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  1. Eriksen has been given a winter refresh at 91 OVR? He's been shit hasn't he?
  2. Definitely not. There's a good chance they could appeal that and they'll be allowed back in, pointless throwing the league away without it being confirmed (although even if they win another 4 games they should have CL secured)
  3. To give them longer off. Why would they rest them vs. the team in 3rd place? WHU are a shambles and they could field about 4 reserves and still easily beat them. Heck, we put a reserve 11 out and still beat them
  4. They've just had over 2 weeks off. If they're going to rest players, it'll be against WHU at home.
  5. Lampard said the Kante injury doesn't look good, which as sad as it is, is good news for us. If he misses 3 or 4 games, that could cost them vital points.
  6. Great result for us, if Kante is out for a decent period of time Chelsea could easily slip down the table. We look miles ahead of 4th and 5th.
  7. Got Fridays Euromillions numbers for us mate?
  8. Could go either way I guess, but United will probably need to win 9/10 of their last 12 to get top 4, and they've got Spurs, Sheff Utd, Man City and us left to play. Add in the European games, add in the fact they're crap 75% of the time, I think it's too big an ask. Although, I'd take a draw! VAR officials once again doing a great job...
  9. There's no chance United are gonna catch us, so may aswell have them take at least 2 points off Chelsea. Kante injured, major blow if he misses games for them.
  10. United win or draw. Chelsea could quite easily drop out of the top 4 with European football to play too.
  11. Don't forget they play Wednesday as well, hopefully WHU give them a decent game.
  12. Pretty much yes. I just couldn't be bothered to type all of that out, we'll just scrape together enough points and the other teams will all drop points against each other meaning we'll qualify. Happy days
  13. Lets see if there are any arrests.
  14. I'll take a point here, for the 3rd game running. Lets just not lose please.
  15. You think Spurs or Sheff Utd will win 9/10 of their remaining 12 games? No chance. They've also got to play each other so there's points dropped. We'll need another 14/15 points, especially as we've got a better GD too. 4 wins and a couple of draws or 5 wins will see us through. I think it'll be similar this year, 64 points is my guess.
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