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  1. correct. If they can win their last 4 games, they are guaranteed promotion. That's a big if though as we're not playing well at the moment. Let's hope the new transfers can inspire the team and provide a boost.
  2. yes I noticed, thank you. Might go for the one in the city centre though, as it's cheaper and rated higher at the same time.
  3. a hotspot for gangsters according to google :-)
  4. I think we'll do the same. Is the stadium near the city centre?
  5. so I was told yes. Easy transition to the eurostar to Brussels.
  6. seems a good option, also within walking distance of the train station. From that station you can take a direct train to St. Pancras right?
  7. We will stay the night in Leicester when we wil attend a LCFC match after the winter break. Any hotel recommendations?
  8. one man show by the ref, just horrible.
  9. We were at the Chelsea match earlier this season. We came by car using the eurotunnel but it took us 5-6 hours to get there. To get to leicester from London is about 2hr drive right? Might go for another away game in London (West Ham) but unfortunately that's one of the worst stadiums around (too far from the pitch). How long is the train transfer from London to Leicester?
  10. How are you traveling? I want to come over to watch a leicester match and I'm looking at the best/fastest options to travel from Belgium to Leicester. Birmingham is the closest airport?
  11. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/praat#Pronunciation here's how to pronounce it: PraaaaT not Prat. The 'e' in Praet just makes the a longer.
  12. is there one particular space you used at chelsea that you had a good experience with? I can see in the reviews that it's not always reliable, as spaces that you had reserved are often already taken upon arrival?
  13. thanks for your input, see you at the game!
  14. The first loss of the season is already in the books. Awful game from our part.
  15. Here is the golden boy playing for the Leuven youth team.
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