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  1. In other news the moon is made of cheese and I'm having semi regular intercourse with 4 of the Spice Girls.
  2. On the shape of last seasons showing when he had a cob on - no.
  3. But that smile though ...
  4. So why weren't you playing for a move all of last season then you jebend?
  5. I hate the look of this team. Too much spent on defence, too many new players in new teams and doubling up in defence is criminal. That said I guarantee it'll wipe the floor with mine. Hennessy Daniels - Dawson - Lascelles Ramsey - Willian - Sane - Redmond Deeney - Lacazette - Jesus Butland - Alli - Mawson - Fuchs
  6. Yes please.
  7. That's not good Romero and Landau in quick succession means a 3rd big name is imminent, Someone check if Arsenal are playing a friendly tonight with Aaron Ramsey in the lineup!
  8. Came on to see my points roll in for Chuck Blazer. Had him in 2016 but not this year. ****flaps.
  9. Only caught Nigeria vs China last night but seeing names like Babayaro, Okacha, Rufai, Yakubu and Amokachi on the same team sheet is class.
  10. Our goalkeeper says otherwise.
  11. Took me 15 attempts but I finally got all 220.
  12. @Mark - you've spelt Steve Thompson as Steve Thompon and you've made me take this quiz 10 times now to get all 11 from my first ever game.
  13. The Cesc Pistols are gonna smash it this year.
  14. Tony James is a Leicester legend. Scored the winner in a 2-1 win over Peterborough in my first game in 1993 but more famously scored the goal against Oxford in 1991 to keep us in the old Second Division.
  15. Annoying that you don't find out the answers at the end of the quiz but only because it means i'll have to have another crack at it later to fill in the blanks. 183.