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  1. turtmcfly


    I'm expecting a few more of these scrambles for caveats in case we're any good next year.
  2. turtmcfly

    Puel to Fenerbahce

    Do you want another bloody fight?
  3. turtmcfly

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    The future Captain Kvirk
  4. turtmcfly

    Amazon to Deliver Football

    I've got both. Amazon Music is very basic compared to Spotify. The latter has a better interface across all devices, the ability to share and follow playlists and some properly useful 'Discover' options which suggest new music to listen to, along with new releases from artists you listen to.
  5. turtmcfly


    'kinell Babylon, that's a bit embarrassing mate. I hope those straws weren't plastic.
  6. turtmcfly

    Patrick Roberts

    ...or Jonny Evans whole. first person to strike through the w is an immature twat like me
  7. turtmcfly

    James Maddison

    You are a very naughty box of matches
  8. turtmcfly

    Felipe Anderson

    I like your laid back approach - treat it like an every day occurrence.
  9. Surrounded by punts...
  10. turtmcfly

    James Maddison

    Bert and Co X
  11. turtmcfly


    Wasn't expecting to see my favourite author mentioned in FT... It's actually a character in one of his books who makes this comment, the properly nasty fecker Perez in 'All The Pretty Horses'. I think there's a more apposite quote regarding @NotTheMarketLeader going down the 'opinionated rabbit hole' that occurs a couple of lines earlier; He sat back easily. He tapped his temple. It is not that he is stupid. It is that his picture of the world is incomplete. In this rare way. He looks only where he wishes to see. You understand me? I understand you. Good, said Perez. I can normally tell how intelligent a man is by how stupid he thinks I am.
  12. turtmcfly

    Serhat Tasdemir

    I presume his parents liked anagrams
  13. turtmcfly


    Not even very witty, given the original comment was about coming to us over someone else, not simple about why he left Portugal.
  14. turtmcfly


    Low blow ignoring the two sentences after the one you highlighted