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  1. I'd rather Christensen from Chelsea
  2. 3 down. 2 to go. Someone check on John McCain's mum and Sandy from Grease.
  3. 5th ****ing page. Bullshit.
  4. You set up the Telegraph league yet Bert?
  5. https://www.lcfc.com/news/1591320/admiral-muskwe-joins-swindon-town-on-loan/press-release
  6. So sad to read more details coming out about the Kobe crash. 3 teenage children were in the helicopter. All 3 with at least one of their parents - 1 with both of their parents. All 3 survived by siblings. Genuinely devastating. RIP to all 9 victims.
  7. Hahaha! You pair of heroes. It's the bollocks. Woolers - only takes a few minutes to download. All there on the website - step by step instructions. Idiots guide. You should be fine. Finished 5th in the Prem in my first season there with Kidderminster Harriers in 2024. Neymar just turned me down on a free transfer at 33. Lionel Messi just left Leicester on a free after a disappointing spell where he couldn't displace Kelechi Iheanacho or Callum Wilson in the first team.
  8. Love all those stories. The game is the bollocks.
  9. Is anyone else still playing this absolutely legendary game? Growing tired of the Football Manager series and having less and less free time to dedicate to it, I stumbled across https://champman0102.co.uk/ where you can download the official game for free. The heroes over at this site have also made available seasonal data updates to the database so you can play different seasons. For example - available from here is the current 2019/20 season squads meaning you can play the old familiar CM01/02 game with the current squads. Finally having some free time over Christmas I've be dragged right back to my glory days and having been smashing out half a season a day like you used to be able to do. It's genuinely fantastic and I can't recommend getting involved highly enough. In my first save I've taken Kidderminster Harriers from the National League North all the way to the Prem buying U21s on freebies and selling them on for huge profits a few seasons later. I've just started my first Premier League season and I'll post some screenshots later to show how I'm getting on. On the Champ Man 01/02 forum I'm a moderator in the Official Challenges section #humblebrag. Link is here if you want to see the challenges already posted. This one might be of particular interest. I'm considering starting a new game once I'm done with my Kidderminster save and thought some from here might be interested in a friendly competition and a bit of a challenge. It's a very simple and classic challenge - The Alphabet Challenge. Everyone starts off as unemployed and apply for every job available, then take the first job they are offered. From there you tick off every letter of the alphabet by winning the league in the top tier of any country! For example winning the Prem with Leicester would tick off 'L' and then you'd move on to another club once offered another job. If that was PSV, you'd tick off 'P' once you'd won the Eredivisie and so on until you've completed all 26 letters of the Alphabet. If you want to be particularly hard core you'd could start at A and make your way in order to Z. Anyone interested in joining in post your progress below and I'll keep tabs on who has won what. Looking forward to seeing how much involvement this gets and how people get on!
  10. Zsa Zsa Gabor was the worst for me. Every year from 2009-2015 I had her and in 2016 someone beat me to her. And that was the year she passed.
  11. Was just typing out that you could keep Vera Lynn since I've had her for the last 3 years and I'm clearly keeping her alive. Was going to swap for either Alec Trebek or Tom Smith (the rugby player).
  12. Fair one. I'll be livid if Lovato joins the 27 club though :haha:
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