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  1. jammy_c

    FIFA 19

    Has anybody got any advice for getting over the line in terms of divisions? I had a great night last night getting my skill rating to one win away from division 4 and I blew it. I am now over a hundred skill points away from going up.
  2. jammy_c

    FIFA 19

    Friday 4-6 Saturday 6-4 Today 7-2 Glad it's over. I'm fifa'ed out!
  3. jammy_c


    I tend to use saveclipbro.com. Handy for the bits I need.
  4. jammy_c

    FIFA 19

    I sold Ribery on my lunch break yesterday for 8K. 3 hours later his price doubles. FML
  5. jammy_c

    FIFA 19

    I've been a long time lurker on this thread but finally mashed through my first weekend league. Romagnoli as my player pick and the rest being SBC fodder. A lot of work for a player which I will struggle to get into my side.
  6. jammy_c

    Pedantry Central

    There their they're
  7. jammy_c

    Betting Thread

    How did you work out all of your bets? Do you have some form of spreadsheet where you note all of your bets down?
  8. Dillian Whyte for reminding him to change his boxing record in his bio to 19-1.
  9. jammy_c

    Cheltenham 2018

    Going for the SkyBet promotion this week of money back in free bets on the first race of the day (up to £20). Summerville Boy coming in at 9/1 off £20 yesterday setting me up for the week. Placing my money on Next Destination at 7/2.