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  1. Quorndon_Fox


    You could argue he hasn’t had a fair crack at either
  2. Quorndon_Fox


    I said he went there for game time, didn’t say got much. On your logic Dragovic is dog shit.
  3. Quorndon_Fox


    Put the pipe down
  4. Quorndon_Fox


    1 year to settle here, 1 year out on loan to get game time. Now time to comeback and play for his place. I don’t think a Gray is a better And Rhiyad is off so...
  5. Probably the same ****ing plastic bastards running around waving flags and claiming to be massive fans when we won the league.
  6. Quorndon_Fox


    What ever happened to the Magnum PI concept shirt? Surely now is the time?
  7. Quorndon_Fox


    Yes but the other 80.49% believe that those voting for 8th had been lied to and didn’t actually know what they were voting for, Top Blair believes we can now reverse the decision and demand 1st again as this would be the most popular outcome... another vote is imminent.
  8. Quorndon_Fox

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    **** me mate it’s Friday, cheer up!
  9. Quorndon_Fox

    Lcfc v arsenal 9th may

    Gutted! I'm flying back from holiday the same time the game is on!
  10. Quorndon_Fox

    New shirt sponsor.

    Joey Barton serving a ban for betting... meanwhile Burnley run around with Dafabet on the front of their shirts...
  11. Quorndon_Fox

    New shirt sponsor.

    Nobody seems to complain about the deals weve got with Ladbrooks and Dafabet so why would it make a difference on the shirt? For the record I agree all gambling adverts should be banned.
  12. Quorndon_Fox

    New shirt sponsor.

    Didn't we get investigated the last time the sponsorship was renewed under FFP? Something about a 'dodgy' consultancy company that apparently went out to the Asian market found that King Power were still the most suitable / best paying sponsor? I don't doubt if it was to change it would be through a connection of the owners. We already have agreements with Singha Beer, Air Asia, Amazing Thailand and SCB.
  13. Quorndon_Fox


    Maybe with a return to white shorts?
  14. Quorndon_Fox

    Luke Shaw

    I’d happily take him, I don’t think he’d cost anywhere near the fee being mentioned after Jose has told the world he’s fat, lazy, doesn’t know what he’s doing and has a shit attitude. 100% need 2 more centre backs and a right back as well so it’s going to be an interesting summer for Puel. hes defensive to the extreme and when you look at the games we’ve lost / drawn they’ve all been down to ridiculous defensive errors.