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  1. Cmon, everyone knows it's Connor. Idiots.
  2. This one hit me almost as hard as Chester Bennington. Saw Prodigy at Ally Pally a few years ago and it was special. Next level. RIP.
  3. Having a weekend off WL so my thumbs can heal.
  4. I got Brandt in my rewards pack and the Headliners Ziyech and Douglas Costa from my free Ultimate Pack. No real complaints.
  5. As most have said and as we've been saying for years now - a clear out is needed first. Simpson Okazaki King James Fuchs Slimani With the possibility of: Kaputzka Morgan Diabate Silva Iheanacho (loan most likely to get some confidence back) And personally not good enough in my opinion Mendy Ghezzal Leaves us with 3/3 keepers. 3/4 full backs (Counting Amartey and not Elder). 4/4 CB's. 3/4 DM's. 1/2 AM's. 3/4 Wingers and 1/3 ST. So 4/5 players needed. Tielmans, Austin and Adams taking 3 of those spots and we're looking mustard for me.
  6. I can’t feel my thumbs but I pounded out 11 wins and now I don’t want to play ever again.
  7. Packed Chiellini from my WL pack and player picked a red Hamdallah. Can't complain.
  8. Is Alamamy Toure any good? Cardiff looking at him from Monaco. Could throw him in with the Tielmans deal and have cover at right back that isn't Simpson.
  9. I’m in tatters. I’ve lost my head. Snuck my 11th win in the 80th minute. Jumped up to celebrate forgetting I’ve been sat crossed legged all afternoon and crumpled in a heap on the floor since my legs are both dead. Tatters. Can’t wait to do it all again next weekend. But im not playing any games Friday or Saturday next weekend. 2-14 to 11-19 is a monstrous difference.
  10. Before the game - full latency. Start of the game - no latency. I was having a horror showing last night. 2 wins in 14. I’m currently at 8 wins with 5 to play. Squeaky bum time.
  11. I don’t like WL. I’m shouting a lot.
  12. Gonna have another crack at the weekend league this weekend, I've already put batteries in the back up xbox remote in case of any rage snapping.
  13. Picked up the future stars Gomez card which is great and packed Foden and Arthur as well. Sold Arthur for 650k. Sensational pack weekend.
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