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  1. Wait for it.... Well old twelve tongues definitely doesn't win that one 😂 (no disrespect to this great gesture at all, but plenty of personal stuff re negative press ie my comment and the classic lions tweet in 2016)
  2. Look past that and the pattern in the stitch looks great and I actually like the vichai foundation insignia in there as well. Best home kit design I've seen. Not normally bothered about the blue kit as there's not much you can do with an all blue kit short of ruining it. I've been watching 96/97 season review and a very slight v neck with the cut out was a nice touch.
  3. Or an overweight gw_leics772 from Hinckley. 😂 You are talking about me! I agree. Thanks. Especially the tent sized pink one and the previous grey and orange. 😍😍😍 The pot belly definitely adds to it 😂😂😂😂
  4. I'm not normally one for a home kit but I'd consider buying that. That's nice that is
  5. 👍👍👍👍👍👍😂🤯
  6. Really enjoying it. It's really lifting the mood. Spotted one of my mates in the crowd in one game and shared it all over Facebook. It seems to have calmed down now but first thoughts were WE ARE NOT "THE BLUES'" 😂🙄😱😱🤯✌️
  7. Excellent work. I'm 9 minutes in and going to enjoy this in bite size pieces while having a fag. Is it an editing masterclass from other sources including all audio or is that you on the intro and segueing videos together? Either way, excellent work. Must have taken a while?
  8. A fair comment but, and it's a big but. I've been thinking. If too can subsidise us for the duration of the covid issue, this could be similar to when we went into administration and our players were too expensive to move on when we wanted to. And if that happens while we are on the up and most are on their way down or stagnating, this could work well for us. Every cloud and all that.
  9. Link please and thanks for the book list 😘👍
  10. Great years largely due to my age but also living through the time when we were the best we've ever been (and probably at the time, likely the best we ever would be 👀👀) Anyway, in lock down I am devouring more books. Giz a listof book recommendations please Ric. I'm ready to escape 2020.
  11. To be fair, losing Walsh broke us as well.
  12. Fair comment. We are just looking at it from different angles. I just feel ours is more of an accolade than a team who only managed to stay up because others around them lost. A la Tony James 1991, which was my first season. Happy to call that a fluke now - but probably wouldn't have without this 😂)
  13. I agree wholeheartedly. I was at spurs away (4-3 loss and it was too little too late imo) and overheard spurs fans saying we were too good to go down and got chatting with them on the walk to the train station. I told them we were not too good to go down and were getting what we deserved for those exact reasons. Plucky underdog performances but soft underbelly and didn't do enough to get the results in our bread and butter games. History gets rewritten far too easily to suit the narrative. And even more so in our case with what came next. I'd we had gone down there would have been no crying that it was unfair from me, and I highly suspect that would have then become the accepted narrative if we had drifted into obscurity like so many before us.
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