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  1. Needs to be harder. I'm already not far off winning the premier league having taken Bristol Rovers up from the bottom league but very good game. Would be a nice add on if you could sell and buy clubs etc too
  2. Looks very good, better version of football chairman.
  3. Newcastle got 6th place and europe so no chance. I've signed a older South American player as a temporary fix for a season to give me more chance to look around.
  4. They want 32m for him
  5. Really desperate for a second season Leicester left back Anyone good enough doesn't seem to interested. Really desperate for a second season Leicester left back Anyone good enough doesn't seem to interested.
  6. What flight you on? I'm on the 1.10 from east mids. Expecting quite a few Leicester lads on there!
  7. My game on career mode is really laggy and unplayable. Is this a common problem and is there a fix?
  8. I'm struggling to get it running and its pre-installed
  9. Ah good! My new Ice Cube 2 box is due to arrive tomorrow, I'm like a little kid on christmas eve. Have seen on their twitter that people have been installing emulators and roms, has anyone on here done that? If so is it difficult? (bit of a dumbass with technology)
  10. But its free garbage!! Has this happened very often for you?
  11. It's one of those things. When you finally get one you wish you did it a lot sooner. It's worth it for the movie streaming alone for me.
  12. Thats the good thing about these, they're only going to get better. And at £100 a pop you get more than you could ever imagine for your £££
  13. They are sending me this one as a replacement under the guarantee, has anybody else used this box?
  14. Yeah I have tried that as well, the internet is working perfectly fine on it. Its definitely through the HDMI port. It works for about 15 minutes at most then starts a screensaver on my telly (and the other two ive tried) saying no signal, but it still knows theres a cable plugged in. Ive tried various HDMI leads, ethernet and wifi and still the problem occurs. Ive searched google and it appears many others have had this issue before as well.
  15. I seem to be losing signal regularly again, I'm certain it's a problem with the box rather than the internet. Going to send this one back on the 14 day guarantee. Anyone suggest any reliable boxes that work on Samsung tvs well?