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  1. I regularly see martin keown as I work at oxford rail station and he comes into oxford from islip or bicester to travel to where ever he's punditry takes him he always says hello to us and seems to enjoy are football banter he doesn't know iam a leicester fan but when I see him next I don't think i can keep a straight face especially seeing the cave man picture
  2. John carver the best coach in the premier league
  3. In some respects I hope pearson gets the job just so he can tell the press and any other nosey parkers to foad
  4. PEARson spotted in the fruit and veg aisle
  5. 5000 -1
  6. If we are to be relegated then michael Appleton is the man for me no nonsense guy who is very underestimated done well at oxford and he has never been given a second thought at when clubs looking for a manager
  7. Don goodman and Peter beagree
  8. Sutton 1 nil
  9. Penalty to sutton
  10. I take it food is not included in the trip no matter I will get some jaffa cakes from the pound shop
  11. My point of view is last season wasn't supposed to happen in our wildest dreams.This season I knew it wasn't going to be the same so I take the view that we forget last season as it never happened we finished 14 the first season and will be happy to progress a couple of places each season so if we finish 12 I will be happy
  12. For me it was man u home 5-3 unbelievable game the next day I went to butlins with the family and wore my leicester shirt and people were coming up to me and shaking my hand and telling me that in the pub on the camp was going mental felt very proud wea ring my shirt
  13. Barnsley at home next season
  14. Jurgen klopp and mauricio pochetino as most of the England team are spurs and liverpool
  15. Talking about steve mclaren I just caught a bit of ssn and he was on it covering the game for them I was just sick out my nose that guy is on something he was waving his arms around doing some kind of thing one of those airport guys do when they taxi a plane in he was trying to explain how it went wrong not the sort of guy to give his opinion was so funny