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  1. tbh I want more from a cm than someone who merely ‘keeps the game ticking along’, it’s why I never rated mendy really while everyone else raved about him - yeah Henderson’s a decent player but he wouldn’t get in our starting 11 let alone every pl team, I’d take a player who offers something special every now and then like Maddison, or a goal-scoring/combative midfielder any day over a sideways pass retain possession at all costs specialist
  2. Its seems to me that Southgate is channeling his inner Hodgson. Remember when the whole world seemed be demanding Kane was taken off set pieces, it was like Hodgson thought ‘I’m the england manager, and I can’t back down and give in to outside pressure no matter what’ and just stuck with it. Same with Sarri when everyone said to get kante in the right position. Southgate is just showing the same intransigence, it’s like it’s a matter of principle that his decisions in no way can be altered by outside pressure no matter how logical. That or he genuinely believes he’s right in thinking Maddison is shyte and everyone else has just been hoodwinked by a phase of ok form. The funniest thing is when you speak to Man Utd or Chelsea fans they all say Maddison would walk into their team ahead of Lingard, Mount and Barkley, yet Southgate is blind to anyone else’s opinion but his own, which is based on nothing but the fact that the badge on Maddison’s blue shirt is the wrong one.
  3. I don’t know how you can say Foden is better tbh, if we had Foden I really don’t think he’d displace Maddison in the starting 11. Sancho may be a better player in some respects but can’t be compared really as he plays in a different position.
  4. Aside from scoring a hattrick every week or having pictures of Southgate in a compromising position, what on earth does Maddison have to do to get in the england side? Clearly being in very good form for a year and a bit, and being behind only messi for chance creation doesn’t quite cut it for Southgate. Lingard (a player with awful stats), Mount (a player with 4 pl appearances) and Ross fvckin Barkley are all ahead of Maddison, yet none of them would even get in our team in Maddison’s position. So what more does Maddison have to do to convince a manager who seemingly thinks that stats, form, media and public opinion, and common sense are all about as overrated as Maddison?
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