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  1. Ridiculous how hardly anyony PTO. Was playing Hardpoint on shoot house, I was on the point for 3:27 seconds. The next closest was 20 seconds. I didn't even have defend, nobody was bothered. All just going for kills.
  2. Would love to see Pearson back in the Prem. Imagine if he got Shakey and Walsh to work along side him, could really turn things around if its not too late!
  3. Swings and roundabouts. The Aurier and wolves handball worked in our favour. Could argue they helped us get European football at the end of the season.
  4. Annoyed they have taken Shoothouse 24-7 off. Was enjoying that.
  5. Praet in for Tielemens to start. Try and get at least 2 up by 60 mins and then take Vardy off for Nacho and Hamza for N'Didi.
  6. I can't see Rodgers going midway through this breakthrough season, but it is possible at the end of the season, more so likely if Arsenal appoint Ljunberg until the end of the season. Lets offer BR a new contract!
  7. Do you not get more campers on Hardcore?
  8. That throne has gone to Haskells head.
  9. Would love them to! but if they ever did hardly anyone would play I bet. At least on hard point you can get points and top the leader board for playing the objective.
  10. This gives me hope! I get so frustrated when people dont play the objective. I was playing Kill Confirmed yesterday and there was a sniper at the edge of the map with a few tags right next to them.. Ignored them all... Domination used to be my go to game, but the amount of people hovering around A or C to get kills without attempting to capture it is laughable.
  11. It was difficult between him and DDG, but a Champions league winner in 2012 gave him the edge for me.
  12. Cech Azpilicueta Kompany Terry Robertson Kante D.Silva De Bruyne Hazard Aguero Kane Suarez (Forgot about him)
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