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  1. I think somebody upstairs really doesn't want to see Liverpool win the league.
  2. Up to now, we have been making excuses game-by-game to explain the bad performances. But I think have to admit that there is a problem.
  3. Heard Rodgers say Ndidi has a meniscus tear. The surgeon goes in arthroscopically and shaves a bit of cartilage--that's it. I had it done for a football injury when I was in my 30's. I was walking the next day and training again in two weeks. Doesn't really affect the functioning of the knee. Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYIzlUDz6Nc
  4. Of course the situation could change next year. If we're in the Champions League everybody's going to be getting game time.
  5. Everyone's talking about moving Mendy on to a new club. But if we're in the Champions League next season we may need him.
  6. We looked intimidated, especially Madison. Like deer in the headlights. This is what happens when young players let the fear grip them.
  7. Let's face it the only way we were ever going to catch Liverpool was if they slip up. That's still true. So this doesn't change much. Nice reminder that we're not invincible. Let's bring the pain to Man City now.
  8. I think the Premier League is in the middle of a big realignment. It's really exciting. It takes more than money to win titles. It takes team spirit, community, effort, optimism. A corporation can't buy those things. Only a community can make them. As the lower PL clubs get richer the gap between sides is determined more by those intangibles. This is why Leicester are rising. They have quite a bit of money but still are basically a community club. Toxic outfits like ManU and Arsenal, who rely just on superior wealth, are fading. I have a feeling this could be permanent and not just a few bad seasons. The media will be the last ones to realize this. Interesting times we live in...
  9. He's a spoiled brat. I stopped liking him last season when he had is temper tantrum and refused to go to work.
  10. Toughest match of the season. When the critics say we struggle against teams that sit deep and defend, they are talking about Palace. But Rodgers' side are the new deal. If we go there and put out 100% we can win this.
  11. Am I hallucinating or are we only two points off Man City now? !!!!
  12. They will come out full tilt and try to get the early goal. Teams know from last season that Leicester struggle to score against packed-in defenses. Score early and sit in and you will win. This is what Man U did last week. If we can survive the first 30 min without conceding we have a chance to get something.
  13. Wow, they are nervous. I am going to enjoy this one.
  14. Dear FT, Traveling from Chicago to the UK on business in September. Been a football fan since I was a kid but have never been to a Premier League game. I bought two tickets to the Foxes home game on Sept 21 for myself and my 18 yo daughter, who I am dragging with me (can't remember who LCFC are playing, spuds or sponges or something). Any advice on what to do? Learn profane fight songs? Wear blue or just show up and look clueless? Is there a decent pub you'd bring your daughter to? We're only in town for one day but we hope to get the experience, at least the wholesome parts. Thanks in advance for the help.
  15. Nachos are an ultra-cheap Mexican dish that you whip up in the microwave if you don't have time for real food. Is it something different there? Now that I think about it, "Ribeye Man" or "Tiramisu Man" would come across as more affectionate.
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