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  1. It'll 100% be extended. Not sure what me and the missus are going to do, we won't have seen each other for almost 5 weeks by the end of this lockdown I've just been on Xbox with the boys and watching shite tv We'll have thousands of cases that haven't been confirmed. I reckon the death rate is about 1%, but obviously we'll need scientific proof to find out exactly.
  2. Honestly can't see us getting big testing numbers for a long time, if ever. If we were something would have happened by now surely?
  3. Shocking figure really, didn't expect it to be that high. We need to be doing more testing, our figures aren't high enough IMO.
  4. Any decent player who earns more than 50k + a week should be sacrificing 10-20% a week to the non-playing staff and the youth players to ensure they're looked after through all this.
  5. I'll be in the minority here for sure, but these past few weeks I've realised how little football actually means. But I don't go for the football, I go for my mates and the day out, I have always done, so not sure anything drastic will change for me.
  6. Was present at Ross McCormacks gaff prior to the Grealish incident apparently.
  7. FFS missed the cut off date of 30th March already Great gesture
  8. 180 more deaths today. The number has dropped 2 days in a row.
  9. I'd punch my parents if they were that stupid. PS. I'm not even joking.
  10. Been happening for almost a week now, they might be making more frequent stops now though.
  11. We need stricter measures in order to stop the idiots from breaking the isolating rules. There's still plenty of people wandering about the streets, gathering in parks and throwing bloody karaoke parties ffs.
  12. Yet all the current polls have the Cons with a higher approval rating than previously.
  13. If the Government didn't tell us actual figures of possible deaths, we'd get people saying that they aren't being honest with us. If they gave us the low esimate of deaths, people would say they don't have a clue and their estimates were way off (come the end of it all). As it is, they give us the figure and they get blamed for scaremongering, they can't win. They definitely could have done things different and I don't agree with all of their decisions, but on the whole they've handled this pretty well. Now let's fine the idiot £500 for leaving their house without good reason.
  14. That was ridiculous. Some of the decisions throughout this have been rather strange and stupid. I didn't think we'd see a death total over 300 in a day, but I think I'm gonna be wrong about that unfortunately.
  15. Get Odyssey if you can afford it. I know it's on sale at the moment, got the bundle edition for £25 last week. I've not played an AC game since Black Flag either, but Odessey is the best one since the Xbox 360 ones in my opinion. 25 hours in so far and I'm probably about a quarter of the way through, it's massive! Plus it has the pirate ship system that Black Flag had.
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