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  1. How much did Kepa cost Chelsea? Surely he's got to be one of the worst signings in PL history.
  2. I don't know much of him, but isn't Daniel Iverson highly rated and currently developing out on loan; possible he could be the long term replacement for Kasper in a few years time?
  3. Dyche collects rain water to drink to save pennies.. If it doesn't rain, Carling.
  4. The state of English Officials is appalling. Its clear they don't have a clue.
  5. Curry's have the Series S in stock, just ordered mine.
  6. The thing about Arsenal is that they always try to walk it in.
  7. Very tough at first, it's almost impossible to not give in. Probably best to avoid drink for a few weeks tbh. After time, the smell of smoke becomes repulsive and it easier to say no. I just make sure my ecig is fully charged. I think the lockdown helped as it minimised going out for drinks and the social aspect of smoking.
  8. I've been smoke-free for about 10 months now. Although I use a small vape pen now, but it's much better and cheaper than cigs. The most difficult for me, was breaking the routine; cigarette in the morning with a coffee, fag breaks at work etc. Try and find something to replace the routine and it will slowly become easier. Also, the quit smoking apps are good to track the money saved for a bit of motivation. Youll probably find yourself snacking more - try and eat fruit, chew gum and keep yourself busy when you have cravings. Good luck, you'll
  9. Why did Ancelotti have to replace Pickford for this game.
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