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  1. Maguire will be gone this summer I reckon. It will end up being Kasper for a couple of seasons then passed onto someone else.
  2. This is true, but usually I feel the reason we lost mostly lies at Puels door. Today, I just don't feel like that, which is weird (I'm definitely in the Puel out camp). We don't know what goes on behind closed doors, there could be a rift between Vardy and Puel, none of us know. I'm disappointed by the result, but we definitely played well today and it was down to our poor finishing that cost us, unlike in a lot of other games this season where we had a lot of possession but carved out very few clear cut chances.
  3. This is the first game in a long time where I don't actually feel it was Puel at fault, but the finishing of the players.
  4. Spot on. We keep having 15+ shots a game but we're scoring 1 at a maximum. We're sounding more Spursy by the week.
  5. How many times are we gonna hear this? We keep saying it after every loss. As someone has already said, need a goal and bringing on Okazaki is genuinely pointless, we may aswell not bother even making the sub. Once again a slow start has cost us a point. I don't think Mendy is consistently good enough, I hope Youri comes in for the next game.
  6. Happened consistantly for 18 months now, I keep saying it every game. Needs some coaching on it.
  7. Mendy starting again. You can constantly make mistakes in this team and still start the next game, it's ridiculous.
  8. Is Tin Star worth a watch then? Been looking at the adverts and trailers and it looks decent.
  9. Wow I've had a mare here, didn't even realise he was in the line up Must have been in and out that quick! I still stand by the fact that Ali when needed doesn't come up strong for us, he always gets out playing silly shots.
  10. Yes? Played in Sri Lanka and did well.
  11. Moeen needs dropping, bring Foakes back in. EDIT: Ignore me, I'm an idiot
  12. I'm more amazed that it's 26th January and we still haven't signed one player.
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