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  1. Or you could just talk about them as 'disloyalty penalties'. AFAICS whatever you call it, it's doing it's job in this case.
  2. I'm pretty sure we buy a 22 year old on the basis that there's a fair bit improvement in them. We (seem to) have a model of bringing young players through and generating a chunky profit off them. That doesn't work if all they do is get older...
  3. You've obviously dismissed the idea that a 21-22 year old (as he would have been) could improve.
  4. No. Mainly because it would be nearer 90 million with Hull's sell-on clause.
  5. Bobby Apostrophe would prefer to play on the left wing
  6. Lovely vision for a lot of the passes in that. Great the way he's nearly always got his head up and is constantly looking around when he's got the ball at his feet #meerkat
  7. They conceded 61, and finished 12th. The previous season Hull were relegated, with a GA of 80. Imagine buying a defender from them...
  8. Sure. But the article's main point is right. It's mental we've got him. But without a fight? That's proper nutso.
  9. apols if already posted... https://www.football365.com/news/turning-your-nose-up-at-tielemans-youri-fing-joking 'In a world where transfer fees have become both irrelevant and ridiculous, it seems unfathomable that a 22-year-old with extensive World Cup, Champions League and Europa League experience, a former teenage captain who has taken like a particularly talented duck to typically choppy Premier League waters, could have but one suitor.' 'Both [Spurs/Man U] have other targets: Harry Maguire, Wilfried Zaha and Sean Longstaff among them. Both also have restrictions, either self-imposed like United’s young and British transfer throwback or as enforced as Arsenal’s meagre budget. Yet when both are being linked with the very same underwhelming midfielders in yet another underwhelming week, it feels like the biggest wasted opportunity of the summer so far.' 'Tielemans could yet flounder as he did at Monaco, his form in the first half of this year the exception to a rule of struggles outside Anderlecht. But if he thrives, expect Ornstein and Terreur to be bombarded with demands for updates as he is pursued for at least twice as much as Leicester signed him.'
  10. My original post was about Ake vs. Mings. The fact you've concluded that all along that what I really wanted to talk about was Man City's approach to the transfer market (and that I'm hugely absorbed by your hardly unique take on the subject) says a lot about you.
  11. Not sure you're helping the tedium quotient with your daft hyperbolics, but suffice it to say if they've been looking at Tyrone Mings it's news to me.
  12. Same when we played them at ours... Latest paper talk it Man City and Spuds looking at him e.g. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/03/football-transfer-rumour-mill-manchester-city-tottenham-spurs-nathan-ake
  13. CHILLYOURJET IT'S BIG @ozvaldo DADDY'S PHONE THAT HAD THE JUICE ISSUE. HE'S CHARGING IT. IT'S GONE PAST 30% NOW* * I suspect you know this and are on the nark.
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