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  1. ClaphamFox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    There is a strong possibility that the nation no longer wants to leave the EU, so the only truly democratic thing to do is to have another vote and see.
  2. ClaphamFox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    It's all heading inexorably towards a second referendum. The deal May has obtained from the EU is highly unlikely to get through parliament, at which point she will either resign or get pushed out. She will probably be replaced by a more 'hard Brexit' PM, who will fail to win any concessions from the EU, at which point it will look like we are leaving with no deal. However, the large majority of MPs are strongly against a no-deal Brexit, as is the business community and, increasingly, the public. There will be huge pressure on parliament to block a hard Brexit, which it will do one way or another (there are various ways this could happen). At which point the only way out of this horrible mess will be to go back and ask the electorate again, possibly with three options this time (no deal, May deal or remain).
  3. ClaphamFox

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    It can't go on forever. It has to stop at some point, and now seems as good a time as any. The players have made their point. Time to move on.
  4. ClaphamFox

    New chants and songs

    This would be perfect.
  5. ClaphamFox

    Dan Roan comments

    If ever there was a time to rise above and ignore cheap comments from utter tools, this is probably it.
  6. ClaphamFox

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    It's interesting to see so many people wanting to rush Soyuncu into the team. He played for the under-23s yesterday and was apparently awful - nowhere near close to the first team yet.
  7. ClaphamFox

    Söyüncü Signs

    Actually the club keeps phoning me up every ten minutes or so to update me on this situation. I wish they'd stop - it's getting bloody annoying.
  8. ClaphamFox

    Manchester United Away Pre Match Thread

    The Manchester Evening News is predicting that Pogba and Lukaku will start tonight.
  9. ClaphamFox

    Diabate - What should we do?

    Check out the Musa thread in the transfer section
  10. ClaphamFox

    Diabate - What should we do?

    Musa's already gone if reports this morning are to be believed.
  11. Not enjoying sitting at my desk - can't concentrate and just clock-watching. Thankfully there are several meetings in the diary that I am down as 'optional' for today, so I'm planning to amaze everybody by actually showing up to them for once. Anything to be distracted.
  12. We want cartoon-level violence - a frying pan to Lukaku's face, a stick of TNT down Pogba's shirt and somebody to wax Griezmann's eyebrows.
  13. Fair enough. I still find it slightly odd, though. If I was living in another country whose national team was performing well at a major tournament, I’m certain I would want them to do well. If I had friends and colleagues who were excited about how their team was doing at a World Cup or European Championship, I’d find it hard not to get caught up in it. Obviously I wouldn’t support them over England, but they’d probably become my second team. I know it doesn’t always work the same way here. I have a Scottish friend, a nice guy, who has lived in England for 12 years. He’s married to an Englishwoman and has many close English friends and colleagues, and he clearly is very happy here. Yet when it comes to sport his hatred of England is so pathological it defies belief – I’ve never seen anything like it. He sometimes says to me, “you’d be the same if you lived in Scotland”, but that’s just the thing – I know for a fact that I wouldn’t. It's bizarre.
  14. This is obviously a widely-held view, and a large part of the reason why there always seems to be a lot of schadenfreude whenever England inevitably crash out of tournaments. Lots of countries, not just our neighbours, seem to love it when we lose. It’s a bit odd, though. The implication seems to be that it’s only the English fans and pundits who get carried away with excitement when the national team does well. In other words, the media and supporters of other countries always retain a sober, realistic assessment of their team’s abilities even when they exceed expectations. I’m just not convinced this is true, though. The media of the other three countries in the semi-finals are all very confident – newspapers in Croatia, for example, are absolutely convinced they’re going to win it. Before the tournament, the German press was saying that their second or even third choice 11 would be good enough to win it. Similar sentiments can be found in the media of many countries. If Ireland, Scotland or Wales were only a semi-final against Croatia away from playing in the World Cup Final, I’d expect them to get a little excited and carried away. It would be an entirely natural response, and nobody would begrudge them for it. Yet when English people are happy because we finally have a team to get excited about after years of dross, it’s perceived as arrogance and entitlement. It’s strange.