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  1. Better players out there.
  2. I hate their advert. Now we get see this all. Next season great 😏
  3. Would anyone take Wilson or King from Bournemouth should they go down. For a cut price?
  4. Beautiful Shirt. Hoping we get a similar template to this.
  5. He is. I'm sorry if we were to sign lingard I would question our aspirations as a club. He averages an assist or goal every 5 games. Doesn't scream intent to me. He is one that's happy to take his paycheck every week at united. Also at 27 he should be at his peak.
  6. How will this be enforceable? Do you really believe that a city of several hundred thousands of people will sit at home 2 weeks and not go out and about?
  7. Jokes about Poo are not my favourite, but they are a strong number 2.
  8. Rachel Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. Good goal by Cantwell. There best player tonight.
  10. That's your opinion. These could be possible targets. Also available cheaply if they get relegated.
  11. I'll be watching Buendia and Cantwell against United in the cup and see how they get on against a competitive side.
  12. Another assist for mcneil. Gerrmminnn
  13. mobs in South London having illegal street gatherings then causing riots and causing 20x police officers to sustain injuries. We are all going through the pandemic it doesn't mean your above it or the law.
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