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  1. It's difficult to take anything you post here seriously. Almost every post is this kind of performative 'common nonsense'
  2. Whatever it is, it's not a repeat of the Bournemouth game
  3. Hardly a surprising response from somebody with a posting history of always predicting the worst and revelling in it when it happens
  4. Not having to worry about Amartey's positioning has certainly sorted the defence out
  5. The desperation to blame Amartey for everything is bizarre. Both goals down the rhs, absolutely nothing to do with him. As for his 'lack of ability on the ball' his forward passing has been miles ahead of anything Evans and Fofana have managed
  6. Sure. But the bench is going be shit if you take any three 'involved players' out
  7. If you'd have told me last week three players would miss the game for being bellends, I would have feared something much worse than Hamza, Perez and a rusty Maddison. Latter might have only get 30 mins anyway
  8. Find it hard to believe 'they'll play shit and scrape through' another seven times.
  9. A line from The Wizard of Oz that never made the final cut
  10. You obviously have a much more relaxed attitude to the bed shitting wet wipes who would inundate match threads with claims it proved Lord Lucan was running football from a volcano in Norwich after every such decision
  11. Not sure TAA scoring is a clincher against Neville's claims he's a bit shit at defending
  12. I'd argue that makes it a cm decision. It's the pretence that offside decisions involving mm are even possible if humans are responsible that's the problem for me. Using some graphics to help a human make a decision, when the human also controls how the graphics are generated, just creates ersatz versions of 100% tech calls . It gives the vague impression of objective technology being used when that's not the case.
  13. Can you think of examples in other sports where mm decisions are largely made by a human?
  14. Nothing wrong with the 'decision'. The 'measurement methodology' is the problem Wondering why, unlike last night's decision, this one doesn't get called 'corrupt'. Would really help if you explained the criteria
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