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  1. I dont know what you're all moaning about. My daughter's going to absolutely love that pink kit. I siad years ago they should do a pink version of the blue even if just to make little girls happy and hopefully carry on to real support when they are older. Wont wear it myself but never buy the home as there is only so much you can do with a blue shirt, and the black one will do for me. Well done leicester. Im well happy.
  2. And in a nicer way. Pick your best team. Go for the win, and there are argunebts that mirgan could be in the current best team on merit. (That hurt) Looking forward to it, almost knowing what the team will be, abd being happy with it. It had been a while before old smuggy chops arrived.
  3. Fif, you're a good lad, but have you been on the sauce? not even read what you are replying to, but i think your thinking is flawed for all of the statements you have made numbered 1 to 10.
  4. @egg_fried_rice, the big man here speaks sense. He is a wise old owl in this place. From my own experience i think yours sounds like a mesh of your own issues and hers. From personal experience, when i am at my lowest i have to look after myself and put me first. The golden rule in mental health imo. However, when we are in a good place, helping others come naturally, because we know the worst and dont want anyome else to ever go through it. It is also very cathartic for ones own wellbeing. This is a great trait and is a large part imo, why people in here, fellow sufferers, are undoubtedly some of the best people on this message board, and similarly in life in general. @Crinklyfox has nailed it i terms of the "in general". My concern/angle is to look after yourself. As i say, at your worst, this will make you worse. Steer clear. But at your best - keep up the good work. It will be making a big difference just listening and trying to help. Just try not to overthink it and give another thing for you to worry about. You're doing s good thing. You're not stupid so wont be amoing amything worse. And finally, @lifted*fox good work offloading on here. Its what its here for and no doubt the supportive messages will have lifted you anyway. You already know it anyway, but sometimes we just need someone else to say it once in a while to puck us back up. Keep on going you winner. Shit happens. We just feel it more than others.
  5. Im a leaver but ive been saying for a while that this should be our route. We dont need permission to extend. Just revoke it and this time actually plan for brexit. You know like in advance. The downsides are 1. Purely political. The bullshit message it gives rather than what it should be. Us taking back control of our destiny. If that means us playing a meaningless part in euro elections. So what. 2. This is the biggie for me. Despite the "voting" public favouring brexit. Our representatives never wanted it and are seemingly incapable of making it happen, and the inherent lack of trust in them is what ****s this and makes remaining our real default position. Who knows how this will play out but in terms of being in control, this appears to me to be the obvious answer.
  6. Just shown the leicester fans after the goal and it looked like they're sitting in a treehouse 😂😂
  7. Sorry, i forget that others suffer in silence too. I will always be here for you in your moments of low narcissism 🤣😘
  8. Im with @peach0000, the more you post, the more your superiority complex comes to the fore. I admire your confidence, but your delivery sucks.
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