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  1. I've been saying for ages that Barnes isn't a winger and is more productive and threatening from a central position, as he was at West Brom. His run for the goal at Burnley started in the centre circle; those runs from central midfield are natural to him.
  2. If you’re going to quote from the Book of Revelation Don’t keep calling it the Book of Revelations There’s no “s”, it’s the Book of Revelation As revealed to St John the Divine See also Chris Wood He must despair
  3. The referee delays the game for over 3 minutes, yet adds on only 2 as additional time. There's no explanation for this and it defies reason. It reduces confidence in the officials to do their job properly.
  4. Typical that Liverpool can lose yet still get a place in the next round. One rule for one...
  5. Sir Elvis Costello, twice in March. Considering seeing Terry and Gerry when they come to Leicester next month. Not seen them since I was a student in the 1980s.
  6. Southampton were the better team by a long way today and completely deserved their win. We are becoming stale and predictable. Since the Norwich match we've clearly demonstrated that we have no answer to teams pressing our defenders as they try to (slowly) play out. Opposition teams know this now and exploit it. We can't rely on patiently passing it between the back 4 and the defensive midfielder until an opening emerges. Chilwell has played well at times this season, but now he's being used more as a wing back it is obvious that if his path is blocked when going forward with the ball, he almost always turns back and passes to the central defenders because he doesn't use his right foot. He isn't a mirror image of Ricardo. Again, opponents have got wise to this. The team have worked hard to get us to second place and a cup semi. But now the hard work really begins to keep us up there.
  7. It loses its impact when the lights are illuminating those who are still working on the pitch, doing whatever they are doing. The Greatest Showman music has no connection to the occasion or the club. It's a feeble attempt at a proper light show when it's basically only the floodlights being switched on and off or faded in unison. However, the combination of complete darkness with the video montage and the lead up to the fox eyes does work well.
  8. So many to choose from, Gallagher, Naughton, Knockaert, Fuchs, Maddison, Mahrez etc. Vardy's against Liverpool just shades it for me, with special mention for Vardy's against Man City (the superb vision and accuracy of the ~45 yard pass from Fuchs to Mahrez, who took most of the momentum off the ball with a deft right foot to guide it perfectly into Vardy's path.
  9. He is destined for the very top. We must enjoy his time with us.
  10. When people say "A million and a half" when they mean "one and a half million". The first is 1,000,000.5.
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