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  1. You seen all the shit barcelona fans have been getting that would be us if we went through our squad just isn't good enough.
  2. I don't think we will ever be that good I am happy we didn't get UCL now you need to be a different level to even compete
  3. We don't know but him being 17 at the time of testing is doubtful
  4. Dog eat dog world and they've been eaten
  5. We need to pounce on this they have a quality squad and if we dont make a move then I would be seriously surprised. The likes of guedes would suit us very well. Edit: Just realised parejo was sold
  6. These are clueless we don't need a winger and apparently we have a prospect called luke taylor.
  7. Fifas system gives 3 years leeway I believe which makes it 99% accurate. They dont know his exact age but they reckon he wasn't 17. And what are you on about with ethnic humour I don't think anyone was taking the piss.
  8. Why did it take so long then? I always wondered about that deal tbh.
  9. Yeah heres the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/22152016
  10. Key word I used was a rival. Can you really use the word rival anymore since it would imply that they are actually on our level. Sure the hate would still be there but I wouldn't really call it a rivalry. I dont even think forests best player gets in our team anymore.
  11. They aren't even relevant to us anymore. We haven't got any rivals anymore.
  12. Two wrongs dont make a right. VAR is a farce
  13. https://twitter.com/borzou/status/1290675854767513600?s=20 Seems like the smoke in the beginning was the aftermath of an initial explosion then the second and much larger one engulfs the city. You can see something sparking in the first few seconds looks like fireworks before it all goes off. Update: director general of Lebanese public security just confirmed the explosion was the cause of a high explosive material confiscated years ago not fireworks There was probably a firework shop beside it which explains the fireworks going off before the big boom from some video angles
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