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  1. Central Defenders

    I have no real issue with the 4 plus Amartey we have now, but in an ideal world I would like to see another starter come in. As it stands I would like to think that Maguire is a starter alongside 1 of Huth or Morgan. Benny is a decent 4th choice but then there's the question of whether or not he is content with that, maybe not after acquitting himself fairly well towards the end of last season but there is no way he will play ahead of a fit Morgan or Huth IMO. As others have said, there are other more pressing areas of the squad that need improving.
  2. Pretty satisfied with that as a first half of pre season, considering they are playing a near full strength side we are are not being out classed and probably created the better chances. James and Riyad obvious stand out performers and a nice debut for Mcguire. Would like to see Lawrence behind the striker in the No. 10 position as to me he doesn't look like a winger but showed a few nice touches in some tight spaces.
  3. It really is quite sad that a manager of Arsene Wenger's magnitude has, as other have said, almost turned into a parody of himself. I am no Arsenal fan but some of his teams have been fantastic to watch over the years, the invincibles team was one of the best I have ever seen with their combination of technical skill, power and a real nasty streak, strange that pretty much ever since then his teams have always lacked two of those elements. He just highlights with this sort of attitude how far behind he has been left, and you can see why so many Arsenal fans are so angered/frustrated by him, they have a good number of morons but there are many decent genuine Arsenal fans out there who I actually feel a bit sorry for. His Arsenal teams don’t even play particularly ‘attractive’ football nowadays anyway, I would certainly argue that all of the teams above them play ‘nicer’ football than they do bar maybe United.
  4. Sunderland post match 2-0

    As other have said, without doubt our worst performance under Shakey so far, however to still come out with a fairly comfortable win, albeit against Sunderland, is encouraging. Thought they actually set up quite well and made it difficult for us whilst also getting themselves into some dangerous positions just a lack of quality or getting caught offside at crucial times cost them. I was a bit concerned with how many freekicks we seemed to give away around our box, although they never created a serious chance from any of them that I can remember which is again good to see considering how we were defending set pieces earlier in the season. Albrighton was magic when he came on, must be his best performance in a City shirt, I certainly can’t think of any better. Slimani did well too, maybe a hint of a shove for his goal but don’t think it was a foul and the defender should have definitely been a lot stronger, if it had been the other way round I would have pointed the finger at the Huth/Morgan/YB rather than the referee. Both Mahrez and Gray were guilty of some poor decision making when in good positions at times which was frustrating and agree with others that said Drinky looked slightly off the pace somewhat, he would be one I would definitely rest on Sunday. Okazaki had a bit of a mare also but seeing as he’s been playing so well recently I’ll put it down to just one of those days for him. Solid result, into the top half, and a cracking Vardy goal to go with, happy days.
  5. Stoke (H) Pre Match Thread

    Yeah I would as well, just think Shakespeare will go with Morgan if he's fit.
  6. Stoke (H) Pre Match Thread

    Go to be the same 11 as West Ham although can see Wes coming back in if he's fit. Okazaki will be knackered but play him from the start and then we can take him off slightly earlier than his usual 60 mins if necessary.
  7. Summer 2017 player incoming / outgoing

    Sigurdsson would be fantastic, however I fear bigger fish than us may be in for him in the summer, same story with Michael Keane unfortunately, however they’re both definitely worth a try. Trippier is a stand out target at right back, I was a bit gutted when we didn’t seem to go for him when he left Burnley. Would love us to go for Adrien Silva if he’s still keen, some saying his wages are around £17,000 a week, we can surely double or triple that easily if that’s what it would take, his fee may be an issue though as well as his injury record, although is this season a one off on that front? I don't know. I know Gibson is highly rated by many but haven’t really seen much of him to form an opinion, Middleborough have a good defensive record though which it sounds like he is a major part of, in the England squad this week so his fee has probably doubled. Do think we need 2 CBs, maybe McGuire or Kone are other options? I also like the look of Clucas at Hull, have been impressed every time I have seen Hull this season and think he’d be an improvement on King or Mendy and would give us options to rotate a bit or play in a midfield 3. A lot of these guys appear to be at teams down at the bottom of the table, but I think we can agree they are stand out performers in these sides. Obviously a winger and goalkeeper would be a must should we lose either Mahrez or Schmeichel.
  8. Danny Simpson

    How I interpreted it as him referring to, or digging out, squad/young players who may play a few games for a team that wins the league. Players such as Simpson and Drinkwater would have been at United and in and around the first team although rarely, if ever, in the matchday squad, at the time when they were winning leagues.
  9. Danny Simpson

