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  1. He twists every story to unsubtly place himself at the centre and puff up his own importance. Yet he's a two-bit hack who hasn't even managed to pick up the TalkSport gig.
  2. Just saw someone in a cabriolet ignore a red light on Melton Road and get bumped by a car properly crossing from Thurmaston village onto Humberstone Lane. Feel sorry for the young lady innocently going on green.
  3. On my drive to work this morning I pulled up when the lights changed to red at the old flyover roundabout on Belgrave Road. I had stopped, but the red light didn't deter two drivers behind me in the other lane from sailing through. There's no enforcement and no deterrent. Then as I walked the last bit towards work I had to play my daily game of frogger with, on this occasion, two speeding drivers completely ignoring the red light on the pedestrian crossing on St Matthews Way. A woman was knocked over there a few weeks ago, but nothing is done about the dangerous driving.
  4. Dean making up for the times when he's wanted to properly celebrate a Spurs or Liverpool goal in a match he's reffing.
  5. The team in 15/16 was greater than the sum of its parts. Simpson epitomised this, fitting perfectly into both the squad and his role, but also enhancing his own and his colleagues' performances. A great team player, yet he made some vital individual contributions to our success. There will be a place for him in a team at the top-end of the Championship or lower end of the Premier League. Wherever he ends up, he leaves Leicester as a legend.
  6. I would like to see us take more risks by playing forwards instead of repeatedly playing it back to Kasper, which is always a huge risk in itself.
  7. Chong's hair was miles offside then. He fits in at Old Trafford. He has that "I should have got a free kick for that" grimace that United players do so well.
  8. I love the incongruous setting of the mural, something so glorious hidden away behind an anonymous row of shops that somehow survived the redevelopment of King Richards Road when I was young. I love that you can get close to it. It's something for the fans, not corporate. I grew up in the Dannett Street area, so it brings back memories of my dad; he'd have been thrilled to see us lift the title. I'd be disappointed in a way to see it reproduced in another part of the city, but if that's what it takes to survive as a fans' tribute to that team and that incredible season then so be it.
  9. You'd think they'd have put all the seats in, being a new stadium and all that. Loads of poor Spurs fans are having to stand.
  10. Even when they don't have the ball, Ajax look in control.
  11. Arsenal go down more than Richarlison.
  12. Is that the one Jonny Evans was in?
  13. Watching in the Cyprus sunshine here! Come on City!
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