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  1. I tried but I couldn't get a code. It must have run out for me.
  2. Ooh, catty.
  3. I'm glad a few million quid is chicken feed to you but I think the owners would disagree.
  4. In the UK it's Scrooge McDuck
  5. Money is always a consideration. Assuming Mahrez leaves He's got Gray, Kapustka and Barnes to get in front of. If he doesn't leave, one of those will. He's been here a while and had his chance, lets cash in.
  6. So a year then, If he doesn't get into the first team he'll probably leave for free, even if he does get in the first team he might leave. Makes sense to take the money.
  7. What's he got left on his contract? Is he likely to be a first choice player next season? Probably worth cashing in.
  8. It wasn't actually a reply to your post, it just came up in my twitter feed. When I cut and paste the whole article it just comes up with a link to a firewalled article. The graphs work though.
  9. UK business investment resilient despite Brexit Effect of vote to leave EU has been more muted than economists’ expected https://www.ft.com/content/e1a355dc-3971-11e7-ac89-b01cc67cfeec
  10. It was a reference to Davie G's comment about " money grabbing opportunities for their business friends". When other parties do it it's called promoting British industry and considered a good thing.
  11. You're being silly. Just because you don't want to be run by Europe, it doesn't follow that you hate all things European.It's in nobody's interest to stop co operation
  12. Or as it's sometimes called "promoting British business".
  13. Did they give a reason?
  14. newsjuiceblog.wordpress.com is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.