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  1. Potential banana skin this, they're starting to score some goals. We have to be careful not to be complacent.
  2. I have to say, that Rita Ora is top drawer.
  3. I reckon you might be right, I hope so.
  4. If a team finishes third in a group where they're number 1 seed then I reckon we've got a chance.
  5. The question is, would Barcelona? I think so
  6. Luke Thomas (from Syston) is our youngest European goal scorer.
  7. Simmo is a bit wooden, Sidwell is very good though.
  8. It meant that Mendy got a night off, seeing as we've qualified, that's good enough.
  9. When Jonny Evans headed wide, I thought to myself that the first time I can remember for a long time, us winning a header from one of our corners
  10. AEK got thrash at home by Zorya. We could play the womens team against them at home and get a result.
  11. Tbf, he was a little at fault for their last goal, but generally he was great tonight.
  12. Draw was a fair result, if we'd played the team that ended the match we win that comfortably. Bit leftfield after that I know, but JJ continues to impress me, Thomas puts in a lovely cross.
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