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  1. Pete from the USA

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

    It's on my bucket list.
  2. Pete from the USA

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

    I live 4,000 miles from Leicester. To me it's a mythical land with a fairy tale football team I watch online and a lot of potato chips. Everything I know I read on this forum. How pathetic is that?
  3. Pete from the USA

    Jonny Evans Signs

    I recommend this video posted by yorkie1999. Shows Evans to be quick, good at reading and making interceptions, good on the ball, able to make slick passes, dangerous on set pieces. Excited to see him paired up with Maguire.
  4. Pete from the USA

    Jonny Evans Signs

    Ok, I'm excited. Super signing. WTF is up with Dragovic? Is he staying?
  5. As a bandwagon fan who only learned about the Premiere League by watching Leicester in 2025-2016, I can vouch that you have a humongous global fan base of dorks like me tuning in every week to find out what happens next. I even bought a Leicester shirt on Amazon to wear when I play football in the park. I guess not all the local fans know about this.
  6. Pete from the USA

    Demari Gray. Keep or sell?

    Super athlete but seems to be lacking something upstairs. Doesn't stand up to Diabate in decision making. Keep for now but keep an eye out for a replacement.
  7. Pete from the USA

    Vardy to Atletico

    Imagine: Vardy and Diego Costa playing in a two up top. Can you imagine that much aggression on one unit? They'd have to secure a blast perimeter around the pitch.
  8. Pete from the USA

    Jamie Vardy

    "... according to reports in the national press, Atletico would have to stump up at least £20million." https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/atletico-madrid-eye-jamie-vardy-1588028 £20 million my a$$. He's worth £30 million more than whatever Mahrez goes for.
  9. Pete from the USA

    Ricardo Pereira Signs For Leicester

    Thought for the day: LCFC just paid £22m for a right back. This isn't your father's Leicester City any more.
  10. Pete from the USA

    Silva and Drinkwater minutes played.

    His mum can brag that her kid plays for Chelsea. That's about it.
  11. Pete from the USA


    If true, this is huge. How long have we been waiting for a right back? Wahoo!
  12. Pete from the USA

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Maybe so, but the poor performances kept going even after he returned. Seemed like the life got sucked out.
  13. Pete from the USA

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Anyone besides me notice that the downturn in performance happened when Mahrez pulled his vanishing stunt last January? I've been worried he's a drain on the spirit of the club. It only takes one bad Apple to spoil the barrel. Will be relieved when he's gone.
  14. Pete from the USA

    End of season Puel poll

    Whatever the fans think, it's pretty clear the owners will keep Puel around for awhile. There is a cost to changing managers and the case against him isnt strong enough to pull the trigger yet. Looking forward to not listening to rants of "<name> out!" (insert name of next manager).
  15. Pete from the USA

    Riyad Mahrez

    I agree. He wants a big-money move. Sell him for 150 million to China Super league.