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  1. This is very accurate not just young people though this is most people these days. I think its because there is no shared moral structure between people so no one has any interest in chasing anything apart from your own desires. Likes and follows are a personification of this culture.
  2. The way I see it people are just bored these days. Everyone goes work then just comes home to either watch TV or scroll social media. A bored population is how you breed extremism. This will only get worse as people get more and more lonely. Twitter is where all these angry people congregate and cancel culture is a byproduct of that.
  3. If Maddison leaves. IN Soumare Pereira Daka Szalai Sowah KDH Tagliafico/Gosens OUT Ghezzal Maddiaon Fuchs Morgan Vardy Iheanacho Barnes Daka Ndidi Tielemans Gosens/new LB Evans Fofana Pereira Schmeichel We could actually have a decent go at the title with a squad of that level. If Vardy is still not firing put Daka in hi
  4. Wales will probably still go futher than us in the Euros this year. We are shambles.
  5. INGLUUUUUND https://youtube.com/ikysDUmLXyI
  6. I mean from a financial perspective if we had them shot by firing squad immediately after being given the sentence it would save a ton of money and I am already not happy about the taxpayer spending £40k on each prisoner. So I am open to the idea.
  7. Arsenal are sniffing around. Out of all our key players he is the one who is the easiest to replace.
  8. Rashica for 13 million is worth looking into.
  9. If the Green party follows the example set by the German Green party I could see them winning quite a few seats next election. Another party really should be taking advantage of Labour's failure to establish any policy.
  10. He is very inconsistent. I do not want another Perez we may as well just give Ghezzal a go if we are going to spend 20 million on Pereira.
  11. If he leaves I would not hold a grudge against him. He deserves a big move. Given it his all since he has come here. Won us a cup and took us a stones throw away from UCL qualification twice. Great professional as well. l don't see him at lockdown parties and what not. I wish him the best at his next club.
  12. If Barnes had never gotten injured I am sure we would have made it to the top 4.
  13. I want an attacking line up. We will need to beat these by 5 at least to get top 4 and I believe we can ****ing do it. Vardy Iheanacho Maddison Tielemans Ndidi Ricardo Thomas Soyuncu Fofana Castange Schmeichel
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