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  1. Oh sorry I was looking at the efl trophy site and it had us 3rd with 3 games played but just looked at the bbc and we are indeed 2nd Lincoln please
  2. I think are goal.difference is poorer
  3. How can we be in the next round when we are 3rd in the group
  4. Oxfordlcfc

    Pressure is on - bottom 3

    When I said I was a pearson fan I didn't mean I want him back because I wouldn't he has done well at leicester and glad he is back in management but we need someone different
  5. Oxfordlcfc

    Pressure is on - bottom 3

    As far as iam concerned we should of gone for silva going to be a top manager but if we look at the progression from being promoted apart from the title win which was unexpected we finished 14 then we finished 12 last season if we finish 10 this season I would be ok with that we all need to get real ok yes we could and probably should have recruited better but we are leicester many top players want to go to either London or Manchester not just for the club but for the area itself.I believe we will win most of home games this season except against some of the bigger teams the title win was thoughly deserved not lucky no fluke but reality is that are team will be broken up as it already has started iam frustrated with our start but we will be ok iam not a big fan of sacking managers but eventually we need to change the way we play now it's not really working now iam a big pearson fan but we need to change our style and it might be that shakespeare hasn't the knowledge to do that unfortunately
  6. Oxfordlcfc

    Michael Appleton

    I have always thought he was a very underestimated manager been at some troubled clubs with dodgy owners been to a few oxford games with some yellows work mates and they are a very good outfit under him he's done a great job best manager by far they have had for a while my mates are gutted that he might be leaving and thought he was taking them back to possibly championship or more great coup for us though in my opinion
  7. Oxfordlcfc

    Next manager ( who do you want ).

    Damn just missed out on Kenny jacket we need to hurry up
  8. Oxfordlcfc

    Martin Keown

    I regularly see martin keown as I work at oxford rail station and he comes into oxford from islip or bicester to travel to where ever he's punditry takes him he always says hello to us and seems to enjoy are football banter he doesn't know iam a leicester fan but when I see him next I don't think i can keep a straight face especially seeing the cave man picture
  9. John carver the best coach in the premier league
  10. Oxfordlcfc

    Everyone hates us everyone wants leicester city to go down

    In some respects I hope pearson gets the job just so he can tell the press and any other nosey parkers to foad
  11. Oxfordlcfc

    Just seen preki buying doughnuts at morrisons

    PEARson spotted in the fruit and veg aisle
  12. Oxfordlcfc

    Next Permanent Leicester Manager Odds

    If we are to be relegated then michael Appleton is the man for me no nonsense guy who is very underestimated done well at oxford and he has never been given a second thought at when clubs looking for a manager
  13. Don goodman and Peter beagree