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  1. Ikr, we have 2 world class set piece takers in Maddison and TAA yet someone who doesn’t even take set pieces for his club gets chosen, Southgate’s incompetency knows no bounds
  2. Play for Chelsea, or score 10 goals a game, which ever comes first
  3. Southgate is such an overrated and sh!te manager, I really don’t know why people like him, he’s as pig-headed as hodgson was when he refused to listen to people to take Kane off corners, Southgate has already made his mind up about Maddison and his opinion won’t be changed by logic, the fact almost every England fan wants him to play, or form. what exactly has winks or oxlade chamberlain done to deserve a start? Maddison has also been more impressive than Mount this season. If we had any of the midfield starters today and Maddison was at Chelsea I wonder if he’d start then? cant wait til Southgate gets sacked tbh
  4. Would take a serious, catastrophic amount of injuries for I’m to even have a slight chance of first team action, he’ll be gone to a championship club in a year or 2 probably- On a side note, he was my old tennis coach at a club in Leicester 🤭
  5. Shout from Schmeichel or not, ignore him and smack it to row z for a throw in, and the point is in the bag. No point leaving it when you can virtually secure the result yourself by taking control. Obviously heat of the moment it’s different but it’s what should’ve happened anyway
  6. Don’t need to be a defender to smack it clear at 94 minutes with seconds to go, he had the ball so up to him to deal with it
  7. Could easily say what is our support coming to?
  8. He shouldn’t have hesitated, call or not from Schmeichel, he’s there next to the ball at 94 minutes, just smack it clear ffs. Obviously legends get a pass with fans on occasions like these but a bit annoying all the same.
  9. Tbf I don’t get the filming YNWA thing. The 3 Liverpool away games I’ve got to there’s been a handful of us trying to sing our songs through it, or the “you’ll never get a job, sign on sign on” version and the vast majority of our fans are in awe with their cameras out. We are there to to support our team, we’re not tourists, drown them out dont just stare and film surely?
  10. Guaranteed that mount/Barkley play. If they can’t for some reason, Southgate will probably panic, trip Maddison down the stairs, and recall lingard as an emergency replacement
  11. I’m sure I read what you said, what is it you want me to respond to to save me trawling through to find it? Don’t always have time to respond if I’m out just flicking through threads
  12. Just because people do something doesn’t make it good and acceptable though does it? If a normalised practice makes us look tinpot to others, and disrespects the efforts on the pitch, and makes the atmosphere worse, I’d rather try and persuade people to see there is a problem than just wash my hands of it all like you want to.
  13. Old koppite is 20 years odd older than me I think he said and he still “gives a shit”. Some people just care more about atmosphere and their responsibility to maintain it than others I suppose...
  14. When they win 5-0 yeah I’d say it is. with any team in probably every division, a 5-0 home win would be met with a full house celebrating. Even if another club might not care about a winning 5-0 and also leave early, we are in a very small minority as a club regarding this issue.
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