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  1. Ahmed Musa - Possible Loan Move

    No, it's not. This particular tweet relates to a swap deal with a player from another Prem club
  2. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    Can some kind soul PM me a decent stream?
  3. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Could you try to give up just a little bit harder?
  4. Andros Townsend...

  5. Iborra injured

    I advise you to avoid any threads with a poll. They will blow your mind.
  6. Iborra injured

    Slim's got a massive gash and Iborra's got a groin strain. #teambonding
  7. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    It's no secret you think 30million for Slim was way too much, so it's an interesting move using him as the context to advocate a 45 million quid bid for Sigurdsson.
  8. Kelechi Iheanacho

    To your first point, yes. That's exactly what I said. Unless you read it, then it's not what I said at all. If you do read it, you'll see I was responding to a poster saying he hate's all agents and another saying they fulfil no useful purpose. Still, if you need that straw man crap, crack on, although I think it makes you look a right **** To you second point, that's a yes again - I do have an alliance with my father in law. The half dozen times a year I see him we plot to RULE THE WORLD. While we're waiting for the nukes to be built, he tells me the sort of interesting and/or mundane shit he has to sort out with his existing players. Which is why I know a bit about what an actual, real football agent does, and why I don't think they're all evil bastards who serve no useful purpose. It would appear you don't know any, which would explain your weird belief that they're all like Pogbas'
  9. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    No room for Girth Crooks then,
  10. Kelechi Iheanacho

    Really, it doesn't 'explain' anything. It may be a factor if an agent is unscrupulous. I would argue in a lot of cases it ensures players don't end up in financial difficulties. I have a mortgage broker. I get an accountant to do my tax returns. Are these things important life skills? Will I have financial difficulties in future if I don't do them myself, or will I just let my mortgage adviser sort my mortgages and my accountant keep filing my returns because a) they're much better at it than me b) time spent dealing with these things is time I could spend making more money or doing something much less boring. Do you think it's 'important' that Iheanacho learns how to finance his own car? I'd suggest it's as important to and for him as learning how to make his own marmalade.
  11. Kelechi Iheanacho

    I'll see your please and raise you. What's your point? Please.
  12. Kelechi Iheanacho

    There must be a forum for black cab drivers where you can post this sort of 'stands to reason' crap. A whole(sic) that didn't exist? Of course. Why would a 16 year old kid need a representative? Or a 30 year old kid for that matter? Or what about someone fresh in from Ecuador who can hardly speak English? Do you think Iheanacho should negotiate his own image rights deal?. Nah, just let the clubs have at them. My father-in-law is an agent. The transfer side of occupies probably 5% of his life - and within that the idea he gets either side to do something they don't want to is laughable. The rest of his time is spent getting his players out of personal scrapes, sorting their financial affairs, helping them move house, financing their cars - basically wiping their arses.
  13. Vicente Iborra

    'At all'? It may not be the only interpretation, but the original statement is clear about him 'probably being an average PL player'. Gerard doesn't make it absolutely clear where our players sit on this scale but he does say he wouldn't improve our first XI. I'm guessing it puts him at best on a par with the rest of our first XI. Personally find it hard to imagine an average Premiership player getting near the bench in a top La Liga team.
  14. Vicente Iborra

    The implication of this is that most of our first XI would get regular game time if they played for Sevilla. Hmmm...
  15. Vicente Iborra