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  1. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    He has been given permission to return Europe to formalize is move to another club , on BBC news feed
  2. Jakupovic Signs!

    Bizarre? He came on a free transfer from Charlton don't think he is on big bucks played 10 games in our first season 4clean sheets in the premier, got us in the final of the Asia Cup v Liverpool ,Juko RRZ look like Rudkins special buys not Shakes
  3. Ben Hamer

    Yes Hamer is on 4year contract as are a number other players all of which would probably had a clause in their contacts that should we be relegated result in a big pay cut possible reason for the great escape not Pearson's motivation at all. Saw somewhere on here that Hamer was on the bench at Man U the decision was not a footballing one,this leads me to think that Peason's buddy Marc's possible hefty pay packet which had to be justified to the detriment of the team and results,this may have contributed to him getting the bullet