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  1. Name this Leicester team

    I bet it is really.
  2. Name this Leicester team

    The Bobbys Moore and Charlton
  3. Got a First 'Date'

    So @Wymeswold fox what happened?
  4. Is the City of Leicester a dump.

    It was a pretty rough area atm too, mind you they had moved there from Braunstone so maybe it was a step up. He was an extrovert character, he would have got on anywhere.
  5. Is the City of Leicester a dump.

    My dad would have been living there at that time.
  6. another school shooting

    He's a fanatic and a crank but you can read just as bad crap on here as well.
  7. The UBI and related chat Thread

    I can't speak for every mod, but you're on that list.
  8. The UBI and related chat Thread

    Looking at this; https://taxfoundation.org/how-much-do-people-pay-taxes/ Taxes in the US are much lower than here.
  9. The UBI and related chat Thread

    That's all very well but it doesn't explain where the money's coming from.
  10. The UBI and related chat Thread

    There was an item about this on Newsnight a few years ago. The economist they had on to discuss it said for £100pw the basic rate of tax would have to be 47%, presumably although they didn't say the higher rates would also have to go up proportionately . Why would you risk your own money and put in the long hours starting a business knowing that if you did succeed you'd have to give the govt 80-90% of your profits? If you needed to employ human beings you'd have to pay them enough to make it worth while for them when they can survive without working at all. Those of us who would choose not to work if we could afford not to, I certainly would, would have less disposable income so we'd be paying less in VAT. It's an interesting idea, but totally impractical.
  11. The UBI and related chat Thread

    I'm open to suggestions but if your idea is that we tax everybody to such an extent that's not worth working or running a business so we all decide to live off our UBI instead then I can see there's going to be a problem.