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  1. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Out: Slimani (£15m) King (£4m) Mendy (£7m) Ulloa (£4m) Musa (£10m) Mahrez (£60m) £100m In: Dragovic (£17-20m) Hazard (£35m) Rondon/Austin (£15m) James Ward-Prose (£15m) Soares (£17m) £102m
  2. What are people thoughts on the transfer fund for LCFC this summer? https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/claude-puel-handed-bumper-summer-1337020 Based on current pre-tax profits, how much will be used for transfers? -40m 40-50m 50-60m 60+m Not including player sales.
  3. this story is heating up.
  4. Vardy's Volleys

    Liverpool hands down for me. context of the season. Also watched my Liverpool supporting mate jaw drop when it went in.
  5. Adidas

    do you have any sources?
  6. Mahrez retires?

  7. Adidas

    Source? will probably end up with extending deal with Puma
  8. just put up cardboard cut outs of the players there instead.
  9. Vardy breaks a new record

    i wait for another invented stat. well done never the less.
  10. Ndidi top tackler in the league

    Wilfried Ndidi gonna take the ball from you........................... Du Du Du Du Du Du
  11. whatever the outcome will damage his chances at future clubs, the more he acts in strange ways people will not want to purchase him. he should see the perspective of playing for 3 months and being sold on in the summer. not a potentially career ruining escapade.
  12. think it's just an excuse. Teams do have squads of 23+ players. yet they only seem to use 11-13 in a normal week. It's down to how you manage the squad.