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  1. The club as the employer has a duty of care regarding their employees' health, physically and mentally, so I would imagine something is in place. You do occasionally read about players using their own personal psychologist, which would make sense as it would be someone who stays with them even if they change club.
  2. I started watching Superstore a couple of weeks ago. Very funny in parts, there must be something like a million episodes.
  3. Rodgers is not to blame here. If he handles it well, and is seen to do so, it will increase his chances of moving to a bigger club when the opportunity arises. The players are ill-disciplined, disrespectful fools. Their stupidity needed to be put in the public spotlight.
  4. There is something enjoyable about seeing it getting feisty between Spurs and Man U. A few red cards would be more than welcome.
  5. Kasper goes for more corners in the opposition box than in his own.
  6. Why does Kasper not clear those, instead of inviting instant pressure?
  7. Yes. If they want to digitise offside decisions they need to go the whole way by using something like GPS to compare players' positions.
  8. Robertson doing a Kane there. Carragher will be roaring his nose up now.
  9. Yellow for sure. Harsh red given he took the ball and the collision was inevitable.
  10. What a goal from Traore. Always rated him highly.
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