal thoughts the gp's have a crisis response team which I am told is excellent. Ring them and tell them you are having suicidal thoughts or ring the Samaritans. I held on and didn't go down that route but when I did get through the queuing and bureaucracy "let's talk wellbeing" Have been excellent for me. I'd like to think things have changed since the bad old days, but fully accept they cannot do the immediate response.
  12. gw_leics772


  13. gw_leics772

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Now read the whole conversation and tell me you haven't derailed it just for a moan? Are you crying out for our new attacking centre back or was he supposed to play somewhere in the front 4. I'm not happy soyuncu isn't playing but it's not relevant to anything in the first 2 comments. If you wanna moan, then moan, but don't try to bring me into it. Maybe fit enough to have trained with his team mates for long enough for our manager to consider he is ready. Everyone who watched said turkey were shit. Maybe we expect a slightly higher standard of match readiness to play for us?
  14. gw_leics772

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Picks itself now doesn't it? With soyunco to come in when fit
  15. gw_leics772


    I am having a particularly difficult.time at the moment and probably never had so much big shit to deal with it. I am however pleased to say that I feel I am handling it really well ended the circumstances and actually feel like I am on an artificial high at the moment. This has a lot to do with stress control classroom workshop I am partway through, via "let's talk, wellbeing" a self referral counselling service. There is something even more simple that I think is potentially having an even bigger impact. The Android app "colour by numbers". So therapeutic. It works because it is fun, and requires just enough concentration so that you simply cannot spend time thinking about anything else. Give it a try people. It's working for me.