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  1. And don't forget Justin. Is his preferred side left or right? Either way, between the pair of them I'm happy to let chilly go and spend up the other end. (and cb)
  2. No chance would I trust man u if this was the case regardless of any shared wishes/potential illegal pre agreements.
  3. Yes, we won the league. Now enough of the negatives. This ain't over!
  4. No! Not in answer to the op question, but in answer to what I have read in the build up. No! I will not accept that this is all over bar the shouting! I will not accept that we have blown it and hark back to points thrown away. I also read red cafe and everyone has the same points. I will not console myself in advance or resign myself to defeat. I will retain hope up until the last. I will enjoy this moment for what it is! I will however accept that Leicester never do anything the easy way, and that this is the way we can inflict the most damage on whoever misses out, out of man u and Chelsea. It is a short pre season and momentum from this will knock whoever loses out of next seasons top 4 as well, helping us to further cement our place on merit, and not by money alone! Maddison believes in us. Now it's our turn! Seize the day! Come on you ****ers!
  5. Don't give them a choice. Boot it long and make the ****ers run, then try and pass it round while we sit back, get a toe in... Then boot it long.... Rinse and repeat.
  6. For all of his niceness, I'm pretty sure being an arrogant shit is not something that hasn't been laid at his door.
  7. My understanding is that because Liverpool finally won the premier league (in a year so shit that 2 horribly inconsistent sides with relegation form for large portions of it can battle it out final day for a top 4 space with both sets of fans having zero faith in their own shite team, and unbelievably still both dribble over the line into top 4 with a shitty point each due to the other side being even worse and losing)..... And due to that MASSIVE achievement, this fat ****ing no marks opinions are deemed relevant, alongside that of Jan ****ing molby {who unbelievably actually has more credibility!) And apart from that, errr....?!?!
  8. All out mate sorry, but worth asking on Facebook and also the match thread on the day, and before. I farmed most of them out with a lot being on pick.
  9. I'm with @Ricey(and hope the original poster doesn't feel the way he does because it has been REALLY bad for them personally/too close to home) I'm well stressed. Managed to calm down last 2 days and doing alright so far today but come tonight I know it will all start again and won't stop until all this is over. Then we can stress about transfers with outcome having it's own stresses and excitements. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😎
  10. I've found the missing link.
  11. Captain Morgan to the rescue! We talk about stepping up to the plate. Experienced pro's. Cometh the hour, Cometh the man! I feel it, he will be solid in defence and score a couple as well to see us into 3rd! (or not)
  12. As much as that man u result has put me in a much better mood and restored my blind optimism, there is definitely some lingering resentment.... They ****ing need to kill it before half time, before Rodgers gets another chance to "improve our defensive solidity" 🤐🤐🤬🤬🤬
  13. What can I say, it's good to be in tune be with your life partner, and be open to forgiving her transgressions 😂. Modern man.
  14. I feel the same. Just explained to my wife that she seemed to be in a bad mood today, and that I've realised why. Because Leicester lost so badly yesterday. She has no interest in football, but after the man u result, I am confident that is why she "seemed" to be in a bad mood today. 😂😎
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