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  1. cruyff99

    LCFC Women

    Yup, appreciate the update @ChiefFox. I started to follow LCFC Women this season, but found the info from the FA on the league system really confusing. Finally got my head around now and been to a few matches with the kids. Great work this season, the team have done an outstanding job so far! I too wish the mens side would acknowledge and showcase the women, as it would only encourage local pride.
  2. I'm glad this has been posted as I thought it was just me! I had low expectations for the session - just wanted one picture of the players with the kids. I don't suppose that would take more than 30 seconds. When I was told that pictures were not allowed, I figured I'd get a picture of the kids as they waited second in line to the players (similar to @Illusion35) but was barked at a couple of times by the bodyguard at the far side - 'no phones, do you understand English?!!' What's even more galling is that I know that the first 10 or so people at the top of the queue were able to get a bunch of selfies to their hearts' content. I think the penny dropped after that to the club staff about how long the session would take if everyone else did the same. There's lots of ways to balance fan interaction with waiting time - the entire experience can be managed better!
  3. cruyff99

    Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    A shout out to @Bedford Fox for being a great buyer for last week's match vs Palace, and also to @kierant for being an excellent seller for tonight's game!
  4. cruyff99

    Crystal Palace tickets

    Tickets sold
  5. I can't make this weekend so am selling 2 tickets to Palace home, SK1, £72 (face value) - DM me if interested
  6. I have two tickets now for sale for the Man City game at FV, £80 in total, sitting in SK1.
  7. cruyff99

    First Goal Advantage

    Great post, thanks! What a difference in points
  8. cruyff99

    New chants and songs

    To Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode: Go Harry go Go Go Harry go Go His mother told him "Someday you'll be a man And play for Leicester City when the sun goes down Someday your name will be in lights Saying Jacob Harry Maguire will destroy you tonight Go Harry go Go Go Harry go Go
  9. cruyff99

    Huddersfield (A) - 16 September 3pm

    Also looking for 2 adults for this one, been looking forward to this one
  10. cruyff99

    Chelsea - 9th September

    Just seen a message from the club that tickets for this match are open to all members now
  11. cruyff99

    New chants and songs

    Some cracking ones - let's get these going...can't wait for Saturday!
  12. I thought this might be something that fellow posters would enjoy writing entries for. I know there's some here that could be in for a good shout in penning a column. I'm gonna give it a go as well! ---- https://www.lcfc.com/news/446163/get-your-voice-heard-on-lcfccom Leicester City Football Club wants to hear from you as part of a new fortnightly feature on LCFC.com which will allow a member of the Blue Army to write for our official website! - Leicester City supporters are invited to submit entries for consideration on a new ‘Fans’ View’ column feature on the official website - The Club wants to hear from you on City’s pre-season, new signings and your expectations for the 2017/18 Premier League campaign - Supporters wishing to apply should submit their 500-word entries to fansview@lcfc.co.uk before midnight on Thursday 10 August - The successful entrant’s work will be featured on LCFC.com and they will be considered as a regular contributor to the website
  13. cruyff99

    New chants and songs

    Haha nice one! I also seen this fantastic idea on Twitter. I loved that Kante chant and it would be great to reprise it for our new star:
  14. cruyff99

    New chants and songs

    Kel-echi ihea-nachoooooo Better than Ronaldinhooooooo