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  1. gw_leics772

    Retro Graphics

    I got excited by the thread name, but this isnt it. What about the goal announcement on the new scoreboard. Its just like the old one on top of the old east stand. If they can do scoreflashes the same that would make my day. (And slightly make up for the fact that from my seat at the top of the east stand i have to look left to see the right hand side of the scoreboard and look right to see the left hand side - due to roof obscuring one side of each scoreboard)
  2. gw_leics772

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    anyone with a decent stream please pm. I see the free kicks lined up, then it freezez then shows me where it ended up with nothing in between
  3. I got to 1 minute on that before i realised I'll never get that minute back. **** it, id only waste it.... YAY, YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! (spoiler alert - she found it, AND realised her own personal meaning of life, life altering shit right there)
  4. gw_leics772

    Women supporters

    I was going to ask what other genders there are apart from male and female, but reading on, im pretty sure this post is supposed to answer that, i think im too simple to understand it though. (So glad i didnt ask it though as i think that would definitely make me *something*ist, and again i am just too stupid to understand it enough to form strong enough opinion) (On an entirely unconnected note, i wonder where thracian is these days)
  5. gw_leics772

    Vote for my nephew as the face of kinder!

    Can someone please link the classic threads thread. Just found this and loved it.
  6. gw_leics772

    Watford (H) pre match

    Interesting stats. I often wondered why last seson felt better than when we won the league 😂
  7. I feel that way more about spurs now after the title year, but i do find that the beauty of other english teams in europe is that tou can want, for example man u to beat juventus, but it takes nothing away from laughing your arse off at them if they het tonked. Win-win.
  8. Its just no fun hating them anymore. And in terms of them being bought out originally (in a non religious way but no other saying fits it as well as this) it feels like "there but for the grace of god, go i" Could have been us, and they could have been licky enough to have been bought by vichai and top (but unlikely cos they were just shit back then 😁 - old habits die hard)
  9. gw_leics772

    Claudio to Fulham

    With all of the respect that is obviously due to him, i certainly hope that is the case with morgan both for him and us.
  10. gw_leics772


    So, business shit still rumbling on. Got a meeting that has been postponed 3 times now (on the day) to discuss arbitration and if he doesnt go ahead as previously agreed ive threatened to report him to his governing body and drag him through the displinary pages of his professional magazine. That should make legal action easier. Problem is im not sure he actually gives a shit and could out afford me on lengthy and expensive legal action. Trouble is, to walk away loses me 5 figures tied up in the business (not to mention my long term business pmans shot to shit) and still might not be the end of it, as he genuinely just wants me to stay and work through it even though he is giving nothing. My legal contract is shit, not to mention my mental state. Im fine in the meetings, very articulate, professional and get my point across but it falls on deaf ears, and i worry about it and mess up my own head in between. All bad meetings end up on a friday and **** me up for the weekend, impacts on my relationship etc etc but i NEED this meeting today now, regardless for my own sanity. Wish me luck, Oh and if anybody knows a good commercial legal person who does ft depression thread mates rates/ pro bono, give me a shout 🤣
  11. gw_leics772

    Claudio to Fulham

    This is a fact. He didnt Very unlikely, hard to disagree. Also true Shit second season, no doubt about it. We didnt expect him to improve it but i dare say if he did what puel has done we'd all be happy. Just shows the decisions already made by puel are tainted by his first season. Point made better by others (in their mother tongue) about why bigger clubs havent given him a chance. It does sound harsh, but the truth wasnt nice to see on the pitch. My translation above. Im taking this time to explain myself as i normally like your posts but have to disagree on this one. Maybe im giving too much benefit of the doubt, but it doesnt sound disrespectful to me, just cold hard facts. Love ranieri and genuinely think he stands a good chance with fulham this season, but not so sure about the following season based on our experience. Just don't want it going back to sniping over opinions, especislly when taking the language barrier into account, nothing that has been said is factually incorrect and they never actually said he was shit.
  12. gw_leics772

    Claudio to Fulham

    Steady on lads. English is obviously not his/her first language and it's a well reasoned post wher probably some of the nuances got lost in translation. I normally like both of your posts but this seems a bit off and certainly not in the spirit of the last few weeks. I thought we were doing well as a welcoming bunch and happy to see the "family" grow. Ps. Might seem a bit harsh but see the "sing for puel" thread to see the context in which i post this. It feels in danger of getting a bit vile again.
  13. gw_leics772

    Sing for Claude

    I think you're missing THE point. People are advocating singing a song for him. Considering the debate about should he stay or should he go, it seems obvious that the ONLY reason we could all agree on the possibility of singing him a song is purely down to the last 2 weeks. Re read it. Should we sing a song for him. I dont know how youve managed to confuse that with "Should we forgive him for everything, give him a 12 year contract and never sack him." Maybe, just maybe its not everyone else and could be down to you and what you are typing.
  14. gw_leics772

    Sing for Claude

    Possibly as early as after the international break. Maybe not. But i think, first game a week after the deaths, followed by first home game, at the site of the deaths, after travelling to and from thailand for the funeral. THAT IS TOO ****ING SOON. Get it? I liken your comments to that of Dan Roan, but at least in his defence, he didnt realise it would be broadcast to loads of people who cared. You did. ****ing troll.