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  1. As long as he's a successful manager I don't care, and on balance, for us, he's very successful.
  2. We spend less on players and pay worse wages than the teams above us.
  3. Cost us today but saved us in the cup, swings and roundabouts.
  4. Never thought for a minute that he would, not for Spurs anyway.
  5. People will be too reactionary today, better to average out the match ratings from the season.
  6. If only we'd done that today.
  7. It's annoying and tedious but it's not ban worthy.
  8. Believe it or not, the rational people on here are emotional too. We're all sick and down and then we come on here and read a load of knee jerk bollox, that doesn't improve our mood. When you see and read the same buzz words from the usual suspects, it winds us up too.
  9. 5th and the FA Cup is not good enough for you? Did you start supporting us in 2015?
  10. That third goal was hand ball, unbelievable that it was given. The 4th was us pushing up. Bad luck but not unexpected. We've had a good season, it's just sickening we've got to listen to a bunch of know nothings saying bottle on repeat.
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