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  1. Doucoure has broken his foot apparently and will be out for most of the remaining season. Great news for us if true.
  2. Huge vaccine shipments arriving Thurs and Friday apparently, ready for huge numbers starting 15th March. Are the schools still closing as normal on 26th March? Could give us another couple of weeks to do decent vaccine numbers and get some more protection for those who have already had it.
  3. Very very unlikely IMO. Everton play Spurs, Chelsea and WHU so someone's dropping points, regardless of the results. I think Liverpool are out of it now, there's no way they're winning 9 of their last 10. If Spurs fail to win at the weekend I think they'll be one more bad result away from being out of it as well, they probably need to win 8 of their last 11.
  4. Would love him here but don't think we'll stump up the required 50m+ for him.
  5. Going away to WHU is going to be massive, if we can even get a point there it might **** them up, if we can somehow win, then we're in dreamland. I'm not that worried about Spurs atm, with Europa League distractions they will surely lose a couple of games? Can't see them taking more than 25 points from their remaining 33, if they do then fair play they probably deserve top 4. Main thing for me is concentrating on us, we need to get at least 15 or 16 points to give us a good chance. If someone beats 68 or 69 points then they will deserve it.
  6. As in Harvey Barnes? Surely not A draw or Chelsea win would be the best result IMO. I think we should be more worried about Chelsea than Everton, but Chelsea still have European games to play so will hopefully pick up a couple of injuries in the next few weeks.
  7. Dear Lord no, it couldn't happen to a nicer bloke, he's a ****.
  8. Haven't Spurs played the most games of any team this season? It might catch up with them next month.
  9. Everton still have WHU and Spurs to play, so it's almost impossible for all three of them to get 30+ points from their remaining games. Beat Sheffield United and we'll be laughing
  10. United fully deserve that. I still think they'll finish above us anyway. Palace to get something at Spurs would be lovely.
  11. United are much better when playing sides who keep the ball, they just counter attack them throughout the game, it's where players like Maguire actually look decent because they can sit back more, the lack of pace isn't an issue.
  12. Someone was telling me on here a couple of months back he's gonna win the Ballon d'Or one day, think it was Col tbf
  13. That was said in jest tbf. Surely it suits us if Liverpool Arsenal Spurs etc. all do crap? Why do we want them doing well, competing with Man City and potentially pushing us out of the top 4? The more times we're in the top 4 the easier it is for us to grow as a football club.
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