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  1. One of the best games of football I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
  2. A new striker will go straight above him in the pecking order, it'll probably be Che Adams.
  3. If he has been drink driving then whatever respect I had for him from our title winning season has just disappeared. It's sad to see, and I think by the time he leaves Chelsea it will be to late to save his career.
  4. We look a completely different side to 10 games ago. It's scary what a change in manager can do!
  5. Ben Hamer is absolutely wank, no way is he a Premiership keeper.
  6. A winger is 100% needed this summer. However will we be able to afford a winger, Tielemans and a striker? Hopefully Iheanacho can revive himself, and we can sign a Che Adams type youngster for a cut down fee.
  7. We've been waiting about 2 years for Gray to become the player we think he could be, but he just doesn't play well enough consistently.
  8. Fair play to the DUP, but I still think they'll be some change to shift them.
  9. Very true. I'm not gonna carry on arguing with others on here. Leavers won't change their mind, nor will Remainers. Enjoy your day lads.
  10. Splitting the leave vote down the middle will mean that Remain wins obviously. Add them together and then if they total more than remain pick the favoured response, I'd be fine with that. As for Facecloth, no point arguing with him, leave voters are clearly the reason why this has happened. Give it another few replies he'll be implying we're all racist thugs just because we didn't vote the way he wants to.
  11. 100%, but this should have been done in the 3 years, now time has run out. We can't keep extending A50, we need a plan and it needs sorting.
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