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  1. Replays of the foul are a bit scarce.
  2. Real are far better than us at dicking about with the ball at the back and getting it wrong.
  3. Real Madrid: "If that's how Leicester City play it's good enough for us."
  4. This government is so f***ing pompous about making announcements but it only ever delivers obfuscation. The lack of clarity is deliberate, it allows this bunch of lying weasels to shirk any actual responsibility.
  5. Clubs have to submit their new shirt designs and colours long before the start of the new season for the PL's colour-matching process.
  6. Two goals conceded from cocking around with the ball. Totally unprofessional. But we gave up a Champions League place long ago, so the manner of today's defeat is somewhat in keeping with the latter half of the season. Still, fifth is a superb achievement. It's just the mixed emotions that make it hard to savour
  7. It must have been a bad foul, McTominay rolled around several times.
  8. Why stop the game when Fernandes is rolling around in his sewer?
  9. I might struggle to contain my bowels if things get tense.
  10. Great article, made me tearful with delight. He's already had a career 99% of professional players can only dream of as part of our ascent from League 1 to Champions League, and he still has plenty to offer to a suitable new club.
  11. With the rain abating for the second half, County came out in new dry kit, whereas Barnet obviously didn't bring a change.
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