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  1. It wouldn't have been overturned, remember where this was being played.
  2. People who say "This" in response to a point made on a forum. If you've nothing to add, just like the post. <Awaits predictable response>
  3. I agree, the challenge was poor but Kane's chance of scoring wasn't great so he looked for something to make a meal of rather than stay on his feet and try to score.
  4. Sutton's bias would be hilarious if it wasn't so obvious that he is incompetent.
  5. There is something distasteful about VAR when it is being used to find reasons to disallow goals.
  6. The ball didn't go forwards, and he was behind the ball when it was played, couldn't be offside.
  7. The inconsistency concerns me. A goal is scrutinised to the n-th degree, but a corner that may lead to the goal isn't. But my biggest gripe is the time it takes. Several law changes were brought in over the last few years to speed up the game, yet VAR does the opposite.
  8. Hypocritical of Santo to criticise the length of time taken to make the decision, when his players spent the whole 90 minutes trying to waste time.
  9. People who say: "Did you see what I did there?", especially that clown Ady Dayman on Radio Leicester. Yes, I did *hear* what you said there; stop patronising me with your smartarseness.
  10. He was pretty much isolated on the left with no-one to overlap or pass to until Barnes came on.
  11. They must have missed the bit out where it makes an exception for certain teams.
  12. Carragher saying someone else shouldn't do naive things and should use his brain.
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