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  1. Whenever I see Ryan Bertrand play I get that tune Ca Plane Pour Moi in my head.
  2. Definite yellow made red by the overreaction which the ref allowed himself to be influenced by.
  3. Neville showing far more concern for Luke Shaw than he did for Richarlison.
  4. After pushing the ball past the defender and running into him to make it look like a foul. They really are reprehensible.
  5. I think I heard it mentioned once in passing by the commentator during their final match last season.
  6. "Four times runners-up of course". Yes, of course.
  7. Lingard showing the full range of his talents and doing what he does best, delaying free kicks.
  8. A comfortable win in the end against a increasingly deflated Stoke team, but we looked classy and played some scintillating football that any opponents would have struggled to contain. We have a great squad, everyone is playing their part.
  9. Back off Brentford, can't have you upsetting one of the "big 6".
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