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  1. Europa league games really shouldn't count because the level of opposition was terrible plus we didn't play europa every other year so it isn't a fair comparison
  2. 7 goals 7 assists first season 6 goals 3 assists last season 8 goals 5 assists this season. I will concede on the fact he hasn't stood still but he could do a lot better at being more consistent plus most of his goals and assists this season have come in an 8 game run apart from that run he went on he's been average. Rather sell him while the hype is still there and bring in someone with more potential. Even first season he did well first 2 months and went missing. He blows hot and cold far too often for a 24 year old.
  3. I remember when he was on the same level as Grealish for talent but now Grealish has surpassed him while Maddison has stood still. Would be a good move to sell him while he still has some hype and bring in Yari Verschaeren who has more potential and is Belgian.
  4. Wouldn't mind having all of them transfer listed. All of them are replaceable. Even Maddison imo.
  5. Castange was free at the edge of the box in virtually all of our attacks but we never passed it to him. Its cost us.
  6. Castange is free at the edge of the box every ****ing time but we dont pass to him.
  7. I feel like the FA cup final will be a repeat of what happened to watford a few years back. No way we beat these.
  8. Due to the way the other leagues are set up. One of those wildcards will pretty much always apply to the PL.
  9. This is going to be like last year in the league cup when we took going to the final for granted then we lose in the semis again.
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