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  1. Tuning into TalkSport and then getting annoyed about what you hear is like wandering up to the most obnoxious wind-up merchant you know in the local pub for a chat, then getting upset when he winds you up.
  2. Great from us. The polonium could already be in the tea for Frank, though...
  3. The ‘no hugging’ rule is as pointless as it gets. It’s just a sop for morons. The media, as you say, are highly culpable in this.
  4. He wanted to go when they enquired last December. It will be interesting to see if he feels any differently this time.
  5. There ain’t no business like ho business.
  6. Surely if the corner flag is intended to celebrate gay pride it’s not supposed to be straight?
  7. I think the video was from a different night...
  8. ...for fighting with the police in Mykonos. altercation in bar
  9. We really did go for it on Sunday. Unfortunately that played right into their hands.
  10. Betfair: Leicester 21/10; draw 12/5; Man Utd 13/10. Not favourites, but not exactly massive underdogs either.
  11. Why would you not want things in the balance on Sunday? Just to spare yourself a nerve racking afternoon and potential disappointment? C’mon - man up!! 😂
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