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  1. We can both agree Kane is a massive dribbler, but Ings? He played 29 times last year and scored 12 goals. He must be missing a shit load of his own chances
  2. Yes, thanks. No need to do Haaland. Obviously you picked up the bemused overtones in my post. It's not the general concept I'm struggling with so much as the idea that Ings would have more than 3 times as many chances he does now, even though he'd be playing for a team full of schnitzel chomping jackasses.
  3. Just to be clear... Danny Ings, supported and supplied by high quality Premier League team mates, against high quality Premier League defences, scored 12 goals last season but; Danny Ings supported and supplied by shit Austrian League team mates, against shit Austrian League defences, would score 40 goals
  4. The what of Daniel James? Feels like you're you just trying to make up more reasons not to buy him, because you know your 'no end product' one looks daftly binary. Your financial points also seem like a play from the 'multiple bad reasons equals one good one' school of reason. Man U operate almost the opposite model to us. Throw money at too many players at an inflated price, wonder why hardly any of them work out, and then sell them on for a fraction of the original price they paid. A 'get rinsed, repeat' model, if you like. If they broke with this and did
  5. turtmcfly


    Unlikely as it is, first on this list should be 'Someone offers way more than we think he's worth'
  6. It was Longfellow being invoked as a tortuous metaphor for a stupendously simple concept that finally made me realise that Gerbold has returned. Face-palmingly obvious once you unravel the fiendish anagram, but without Donald's picture (and any other interaction) it had completely passed me by. A belated welcome back G. Anyway, I should have stopped at 'opining', but no, it's a slow morning Chez Turty, so I ended up reading the bit in bold and wondering what valid information 3 year old transfer fees for players 4 years apart age wise (and thus at different points in th
  7. Assumes Maddison can get back to being prime Maddison, and 2021 Coutinho isn't better than prime Maddison even if he can
  8. I imagine by now we're all capable of applying your patented 'is he big' test when assessing a potential signing
  9. The Size Of Every Single Bloke I Just Saw In Aldi Daddy
  10. Can see Cameroon taking him out of Dutch hands some time before AFCON
  11. Rodgers sticking with three at the back for the media centre lawn
  12. "Alexa - make some football shit up"
  13. Just kidding Davie. Just kidding.
  14. Given its utterly subjective nature, I can't see how anything like this wouldn't be just as polarising VAR itself tbh. In terms of satisfaction rating, I'd note that people can't half ****ing moan. Which is sort of why we have VAR in the first place.
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