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  1. Maybe it was cancelled because there was already a thread for slightly sarcastic, negative comments about him. Fortunately, you managed to find it, although if the sarcasm was along the lines of calling Ndidi 'average', maybe not.
  2. No, he didn't get a touch on the ball. Despite upteen people claiming it was 'soft', he didn't just 'brush' or 'clip' Rashford. He cut hard across him and effectively took him out. Penalty.
  3. I understand the concept of attack being the best form of defence. But I think proposing it as a fix today would ignore the sheer effort man u have put in at the start of this game. Completely different to their previous game. They're looking a bit goosed now because of it.
  4. Big Weekend: Man Utd v Leicester, Maguire, Flores, West Ham https://www.football365.com/news/big-weekend-man-utd-v-leicester-maguire-flores-west-ham
  5. Apart from your family, friends and colleagues.
  6. He's almost out of his area! From the point below he starts to backpedal. He knows he's come too far out.
  7. I'm only kidding dude! You did give a range of values for Ndidi and Maddison, then used the higher values, and then added over 10% to that. That's why I assumed you'd included Tielemans transfer.
  8. So you did! Apologies. Would like to gently point out that either your maths is shite or you have penchant for exaggeration
  9. Would like to gently point out that taking £40 million off Manu for a Monaco player might be deemed a tad arrogant too.
  10. There's not much football wise that I have a problem letting go of, but the whole 'he can only play one way' (especially when it comes to reasons he never played more for England) kills me. And it still a thing, in the same way 'Leicester are a counter attacking team' is somehow still a thing. Instead of Vardy we have Marcus ****ing Rashford. And Kane, who against anyone half decent has to come 30 yards out with his back to goal, his only aim seemingly to win a foul by pretending to have been given a light bumming. England's midfield is absolute turd.
  11. As someone said, nicked off Oddschecker. Actual BV odds cut and pasted from 9pm (can't bet on M City or Pool AFAICS) Tottenham Hotspur 1/20 Arsenal 1/8 Manchester United 1/4 Chelsea 1/2 Leicester City 2/1 Everton 11/4 West Ham 6/1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 7/1 Crystal Palace 20/1
  12. My guess - zero would be the number who had the fear in the first place, then you'd need to take into acount the 0% of that 0% who would actively post something they don't believe in order to publicly allay suspicions that no-one had in the first place, instead of just saying nothing.
  13. Think that question should be aimed at the OP.
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