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  1. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    I'm most of the way done on it already. Might finally replace my Kante
  2. I'd put that date in my calendar but i'll never forget it.
  3. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

  4. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    Not been on WC mode all weekend. How long is the Icon SBC available for? And can I do it online anywhere?
  5. General Smuts

    Realistic Starting XI and Aims for 18/19 season!

    This away and then the below at home; Kasper Pereira - Evans - Maguire - Chilwell N'Didi F. Anderson or Ziyech - Silva - Gray Nacho Vardy Sprinkle in exciting prospects like Barnes, Hamza, Maddison etc and we look in very good stead. Means we're only making another 3 signings as well which is more than realistic
  6. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    I sold off loads of crap and had to drop TOTS Icardi but packing Mo Salah was worth it. BOOM!!
  7. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    I picked up TOTW Gomez to sandwich nicely in between Dybala and TOTS Icardi that I already had. I've got SBC Hamsik still and have bodged a hybrid together with Rijkaard, SBC De Bruyne, TOTS Sterling, TOTW Bellerin. I spent 900 coins on Donnarumma and that was it.
  8. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    Dybala. Looks like I'm making a Serie A team then!
  9. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    Maradona Blanc De Bruyne Cavani Hummels Werner Alves in packs plus Salah Kasper and Douglas Costa in my starter pack
  10. Big game against @Wookie at the top of the table
  11. General Smuts

    World Cup Sweepstake.

  12. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    93 Oblak. Looks like De Gea might finally have some competition
  13. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    Keepers throws are infuriating
  14. General Smuts

    FIFA 18

    Swapping in TOTS Robertson and TOTS Sterling at kick off like a douche mover.