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  1. Police cuts but where the fvck do they all dissapear to after football? alot of police forces have stopped being "pro-active" in fighting knife crime etc, as IMO they would rather focus resources on other tasks, which is silly.
  2. Leicester fans.
  3. Exactly what I was going to put. Andy King wasnt laying down the law at all, just giving his opinion on lazy players IMO. If Mahrez plays well and works hard, it can benefit all sides involved. Simple.
  4. So many lefties!
  5. Not Happening
  6. 1/2 good seasons and hes back at the etihad.
  7. Thing is, he wont want to be drafted in and just play youth football and not get chances. He will be looking at the likes of Gray and Kaputska coming here and not getting alot of game exposure.
  8. This isn't happening
  9. Some of the salaries on there are unreal.
  10. OwnGoalNigeria Expand to england funded by foxesTalk after 3 successful clickbaits send LCFC fans into meltdown.
  11. Nah hes taking no. 8
  12. Nice shirt No. for Gray, hopefully he plays alot more if Mahrez goes.
  13. Moussa Sissoko from spurs anyone? Personally he wouldnt make my selection but thoughts?
  14. Hoping that theres still some catching practice to watch when I get home.