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  1. I've heard it is to be taken from the Brad Pitt film seven. For the sin of lust.
  2. If actually wouldn't be averse to this. 2 aren't first team quality and the 3rd could be a big money sale needed to further strengthen. West ham match with Southgate there could have been a tryout for England. The form he's in, I wouldn't be upset if it was a tryout for Leicester next season (+ another cam that we already needed) I quite enjoy supporting the club with the moral high ground, and as for the argument about loads of others on here doing the same, I would be interested in an anonymous poll of how many on here have gone to an illegal house party during v
  3. Clearly a lot more low brow than the recommendations on here, or I'm just behind the times, but I'm currently smashing the marvel series in the order dictated my the mighty internet. Done 2 seasons of daredevil, 1 Jessica Jones, and nearly finished season 1 of Luke cage and loving the violence, fight scenes, and interweaving plot lines.
  4. I've heard they are dipping him in copper so he can be his own statue.
  5. Fair do's. Mine was an immediate reaction to your comment. Didn't realise it was you btw. Didn't bother reading the uneducated masses comments from the mercury 😀
  6. I don't see the choice as sacrificing ndidi at all! Surely you'd move Ricardo and castagne back to a 4 and have an extra midfielder. Difficult to get the width and shoehorn someone like Madison out wide, granted, but surely sacrificing ndidi ain't even an option.
  7. I personally liked what he said and thought he did a good job of selling Us (as a club) to potential signings. Maybe I am just being naive/gullible though?
  8. Any chance of a section. Where it lists them under contract date order ( and even "reported" wages?
  9. Well reading that shit I don't feel like rising above it and hope we batter the **** out of them and break a few legs. Shame the fans aren't there so something could happen to them the green street laavvving faaaacccckkkiinnnggg caaaannnnntttsss!
  10. Spill the beans chap. Dm if libellous 🙏
  11. What's the inside info on this scoop? Not heard anything since he was dropped. Please advise 😀
  12. Still being in it at half time gives brendan chance to find a chink in their armour. For how much they have hissed it they've have had one (onside) shot in target. I can feel a shithouse win. Amartey off madison on. Ricardo for perez.
  13. I'd honestly say that's probably about as good as it can get for us for the time being. And as we collectively appear to appreciate it is all self serving bollocks, I'm more than happy to stay on the outside of that one. (Although in fairness, the article is glowing and praises us in our own right. The original caption was praising us for continuing to compete/improve/excel, despite selling our "best" players each year. Ruined of course by the numpty who thought slabhead won the league with us. The hasty edit doesn't quite work though)
  14. It's times like this i wish I was from facking Hainault. (Quite possibly the most cockney sounding place on earth.)
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