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  1. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Carragher hoping Arnautovic is more injured than a bruised finger. A bit harsh.
  2. Depression

    Thank you both of you. It got worse on Friday, they had another argument over something trivial while I was at work. It restarted when I got home and now they aren't talking to each other at all, except that my mother occasionally tries to say something to provoke my wife. It's horrible to live with this. I've never felt so low or so helpless.
  3. Depression

    I have depression and anxiety. My mother lives with me and my wife, but their relationship is only getting worse. My mother denies it, but her behaviour is becoming more erratic. She looks for reasons to react to little things my wife says or does, then causes a huge argument. The arguments have become increasingly nasty over the last year or so. They haven't talked to each other for months. She was brewing up to another argument last night, and I'm expecting it to blow up today while I'm at work. I dread coming home.
  4. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    This is no better than 12 months ago.
  5. Leicester 2-Liverpool 3 post match thread.

    We start games with a 442 that relies largely on Mahrez to take the risks and link up with Vardy while the rest contain the opposition. Yesterday Gray did more in that one dribble just before the Can handball than Mahrez did in his entire game. I've been patient with Mahrez but yesterday showed that we have to start matches using Gray as our creative outlet.
  6. Huddersfield away match thread

  7. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

    Do they still do Teletext Holidays? Do they still do Teletext?
  8. I seem to remember three streakers during the League Cup final with Middlesborough at Wembley.
  9. Concourse Sale.

    Not exactly the most wheelchair-friendly place, the club shop.
  10. Concourse Sale.

    Lots of lengthy queues!
  11. At a distance, the all red versus all black kits look identical if you're colourblind. It's impossible to watch easily.
  12. Union FS Safe Standing Survey

    Is it possible to participate in the survey more than once? If so, it will make the results unreliable.
  13. Better late than never, but well done to the FA and UEFA for recognising and addressing the difficulties faced by colour blind fans, players and officials. I've experienced the same problem as Matt Holland describes. Colour Blind Awareness raises awareness of the condition and the effects on those who have it. http://the-fa.com/C5XVpl
  14. U21 Euros

    It's probably been said before, but the future's bright, the future's Gray.