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  1. Confirmed @HighPeakFox I'm not lying about believing what I read, I had to check)
  2. ✌ïļðŸ˜‚ (See whole thread for history in case easily offended 😘)
  3. You say potato, I say pedant-o.😂😘
  4. Excellent Insight. Thanks. Having back problems, mixed with your explanation, makes me wonder if there is actually anything that can be done. In which case I guess it's sticking with the injections and hoping no permanent damage done.
  5. If you're right, it definitely looks like time to go all in on edouard.
  6. Had me checking whether he was another salah/de bruyne for them. I'm not so good on details as you know and just believe everything I read)
  7. In spite of what I said above, I am actually worried chilwell will have a blinder, seeing how well he (initially?) Integrated with chelsea and the admission of his mental health issues. Thanks a lot, you've brought me back down again, (giveth with one hand, and taketh away with the other, you should be in politics, {or the universal overlord of our planet, rather than just ft tactics talk})
  8. Thanks for the reminder about that game, I'm even more excited about that possibility now. Hopefully it means be has them sussed and has learned a few things. (Not backed up by the result away but he has improved this season and they have undoubtedly got worse)
  9. An alternative response is, Possibly, and since tomorrow for tactics/tictacs 😂ðŸĪŠ
  10. Get out of here with your "details" 😂ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ąðŸĪŊ
  11. Feels like a real sliding doors moment for me. A couple.of wins and we are right in it and creating a gap. Anything else and we are still too close to 9th with a few poor results. (10th if villa win their games in hand.) Mad mad season (and world)
  12. I'm with bert on this, especially the bit about seeing barnes running at chilwell. I also think fofana wasn't quite as good against southampton, a few more mistakes which is understandable given his age. I wonder how much the pressure of knowing soyuncu is chomping at his heels, has played a part in that. Don't forget that the plan wasn't for him to walk into the team and after seeing cage on Saturday, I think it might be back to plan a on the cob front and get them both working with evans ready to test it up when evans steps back. Excited and nervous as a win here is t
  13. An interesting opinion. Would be great for all parties if you are right and it happened but I'd be seriously worried about @Muzzy_Larsson in the short term. #PrayingForMuzzy ps. If it does come and ff, I know a good counsellor muzzy
  14. During the last time the press linked him to us, I'm sure I read somewhere he is the closest to a natural replacement (that we are/were likely to get) for vardy (in time). I read that as though he must be rapid? If he is, and also reminds you more of henry, I'm all in. Please advise
  15. If it's a toss up between celtic and over the edge of a cliff, celtic just edge it. If they ain't interested, cliff it is.
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