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  1. He has quite a powerful jump in him if needed so I wouldn't worry too much. Plus pacmanu and the 6 foot 4 benkovic is always an option
  2. If we invest right this deal could be a massive boost for our season.
  3. We don't do brazillians at leicester. I wish we could have him though.
  4. My nephew told me that when he went to see the the fa cup quarter final against chelsea that someone a seat bleow from him kept shouting the n word whenever victor moses touched the ball. He said it was in sk4 I think. Me personally haven't seen any rasism from our fans although have from the away end. Although I havent had a season ticket since 13/14 so I wouldn't know if it's increased since we've come up.
  5. Dortmund bought brandt for 22 million crazy good value
  6. 350k a week? For maguire Maybe 200k not 350 thats just insane
  7. Two reasons One you get to live in paris Two money
  8. Thaanks to this post psg are linked to pereira
  9. PSG and any other club for that matter can **** off
  10. Man City were willing to give us around that amount in the winter where the value of most players goes up as no one wnats to sell in winter then when it came to summer the price came back down . plus due to man city winning the league that fee is now 70 million
  11. We're the better club. Tell me how many premier leagues barcas won.
  12. Monaco are still holding out for a top 6 club to buy him for + £50 million. The feeling is the longer this goes on the more monaco will fall suit to our valuation of tielemans.
  13. Team talk ****ing kill me really this counts as a source
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