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  1. Shakespeare always knew what he was doing
  2. Lcfc_1995

    U21 Euros

    Don't see the hype in Redmond
  3. Lcfc_1995

    U21 Euros

    Terrible penalty
  4. Lcfc_1995

    Mahrez has asked to leave

    Hopefully goes aboard, don't want to see him play against us
  5. Lcfc_1995

    Crazy Stat Time!

    8 years ago today when we won League One: http://www.statto.com/football/stats/england/league-one/2008-2009/table/2009-04-18 What a Journey it has been
  6. Can't wait for us to appoint Kevin Nolan as manager in league one
  7. Lcfc_1995

    Will they feel anything?

    Nope, they just care about how much money they're earning this season, but time for them to react now after Ranieri has gone they've got their wish.
  8. Lcfc_1995

    Thank you, Claudio.

    Gave us the best season ever ?, Ranieri has made his mistakes but, the players need a long look at themselves for letting everyone down
  9. Lcfc_1995

    Ranieri sacked

    Odds also shortened on being sacked, 8/15 this morning towards 1/4 on
  10. Lcfc_1995

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    got no chance in the 2nd leg
  11. Lcfc_1995

    Swansea (a) Match Thread

    Don't run too much Vardy
  12. Lcfc_1995

    Swansea (a) Match Thread

    imagine if we could defend
  13. Lcfc_1995

    Derby Match Thread

    Wasn't on his head that's why