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  1. What are the chances we could get Benkovic on loan for the season? They have already sent Iversen instead of loaning him to a championship team...
  2. I have no idea but when I look at the market value of of both teams, the squad of Leicester is almost twice the value of Berlin's squad.
  3. If this is true, I just can't see how Berlin would be able to beat Leicester to this player.
  4. let's say several 1B teams were better than some 1A teams in the second column of the table. (Beerschot, OHL, Union, Westerlo). There's a lot of money being spent in 1B as it was really tough league to get promoted.
  5. everything is possible. Lots of teams are at a similar level. Let's see who else they bring in in the remainder of the transfer window.
  6. 8-10 would be a very good first season
  7. Just get some more belgians :-) Doku from Anderlecht seems like a good prospect if you want a winger who can get past his opponent.
  8. Maertens has been injured for the last couple of weeks. This was his first game back but he only trained with the team for a few days last week. Definitely one of our best and most consistent players over the last seasons. With 2-3 more incoming players expected, we will have a very good bench also. No luxury with all the injuries we have already endured.
  9. I would like Thomas at Leuven for the left back position in a 3-5-2. I've seen him play and he could make a difference with his crosses.
  10. I don't think there is any truth to this rumour of 4 LCFC players going to Leuven. This was launched by a random Leuven supporter on our forum. Not saying Iversen will be the only one, but the 4 players they were talking about are just made up.
  11. he did very well. Did not have a lot of work but 2 or 3 very good saves. Could not do anything about the goal. Looked confident from the start. In the interview before the match they interviewed our coach and asked him about his decision to put Iversen in goal right away, after a good performance last week from Darren Keet. He answered that it was an easy decision as he thinks Iversen is the better goal keeper. Even the players were impressed by him in only his first days training with the team.
  12. next saturday at home against Charleroi (5:30PM UK time) Here you can find our schedule: https://www.ohleuven.com/wedstrijden
  13. leuven


    Leuven has a total budget of 15 million for the upcoming season, so that not an option I believe.
  14. we can watch it on Eleven Sports but I don't think that's available to you. Hesgoal should have a decent stream.
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