    I have no problem with this, his first tweet was at very worst slightly provocative, and in reality a bit of light hearted humour. Carragher on the other hand has shown a nasty and bitter side, especially with the '5 games a season' comment. Some of the comments these guys have been on the receiving end of over the past week or so have been so downright disrespectful that no wonder they want to give some of it back, however they have to back it up though as he will look incredibly silly if we do go down.
  10. Ranieri sacked

    Whilst I am saddened by this decision and did not want to see him go in this way, unfortunately it was the only option. We have been awful all season and only seemed to be getting worse, if he was to carry on then relegation looked pretty much nailed on, he had more than enough time to show signs that he could turn it around but nothing he did suggested this was the case, we haven’t scored a goal in the league this year and it’s March next week! He has absolutely been let down by the players but he is far from blameless, his blind loyalty to certain players has been baffling, his team selections and tactics have been awful and our recruitment has been appalling, although how much control he has over this I do not know. These players have been through so much together, it really makes you wonder what has gone on that has caused their ill feeling towards him, I am interested to see the news as it leaks out as time goes on as I am confident the stories we have heard about are only the tip of the iceberg. This is not to say I am not angry at the players because I am, but I am very interested to hear their side of this story. I did get a bit fed up listening to his comments, preseason talking about getting 40 points? We are the champions, it should not have even entered their heads that survival was the goal, if that’s what the manager is talking about then the players mentality becomes one of well that is acceptable, if that was the ambition for this year then no wonder Kante wanted to leave. Of course behind the scenes it could have been different, but for now we don’t know. Also the hypocrisy of suggesting that last year’s success was because of him but this year’s struggles are because of the players, give me a break. The pundits or so called ‘experts’ that are coming out of the woodwork calling it a disgrace frustrate me, they have not seen what we have seen this season, and as others have said, why should we accept that we are Leicester City and this is our rightful place? Sorry but that is complete rubbish. Sky Sports asked some of their Soccer Saturday pundits who they thought would be relegated, and out of the four they asked only Phil Thompson thought we would stay up, if that’s what they think then why should we carry on as we are, heading for relegation? And as for those fans of other teams laying in to us, they will be the same ones who were last week laughing at us for being near the relegation zone and declaring last season a ‘fluke’.
  11. 'Leicester are neither as bad as their league position and form, but they were certainly never as good as last season's title win suggested.' This is the only part of that article I think has some (and only some) merit, although maybe not worded quite as I'd have put it. I think most agree that last season we overachieved, that's not to say we didn't deserve to win the title, or that it was a fluke, because we did and it was not. I think we all agree that we are not as bad as our league position and form suggests, that is large part of the reason we are so unhappy with the current situation and why rumour/theories of dressing room unrest etc have cropped up. I also don't buy this whole 'the top 6 have got their act together' rhetoric that has been spouted as a reason for our demise, yes they have all improved to a degree, but how does that explain how our form has dropped off so much? And why are there 11 other teams between us and them, have they all got their act together as well? Oh and the 'they won it last year but should accept their position as they are historically a YoYo club' reasoning going around is complete rubbish, as others have said why should we accept that? The moment we all stop striving to improve is the moment we should all pack it in and go home. One of the reasons I hold clubs such as Sunderland in such contempt is that they find themselves in the same situation every year and seem to show no sign of any willingness/ability to improve, whats the point? Surely celebrating staying up every year becomes boring and at some point there is a desire to move up the table?
  12. Ranieri Sky Press Conference

    Fair point, but I would still argue that any time you are 2-0 and two of three substitutions are your fullbacks that it is unusual, especially as Amartey is not particularly good going forward either. I agree that Chilwell should be starting in that position.
  13. I think if (and its a big if) the owners do decide to replace Ranieri, then it needs to be someone not currently involved in the club, that rules Shakespeare out. Hiddink as temp until the end of the season and then we re assess.
  14. Ranieri Sky Press Conference

    I think up until yesterday out of sheer love for the guy I was convinced it was a case of the players screwing him over, however after yesterdays team selection, bizarre substitutions and lack of any clear game plan once again he has completely lost me. Unfortunately for him he appears to be every bit as responsible for the situation we are in now as he was for last seasons success.
  15. Swansea City ( a ) next Sunday

    My team for this would be…. Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Benalouane Chilwell Ndidi Drinkwater Mendy Mahrez Gray Slimani Yes it was only Derby’s reserves on Wednesday night, but I would argue that Huth and Fuchs have been the worst of the back 4 for a while now and what is the point of giving players a game in the cup if you are not going to reward them if they impress? Benny and Chilwell cannot really do any worse anyway. Think it is important to play the 3 in midfield as we know Swansea will pass the ball around nicely in there and we can negate their biggest threat in Sigurdsson, stop him playing and we go a long way to stopping them. Gray has to play as although he can be hit and miss he is probably our only player who is playing with any real confidence at the moment.