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  1. Happy new year my foxtalk chums. I'll see you next season.
  2. I don't care if the players don't like him,lots of people don't like their boss, doesn't prove anything. I never pick the team for him or say which formation he should play,that's his job and I'd have even less respect for him if he was influenced by the fans. If performances and results that bother me. I keep heading that we're improving but I just don't see it. Last season it was " we're in the European places,what's the problem? " then it was. " 9th is a good finish to the season". Now it's "we're in the top half" soon it'll be " as long as we're not in the relegation places". It seems to me we're in a slow decline.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 95 seconds  
  4. Unless we get absolutely tonked I can't see him being sacked after Arsenal. The West Ham game is the critical one.
  5. The Nationalised industries were under funded for years, not just by the tories either. The latest delays on the railways were caused by a test train bringing down some cables, why wouldn't that happen if the trains were nationalised? As someone who can remember the nationalised industries I can assure you they were crap, Overmanned, under invested in with a like it or lump it service. The taxes that subsidised these nationalised industries were a lot higher than they are now. If your water bill is a bit higher (for a lot higher standard of service) and your taxes are lower are you really worse off?
  6. Let's be fair. Leave voters had every right to expect that the result of the referendum would be respected. If that had happened none of this division would exist. the same people who have spent 2 years telling us we're too thick to understand the issues and should be ignored are now saying they want our voices to be heard. It's a transparent device to reverse a democratic decision and it's no wonder people are angry.
  7. I see the central column turning slightly.
  8. If Football fan cast's Greg Potts says it's going to happen, it's going to happen.
  9. Not funny, just an optical illusion.
  10. I shake my leg ( not like me to be annoying, I know). Nothing to do with restless leg syndrome, I'm just a fidget. Drives my wife mad.
  11. I reckon he was, but I enjoyed telling him he wasn't as funny as moose I can't dislike him, we had some laughs. edit Dave the caveman
  12. Mb= mosebreath, Bm= bunk morland trying to remember the other 2?
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