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  1. From the beginning of November I watched us win 6 on the bounce. What were you watching?
  2. I've mentioned this before. Would pick him to start, and like him generally as a player, but if there's a 50/50 and he senses the oppo player is committed to the challenge, Perez really doesn't want to know. Not talking about general tackles, just the 'front-on clash' type ones
  3. You won't find me arguing with you on that one. You will find me asking if that's the case, what was the point of your previous post?
  4. List the many jobs which are televised and where you are given a real-time appraisal by 30,000 customers.
  5. Not that hard. Despite lacking a killer winger, we have moved on a lot from the point where a team could stick 2 (or 3) players on Mahrez and pretty much negate us an attacking force. That make me miss the little bastard ferret even more.
  6. Eh? He's 12 yards out when Ings hits it.
  7. Clearly he wouldn't consider a return without some kind of promise of extended game time, so the whole 'Southgate would stick him on bench' type comment is not really relevant. The wider point is between now and Kane being fit again we only have two games (the one after those is in June, two months after Kane is due to come back). As such I very much doubt it would happen and can't really see the point, but I'm pretty sure Vardy would jump at the opportunity if that promise was made.
  8. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/leicester-city/story/4029200/why-leicesters-wilfred-ndidinot-chelseas-ngolo-kanteis-the-best-ball-winner-around
  9. They make perfect sense as 'click-bait twofers'. Let's see how many more of these 'hugely important player swapped for cash plus massively underperforming player their own fans are pissed off with' deals are touted.
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