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  1. Webbo

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Even me?!
  2. Webbo

    What grinds my gears...

    I shake my leg ( not like me to be annoying, I know). Nothing to do with restless leg syndrome, I'm just a fidget. Drives my wife mad.
  3. I reckon he was, but I enjoyed telling him he wasn't as funny as moose I can't dislike him, we had some laughs. edit Dave the caveman
  4. Mb= mosebreath, Bm= bunk morland trying to remember the other 2?
  5. Webbo

    Geoff Scott

    I saw this on twitter. I was a fan in that era but I can't say that I remember him. That's immaterial anyway. R.I.P
  6. Webbo

    Arsenal away next😳

    Looks like the Turkish lad is in the squad at least.
  7. Webbo

    Us Now

    Puel has had time to perfect his team and he's still not done as well as Shakespeare. I don't see that as progress.
  8. Webbo

    Us Now

    Shakespeare had a better win ratio than Puel has now.
  9. I didn't but I reluctantly accepted it when it happened.
  10. I'm glad it's fell through. What would they have spent the money on that would have made that much of a difference? We already have St George's park, most PL and championship teams have good academies. McDonalds sponsor coaches. The FA would have wasted the money and then we'd be back to square 1 only paying rent for Wembley.
  11. It'd be a up grade that's for sure.
  12. Such a decent job that they sacked him.