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  1. Losing Wilf also massively diminishes our aerial competitiveness ,which I think is partly why he played 3 at the back last night .As Choudhury is nailed on to start on Sat , I wouldn't be surprised to see Benkovic brought back in if he's fit , especially as Fuchs has played so much recently ( although on form there would be a good case for dropping Chilwell instead )
  2. Luton have made 10 changes from last Saturdays starting XI
  3. Another League winners medal to add to his collection too !
  4. Not so much suspicious as absolutely and utterly certain that he wants out
  5. When I saw him on TV play for the Italy U21s ,he played as a right winger
  6. I think LinekersApples mentioned Kean a few weeks ago and suggested elsewhere that we were in competition for our target ,possibly why he only gave a 50% probability today .If I were Kean I’d choose us over Everton every time
  7. According to Sky Sports Transfer show ,the Juventus DoF has come to the UK to arrange some sales , which could explain Rudkins trip to London if Moise Kean was under discussion !?
  8. Benkovic’s positioning was very poor for the fourth goal as well - his performance against England will be fascinating
  9. Three things I think are in our favour , His negative experience at Monaco , where he found himself marginalised and out of the team , moving to anyone else could risk this happening again At 22 , he’s got plenty of time to enjoy his football here and then potentially get a move to one of the stellar clubs in two or three years The other clubs being linked with him seem to be Arsenal and Man U ,both of whom may well not be in the CL next season and are likely to be rebuilding ,as opposed to our stability and progression
  10. My mind went straight to the Sunderland game after Saturday , which prompted me to recall other 'false dawns' I can remember, including beating Plymouth 4-0 in Sept 1987. This was Jari Rantanen's third game and three days after we'd beaten Oldham 4-1, when he'd scored his first goal for us . His awesome physique and aerial power complimented Mike Newell's pace and skill perfectly and the side containing Russell Osman ,Steve Walsh , Ian Wilson, Alli Mauchlen and Gary McAllister seemed destined for a real promotion challenge . Sadly, Wilson was sold immediately afterwards ,Rantanen got injured and only played another 10 times ,we went 7 games without scoring in Nov/Dec, Brian Hamilton was sacked and replaced by David Pleat , need I say more .....
  11. Just looked in on the live stream and saw that the game is being played at Alfreton Town’s ground which has a serious slope towards the end we are defending in the first half .In theory, we should have a significant advantage in the second.
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