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  1. Where to exactly?
  2. Well, I won't bother with NowTV again. Radio commentary with added photographs. When are Sky going to interview one of ours?
  3. It's a good picture but a really jerky stream.
  4. You need the collossus repo for the latest sportsdevil update. There are good working streams on there http://bestforkodi.com/install-guide-sports-devil-kodi-addon-repo/
  5. And yet we had very decent growth compared to similar countries so the argument doesn't really stack up.
  6. Well I got an app off Google play but I've activated my pass and it won't show HDMI streams on mobile devices apparently. I'm watching on my computer but the stream is jerky. I've had better off sportsdevil.
  7. I should have known I'd regret saying that.
  8. Do you know any bacon jokes?
  9. Confidence in the City is high as job volumes rise by nearly a fifth after June's General Election http://www.cityam.com/268762/confidence-city-high-job-volumes-rise-nearly-fifth-after
  10. Is that Rasputin competing on Countdown atm?
  11. I think most people would know I'm no soppy Guardian reader but I thought the picture was borderline. If Parafox had just reported it, it would have been removed and no more would have been said. Parafox over reacted and everyone else over reacted to his over reaction. It was a ridiculous row about nothing and it's been sorted now. As far as I'm concerned the subject is closed. Let it drop.
  12. What's done is done. Everyone has had their say. Can we just move on please?