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  1. foxesfan98

    Southampton pre match

    Jakupovic Simpson Dragovic Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Silva Mahrez Iheanacho Diabate Vardy
  2. foxesfan98


    To me it sounds like some players that know they don't fit the new system and will be dropped next season are using their dressing room influence to kick up a fuss.
  3. foxesfan98


    The fans always make noise when the team puts together a good attacking move or sustain pressure on the opposition's defence. Unfortunately, this only happens about once a game now. Strange atmosphere at the end of games recently, as the performances don't warrant boos but they aren't applause-worthy either.
  4. Schmeichel Dragovic Morgan Maguire Albrighton Ndidi Silva Chilwell Mahrez Diabate Vardy 3 at the back looked promising in the 1st half at Man City so would like to see us use it against a lesser team. Albrighton showed against Stoke that his overlapping runs on the right can be a threat and giving a tricky front 3 freedom in attack will keep Bournemouth's defence guessing.
  5. foxesfan98

    Who do you want Jan 18

    Cedric from Southampton would be a great signing I reckon. He's a proven Premier League defender and has a great cross on him. Would be cheaper than Trippier as well.
  6. foxesfan98

    Huddersfield (H) Post Match Thread 3 - 0

    I don't think Matty James is getting enough credit for his performance yesterday. The guy has been out for ages and hasn't started under Puel before, but slotted in like he'd been playing every week. Was really composed on the ball and showed himself to be an adequate stand-in for Iborra.
  7. Where's this massive over reaction about Maguire come from? He's easily been one of our best players this season. He struggles against some of the best forwards in the league and suddenly he's crap? People need to learn the difference between a bad player and a bad performance.
  8. The last time I was this excited about a new signing was for Iheanacho. Fair to say I've learnt my lesson.
  9. foxesfan98

    Player of the First Half of the Season

    Except when he was rested against Southampton and we banged in 4 goals away from home with arguably our best performance of the season.
  10. Schmeichel - 6. Had nothing to do all game Simpson - 7. Another solid performance and helped nullify Lennon down the left Wasilewski - 5. He gets worse every time he plays. Defending for their 1st goal was shambolic Morgan - 5. Was going to be a 6 until Lukaku made him his bitch for their 2nd. At least he looks like he cares Chilwell - 8. Looks very promising. Was solid at the back and confident going forward Gray - 7. The only player going forward who seemed to care. Looked exciting on the ball once again Amartey - 7. Was immense in the 1st half but looked sloppy in the 2nd King - 5. Had no idea what to do with the ball and did his usual disappearing act Albrighton - 4. His worst performance of the season. His crosses were piss poor and I'm not convinced he should start next game Okazaki - 5. Didn't put himself about like he usually does and was ineffective Slimani - 4. He's just not a good player. He can't pass, shoot or hold the ball up. He gave up towards the end. Pathetic display Drinkwater - 5. We lost our attacking threat when he came on as the formation change left Slimani isolated. Didn't really have much effect on the game. Mahrez - 4. Why can't he pass the ball normally? Another frustrating performance Ulloa - 7. Has to start the next game. His hold up play and work ethic goes very under the radar. Would play Slimani's role 10x better Ranieri - 4. There didn't seem to be any game plan at all except cross at every opportunity. Bringing on Drinkwater for Okazaki made no sense and he took off our only promising attacking threat in Gray. He has been absolutely clueless this season.
  11. foxesfan98

    Man City Home - Pre-match Discussion

    Zieler Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs Mahrez King Mendy Albrighton Okazaki Slimani Subs - Hamer, Hernandez, Amartey, Vardy, Ulloa, Gray, Musa
  12. Zieler Hernandez Morgan Huth Fuchs Gray Drinkwater Amartey Musa Slimani Okazaki Subs - Hamer, Simpson, Vardy, Albrighton, Ulloa, Mendy, Mahrez
  13. foxesfan98

    Who do you want? - Jan 2017

    Nathan Ake could be a good replacement for Huth. It's about time we had some pace in defence because we could easily get caught out by high pressing teams like Liverpool. Plus he's quite versatile which is something Ranieri says he wants.
  14. foxesfan98

    Sunderland Away Pre-Match Thread

    Zieler Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs Gray Amartey King Albrighton Slimani Okazaki Subs - Hamer, Hernandez, Musa, James, Vardy, Ulloa, Mahrez
  15. foxesfan98

    Boro pre match

    Hamer Simpson Morgan Huth Schlupp Gray Amartey King Albrighton Vardy Slimani Subs - Zieler, Hernandez, Musa, Kapustka, Okazaki, Mahrez, Fuchs