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  1. Pere could be a good false 9 if we train him well imo. He has all the attributes to do well there.
  2. We need to get Fofana and Justin down the Gym they get bullied too easily at times. Also opposition tend to target Tielemans on set pieces. Its not even hieght its just stength. Zonal marking isn't very good and Schmeichel doesn't claim corners.
  3. Under needs to play because without Vardy simply put we need goals.
  4. Its agent talk. He wants a better deal.
  5. First time I felt like laughing and crying at the same time.
  6. Will be overpriced. Buying youngsters from the top 3 portuguese clubs comes at a premium. Avoid.
  7. Some guy on twitter with 8k followers said so I would sleep easy if I was you.
  8. Fair enough I can see why people draw simmilarities on that front.
  9. Maybe someone at the club might want some help and read through a forum full of unqualified and bored football fans.
  10. He would take us to the next level Get Gray to go the other way imo a win win move for both sides since Gray would do better in France. We would have to pay him at least 80k a week though. In a time where the wage bill is looking rather big and we really need another striker more then we need a winger. Maybe wait it out untill the summer but by then the bigger clubs could come sniffing. He is the closest thing to a Mahrez replacement we can realistically get while still not breaking any club transfer record. For that reason alone its worth a look.
  11. False news? The day the Tories spread anything near Q anon and attempt a siege near Parliament is the day I will agree. Division is standard in the west post 2008 financial crash. I have never in my life met someone who trusts the government. So that isn't new.
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