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  1. ClaphamFox

    We need a bloody striker and attacking midfielder!!!!

    A slump in form that bad would mean the end for Puel. However, I don't think it's going to happen. We'll carry on being just as inconsistent for the next 16 games and probably finish around where we are now. The board will then face the same dilemma as Southampton's did a few years ago: whether or not to sack a manager who has just guided the team to a perfectly respectable position but whose style of play is alienating large sections of the fan base.
  2. ClaphamFox

    We need a bloody striker and attacking midfielder!!!!

    That may be because Puel doesn't use him in a way that enables him to have an impact. He's no good leading the line and he's not an impact sub, which are the two ways that Puel has used him. If he were deployed in the support striker/attacking midfielder role that Ranieri used him for, he might still be useful for us. I'm sure Vardy wouldn't mind if he was still in the team.
  3. ClaphamFox

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    It's all immaterial anyway because Marco Bielsa is going to be our next manager
  4. ClaphamFox

    Is there a cycle going on here?

    Another cycle is that the frustrations our fans are experiencing at the moment echo exactly those of Southampton fans when Puel was in charge - ie, very defensive line-ups at home, leading to turgid performances that bore everybody stupid. Southampton didn't score a goal in their last five home games under Puel - despite the fact that they were already basically safe and had no reason to play so defensively. That's why he got sacked despite finishing 8th - the fans were just so sick of the style of football he favoured. He's now doing the same here - we played three defensive midfielders at home on Saturday against a struggling team at a time when we're in virtually no danger of relegation. It's a pattern. And a worrying one.
  5. ClaphamFox

    Southampton (H).. pre match thread

    When asked about Barnes in his press conference this afternoon, Puel said: “I cannot promise (game-time). For me, it’s important that the player comes at the same level and competes for their game-time. It’s not the manager who chooses the players, it’s the players because they show quality in training sessions.” I get the feeling that all these predicted line-ups with Barnes in from the start might be a little premature.
  6. ClaphamFox


    Yes he is, but I suspect his severe alcoholism and mental health problems have contributed to that. It's very sad to see.
  7. Not in the day-to-day team selections maybe, but if it was really important to them I think they might have said, "we take the cup seriously and want to compete in it".
  8. Yes, the situations are different but it is not 'pointless' comparing them. The various managers we have had while the Thais have been in charge have pretty consistently played weakened teams in the Cup. It seems to happen every year. If the owners wanted us to have played stronger teams in the Cups, they would have communicated that to the managers. Cups are clearly not a priority for the club.
  9. ClaphamFox

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    It would only be a watershed moment if the owners cared about the FA Cup. I've never seen any evidence that they do. If they prioritised the cup, that would be communicated to our managers and reflected in team selections. Our habit of playing weakened teams must have been either tacitly or explicitly approved by the owners or we wouldn't do it every year.
  10. ClaphamFox

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    He started Matty James, who hadn't played in 10 months. Then, when we desperately needed a goal, he replaced James with King, who is so poorly rated by Puel that he doesn't even have a place in the Prem squad. He began with a desperately out-of-form, low-on-confidence striker in Iheanacho and didn't even include Vardy on the bench in case we needed him. He left Ricardo, one of our best current attacking players, on the bench even though we clearly needed him. Puel's hand wasn't forced in these matters; these were conscious choices. Losing that game was a direct consequence of our approach to it. In a season when we are not in danger of relegation and are not going to challenge the top six, we had a great opportunity to have a crack at the FA Cup. Puel chose not to take that opportunity.
  11. ClaphamFox

    Vardy transfer request rumour

    In that interview he's careful to use the usual polite football player stock phrases ("it's up to me to adapt", etc), but he's making it as obvious as he can do that he's not happy playing under Puel. The transfer request story may well be true.
  12. ClaphamFox

    Time for Puel to go

    Dismissing managers is never without risk, but that doesn't mean it's never justified. Of course things could get worse if we sacked Puel, but they also could get better. It's a valid and perfectly sensible debate, and both sides have a right to their opinion. I just find it very odd that you describe people who think the club would be best served by getting rid of Puel as being 'entitled'. It's such a bizarre word to use. By your definition, anybody who ever aspires for something to improve is 'entitled'. Weird.
  13. ClaphamFox

    Time for Puel to go

    What bizarre logic. By your definition, anybody who goes to a game wanting the team to play well and win is under the grip of a misplaced sense of 'entitlement'. Do you go to games thinking "it would be nice if the team played well today and got three points, but I won't complain if they're abysmal and lose 5-0 because I'm not entitled to any better'. Do you have any understanding at all about what being a fan means?
  14. ClaphamFox

    Time for Puel to go

    There is nothing whatsoever 'entitled' about having an opinion on whether a manager should remain in charge or be dismissed. It's astonishing how often you see this word thrown about by people who seemingly do not understand it.
  15. ClaphamFox

    Chrystal Palace tickets

    I'd like tickets to the Cristal Palace. But then I'm a gangster rapper and I need an appropriate venue in which to impress hoes with my new diamond-handled pimp cane.