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  1. Arkie Bennett

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Just came close to being knocked over by one on a pedestrian crossing on Braunstone Gate. He even sped up in attempt to beat the red light and failed by a second or two. Didn't get his number, unfortunately.
  2. Arkie Bennett

    Local Media Coverage

    I caught Stringer's broadcast from Thailand and it seemed to be more about him than anything else, even down to his travel plans for returning to the UK.
  3. Looks like it's not intended to be a one-off, given it's called A Wayne Rooney Foundation International. I'm not comfortable with England matches being used in this way.
  4. While driving yesterday I caught some of BBC5's coverage of Chelsea v Palace. Alan Green was commentating. He has this annoying habit, that Stringer has picked up, of repeating a player's name when he receives the ball.
  5. Arkie Bennett


    I play with a couple of local covers bands. I have a Squier Telecaster, a Line 6 Variax, a Fender American Special Strat, a Fender Mexican Strat, a Gretsch Streamliner, a Yamaha Pacifica, a Yamaha electro-acoustic, an Epiphone 12-string acoustic, a Fender dreadnaught acoustic and an electro-acoustic bass, the name of whose manufacturer escapes me.
  6. Arkie Bennett

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    Another important and wrong decision goes in favour of a "big 6" club.
  7. Arkie Bennett

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    Like the Wolves fans singing "Sh1t fans no ground".
  8. Arkie Bennett

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Magnificent! Shame the yellow card is one of the few major decisions Probert has got right.
  9. Arkie Bennett

    Cardiff Match Thread

    The ball's in the penalty area being shot towards the goal and he didn't see it. What else could he have been looking at that was more important?
  10. Arkie Bennett

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    Some things don't change. United, as usual, getting the benefit of some favourable refereeing decisions.
  11. Arkie Bennett

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    Their website (blog) throws around lots of unsubstantiated allegations using lots of big words to sound intelligent and authoritative, but contains no substance.
  12. Arkie Bennett

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    I just came on here to say Dan Roan but you beat me to it. But I'll say it again. Dan Roan.
  13. Arkie Bennett

    Helicopter crash

    Same here.
  14. Arkie Bennett

    Helicopter crash

    Had a big glass of whiskey to help me get off to sleep but wide awake now. I know there's been no official statement yet but the thought of people dying at the KP just a few hours ago is absolutely horrific.