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  1. Are all their players called Hill? Must get pretty confusing.
  2. It all rests on whether Pogba gives it the ok.
  3. Never a penalty. Fair play that the ref changed his decision, but it was an awful decision in the first place.
  4. Maybe United should just buy Dunk.
  5. The Americans fall over more than Laurel and Hardy.
  6. I wonder if any of the American players touched the ball with their arms or hands when they congratulated their goalie.
  7. Not the Jersey Budd opportunist effort - it's not even the right melody.
  8. It seems now you can win a penalty by just kicking the ball at the defender. The Japanese player's arm had to be somewhere.
  9. Reckless foul and rightly sent off. At least he didn't do it in a City match, and we'll benefit from the lesson he's learned today.
  10. Do all dissertations these days require a survey to be published on Foxes Talk?
  11. There isn't the variety of hairstyles in the women's game that you get in the men's. Oh for a balding midfield maestro.
  12. Does Gary Neville ever shut up?
  13. And the follow up, to mark the minute and a bit when they weren't losing the 2019 Champions League final.
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