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  1. If Vardy is fit, he'll play every league match and probably any important cup games too. Any striker coming in would have to accept that they'll be on the bench most of the time, which is why I don't think we'll sign an established one. It just creates unrest.
  2. He certainly seems to be suggesting that he and his agent agreed everything with Arsenal but were cruelly thwarted when Leicester didn't agree to whatever paltry offer Arsenal made (and you just know it would have been derisory). So he's basically annoyed that we didn't cave in and let him go for significantly below market value to a rival team. In which case he's a bit thick.
  3. In that segment with Stelling, Merson comes across as an overemotional fan arguing in a pub with somebody much more intelligent and better-informed than him. He's accustomed to thinking of Arsenal as belonging to the football elite, and cannot comprehend why or how other clubs might upset what he believes to be the natural order. It's a fearful, angry rejection of changing circumstances. All of which would be understandable if he was just a fan, but as a pundit it looks a bit silly.
  4. It's exactly the right punishment. It lets the other players know that there's a line that they can't cross, but it avoids blowing the whole thing up out of proportion by kicking Sterling out of the squad. Excellent management.
  5. Each newspaper in the UK certainly has a political viewpoint, but that's very different from deliberately 'diverting attention' (whatever that means). I understand why people are cynical about the media, but all-encompassing cynicism is ultimately just as foolish and lazy and all-encompassing credulity. People who are uncritically dismissive of the entire media usually just can't be bothered to do any actual thinking. It saves putting in any effort, but it doesn't really get you anywhere.
  6. The quotes are almost certainly accurate. It would be a very odd thing for France Football to make up, and they likely wouldn't dare use direct quotes unless they were genuine ones. I'm surprised anybody is sceptical anyway, given Mahrez's behaviour during those transfer windows - doesn't this just confirm what we already knew about him?
  7. Any respect I had for Holloway evaporated that cold February night when we played Watford away. We had a man advantage for most of the game but still put in a pathetically toothless display and lost 1-0. Afterwards he was asked if he had a message for the Leicester fans who had travelled in freezing conditions only to witness such an abject performance, and he replied with the infamous "Chill out and have a sandwich" comment. It was an off-the-cuff remark, but it suggested that he wasn't taking our plight remotely seriously. It was hard to have much sympathy with him after that.
  8. Paranoia mixed with zero grasp of maths and total ignorance of ties already drawn in the competition, including last night's. A heady combination
  9. Yeah those big vs small team fixtures last night, Liverpool v Arsenal and Chelsea v Man U, were well dodgy, weren't they?
  10. Because there is no fiddling going on.
  11. More sense than silliness, in the main. Most of them seem to be of the view that we're currently just a much better-run club, with a better team and manager.
  12. I look forward to Choudhury giving Mane a real reason to go down on Boxing Day.
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