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  1. The FA is doing everything they can to stop us its embarrassing
  2. We haven't been that bad surely still think we will win this
  3. VAR doesn't like us for some reason neither does the referring body. That being said I believe in our players to find a second wind. It's clear they don't want us up there but its up to us to defy them to the promised land we go.
  4. At this point karma would have us win the league next year
  5. All the cheating and courrption that puts me off
  6. They're ****ing VAR up on purpose so that the outrage will get it binned either way the bigger teams will always get the desicions. I'm falling out of love with the game now TBH all this cheating is putting me off big time.
  7. The game is rigged but we we will still do it this club is magic
  8. On a free he's a good signing. Don't understand the complaints as long as his contract isn't too long it makes sense rodgers knows him and we need back up in the area for when we get into europe
  9. I think they have tommorows headline in mind when they make decisions(clattenburg admitted to this when it came to the Chelsea vs Spurs game that won us the title) but I dont think they're courppt personally. Too much negative pr for any club or entitiy that attempts that.
  10. I don't want to watch adama vs chilwell I really don't think chilwell is strong enough physically.
  11. Mad to think that barnes would be on prime mahrez numbers if he had end product he has crazy potential.
  12. Couod have had 3 times the amount BOOOOOOOOOO
  13. Back 3 would have helped today with set pieces
  14. well Following the script of this game kasper is going to score last minute now
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