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  1. Mercury just quoting from Daily Star and their incredible journalism. 'Reports from the Daily Star claim that City have told Manchester United it will take £90 million to prise Harry Maguire away from the East Midlands.'
  2. I dont understand how people can genuinely think that her Parents covered her up. It's an interesting theory that adds mystery, but that's all it is IMO. They would need to plan suitable locations to dispose, CCTV locations, travel etc all in a very short space of time in a foreign location. If indeed they are guilty, why would they need to raise so much money and continuously search after all these years? By carrying on searching and seeking goverment funding, they are allowing themselves to remain in the spotlight, which by now, they could regretfully come to terms with the fact she is gone. Whilst I do agree that the McCann's are guillty of neglect by leaving their Children on their own whilst they socialise, I think they have been punished enough by having to go bed and wake up each day knowing full well that if they were more responsible, Maddie would not have gone missing. Wandering for their remaining days or until she is found, what has happened and how they could have prevented it. I also feel awful for the two twins (not sure how old they are now). But I imagine they have to go to School with all the pupils knowing about the documentary that is being aired.
  3. Roksana has made me break even. Thank you Ruby!
  4. Fortunately, I had a very good week leading up to this and had myself a little tidy bankroll to play with for Cheltenham. It's now nearly depleted. I'm having a very bad day with it!
  5. Now hoping for one of my outsiders to place to break even. Not having the best of starts.
  6. Well done mate. Not jealous at all. Not. At. All.
  7. Is the Sky Bet a one time offer, or can I do the same again for tomorrows first race?
  8. Barcelona, if you have not been before.
  9. My selections for today: 13:30 – AL Dancer @ 9/2 Angels Breath @9/2 (Using the £20 SkyBet offer). 14:10 – Hardline @ 4-1 14:50 – O O Seven –@ 40-1 e/w 15:30 – Brain Power @ 33-1 16:10 – Elimay @ 20-1 e/w
  10. Anyone see the massive balls up at Sandown earlier? I had a fiver on One For Rosie, thankfully Paddy paid out on it!
  11. Pretty much every single night I dream either that I'm late for either a plane or train journey or that I'm on holiday. Been like this for about a year. One thing I have once experienced is sleep paralysis. Now that's scary.
  12. He came, he tried and he didn't succeed. He was with us through one of our most difficult times and for that he has my upmost respect. His task was difficult; to implement a transition of counter attacking, ageing, premier league winning squad into a young, upcoming possession based team, whilst maintaining fans expectations. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. He lost the majority of the fan base early on, and it appears he may of lost his players. He has provided a new foundation for us to build on and I hope one day in the near future we will realise that his managerial career with us wasn't just a waste of 16 months.
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