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  1. The goal posts set by the foxestalks critics are forever shifting for Choudhury to be considered a good player. When he’s aggressive, he’s a flight risk. When he plays cautious he’s not doing enough. When he plays it simple, he’s too safe. When he’s playing a riskier pass, he’s a terrible passer. When he gets forward he should be defending. When he stays back he’s a passenger. Seems like today when he had a great performance in his defensive role people are asking why he’s not contributing to goals. Surely you should be asking those questions of the other midfielders and a
  2. Barnes Vardy and Under - Recipe for success
  3. Would love to have a walk around when it’s all complete.
  4. It’s fair game to have an opinion but you can’t bring up stats if you don’t know how to interpret them. I think earlier posts have provided fair statistics that show strengths and weaknesses.
  5. where did u pluck your stats from? 1 in 3? Positioning poor to track runners? you based this off one goal we conceded. 😂😂😂
  6. If you thought Brendan brought him on to be a DM there at 0-0 when we already had a DM on, you may as well start watching Boules. dreadful performance overall Going forward
  7. Choudhury was having a good game. Leicester have been shambles since the return and that includes most of the players. Errors on so many occasions but we’d rather write off a homegrown talent due to to one. Let’s say a player makes a mistake that leads to a goal. Why not say Barnes is equally liable for not scoring his chance. Every game we miss a tonne of scoring opportunities, but we blame the defenders who are forever absorbing pressure. today we needEd a win. That is impossible if you don’t score. You can concede and still win, but if you haven’t scored any you can’t
  8. 'Tielemans is a better player than Maddison' - joke of the century
  9. Guaranteed he plays the most ridiculous lineup (Mendy). Had enough of this chap (puel)!
  10. Unreal game!!! Great performances all-round. Ricardo, Hamza, Mendy and Chillwell were Vital. Choudhury showed maturity and skill in only his 1st prem appearance this year. Chillwell has an engine and a half and showed chelsea no respect! (two of our own). Ricardo is an excellent player and showed today why he was worth every penny. Kasper amazing save, Vardy amazing goal. Too many talking points to mention. A good day
  11. We need strikers, let madders play as a CAM. Kelechi is too slow, okazaki not good enough for starting 11. Theres only Vardy and thats still not enough. At least 2 solid strikers. Got plenty of midfielders and defenders.
  12. Think he just turned 21 this month. I thought he did well end of last season especially with the pressure of being thrown in at the deep end. Silva and Iborra are clearly not sharp enough for this league, so I would much rather have an future prospect getting in game time and in fairness he had a few very good games. At Wembley he did struggle a little at right back but then again its a big stage, out of position against some top prem players. We have to support our young academy graduates. Everyone wanted Chilly out but he's turning out to be a great player. England international performing a
  13. I thought choudhry had a very good game. Agree that change is needed, first team or loan...23's football notorious for stagnating growth. 'Somewhat hanging'? Confused??
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