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  1. I think you've got to keep Mahrez in for now, we all know what he can do when he's on his game. If there was ever a game to start Gray in front of Albrighton it's this one, we can afford to be a bit less defensive against these.
  2. We'll have a better idea how we stand after this match. We never get anything against these but they've started really poorly. A win here could start a bit of momentum.
  3. Wilfred Ndidi

    He was poor in the first half hour like the rest of the team but after that I thought he was excellent.
  4. Wilfred Ndidi

    It was 3 against 2, they had a head start on him? Ridiculous.
  5. Wilfred Ndidi

    I'm not sure why people are blaming Ndidi for their third. It was Maguire fvcking about that cost us that goal. There was nothing wilf could do about it.
  6. I think we were the better team second half Ndidi was very good that half. Simpson was solid all match and Okazaki was probably our MOTM. Maguire has to stop thinking he's Beckenbauer and just get rid some time.
  7. Not a bad match in the end, I was never confident about Vardy's pen, he always sticks it down the middle.
  8. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Am I correct in thinking that Salah's goal was very similar to the one he scored against us in pre season?
  9. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    So Maguire was offside for the head on for Shinji's disallowed goal.
  10. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Mignolet could have been sent off there if we hadn't scored. Much better last 10 minutes.
  11. Sports quiz

    If you want to leave it a little later. I was hoping to make this a weekly thing. So maybe Wednesday? It's up to you, if Monday is more convenient go for it.
  12. Sports quiz

    Good man. If you click on the "quizzes" bit just below the blue banner it's pretty self explanatory. I'll only be here next week on and off so if you have any problems PM a mod.
  13. AFL 2016 & 2017

    I needed a team to support last year so I adopted the Adelaide Crows. Now I'm pretending I'm a lifelong fans because they've got to the final.
  14. AFL 2016 & 2017

    The Crows versus the Tigers then.