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  1. marko

    Cricket 2018

    Tell me about it! If Lords had been charging that amount I'd have said it was scandalous! I've got a day two ticket and it cost me £150.
  2. marko

    Cricket 2018

    Imagine waiting around for that
  3. marko

    Cricket 2018

    Not even Joel Wilson can find away to give that not out!
  4. marko

    Cricket 2018

    Great knock by Woakes!
  5. marko

    Cricket 2018

    Fabulous bowling by Jimmy! The Indian reaction on Twitter is something to behold
  6. marko

    Cricket 2018

    Are you sure you wouldn't rather have Russel Arnold back as the Sri Lankan voice?! He was awful.
  7. marko

    Cricket 2018

    Superb Test match. Give me that over pyjama cricket any day of the week.
  8. marko

    Cricket 2018

    On the split screen you could see the ball hadn't passed the bat when ultra edge detected a noise.
  9. marko

    Cricket 2018

    The spike came before the ball passed the bat. Definitely no inside edge.
  10. marko

    Cricket 2018

    Glorious stuff!
  11. On a similar note, does anyone play X Wing miniatures on here?
  12. Harry Kane spitting out the national anthem.
  13. marko

    UK Cities quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 240 seconds