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  1. So he doesn't primarily pass sideways or backwards? He clearly does if you've ever watched him. What part of what I said isn't true? Up there with Harry Winks for me in terms of pointless players, harsh as it sounds. I mean they are both masters of their trade don't get me wrong, just takes a little more than the ability to pass it short for me to rave about a player.
  2. I think the praise for Mendy is a bit OTT. When I watch Mendy I see a player who's first thought is to pass it back or sideways to the player nearest him. Hardly a crucial element to the team, doing a job Matty James or King did all the time also. People say, "he didn't put a foot wrong today", or "he keeps things ticking over nicely and keeps it simple". Its not hard to 'not put a foot wrong all game' if you only pass sideways and backwards. I may be in the minority but I want a cm who has more to his game than being a steady and safe player. Take creativity like Maddison or Tielemans out and we have a serious problem. Take out Mendy and literally any player who can complete a short sideways pass could take his place. I honestly would rather have kept King and let Mendy go, King has history and an affinity with the club, Mendy would be proud of his short sideways passing, but he also scores important goals.
  3. I’m still waiting for 2 season ticket refunds too, might have to find out what’s going on if its not arrived by next week
  4. I think the lack of squad depth is our main problem, look at our bench and the theres not much that can change a game if plan A isn’t working. Where is gray? People slag him off but at least he’s a quick and direct winger, he’s more likely to change a game than albrighton (or matty ‘ouch, I think I’m injured again’ James) ffs Our bench is so poor that Rodgers only uses 2 subs quite often, and when we’re losing to Man City we brought James on and gave Perez 1 minute to score (both also evidence of incompetent management on Rodgers part), we’re desperately in need of a pacey winger or 2 and a plan B striker in the summer
  5. Maybe have tielemans in from the start, and use Gray a bit more. He’s been good every time he’s played this season but rarely gets a start. Rodgers could at least have brought him on, when you’re losing why not use all your subs?
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.givemesport.com/1538544-survey-has-ranked-premier-league-clubs-away-support-from-worst-to-best%3famp so we have the joint worst away fans in the pl, says it all really, I hope they don’t do a survey on home support, would be a bit embarrassing to be last on both.
  7. Quite like stringer tbh, it’s Owen Palmer atkin I struggle to listen to, stumbles over his words and stutters so much it’s quite difficult to keep tuned in as harsh as that sounds, Matt piper is also a big downgrade from Matt Elliot imo
  8. WhatTheSchlupp?


    Aaah so that’s why I got banned 😬
  9. WhatTheSchlupp?


    Well your guess is as good as mine then (unless you got me banned 😬), you were involved in the thread so you and others will know all I did was get involved, no insulting behaviour or anything. There is no accountability on this forum, if you know or are an administrator you can swing the axe with impunity, never having to explain why. The only course of action is to sycophantically agree with those who know admins (probably strokes or mattp) or just stick to the main football threads and hope you don’t get banned for saying Gray should be starting instead of Barnes 🤭
  10. WhatTheSchlupp?


    Same thing happened to me. Got banned from the election thread for having the temerity to support Labour. ive learnt that there’s no point getting involved in political debates on a political debate thread unless you have the same views as strokes or mattp. would be good to be/know an administrator and just get people banned for no reason and give no explanation 🙄
  11. Same here and I’m in the kop, guy next to me is the same but it’s chilwell he has a go at, sometimes Barnes as well just to shake it up a little
  12. What has happened to L1 as well? Used to be decent now they may as well move to the west stand. Only UFS and those guys at the back of the kop give a s*** about the atmosphere and a couple dotted around elsewhere (myself included). Anyone on here here sit in the west stand? What was it like in the title winning season even? Was it just clapping along people did and would you have been given funny looks for singing as I was as a kid years ago?
  13. I know, worst in the league home and away I’d say, at least teams like Southampton and Burnley have an excuse that their teams are shite, we have an amazing team and manager but 3rd rate support
  14. A few weeks back I took my southern based 15 year old brother to his second ever Leicester game at Brighton away (first was Real Madrid in 2011). He didn’t really know any of our players or songs, but he still outsang 98% of our fans there that day. He even tried to start some. sums up the state of our support. some people seem to go so they can just have a moan, others do so so they can relax and watch the game like it’s a play in a theatre. as far as away support is concerned I see a disproportionate amount of people just sitting at away games or standing with arms folded in absolute silence all game even wins. Why do these people go to away games? Just watch on the telly? few years back at an away game we were silent, so rather than join in with my attempts to get the atmosphere going, a guy near me just said “on your own mate”. Same guy offered no vocal support all game. Again, sums up the state of our fans.
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