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  1. porto destroying liverpool the entire game don't let the scoreline fool you
  2. I mean I hate tottenham but wtf is this game did the defenders just decide they weren't needed anymore?
  3. Well chilwell and maguire are good as gone. That's 135 million in the bank. So my XI would be: Schmeichel Ricardo soyuncu benkovic tierney Tielemans ndidi Maddison Bowen. Vardy barnes If we go europa league our second team: Ward Amartey morgan evans moreneo Mooy choudhury Albrighton Gray Wesley adams Should be enough to beat czech league quality teams that will probably be drawn against us.
  4. Bench quality isn't good enough. Brendan says he doesn't want a lampost fair enough but you've got to be able change it up with players we couldn't. Do that today.
  5. Games like this I wish we had choudhury he'd win us the midfield battle
  6. I see your point and I agree but its his silver tounge (like other posters have said) it makes me feel like somethings off about him. I feel like he is playing into our desire to become a champion again.
  7. Imagine the scenes when he eventually leaves us for a bigger club. I want this to be true. I want him to be the man that takes us to the next level but given the manner he left celtic. He won't. Not long term anyway.
  8. **** the FA. Bullshit organization.
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