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  1. Pete from the USA

    Leaks claims Euro Super League talks held by clubs

    This is the worst idea ever.
  2. This. Incoherent dribble.
  3. Pete from the USA

    The next chapter

    The players are back in training today. I am trying to shake off the shock and sorrow. I am really glad someone had the guts to create this thread since sometimes the best way to deal with sorrow is to focus on the future. A lot depends on Top. If I were him, I work to realize the greatest wishes of my father, which would be to lead the club to a new level.
  4. Pete from the USA

    Helicopter crash

    I always tense up when they take off. Never thought this was a good idea. My favorite rock/blues artist Stevie Ray Vaughan met his end on his helicopter.
  5. Pete from the USA

    You're the manager: LCFC vs Everton

    I would put in Albrighton and sit in, maybe launch a few counterattacks but focus on keeping it 1-1 to the final whistle.
  6. Pete from the USA

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    Second red card of the season. I'll bet he gets two.
  7. Pete from the USA

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    Maybe we will get lucky and Morgan will get a three-match ban. Then Evans or someone else will have to step up and secure the position.
  8. Pete from the USA


    He just needs more matches. He missed a summer of training traveling with England and not playing,, then got the suspension. He will still get quick and sharp but it will take a few more matches than it would have five years ago.
  9. Pete from the USA

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    There is only one guy to blame for Wes still being in the team: Jonny Evans. He's at the peak of his career and should be able to outperform Wes in training and on the pitch. If he were playing up to standard Puel would be starting him.
  10. Pete from the USA

    Everton (H) Match Thread

    Maguire is back up to pace again. This will help.
  11. Pete from the USA

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Was it my imagination or did Leicester just win a match playing in 3rd gear?
  12. Pete from the USA

    Jonny Evans

    Evans just needs game time. OK, he could have defended the long-throw goal in the 5th minute. But he grew into the game and looked solid by the end. Just needs games to get match fit and he'll be excellent. Wes Morgan: You have to admit the guy is amazing. Nearly 35 yrs old and still contending for a starting CB spot in the EPL. Doesn't he age? Incredible.
  13. I agree. It's not the right time. I say wait until he retires, and all the bad feelings and uncertainty have faded, and history is starting to get rose colored. Then throw a huge retirement celebration. Invite all the title winners back, most of whom will have retired by then as well, and unveil a huge statue showing the whole lot of them. (unless we win the title again before then)
  14. Pete from the USA

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Two goals on couterattacks and one on a set piece. So much for possession football.
  15. Pete from the USA

    What to do about the defense?

    I must apologize for my spelling.