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  1. ge12


    At the start of the second half last night we didn't lump a diagonal ball towards the oppositions right back and straight out of play, for that alone I say give him the summer, Puel in!
  2. ge12

    Marc Albrighton charged

    The most annoying thing about this is not the surely extended ban but that from where I was it didn’t look like Zaha was going to get anywhere near the ball, so therefore surely not denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity. Admittedly I haven’t been too fussed to watch the highlights and therefore haven’t seen a replay so that may be complete rubbish.
  3. ge12

    Helicopter has landed

    It is without doubt being exaggerated by some, as you say this is what it turned into the following season but it was not how we won the league, we may have played more long passes than most but a long pass does not equate to a ‘lump forward’. I remember us playing this way for 3 quarters of the season, by the time teams started to really respect us and change their game plan to counter ours we had so much momentum and belief in ourselves that we were always able to find a way to score. Without Kante and that momentum/belief behind us we had to find a different way to play, it was the perfect game plan for that time but now we don’t have the luxury of teams letting us manage the game in this way as most teams aside from the top 6 will come to the King Power and happily leave with a point. I also don’t think that at the moment our defence is good enough for us to play this way as they couldn't withstand the pressure of conceding 65% possession without giving up a goal or 2. I am not excusing recent performances as they have been dire, and as much as I hate to see us as one of those teams who will be changing manager every 6 months I think it needs to be time for Puel to go, but I do understand the notion of finding an alternative way of playing.
  4. ge12

    Europa League

    After the penalty Atletico got in the first leg against us last year I have zero sympathy for them when it comes to refereeing decisions.
  5. ge12

    Ricardo Pereira

    Looks class going forwards in those videos, can he defend as well?
  6. ge12


    I honestly feel that he is not quite ready for one of the 'bigger' clubs. He has been quality for us but he has made a few mistakes, they go a under the radar here in the media but were he at one of the Manchester clubs or Arsenal they would definitely have been picked up on. He's 25, I think one possibly two more seasons here would be best for him, and that is not me being biased, I don't think anyway.
  7. ge12


    I've never been able to make up my mind on what I think of him. As an option to go more direct and hold the ball up I think he could be good for us. However at the same time I can just as easily envisage him fracturing Harry's eye socket during training in pre season and then giving a last minute penalty away having just come on for his debut as a substitute in the first game of the season.
  8. ge12

    Wenger out

    You'd have to think they won't make the same mistake as United and go down the route of a Moyes style appointment. I expect to see Ancelotti or the Monaco manager or at least someone of that ilk, but on the other hand the LA Rams, Kroenke's NFL team, appointed a young head coach last year and had their best season for ages, so he might be inclined to down that route. It will probably depend on how much say Wenger has on who it is.
  9. Shocked with how negative Southampton were, surely they need to go for wins at this stage, they came and stuck 11 behind the ball against a team not in great form and with nothing to play for, and apart from 10 mins at the end of the first half showed no real intention of trying to score. Apart from the time in the second half when the ball deflected into Shane Long's path and Hamer had to make a smart save did they have a shot on target?
  10. ge12

    Demarai Gray

    Looked fairly lively in periods last night and made some positive contributions. Towards the end of the game though he seemed to start strolling around at times which was a bit infuriating.
  11. ge12

    Adrien Silva

    Thought he was poor last night. What is frustrating about him is that he plays and is involved in some lovely passing moves, but then under hits a square pass in the middle of the pitch and gives the ball away cheaply. There is undoubted quality there but the lapses in concentration are far too frequent at the moment. Needs a full pre season to get fully up to speed I feel.
  12. ge12

    James Maddison

    From the little I've seen of him he looks a tidy player, but as others have said he's no Mahrez replacement. Although have to say he looks to have similar attributes and goal/assist figures to Lawrence who many thought wasn't good enough for us. Lawrence didn't get a great deal of opportunity here but surely would have been given more of one had Puel been in charge at the time.
  13. ge12

    Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Yes I would be more than happy for Dragovic to made permanent in the summer, as you say with Wes and Huth getting on (I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see Huth again) and every chance Benny is on his way out, I think bringing in 2 CBs would be a good move. Not sure how happy Dragovic would be to sign a permanent deal, I thought he was playing well and has been harshly dropped since Wes' return from injury so he can rightly feel a bit aggrieved by that, I suppose it may come down to the terms of the loan deal and whether or not he has any say in the option to buy clause, I know there have been instances in the past where players have refused to sign despite a clause being agreed, I think Alderweireld did it at Southampton.
  14. ge12

    Luke Shaw

    He has, or at least did have all the attributes to be a cracking player, but whenever I have seen him play he doesn't look particularly fit and is lacking any sort of confidence at the moment. Listening to the Monday Night Club on BBC last night they had a guy on who I think was the ex Academy Director at Southampton, one of the things he was saying is that because he was so good when he was younger he never really had to learn to defend properly as his pace would always bail him out, and that when he first came into the Southampton first team this was still the case. However now that he can't rely on his pace to cover poor positioning/reading of the game he is being found out a bit. The guy basically backed up to a point what Mourinho has been saying, it's just so strange that he has felt the need to continuously hammer the guy in public. It wouldn't be the first time Mourinho was wrong about a player, De Bruyne, Salah etc, if it was purely a footballing decision then I'd be inclined to take a punt on him as I think the talent is there, but when you factor in the transfer fee that they'll demand plus his wages I think this is almost definitely a no go for us, even if he takes a 50,000 pay cut he'll still be on par with our highest earners and I'm not sure he's worth it.
  15. ge12

    Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Yeah would be another decent option, agree that he would probably be easier to bring in. A fairly local lad as well is he not, which may appeal to him if he fancies being back nearer to family/friends.