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  1. I had a couple of Asian fellas round to fit blinds in one of our bedrooms last week. Our 6 month Border Collie gets over enthusiastic meeting new people and will jump, roll and cry at any new faces. When they came to measure a few weeks ago, it was clear they wasn't the keenest on dogs. So before I let them in, in kept the dog in the living room, with the patio door open so he can go into the garden and left a back door leading to the kitchen open which is where his water bowl is. I closed the kitchen door on the inside so he couldnt get into any other areas in the house. Anyway, I go into the living room and carry on working whilst these do the blinds, dog goes outside. 2 mins later I hear crashing and commotion upstairs and one of the guys shouting my name. Dog only managed to open the kitchen door somehow and run upstairs. They were both cowered in the corner and the dog on lying on his back, tounge out, wanting a belly rub with his tail going like a propeller. Our Pup is a pain. His call back works most of the time, but when we are out and he sees someone, it's game over as his excitement takes over. As a Border Collie, I want to let him off more often when we walk around Aylestone Meadows so he can properly explore, but before you realise someone is approaching, it's too late and he will run right up to them before you get a chance. Really hoping he approves over time.
  2. If its taken this long to review on various replays from many angles, I would of thought it can't be given as its not a clear and obvious error?
  3. Thankfully still on Netflix.. For now. Going to watch it tonight, just incase I don't get another chance.
  4. I just stuck the Dortmund game on and got really confused! I don't think it's too bad to be honest, makes it feel more normal imo.
  5. How long did it take you to get them that far mate? I've just finished my first season with Lisburn Distillery, winning the league and now moving into the championship. Any tips for signings you have would be appreciated as well!
  6. He probably has been under some investigation for years, but they may have been unable to find anything significant to publicise it.
  7. I use touch version as I find the full version too long winded. It's easier to pick up and play, but still in depth enough to enjoy.
  8. Just finished my 5th season with us, winning the CL for the first time. Had very lucky knockout draws in fairness, and won the Carabao Cup for the second season running. Still can't shift Liverpool who have won every PL season on the bounce. We had our best chance this season, playing them on match day 32 away, 3 points behind them but about 10 better GD. Went 0-2 up and thought this is finally it.. Game was trolling me and Liverpool scored 3 on the bounce.
  9. Barnes is unreal on this for me. 8 in the first 8 games so far. Make that 9 in 9.
  10. Allmankind Saint Roi Monkfish Kemboy Billaway Éclair De Beaufeu Column of Fire
  11. Yeah because he's been firing on all cylinders recently.
  12. Didn't manage to catch it tonight, read the first 5 or so posts of the thread and thought thank f*** I didn't
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