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  1. We only need 8k extra if 240k Are somewhat interested then an extra 8k wouldn't be too hard now would it
  2. And people doubt that we can fill 40k
  3. Yes but don't you see how it gives chilwell extra value. And how we can extort that.
  4. We need 4 academy graduate players to get into UCL along with our 25 man squad factoring we only currently have 3 of these in the first team we should be charging at least 100m to even consider it since it lowers our options in terms of how many players we can take with us in the UCL squad unless a youngster were to break through the U23s and be at the level required to be useful at champions league level. It would be imperative that we keep him at all costs!
  5. This First day of the season crush their title hopes because we all know they can't be doing that unbeaten bullshit again.
  6. That's like 400k a week that takeover can't happen
  7. A nice group of players we are being linked to this window. Never knew we were so close to getting tapsoda. Doubt it matters anyway coronavirus might leave us strapped for cash.
  8. With how much time wasting takes a toll already I wouldn't want this if they add in some rules to combat time wasting and a way to award teams the proper extra time they deserve then I would be in favor.
  9. No don't make me ****ing laugh. Some of the shit he comes out with you'd think we don't have asylums in this country
  10. Not really eventually natural selection will kill those who can't handle the virus and it will be eradicated that way. To those who are vulnerable though... Good Luck.
  11. Get him in on loan and see if he can do what tielemans did for us on loan. If so then have a option to sign him permanently. Worked with tielemans.
  12. If we were to re do the poll since this ones been here for a good decade it would probably 80/20 now.
  13. I voted no when I first saw this but having tried it I would now change my mind. It helps relax and if alcohol isn't illegal then weed shouldn't be either. When it comes to decriminalizing has it worked well where it has happened?
  14. How? Tell me more. Got a link?
  15. Iborra type player not really suited to our league
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