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  1. At a distance, the all red versus all black kits look identical if you're colourblind. It's impossible to watch easily.
  2. Is it possible to participate in the survey more than once? If so, it will make the results unreliable.
  3. Better late than never, but well done to the FA and UEFA for recognising and addressing the difficulties faced by colour blind fans, players and officials. I've experienced the same problem as Matt Holland describes. Colour Blind Awareness raises awareness of the condition and the effects on those who have it.
  4. It's probably been said before, but the future's bright, the future's Gray.
  5. That was the first one that came to my mind. The best example of his sublime individual skill, unselfishly used for the benefit of the team. It's been a privilege to watch him develop with our club. He was central to our league win. We will miss him, but we can move on without him. I wish him all the best.
  6. I'm finding it incredibly tedious and patronising that BT are assuming everyone wants United to win because of Monday's horrific tragedy.
  7. I reckon Shakespeare heard the chants as "we want Vaz".
  8. Sh1t fans no ground, sh1t fans no ground.
  9. Remarkable how often the so-called unintentional elbow finds its target perfectly.
  10. Blatant dive, like Rashford's earlier. Push the ball to the side and make sure you move towards the defender and cause contact. Kane was falling before he was touched.
  11. Sub Drinkwater before he's sent off. Bloody liability.
  12. Sanchez the cheating toss hanky.
  13. Spawny bastards.
  14. Definite corner.
  15. Surely the offside was before the foul?