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  1. 'Reactionary' means deeply conservative in outlook and opposed to progress - you can't really be reactionary in a positive way. I think the word you're probably looking for is 'reactive'.
  2. What about if we were defensive and got a 0-0 draw? Which would you prefer then?
  3. Clearly, away at Chelsea is going to be a difficult game. But we won this game last season when they had Hazard and a stronger defence than the one they've got now. Kante played that day, too. So let's not pretend it's impossible to get a win there.
  4. On Sunday two evenly-matched teams nullified each other tactically. It's frustrating to watch, but it happens sometimes. This Sunday will be a very different kind of game.
  5. I suspect Rodgers doesn’t regard Choudhury as the out-and-out defensive midfielder that some of our fans do.
  6. If we don’t win today I’m done with Rodgers.
  7. ...just five months after taking charge at Forest. Wow.
  8. For the first time ever people in my office are talking about women's football. Yesterday may prove to be just what the women's game needed to lift its profile.
  9. You mean to say that it's possible that the decision to award it to Qatar might not have been entirely legit?
  10. "The Sun reported at the time Drinkwater had crashed his car after a chav-themed charity party." Now that's what I call getting into character...
  11. I was fifteen at the time and I was raging about it - I was absolutely convinced it shouldn't have been allowed. Thirty years later, I am finally prepared to accept that it was both perfectly legal and very clever. I'm getting old.
  12. I don't believe for one moment that he was aware of the potential connotation when he tweeted it. If he was aware of it, he would also have been aware that he was committing instant career suicide, which seems odd. And as soon as the racist connotation was pointed out to him, he deleted the tweet and apologised. I think he made a genuine mistake, but unfortunately that's enough for instant condemnation these days.
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