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  1. Not going to argue he contributed anything, but he didn't even look slow or fat to me. I mean, you can see from the training ground pics he's not remotely fat, and if anything he was suprisingly quick over the first few yards. No idea how you could make a value judgement based on that appearance, unless of course you'd already made your mind up and can't help with the embarrassing need to get an 'I told you so' in as early as possible.
  2. It does beg the question... do you not believe we were in danger of going down, or do you think that we should have risked taking that hit in recognition of what was achieved the year before?
  3. Relegated in 2016 so massively struggling no you shutup
  4. It hurts to say, but right now Grealish is looking a cut above any ceiling I can see for Maddison Last few times I've seen him he's done that the elite player thing of seeing shit loads of the ball but making the right choice every time, and making it look almost impossible to prevent him doing it. He's a bit good.
  5. That is some one-eyed shit right there
  6. Spurs squared. They were absolutely pissing it, then they bring the prodigal son on with less than 20 minutes left. ****ing beautiful
  8. Must have missed them mention that it was 3-0 with Spurs cruising before Bale came on
  9. We played them four times. Can't think why you'd neglect to mention the 8-1 aggregate result in the other two (the two that are more relevant at that)
  10. It's 1.38am in the UK. I suspect this post will make as much sense when I wake up.
  11. Daniel James runs about half as quick as he looks like he's running
  12. What a bugger. A tight VAR call but you were a millimetre offside...
  13. I knew my late addition of 'almost' before 'entirely' in my footnote would be warranted! As I said in my OP, half the width or some such might work. Just enough to allow the timing of the VAR image to be a frame off with no real harm done I honestly don't care that much either. Certainly less bothered by the actuall calls than the bedshitting about them. Anything that reduces the latter would be smashing
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