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  1. A ploy to get us all down there. Once there and we realise they'll be no FA cup on show, we'll proceed to buy a meal. A superb marketing tactic Jack.
  2. Be nice if we could watch an England test match without the inevitable collapse
  3. If swear words get censored then give us an 18+ section. willy pullers
  4. He won't leave until summer. We need to have a go at getting him at that point, but can see him going somewhere like Spurs or Arsenal.
  5. I'm assuming Fuchs and Albrighton are mixed up? Either way we shouldn't be bloody starting any game with Albrighton in CM. Use Hamza or Mendy.
  6. Sign him even if we have to loan him back for the rest of the season.
  7. If we don't and we end up out of the top 4 then we only have ourselves to blame.
  8. Leicester_Loyal


    That'll help your cause by speaking down to people. *another ban incoming*
  9. They definitely don't operate on a small budget btw, they've spent an absolute fortune the past few seasons (I think it was close to 100million last summer alone).
  10. Hopefully something's happening quietly without us knowing, because if we don't sign a winger then we deserve to miss out of the top 4. It's an obvious flaw in our team and has been for months (if not years).
  11. Lovely chants from the fans in this game. **** VAR.
  12. He's a ****ing bellend but Mahrez is some player, definitely the best player we've ever had at this club. EDIT: Him or Vardy
  13. This is exactly what people said to us about Claudio. I have no idea if their fans want him out, but if they do they're much better judges than any of us.
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