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  1. Mate, that applies to nearly all of them.
  2. I suspect we forced his hand on that.
  3. Ha hah ha!! Stop it - you're killing me
  4. I think people hated watching us lose at home so often with a team that was clearly capable of much better. If we were winning most of our home games, people would be a lot less unhappy with Puel or his style of football.
  5. SSN has reported that Allardyce "would be interested" in the job. They've also reported that Neil Lennon is interested in the job. Ditto Moyes. So they're basically ringing up out-of-work managers and saying, "would you be interested in the Leicester job?" and unsurprisingly most of those out-of-work managers are answering in the affirmative.
  6. That article reads like it was written by an over-emotional 15-year-old. They're worried, aren't they?
  7. 'Harsh' is an extremely polite way of putting it.
  8. I don't know if Rodgers has explicitly said it, but if he has any ambition whatsoever - which I think he does - he'll want to get out of the Scottish Premier asap. Plus, whenever he's asked about the Leicester job he gives the classic "I'm just concentrating on my current job" answer. Which means that he's interested. Yes, if Newcastle are taken over by mega rich owners then Benitez will probably stay. But I don't think he'll hang around forever waiting for that to happen.
  9. None of the top six are going to appoint Rodgers, so if he wants to get back into the Premier League it would have to be at a club just below that. We have a good squad and lots of potential as a club - we'd be the perfect fit for him. He won't quit during the season though, so we'd have to wait until the summer. Benitez would possibly be an outside contender for the Chelsea job when Sarri goes, but I don't think he'll get it. If he leaves Newcastle and wants to stay in the Premier League, I reckon he might be tempted by us.
  10. This is important. The fact that our home form is echoing exactly how Southampton played under Puel is worrying. It makes it harder to write it off as bad luck or the struggles of a young team. There seems to be something about the way that Puel sets up/motivates his teams that lead to this soporific, ineffective form at home.
  11. So the fact that we consistently begin games so poorly has nothing whatsoever to do with Puel? Right-oh.
  12. It’s Puel’s job to prepare the team to compete from the first whistle.
  13. I'm starting to get the feeling that we're going to give them a proper game tonight. True, I'm recovering from an operation and on various powerful drugs, but I've just got a sense that we're going to push them very hard at least.
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