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  1. I have the utmost respect for his achievements and I always have. For me it's how cold he comes as cross. As you say it's down to his sheer determination and steel, but I think his popularity with the British public will continue to be affected by his apparent lack of a human side - not that Froome will care one iota.
  2. Whilst his achievements are admirable, I find him incredibly difficult to warm to.
  3. Wasted the thick end of £200 going to Trent Bridge over the weekend! Absolute shambles!
  4. Rabada banned for the second Test.
  5. It was a great knock but he was mighty fortunate with that dropped catch. Pretty much a dolly in professional cricketing terms.
  6. He just seems to chew up balls and create pressure. The bloke's last four test series averages are laughable! Bangladesh 6.00 Pakistan 27.85 Australia 24.50 New Zealand 9.00 I'd expect better averages from a No 8 let alone No 3. If Gary Ballance is the answer you're asking the wrong question!
  7. Gary Ballance back in the squad He may well prove me wrong but the guy is out of his depth at international level. He seems to make everything grind to a halt when he's at the crease.
  8. We were piss poor, but playing on a used wicket for an ICC semi-final really is a poor show.
  9. I'm just hoping the other 9 in the Pakistan team had a bet on England this morning!
  10. That's almost better than a win!
  11. Superb! Brilliant display of hitting and 54 winners is incredible!
  12. Brilliant tennis from Ostapenko! A joy to watch some of these winners.
  13. What are the controls for Wipeout on the PS4 and is it possible to reconfigure them? Thanks.
  14. Thanks I'll have a look at that site and order a few bits. I've just got Joe out as I'm just about to do burgers on the cast iron griddle. Made my own out of chuck and bone marrow (they smell amazing) with Monterey Jack, caramalised onions and homemade brioche buns! Can't wait to tuck in!
  15. I've got exactly the same but mine is black as I managed to get hold of it just before they phased them out to go with the red branding. I love how versatile it is and how ridiculously easy it is to control the temperature. I need to do my own bacon but I've done salmon and cheese no end of times. What cure do you use and where do you buy it for your bacon? Keeping things remotely on topic, apple smoked Edam is a treat on a burger! I'm guessing you use the Pro Q cold smoke generator as well.