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  1. Nail on head. Brendan thinks we need it. We dont. I personally want to see the bournemouth attacking and if we get hammered, ir look like getting hammered, change it. We had optimism, brendan might be right, but if he proves that to us, we will understand more. And what better game to find out.
  2. Definitely feels like we have higher gears to get into
  3. I agree, and most months they would win hands down but for sheer technique it has to be vardy bournemouth for me.
  4. Its all opinions innit. But yours is wrong.
  5. Im starting to wonder if praet takes maddisons position moving maddison to albrightons spot. Its all good options.
  6. I think you are right. Also possibly the first time ive seen kelechi smile. Hopefully a new start for him after a "decent" preseason
  7. I agree with the first part but my.maths brain makes me think either 81% and 91% (2 or 1 changes) because 95% would require roughly half a player change and i dont think modern science has evolved enough for that yet. Its a nice idea though.
  8. Id say its been a good weekend so far for us. 3 we never expected to touch. And 3 around us with shit results. Watford and west ham spanked, a couple of surprise wins from teams you expect to be down there, and everton with a shit deaw and a player sent off. Tomorrow we either make a great start, or no real ground lost anyway and we start again. So far it's not looking bad at all. On to tomorrow
  9. Nooooop. I dont want to ever have to go there. I dont have to fo the premier league chat. Llease dont make me go there. (Went to general chat once and never really escaped)
  10. Thanks for that. Please keep it.up. that'll do for me. Motd can do one unless they put us in the first few for extended highlights (only after a win though)
  11. I heard they were using video. Bloody new fandangled technology
  12. Can't be arsed, but thanks for the advice 😘
  13. May i politely refer you to the red bar at the top of the page saying missing posts. However, i believe your rantings do have merit, as i have it on good authority that it is in fact a conspiracy theory meant to censor you and your wild and crazy views (ITK)
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