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  1. Hi all. I really do not want to be seen as being insincere/inconsiderate by promoting here, but I feel it is relevant and all for a good cause. My Sister, who was diagnosed with Bipolar over 20 years ago has recently wrote a book, 'Journey of the Mad', which gives a great insight to mental health and her personal struggles. It also includes poems she has wrote over the years during her emotional states. My Sister has opted to donate all her royalties to Lamp Advocacy: Mental Health Care and Support Leicester. No profit will be made and it will all go to help people suffering with mental health issues. I have seen first hand how difficult mental health can be, the struggle it can be for the diagnosed and their Family and Friends. I wish to promote the book all for a good cause. It is currently £2.50 on Kindle and £6.99 for paperback. Thanks all.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/15/teenage-girl-kills-herself-after-instagram-poll-in-malaysia Everyone who voted yes. I really despise social media at times. We (myself included) are too addicted and reliant on it and it heavily increases anxiety and depression within people. People log on and see misleading posts, photos of a 'perfect' life their Friends and Strangers have and compare it to their own in their time of need, increasing their anxiety. Social Media is used as a platform for keyboard warriors behind closed doors to worsen vunerable people and push them to extremes, as in this case. It's so sad.
  3. 'He's been put off applying'.. Danny Rose says 'it would be a waste of time' to undertake his coaching badges. I'm sorry but you can't pull the race card if you havent even applied? I agree that there is a shortage of non-white Managers/Coaches, but how can it be put down to racism if people do not apply. Gain your badges, show your commitment and then if you continue to be rejected, you have a valid claim.
  4. How's your luck Jaime and Cersei. Picked the worse spot to stand in that huge room. A few feet to the side and they would have been fine it appears.
  5. Whilst it was the right decision in the end, it seemed the ref wasn't going to give the second yellow at first.
  6. This. I think people forget that we need a squad of players, not just a first 11. Whilst I think if we want to challenge for top 6, he really needs to step up his game, but we certainly shouldnt be looking to get rid in the first instance, unless like you say, we receive a decent fee which will enable us to buy someone who will be an improvement. The dissapointment with Gray is that since he joined, he has stagnated and not improved at all.
  7. I did it a couple of Seasons ago, sitting in H1. Managed to get row ended seats for easy access. I expect it wouldnt be much of a problem, as there are tonnes of seats to be sold for individual match tickets. I imagine that STH get a pick of the Stadium and then the remaining seats just go on general sale. Obviously the price will vary, ours increased when we changed.
  8. I dont understand the severe dislike for Ghezzal. Granted he isnt good enough for our squad, but he isn't that poor. I think he could do well elsewhere.
  9. Same case for Theon though isnt it?
  10. The fan cam doesnt bother me at all. Let the kids enjoy themselves at half time. It's the firing of freebies into the crowd that annoys me. Again it is great for the kids, but there is a older bloke near me who will go out of his way to make sure he gets 3-4 T Shirts, every game, using his height/reach advantage to make sure he can get them before the kids do. Why do you need so much free tack? Also there is an elderly woman who will clap her hands and click her fingers at the staff firing the shirts into the crowd, demanding she gets several every game. I enjoy it when she doesnt get any and starts effing and blinding. She once had a go at a Steward for picking one up and passing it to a little kid who was desperate to get one, rather than her.
  11. Haha! I meant Dany. Not Cersei!
  12. I have also read that there is DNA evidence which AS has refused to get tested. I do agree that it may not be beneficial either way, but then again if he has nothing to lose.. - If it's Don's DNA, it may not prove anything as he was Hae's current partner and they were together the night before. - If it's Jay's, again does not really prove anything new, as we know he was associated in disposing the body. - If it's Adnan's it could be the final nail in the coffin. Don't really know what to make of it!
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