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  1. Gillies Apprentice


    Harry has starred for England in a back three and he has clearly loved playing in that system ,so I think he will be far more inclined to move if we don't adopt it now.
  2. Gillies Apprentice

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Surely Maguire must .
  3. Gillies Apprentice

    Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    I wonder if he had his time again whether DD would still push for the move ,but I suppose financial gain will always outweigh a ruined career
  4. Gillies Apprentice

    Mohamed Elyounoussi - Gone to Southampton.

    This makes it even more certain that Boufal will be offloaded ,who Claude signed when he was there
  5. Gillies Apprentice

    Marouane Fellaini

    9:20 Looks like we will know soon enough :-_ FELLAINI CLOSE TO EXIT Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini is in advanced negotiations with another top Premier League club. Press Association Sport is reporting that the Belgium international is edging towards leaving Old Trafford following strong interest from a rival team.
  6. Gillies Apprentice

    Pre Season - any word?

    Valencia at home on 1st Aug just been announced
  7. Gillies Apprentice

    Owners into UK Horse Racing now

    Happy Power is running in the 2pm at Newbury , currently 12/1 against an odds on fav (which cost a fraction of the money) , but probably worth a small e/w punt .I've already done a shedload of dough backing KP runners this summer , but just can't ignore them . Beat the Bank was by far the best of last years buys and runs in the Lockinge on Sat so there's no Royal Wedding on our TV.
  8. Gillies Apprentice


    I reckon that the fact that the transfer window opens next Friday makes it highly unlikely that Puel will be ditched ,as it would potentially cost us crucial signings. Huth's release adds further weight to the view that Puel is calling the shots with the full backing of the Owners and that the firestorm has past. I just hope that my trip to Wembley on Sunday isn't ruined by another gutless surrender that would reignite it .
  9. Gillies Apprentice

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    By his continued presence, Claude is clearly far better in explaining his selection policy and management strategy to the DoF and Owners than he is to the players or fans - if he can overcome the shattered team morale , toxic atmosphere being created by the lynch mob and decimation of the midfield to summon up a win on Saturday , he will deserve some admiration - unfortunately the reality is likely to be depressingly familiar .
  10. This vote thread morphs into a 'Result & Man of the Match' thread towards the end of the week, which gives every player's average rating and further comments from the members
  11. Gillies Apprentice

    Brighton Away post match 2-0

    I'm a bit surprised how negative a lot of the reviews are , particularly Rob Tanner's in The Mercury ,and thought we were deserved winners . The second goal was a bonus and an absolute treat for the away end who had feared the worst when the penalty was given . A couple of points that I think should be emphasised ;- Brighton set up and played like an away side for most of the game ,our 53% possession felt like much more and we were faced with 10 men behind the ball every time we had it , so breaking them down was extremely difficult , especially with Shinji looking very rusty and Mahrez being continually crowded out by sheer weight of numbers - the introduction of Diabete for us and March for them, opened the game up , but they only threw off the shackles when we scored. They 'played' the inexperienced ref quite blatantly ,the yellows he was dishing out to us like confetti ,inhibited our engagement significantly and you could see the a penalty and a red coming . Even Danny Murphy on MOTD picked up the exaggerated dive by Duffy when Ndidi tackled him fairly ,repeating the process we had seen any times before. All in all , whilst it wasn't pretty ,and bar from Kasper's brilliant penalty save ,could have been a loss ,it felt like we had deservedly nicked a tight game due to our all round quality and commitment - which shouldn't be underestimated. Any of us that doubted the squad's desire to secure seventh spot and ability to compete with the motivation of relegation threatened teams , can rest assured .
  12. Gillies Apprentice

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Previous highest was Ernie Hine who scored 4 goals in 6 appearances between 1928 and 1932 ;next was Lineker who played 7 times whilst with us and scored 3. goals .(As per of Fossils & Foxes ) Just reinforces how far have we come.
  13. Gillies Apprentice

    Chilwell is amazing

    Well said - and we shouldn't forget that Liverpool were repeatedly linked with him before he signed his last contract.
  14. Gillies Apprentice


    'When Your Smiling' Being a Leicester fan when the miracle happened
  15. Gillies Apprentice

    Callum Elder loan

    I think we can be confident that Claude will be monitoring Elder's progress carefully and if he's good enough, will be in our squad for preseason training.Fuchs wonderful career swansong with us must be nearly at an end and we've already seen Chilwell being used on the left of midfield , so it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility for them both to play - although I think it unlikely.