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  1. Where d’ya hear that then?!
  2. I was joking, Cleminem. Sorry for the confusion!
  3. When will these Frenchies realise that they’re LUCKY that a club of our standing has bid for one of their players? Don’t they know who we are?! Damned cheek of them
  4. He's behind several twitter accounts and they're all basically wind-ups. But he also occasionally gets genuine inside information, which enables him to playfully blur the lines between parody account and serious commentator.
  5. The rumours that he'd empited his locker at Belvoir Drive and was filling one up at Cobham seem to have been a bit premature. Presumably he's training with us, though I haven't seen any 'back in training' pics on the OS to confirm...
  6. I think the video was from a different night...
  7. ...for fighting with the police in Mykonos. altercation in bar
  8. Both are true and he's currently sitting in Costa at Toddington services with a duffel bag full of kit, crying over a honeycomb latte macchiato.
  9. “Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking...”
  10. Chelsea 'about to abandon' their pursuit of Chilwell and target Marc Cucurella instead... According to reports...
  11. We really did go for it on Sunday. Unfortunately that played right into their hands.
  12. Betfair: Leicester 21/10; draw 12/5; Man Utd 13/10. Not favourites, but not exactly massive underdogs either.
  13. Why would you not want things in the balance on Sunday? Just to spare yourself a nerve racking afternoon and potential disappointment? C’mon - man up!! 😂
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