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  1. The breakfasts there are great! Definitely recommend a trip on a Sunday morning!
  2. It was an absolutely disgraceful act! Buttler was still in his crease when Ashwin entered his delivery stride.
  3. https://twitter.com/SoccerAM/status/1102270781168517120
  4. On a side note, excellent shithousery by the Everton ballboy
  5. Singing during the minute's applause for Eric Harrison!
  6. North Bar and Kitchen is well worth a visit - not cheap but very good food.
  7. It's only fair seeing as we did our utmost to let you lead!
  8. I was there too - bloody brilliant! Was lucky enough to see Star Wars A New Hope with the London Symphony Orchestra a few weeks before that.
  9. Tell me about it! If Lords had been charging that amount I'd have said it was scandalous! I've got a day two ticket and it cost me £150.
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