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  1. I reckon it's probably due to this thread title being "Hamza"
  2. Haven't you heard? We lost 2 games and now we're dooooomeeedddd! (ps. I agree with you)
  3. Just nipping in at half time. Have we settled on the formation?. 4231?
  4. Definitely switch the 2 Wes's around to play in their favoured positions in a back 3. Seriously, amateurs!
  5. Tbf, that's my life, but at least I generally tend to keep those feelings to myself. 🤣
  6. Is the current point that "it means more!", or is that the entire league is based upon Chinese people only watching for man u and Liverpool? It's a ****ing confusing world we live in, thats for certain.
  7. It does trickle down, ask sporting Lisbon. They've sold us so much shite we now own half of Portugal!
  8. Just arriving in skegvegas so if anyone can message me a stream that'd be most appreciated. Running short on time as got to unload the car
  9. https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/premier-league/wily-foxes-a-beacon-for-smart-recruitment-39636971.html Can't remember where it was and in a hurry but someone asked for the full John percy article on our recruitment as it was behind a paywall. Just found it for free on their Irish site via newsnow 🤣 Edit. All posts above are discussing the content but my amusement still stands. Another one ripping off the home countries while elsewhere gets the same for free!
  10. Happy to oblige. You line em up, I'll smash em into the top corner on the volley 🤣
  11. I agree, except if that's Iheanacho's best form, I'd stick with Slimani even if he does prove to be a total ball bag!
  12. A balls width would definitely be preferable to the pubes width they currently use! Bit big though. The above post about frames per second equating to 10cm definitely sounds too big and with the technology available they should definitely be doing better there. You can't judge it on a gnats gnacker if the video gives 10cm margin for error. Who cares though. Chelsea and Liverpool have both had shit results as well as Everton dropping points. That'll do for me.
  13. Got a feeling our new right winger might make the bench over gray.
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