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  1. Probably the best place to find toilet rolls and hand wash.
  2. He didn't really play for us though. Just turned up, strolled around the pitch (if he could be arsed to even do that), then went home.
  3. They are literally making it up on a match by match basis.
  4. Players forbidden from shaking hands with opponents before the start. Officials still shaking hands with each other.
  5. There was a lot of talk that Alli would flourish under Mourhino. If anything, he's even worse.
  6. I was disappointed with his ball control yesterday. More than once he'd receive the ball at his feet but his first touch would send the ball straight upwards to around head height. He then had to control it again. Well below the standard needed in the Premier League.
  7. I thought he'd got his head on upside down.
  8. If it hasn't happened yet it will sometime, and it will expose yet another flaw in the deliberate/unintentional attacker/defender handball law.
  9. That decision was made not on the basis of what happened, but on who it happened to. Corrupt.
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