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  1. For the first time ever people in my office are talking about women's football. Yesterday may prove to be just what the women's game needed to lift its profile.
  2. Real and Juventus would both take him. PSG probably would, too.
  3. That's actually a very prosaic stance to take.
  4. You mean to say that it's possible that the decision to award it to Qatar might not have been entirely legit?
  5. There were occasions last season when he revealed teams that included surprise changes several hours before kick-off. Somebody was definitely leaking info to him.
  6. There are fewer more unreliable forms of logic than believing that a player will stay where he is because he's been pictured advertising his club's kit two months before the new season begins.
  7. A towering player.
  8. They may as well relegate us straight to League Two as that's where we'll definitely be heading if Maddison goes.
  9. Who's suggesting he will play in Ligue 2?
  10. I suspect the club wants to get it done early because they know that finding an alternative player of similar quality for that position will be difficult and will take time. The last thing we want is to be approaching the end of the transfer window with the situation still unresolved. We absolutely need a quality player in this position and if it isn't going to be Tielmans, then the club needs to know that asap.
  11. That's what I told him. He reckons Eriksen will go and they'll use the money from that.
  12. I spoke to a Spurs-supporting colleague yesterday who is convinced that they're getting both Maddison and Tielmans. Nothing I said could persuade him otherwise. Sample quote: "£50m for Maddison would be too much money for a club like Leicester to turn down..."
  13. Sentiment should never, ever play a part in managerial appointments. When faced with the possibility of appointing a former player as manager, all clubs should ask: would we seriously consider him if he hadn't played with us? If the answer is no, walk away. It's a simple as that, yet so many clubs still fall into the trap.
  14. Not necessarily. If they're keen to sell Tielmans and we agree a fee, what's stopping it happening before then?
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