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  1. Leicester_Loyal

    Jack Wilshere

    I think he'll go West Ham or Palace. Possibly even Fulham if they start splashing the £££.
  2. Leicester_Loyal

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    It's embarrassing reading comments like 'Man City aren't a big club'. This is a team who could go out and sign any player in the world they wanted (bar one or two exceptions). A team that's won the premiership multiple times and now multiple cups. That said, I'm glad we are holding out for near to 75m, but let's not forget that they are a 'big' club and one with significant pulling power.
  3. Leicester_Loyal

    James Maddison

    Yeah, I was trying to be polite and inform the lad that he has perhaps got his statistics wrong
  4. Leicester_Loyal

    James Maddison

    Boyd ran 1040 miles in 19 games? That's 54 miles per game... Even including cups it's about 35-40 miles per game? That can't be right.
  5. Leicester_Loyal

    James Maddison

    Yeah we're definitely going to have to move 6 or 7 players on. I think a couple will be on loan and the remaining few will be sold. PS. I spotted Iheanacho, FT went down though and I gave up replying after about 15 failed attempts
  6. Leicester_Loyal

    James Maddison

    3 signings already and we are only just midway into June. Very good stuff from the club.
  7. Leicester_Loyal

    James Maddison

    Other than Mahrez I can't think of anyone? Maybe Ulloa under Claudio?
  8. Leicester_Loyal

    James Maddison

    Very good signing. Think we are only a couple of signings away from an amazing transfer window. Just need to unload 3 or 4 players now!
  9. Leicester_Loyal

    Stefano Sturaro

    I've always thought he was alright. If he signs I think he'll partner Ndidi in CM, or be the 3rd choice CM (after Ndidi and Silva). The reaction of the Juve fans is worrying though.
  10. Got to agree with Ashley here. The super Sundays are fixed a couple of times each year, meaning that 4 of the big 6/7 play each other for sure (Pretty sure that's what I read)
  11. Leicester_Loyal

    FIFA 19

    I'll buy it, but it's becoming stale. The changes are only ever to UT, that's all they seem to do. In career we had the stupid meeting the players and chairman update, which made it even worse. The only good change was the training sessions, I enjoy watching my players grow in attributes that I feel they need. Has pro clubs had any form of update since about 2013? Pro Evo need to pull their socks up, if they actually improved the game as well as obtained some licenses, then many of us would have a decent alternative to Fifa. It's like a monopoly, we need another football game that can compete which makes Fifa up their game!
  12. Leicester_Loyal

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    As already said, land somewhere popular and grab a gun. Practice building in the material heavy modes such as 50 vs.50. I used to be awful at the game, but I am a fairly ok player now, just through practicing. I still hide on the edge of the circle though until the last 5/10. Although if I come across someone on the way, I will kill them if possible.
  13. Leicester_Loyal

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    These are all my Fifa signings I think Wolves will be fine next season, a couple of players will flop but the majority will be good players once they settle in.
  14. Leicester_Loyal

    Anyone use Pure Gym on Walnut Street?

    Just always rammed, unless you live in town it's annoying to get to as well. Join a local one, pay £20/£25 a month and it's much less hassle. Pure gyms are good if you work away, as you can use any of them, but travelling all the way into town just to go to a busy Pure gym isn't worth it.
  15. Leicester_Loyal

    Anyone use Pure Gym on Walnut Street?

    Do yourself a favour and join a more local gym, it's not worth the hassle.