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  1. That's the spirit! (Disclaimer: this is my first attemot at positivity for my long road to recovery)
  2. Well "more" worried anyway. (The last few games have scarred me and only just finished the whole post match thread from the weekend, so coming into this thread bit jaded/broken)
  3. I do love a well thought out post based upon knowledge of the opposition and football knowledge in general. Personally, i base mine on "i ****ing hate burnley and dyche, they are shit and i hope they get relegated, Should beat them but always remember them coming for the draw and leaving with a one nil win (similar to when villa took the lead in the cup)" But i still came to the same conclusion as you so backs up that my way of doing it is just as good 😂
  4. Crikey it's not that bad yet. Going the football is like a blow job. Even a bad one is still good. Better than the alternative. Ie going shopping.
  5. There's ranting and there's ranting. Up until no passion it was an understandble rant. Saying he would accept bids for anyone and everyone bordered on pathetic. No hint of irony. It annoyed a lot of people but this aint the playground, and even if it was, you would expect to be called out for it Also, out of interest, was my oost the straw that broke the old proverbial? Just seemed a randomly placed sticking up for the child in the room after he had been called out dor it numerous times. Disclaimer: I'm still on page 11, so kudos to you if you gave all the bad men who laughed at your son, a jolly good ticking off. 😂 Perhaps you should have a word with the headmaster, or is this also not being sensitive to your freedom to also rant?(with immunity from response)
  6. This, but even more so for me os the passing it out from the back every single time, regardless of the fact it hasnt worked the last 10 times. Ive heard rodgers say that lmhitting it long os a 50/50 ball at best but with vardy being one of the best at 50/50's we really should be mixing it up. And mixing it up is the way out of this imo. And not game to game but in-game. Villa at home, Madison's corners were atrocious, gave tielemans one and it was the best of the night, but yesterday even when tielemans came kn and was mich improved (albeit for a short time) we still had to endure maddisons continued shite corners. I just dont understand why the blindingly obvious from the stands is so hard for them to see either from the bench or the pitch. Is it only age that lets me know if im having a shit day at work so not to try to do the difficult stuff, or do these footballers really think that if they keep doing the same shit, they will somehow get a different result?
  7. I was with you up until "no passion" but apart from "something needs to change" that second half. Ie your reaction to it, comes across as one of the most petulant and entitled knee jerk responses seen to date. Good work fella
  8. Pretty sure evans had a goal disallowed in the last 5 minutes. Apart from that i agree.
  9. Their penalty that was denied was in line with how the premier league use var so in that context it shouldnt have stood. The fact that they have been warned that they are using it wrong is another thing, where it would and "should" have stood but there's another argument that if we used var properly we would also expect the linesmen to do their job in relation to offsides. The beauty of it for me is that we now get more info on var and they proved why we shouldn't cos they are so shit at using it. "Checking for penalty - foul Var check complete - no penalty - off ****ing side, which apparently was jot even why they were checking it. Var isn't the problem in itself. The fa have just found a unique way of ****ing that up as well.
  10. They hit the bar twice and both posts? (At least one) We all acknowledge schmeichel is good and had one of his best games. So an inch out each time and it coupd easily have been 5 or 6 -1. We also acknowledge thst we battered newcastle and villa in our high scoring games. 5 or 6 -1 is a battering. They were good. We were also bad. (Back on topic instead of dismantling this post, the annoying thing is we still could have won quite easily with a couple of passes on target. Ergo, even at our worst we are still a decent team and mot that far away. Fine margins and all that)
  11. Oh bugger, i might have jumped the gun, please go to my previous reply 😂
  12. There was a time i was going to bite and tell you to get over it so im glad you have 😂 (Plua some other pithy remark about the wheels falling off your famed optimistic bus, so im gald you saved me from that 😂😘🤞)
  13. Tbf i originally thought hamza was the like for like but he certainly didn't look it yesterday. Mendy most likely is but he's too good to play second fiddle and with his contract, wobt do beyond this season. So there's another area that needs looking for in the transfer market if hamzas wasnt just an off day (still hopeful it was as the test of them were shit also)
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