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  1. Forget that. It's about doing what's best for the club. If we feel he is good enough for the coming season, give him an extra couple of years. Then we'll actually get a fee when we come to sell him.
  2. If this happens the fee better not be about 25/30m.
  3. Trump is an idiot for what he tweeted. Ilhan Omar refusing to denounce Al-Queda? The democratics aren't helping themselves are they?
  4. 0 chance Vardy will get 25 goals. If he gets 20 that will be absolutely amazing.
  5. Well he'd better submit a transfer request then!
  6. I am honestly not too bothered if we get 85-90m for him.
  7. This is the correct approach from our board. United either pay up or shut up.
  8. Highlights for those poor few who missed the game.
  9. As soon as the DVD releases I'll be purchasing it!
  10. The best game I have ever seen. Roll on the Ashes.
  11. 2 needed off the final ball, I can't believe it.
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