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  1. Perez has barely played 90 mins of competitive football for us and we are writing him off. Jeeez, surely thats a record, even for FT
  2. Conor McGregor's latest antics. He's a cnut, fair and simple. The consequence for him punching this bloke in Dublin will result in him paying a small fine and mass advertisation of his Whiskey brand. I didnt even know he had a Whiskey brand until this story came up and it's even being advertised in the articles. It will work out financially in his favour soon.
  3. Wow, totally forgot about Bony and the fact he played for Man City!
  4. Some people just look at them as Animals and the loss of Animal life is less distressing than a loss of Human life. Although, people who have had pets for years build a strong bond. Maybe more so people who are lonely, dont have much family etc - Losing a pet could put people in a really upsetting position. If you are not in the mental state for work, you shouldnt go work. However I do agree that people abuse the system, but this will always be the case with people calling in sick with coughs, minor colds and general sickies.
  5. Fair play on Klopp from changing Liverpool GK's from the laughing stock of the league to the strongest set.
  6. It is amazing how TV cameras have more views to show us lot on the sofa causing these debates, but the actual officials whose job it is to make sure the game is completely fairly and lawfully have limited views. VAR clearly isn't efficient in its current state.
  7. Maybe I am overthinking it. I just believed that if VAR is to be used, it should, regardless of the ref. When we have seen VAR used for half a toenail offside (not clear and obvious) then surely they should use it for that incident. Its not consistent and appeared to favour tonight's ref, which makes you speculate the reason (I.e. First female ref in a Men's cup final) Either way, it just adds more scrutiny on VAR.
  8. But if the player was never touched then it is a clear and obvious error. Could of at least had the referee review on the screen surely. Just to highlight, I'm in no way against female referees, but if I am correct in my thinking it's just terribly patronising.
  9. I believe it was. Abraham dived, GK didn't touch him. Why else didnt VAR overturn it or even get the ref to have a look?
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