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  1. FC Koln Fans March Through London

    To be fair, If any english club pulled a stunt like that (rushing police & stewards at the gate, throwing fences) they would be branded scum by English people. Same as if this was in Spain etc, Tear gas would be out.
  2. The Udders v City score prediction

    2-1 to them us to go one up and then go negative around 60 mins & invite pressure
  3. Was it anti Semitic?

    If anything, Chelsea coming out and saying that might make their fans sing it more.
  4. De Boar Gone

    I cant understand them sacking him. They didnt look bad yesterday, they just didnt have any luck.
  5. Who do you want? Jan 2018

    Marco Silva?
  6. Jobs for Silva

    Can he not give back to the community by selling the big issue?
  7. Jobs for Silva

  8. Vardy - I want to win more trophies

    Love to see Vardy in the USA, they wont know what he is doing when he runs half the pitch just to 2 foot the 6'5 CB. Still has at least 2 seasons left in him though surely.
  9. Cricket 2017

  10. What can you do that takes 14 seconds?

    Seal an envelope to bribe FIFA.
  11. Cricket 2017

    Just read this , must be unreal if your not used to it. Fairplay to him for grinding through it though.
  12. Jobs for Silva

    Check ticket ages & ID in the family stand so he can get to understand the importance of timing.
  13. Here's to you, Danny Drinkwater

    Faked injury for a month and handed in a transfer request & magically passes medical. Not the best way to leave a club IMO, especially with all the memories. Still, I wish him the best as he was a good player for us & always worked hard.
  14. Here's one you may have missed...

    Will be interesting to see how he gets on. I am sure we didnt see his full potential.
  15. Drinkwater signs for Chelsea.

    Matic wanted regular first team football elsewhere and liked being under Jose i would guess. DD on the other hand might not mind sitting on the bench and only getting 15 starts a season. Who knows.