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  1. Red imo. We'd be screaming for it if that was against us
  2. 1. Bert 2. TiffToff88 3. EastAnglianFox 4. goose2010 5. AKCJ 6. Thefox81 7. Mike Oxlong 8. Izzy 9. purpleronnie 10. Nalis 11. goody2028 12. EastAglianFox 13. HEGGSY 14. Matt 15. Steve_Walsh5 16. Analysethis 17. Fox in the North 18. Jaspa 19. CollinsLCFC
  3. What a day. I took my 3 month year old daughter to meet her Great Grandparents for the first time; I had a smashing Sunday roast; we got to a semi and I now have sticky toffee pud. Incredible.
  4. The whole Man Utd squad look like they are playing in loafers tbh.
  5. I don't think there was enough contact for a penalty but I'm suprised VAR didn't give it a check over.
  6. Partner & I are looking at learning a second language. There are so many apps to chose from, does anybody have any recommendations of best one to chose? At the moment, it looks like Babbel and Rosetta Stone are front runners.
  7. Can imagine the Werner one now in a non-VAR world: 'yeah his legs and body were onside, but his lower arm was in a slight offside position, so should have been ruled out'
  8. Thanks for explaining. But wtf has football came to.
  9. I'm confused, he looked quite comfortably onside from what I saw
  10. Surely it would have been easier for Werner to header that into either corner?
  11. Hamza is not PL quality and should be nowhere near the first team of a squad hoping to achieve top 4. Should have started Tavares.
  12. They made that terribly easy for Youri to keep running at them, but that shot was perfection.
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