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  1. Nonsense. I'm 43 and I got it.
  2. A pithy and accurate summary.
  3. If we make the right signings and become a team that threatens from different positions, thereby meaning that opposition teams won't be able to double- or triple-up on Mahrez the whole time, I think we'll see a dramatic improvement on his body language and his general play. A lot of people seem to be blaming Mahrez's performances last year on the fact that he wanted to leave and was sulking about it. I disagree - I think it was largely because of the way the team was playing and the impact it had on his game. I think we'll see a very different Mahrez this season if he stays.
  4. You mean apart from the time he went on strike at half-time and refused to come out for the second half?
  5. His lack of goalscoring is a major negative, but his energy, work rate and off-the-ball runs enable Vardy to do what he does best. I'm not saying he should be a regular starter - hopefully Iheanacho will be the 1st choice support striker - but for certain types of games Shinji can still be very effective. None of the other strikers can play that role in quite the same way.
  6. There's absolutely no way we should get rid of Shinji. He offers something completely different from the others.
  7. When those rumours of Arsenal's interest surfaced a few weeks ago, and it was reported that Arsenal wanted to pay £30m and we wanted £50m, the reaction of some of their fans was similar. So many of them were on twitter calling us 'deluded' and even 'arrogant'. I actually had to point out to them that if a club doesn't want to sell a player, it is perfectly entitled to ask a fee it suspects will put buying clubs off. They seemed to be under the impression that we're somehow obliged to sell our best player to them at a below market rate.
  8. I actually like this idea. We should all do our bit and sacrifice something to make this happen. I've decided to lay off the Kinder Buenos from the snack machine in my office until Kelechi is pictured in the shirt with the scarf in his arms. Who else is willing to do their bit?
  9. Do you have any actual evidence for this? My understanding is that the club avoids them like the plague.
  10. Largely based on still photographs too. Very impressive.
  11. Exactly. Anything short of an official announcement is going to be speculation to one degree or another. Yes, it can be frustrating to see that a thread has gained several pages and click on it only to discover nothing has happened, but surely it’s something that most people can learn to deal with? For those psychologically ill-equipped to cope with the trauma of clicking on a thread and not finding out anything new, there are more suitable sources of information available than transfer threads on a football forum. Surely it’s better just to look at those rather than have a public tantrum and demand that other people be prevented from posting messages on a message board?
  12. It's amazing how this simple course of action seems to be often overlooked by those unhappy with the lack of news on a thread.