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  1. They may have been told by the club to stay away from social media.
  2. Indeed. We’ve moved on as a club in the past few years, and this is reflected in the quality of our players’ indiscretions.
  3. Personally I won’t be convinced of their contrition unless they apologise on their knees while crying their eyes out and flagellating themselves with whips.
  4. Public wedgies for each of them! Then make them watch as every other player is given a Walls Magnum Hazlenut to eat while they're given nothing!!
  5. So how long have you been working as a sub-editor on the Sun newspaper?
  6. Their punishment was missing today’s game. They’ll very likely have been fined too. That’s all it will be.
  7. Rodgers has already said the punishment was missing today’s game. That’s it - it’s over.
  8. Can you cite an example of an elite club getting rid of a valuable player for something like this?
  9. The school in Batley is not a Muslim school - it's a co-educational free school. We don't have blasphemy laws in the UK, so we don't have to adhere to Muslim prohibitions on free expression just because they regard something as blasphemous. Freedom of expression is a fundamental value - we should not abandon it at the behest of religious zealots. If the cartoon were projected onto public buildings in every city in the UK and left there for several months, maybe those zealots would finally accept that free speech is a fact of life in the UK and that they have no business
  10. It was in an RE lesson and they were apparently discussing blasphemy. However, it doesn't really matter - no teacher should be in fear of their life because they showed a picture in class. The parents protesting outside the gates need to grow up and start acting like adults. The head teacher is a disgrace for apologising, too.
  11. That stingray that killed Steve Irwin never recovered its reputation despite an extensive PR push from Max Clifford.
  12. And yet all they succeed in doing is strengthening the establishment and reinforcing the status quo. Violence seldom endears the public to a particular cause - usually it does the opposite by making it look like the people who believe in that cause are thuggish extremists. The fact that there may be very many reasonable-minded, non-violent folk who also believe in the same cause gets lost in the noise. Job done for the government. You see it time and time again: perfectly valid protests hijacked by activists who create such an unpleasant image that they destroy any possibility of t
  13. Is that definitely right? There seems to be plenty of people around who think the buy-back clause is still active...
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