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  1. I'm quite happy to have a captain with a bit of aggression in him. You need characters like that to lead the team when things get tough.
  2. If having a bit of anger is part of your game, it can be difficult to contain it without losing your edge. If he were regularly getting sent off and missing games through suspension, I agree there would be a problem. As it is, I don't think it's an issue.
  3. Brilliant from Kaspar. I watched it in a pub in west London and that moment brought a few laughs and cheers. Quality.
  4. I know the previous thread was locked so apologies if I'm breaking any rules, but at least this is based on something more concrete than idle speculation. '"Brendan Rodgers gives verdict on Ben Chilwell's first game since 'misdemeanour'"
  5. Why does he call Iheanacho ‘Iheanachio’?
  6. This. It's just a standard verb for a team that was in one position but has fallen to a lower position. That's it. The level of paranoia about the media among some of our fans is quite something to behold
  7. I think this is what happened. They missed the training session without permission and came up with the kind of excuses that we've all used when we've turned up late for work after a night on the piss. Rodgers was sceptical of their excuses but couldn't disprove them, so he dropped them but took no further action. Their teammates suspected the truth and fined them. The matter is now closed.
  8. Rodgers does not strike me as the kind of manager who would prompt gossip/speculation needlessly, and he would have known that his evasive answer would lead to speculation. If they missed the session for perfectly valid reasons, he would have been at pains to emphasize that. The fact that he refused to say that probably indicates that something has happened.
  9. Rodgers told the BBC that Chilwell and Choudhury were dropped because they missed an important training session and that he had to choose players he could trust. When asked to elaborate, he said, "That's a personal one." That tells me that they didn't miss that session because of illness or injury.
  10. It's only a matter of time before the Bobby Charlton Stand is renamed the Harry Maguire Stand.
  11. 2016 Drinkwater was massively flattered by playing alongside Kante. On his own, he was always just a hard-working and energetic, but ultimately limited, footballer.
  12. If Southgate picked up the phone and told Vardy he'd be a likely starter in the Euros this summer, I suspect Vardy would be tempted. I can't see him agreeing to be a back-up option.
  13. The one area where he HAS been reliable in the past is in leaked team selections...
  14. Now sold out apart from hospitality. A few hours ago I'd resigned myself to the fact that we'll never need a ground expansion. Now we've sold out, I think we should go to 50k.
  15. Yes - perceptions matter. If we want to be a big club, competing for the Champions League every year, we will need to attract top players. And to do that, we need a bigger stadium.
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