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  1. CollinsLCFC

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 94 seconds  
  2. CollinsLCFC

    Your last Pint?

    Has anyone ever subscribed with Beer52? I'm waiting on my first delivery, a free box (only paid p&p). Really looking forward to trying each of them later on!
  3. This is like watching a game of FIFA.
  4. Swore I heard somewhere this game was a sellout? Certainly doesn't look like it.
  5. Bit harsh on teams like Cardiff, Wolves and Huddersfield who have recently came up and never really been in the Premier league. How about Villa?
  6. CollinsLCFC

    Claudio to Fulham

    Think it's what they need. Hoof it up to Mitrovic and work around that. Hope it works out for him!
  7. CollinsLCFC

    Making a Murderer Part 2

    Yes and also with the dodgy prosecution in their ear throughout the whole ordeal as well. It was imperative that the prosecution convince the family. I really feel sorry for the family. I wonder if the global recognition of the case my make the family revisit to find true justice?
  8. What a goal. How many passes was that!
  9. CollinsLCFC

    Post match thread Leicester 0-0 Burnley

    If any chance the drunk who called Top over for a selfie on his parade around the pitch and then got kicked out the ground for trying to invade the pitch - please don't ever return. Very emotional day, the football match felt irrelevant after the pre match tributes. But very proud of the lads and staff. That aside, we don't look great in the final third. We should of been 1/2 up in the first half, Ghezzal looked promising in the 10 role, but second half was just back to normal. Don't understand why we keep playing it out to the wings, with no target man in the middle.
  10. CollinsLCFC

    Making a Murderer Part 2

    It's quite an amazing story. After season 1, I was 60-40 in favour of them being innocent. Now I'm 99% sure they are. Most evidence should make Bobby Dassey a suspect and the State used his statement to cement their false conviction and all to bring a stop to the $37m payout I feel so sorry for Theresa herself and her family, as the State have not chased Justice, just to save themselves. Can't believe the Sheriff threatened the coroner with arrest if she went to the crime scene. Kratz withholding evidence to SA attorneys.. it's incredible
  11. CollinsLCFC

    Burnley (home)

    To start off the emotional day, I just dropped the Mrs off at work and drove past the Stadium. Stopped at the traffic lights outside Blues Bar and When your smiling came on my Spotify. Couldn't believe it.
  12. CollinsLCFC

    Red Dead 3

    After a mission in Chapter 2 (forget which) a ledger will become available to make purchases to improve the camp. Things such as a chicken coop to improve the stew and in turn get better health, Stamina, Dead Eye meters. Also, improve weapons, ammo and health tonics held at the camp so you can top up. If you get bored of riding your horse to towns you've already been, make sure you upgrade Dutch's quarters X2, that will unlock fast travel to any place you have already visited.
  13. 8 also. Would of been 9 if I could of spelt Solskjaer.
  14. CollinsLCFC

    Red Dead 3

    Exactly that. I do appreciate the vastnessand quality of the game, and it will be a game I'll potentially pump 100's of hours into by completing the missions and sides, but you really can't just have a half hour blast. When searching draws or chests bores me as well, by having to individually pick up each item. Would be better if it had a list of contents (Like Fallout for example) which you can choose to take or leave.
  15. Didn't realise Waghorn plays for Derby.