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  1. Wanting to listen to talksport talk about Leicester start to the season and they speak to fans from Man City and celtic about the subject. Why? 😑
  2. I am when I get time. Started with super with 64. Bringing back nostalgia
  3. Burnley can **** off Palace Roy retires West Spam. Awful owners
  4. Neutrilise KDB and you have half a chance.
  5. Dragovic played well when given the chance.
  6. Maupay would be a good option though probably wouldn't play second fiddle at this stage.
  7. Same here. Brings back all the childhood memories
  8. We got 7m left to get this loan over the line. Cmon Rudders get that chequebook out
  9. People moaning about the reported fee. Wolves paid out on 18 year old for 35 Mill. Played one game. 🙄
  10. Valencia cant even afford their gas bill.
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