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  1. I cant vote for keith vaz. He had a report before it got media attention that suggested mordern slavery was taking place in leicester on his desk and did **** all. When I spoke to him on an unrelated topic he was rude and shot me down I swore down I would never vote for that man end of. The current MP in my constituency got done for harassment as well and got kicked out from Labour.Not at all long after they insisted on having her so much as having members of the selction commity resign since they believed it was a fix (their words not mine) as they hadn't even interviewed the other candidates
  2. Yeah the ottomans left the balkans in a mess simmilar to us with how we left the india pakistan borders when we left it was powder keg waiting to blow.
  3. I never said they were good at it.
  4. I know that European union started off as trading block but didn't it start after WW2. I know it was a crucial part of the thinking that lead to making it happen.
  5. To stop the chances of another world war happening by making Europe closely tied together?
  6. Why did we actually leave the EU. I know we voted for it but baring wanting all laws to be made in the UK what other good reasons were there to leave? Immigration is a dumb reason since most of it came from the outside of the eu. Fishing is about 0.5% of our economy. It just didn't seem a smart idea.
  7. Even at 12 months you have to admit there is something strange at play here. We arent very consitent at all really. One day we look like we could even go as far as reaching the latter stages of the ucl one day and the next look hopeless. Out of nowhere usually as well.
  8. Barnes Vardy Under Maddison Tielemans Ndidi Castange soy fofana ricardo Schmeichel This elevenhas the potential the best we've ever had imo but we wont see it fvcking kick a ball at this rate.
  9. Isnt it common knloledge that after the man city game 6 of our players were on pain killers. Our under 23s needs to start producing talent get travares into the first team. And start loaning some of them out. We should have loaned darnell and KDH a long time ago. We need the acedemy to create some cannon fodder for us.
  10. Champions league quality first team then outside of that championship level.
  11. I dont get us why do we suddenly out of nowhere just drop like a stone in terms of performance
  12. Perez is dogshit he offers nothing takes a couple of touches then loses the ball
  13. Never knew John Tyndall supported Leicsster.
  14. Are the injuries something to do with the head physio leaving?
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