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  1. Pete from the USA

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Could have been better if Vardy had played 90 min. But call the manager a knobhead in public and you spend some time on the bench. That's football.
  2. Pete from the USA

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Iheanacho not even on the bench
  3. Pete from the USA

    Liverpool 1-1 Leicester - Post Match Thread

    Chilwell punching the ball into the stands: time wasting or smart?
  4. Pete from the USA

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    Puel out after this dreadful performance against Liverpool. Oh ... wait ... when's the game?
  5. Pete from the USA

    Players not good enough to take us forward under any manager.

    Bang on. To all the Puel-outers, be careful what you wish for, you may get it.
  6. Pete from the USA

    Players not good enough to take us forward under any manager.

    Agree. People complain that Puel's brand of football is conservative and boring, but maybe this is the best we can do. Today we saw again that we can play exciting football, but then we lose. Would you take boring and 8th or exciting and 17th?
  7. Pete from the USA

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    If you think this is bad try reading the posts in the Facebook group.
  8. Pete from the USA

    Que sera sera

    I think Matt Piper said it well after the Southampton match: Puel is a "safe pair of hands." We won't get relegated with him as manager. He has avoided big mistakes and steadied us in the middle of the table. That said, he has failed to evolve us away from a pure counterattacking style of play. We still can't score against teams who sit in and defend. We have made literally zero progress on this in the last year. So, we shouldn't be hasty about dumping Puel. But it is becoming clear we are going to have to change if we are to improve from here.
  9. Pete from the USA

    That Vardy dive

    MOTD jerks roasting Vardy are just jealous they couldn't pull off such excellent theatrics.
  10. Pete from the USA

    Is there a cycle going on here?

    The cycle is that we lost the previous two managers to a fan revolt. Home performances are suffering now because the fans are booing the players. So we are about to lose a third manager. Maybe the biggest thing holding back this club is the fans.
  11. Pete from the USA

    Is Boring Football the worst kind of Football?

    Wow, a reasonable person on FT. I am with you. I have been a Puel-in-er because I have been enjoying the stability of being a mid-table PL team after the roller coaster of swinging between the title and relegation under Pearson, Ranieri, and Shakespeare. On the other hand, I don't want the club to just sit in 10th forever and make money while we all go to sleep. My worry is that we get a new manager who's exciting and connects with the fans and we end up in the Championship. Don't you worry about this?
  12. Pete from the USA

    Is Boring Football the worst kind of Football?

    None. It's a total leap of faith that he will ever figure it out. But Puel has us stable in the middle of the League. What do we have to lose by giving him time to try? I'm finally coming to accept however that English fans just hate Puel. He's French and boring and comes off as snobby and aloof in press conferences. The results don't matter: both Southampton and Leicester fans hate him just because he's himself. It seems crazy to sack a good manager because people don't like the look of him but maybe that's where we are.
  13. Pete from the USA

    Is Boring Football the worst kind of Football?

    Here's the cold truth: We're one of the best counterattacking teams around, but our players aren't skilled enough to do the slick passing needed to break down packed-in defenses. We can beat any team that come out and attack, even Chelsea or Man City, but we're powerless against teams that sit deep, even League 2 sides like Newport County. We look boring against these teams but we really just lack talent. The only ways to fix this are (1) spend £500M in the transfer market or (2) bring in a bunch of youngsters and develop them over 3-4 seasons. Man City famously took option 1. Puel is taking option 2. This is why I don't favor sacking him. Hiring another manager isn't going to make this go faster.
  14. Pete from the USA

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Putting on a sub just to waste time
  15. Pete from the USA

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Or Trump. Pure culture war.