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  1. He reminded me of Pogba, when he only has 1 touch.
  2. It's a shame it was a good service as well. I've messaged them and they reckon it's okay. I'll give it until the weekend and if it aint better I'll have to look for an alternative.
  3. I changed my broadband last Thursday to NowTV broadband. Watched Thursday match on my IPTV, no problem. Friday I never tried, Saturday dinner time I put it on but it wouldn't work, tested it Sunday morning it worked, tried again Sunday noon for the match, not working. Worked again Monday morning, not Monday evening, but worked again late (11ish) Monday night. Didn't work again tonight so I tried putting it through the Hola VPN, both America and UK, no luck. I don't know whether it's the site not working or NowTV blocking me? any ideas?
  4. One day the Saint n' Greavsie, next day Saint in Gravsie.
  5. When i was in florida I bought some chessey nacho dip from Walmart, really delicious. I wish I could remember who made, I've got a feeling it begins with D but I'm not certain.
  6. I'd imagine all clubs are monitoring potential managers in case a vacancy ever arises. If this chap is successful (never heard of him personally) it makes sense that we're keeping an eye on him.
  7. Just me that would be listening to The Archers then?
  8. What's happened to the stand up specials on Netflix? I looked tonight but couldn't find them.
  9. Not sure how old you are mate, but I'm 55 and we had baps when i was a kid.
  10. Bap is a soft bun. A cob is more crusty.
  11. Having to listen to that bell end Stringer. I've just changed my broadband to Nowtv and its fvcked my IPTV and every stream.
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