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  1. Bit weird how they've just froze him out. He made a stupid comment but he's a young lad, mistakes happen. There must be a lot more going on behind the scenes than what we know about, or it's just an excuse to get rid of him because Arteta doesn't rate him.
  2. Didn't watch it myself until last year and then went through them again recently, they're class.
  3. He's their first choice LB when fit, and Arteta has played him in every game so far since the restart. Can't see them selling to us a year after buying him, when he's just starting to look like a good left back.
  4. Why would Arsenal sell to us?
  5. Only 16 deaths today and 352 cases.
  6. Spoke to my mortgage advisor this morning, he says I should be able to borrow what I want (based on just salary alone, not OT or bonuses), so that's good news. Found a house I like the look of, went up last week on the market. Rang them this morning and can't view it until this local lockdown is over, so annoying! Feels like I'm finally starting to make some progress though, after years of waiting.
  7. I am absolutely gutted, even though I knew it was coming, it hasn't felt real until today. Some of my best memories have been seeing them live, what a ****ing band! I hope one day they'll get back together for a reunion tour eventually or hopefully the next summer solstice as a one off gig.
  8. All depends on your situation mate. I'm lucky to live at home and pay no board, but I've saved probably about 80% of my wages for the past 9 months. Not many people will be in that situation, so it'll be a lot harder. I'd just cut out all the unnecessary stuff, no Sky or Virgin tv, no financed cars, sim only deals on your phones and no holidays for a year. Regarding the stamp duty saving (if it happens), it won't really make much difference for first time buyers, so they'll probably be the only ones moving in the next few months.
  9. Imagine if the verdict gets delayed Corruption of the highest order.
  10. 70.3kg this morning, down from 72.1kg 2 weeks ago. Had a takeaway on Saturday too so very pleased with that. Have just done 90 minutes or so of cycling everyday and eaten healthier dinners. Hopefully get into the 69s (get it 69, HA) next week.
  11. I'll be quoting this post on the week of 13th July Mr.Lugs, I hope you're right!
  12. Keith Vaz involved in a dodgy scandal? Imagine my shock.
  13. No, purely because of the position we were in at Christmas/January. No team with the points lead we had should end up 5th. The sad thing is, one more goal scored or one less goal conceded will probably end up being the difference between 4th and 5th for us. If you'd have offered me 5th and Europa League prior to the season starting, I'd have snapped your hand off.
  14. Anyone tried Mother Hubbard's on London Road? Heard great reviews but was pricey and took ages for the food to come.
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