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  1. That's a very powerful comeback, and I'm suitably mortified at missing out a letter 'r'. I can only imagine how I'd feel if I'd said we should have dropped Chilwell, and then proceeded to completely misunderstand the fairly simple concept of 'hindsight'.
  2. That's not hindsight. The whole point of hindsight is that's it's based on events that actually happened, not 'events you predicted would happen but that turned out to be so embarrassingly wrong you can't admit it and double down with even more mystic smeg'. The word for that is 'sorry'.
  3. https://www.football365.com/news/every-premier-league-clubs-biggest-summer-signing-rated LEICESTER CITY: Youri Tielemans – £40.5million (A)Has there ever been a more obvious ‘signing of the season’ before a season has actually begun? Great on loan and even better now. If his and Leicester’s superb form continues, he’ll be worth twice that come the summer, and other clubs that turned their nose up at Tielemans will no doubt be come sniffing more forcefully this time around
  4. We have opened up a 9 point 'Champions League' gap. Realistically, given our GD, that's a 10 point gap (which shifts it from a 3 game to a 4 game gap). We have the same number (12) of Prem fixtures before the January window closes as we have played so far. Things may get a lot clearer.
  5. You're a bit of a one for exaggeration aren't you?
  6. I think you're right, there was a period a couple of years ago when he look very decent. There seems to be a bit of an arse in there too though, and he hasn't gone missing.
  7. This has been my nagging based-on-nothing worry all week. Some dogshit refereeing and a sending off
  8. Fook me, there's some fookin pub bores on here
  9. You stand by Gray, Barnes and Albrighton being 'streets ahead' of him? Righto... What Choudhary has to do with it, feck knows, nor for that matter Praet, given you seem unable/unwilling to explain the 'tweak' required to swap him for Perez. It's clear to me the not-so-subtle shift towards having a go at his defensive lapses is a doubling down on your original point that he's all-round doggo.
  10. I think his measured evaluation of Perez a few pages back tells you where this is coming from; 'multiple attacking and midfield players are ahead of him in ability; Praet, Choudhary, Gray, Albrighton and Barnes are all streets ahead'
  11. Can you describe this 'tweak' in more detail?
  12. Well it really is the point. Because it's not a like-for-like swap. Are you sticking Praet on the wing? Or Maddison? As for your final point - our centre backs will be the ones dealing with the area Arsenal are 'most talented' in
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