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  1. Gotten massively into CM0102 again and again and it's such a perfect game it's unreal. The champman0102.net website has just released the April 2021 update and I'll be smashing through that this weekend. Some absolute hero has also released a Starter Pack - meaning no more pissing about changing files, mounting iso's etc - literally just download the starter pack and away you go. Can switch between databases as well so can play with the 93/94 squads, the newest squads or the 01/02 squads. I've actually been streaming a bit of my games on Periscope as well which was gr
  2. They call this a reverse Smuts. I wouldn’t Google that without safe search on.
  3. 1. Olivia Newton John 2. Tom Smith (Rugby) 3. Leon Spinks 4. June Spencer (The Archers) 5. George Alagiah Under 40 Bonus - 6ix9ine
  4. 4/5 again this year. I wish there was something else I was better at than this.
  5. 3 down. 2 to go. Someone check on John McCain's mum and Sandy from Grease.
  6. https://www.lcfc.com/news/1591320/admiral-muskwe-joins-swindon-town-on-loan/press-release
  7. So sad to read more details coming out about the Kobe crash. 3 teenage children were in the helicopter. All 3 with at least one of their parents - 1 with both of their parents. All 3 survived by siblings. Genuinely devastating. RIP to all 9 victims.
  8. Hahaha! You pair of heroes. It's the bollocks. Woolers - only takes a few minutes to download. All there on the website - step by step instructions. Idiots guide. You should be fine. Finished 5th in the Prem in my first season there with Kidderminster Harriers in 2024. Neymar just turned me down on a free transfer at 33. Lionel Messi just left Leicester on a free after a disappointing spell where he couldn't displace Kelechi Iheanacho or Callum Wilson in the first team.
  9. Love all those stories. The game is the bollocks.
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