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  1. You're either suggesting that was the only thing he did, or doing it was a mistake. I strongly disagree with either reading, but regardless it seems too minor a complaint to employ caps lock. The tone of your post, two months after he left, certainly suggests that a personal animosity towards Puel is colouring (and I assume has coloured) your appraisal of his abilities.
  2. As opinions go 'we wouldn't have won by as much against a better team' is somewhat facile.
  3. Not going to argue about his suitability for us, but the bits in bold are a gross exaggeration.
  4. Nowhere near as desperate as they've been to finish above anyone for the last 32 games. Just not buying this 'banana skin' stuff. The other argument that they'll come good now they've nothing to play for implies they're a flair team who've been held back by the pressure of staying in the Prem. I can help with that They got relegated in March because they're shit. If we lose, we lose because we don't turn up.
  5. Sounds familiar. Wonder how much his 20 million fee will have gone up...
  6. I can't be arsed if you can't
  7. ...and then we bought three of them, one it seems specifically on the assumption Maguire would be off. There has to be some offer that makes you go '**** it, we have to take that'. For me anything north of 60 million and it's a no-brainer. What's your figure? If there was a concrete offer (I can't believe I'm writing this) of £100 million - would you say OK to that?
  8. It was clear he said it. Given we're never going to say 'we've got so much money we don't know what to do with it', I really don't think you can take it at face value. I do think in Tielemans case you couldn't get further away from the panic punt on an potentially past-it, potential misfiring homesick misfit in the inflated market that is the January window. He fits now, and it's easy to see his value escalating over the next couple of seasons. I've never owned a football club but I'd imagine these are the signings you'd go all out for.
  9. How to make 50 million seem like it's not quite enough.
  10. You edited that. Given the words were surely a cut and paste job... come on, how did you **** the emoji up?
  11. Whatever your opinion, knowing what 'indifferent' and 'prima donna' actually mean would help you put it across
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