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  1. Luke Shaw

    I’d happily take him, I don’t think he’d cost anywhere near the fee being mentioned after Jose has told the world he’s fat, lazy, doesn’t know what he’s doing and has a shit attitude. 100% need 2 more centre backs and a right back as well so it’s going to be an interesting summer for Puel. hes defensive to the extreme and when you look at the games we’ve lost / drawn they’ve all been down to ridiculous defensive errors.
  2. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    What happened in the Kop about 10 minutes into the game? Looked like a bit of pushing and shoving and someone then being thrown out.
  3. If you'd have offered me 8th in the Prem and 2 x quarter finals i'd have snatched your hand off. As for the way we're trying to play i'm still not convinced but time will tell and the proof will be in the results moving forward.
  4. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Simple one today: arrive early, get in the stands 20 mins before kick off (like the CL games), stand and bounce around to keep warm and most importantly sing your hearts out! COME ON CITY!
  5. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Also came to Burton pre season, great to see he still has affection for the club.
  6. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Move to Real in the summer?
  7. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Despite the score line Chelsea looked quality across the middle of the park and created a lot of chances, thank fully no one seemed capable of finishing them and defensively they were all over the shop. Confidence looks shot to sh*t, grab an early goal and this could very much be our day. A whole week reminiscing about the atmosphere of the Sevilla game, we’ve got to take it up a gear on Sunday. From kick off to the final whistle let’s get loud, Chelsea are bringing a full allocation so you can guarantee they’ll make themselves known.
  8. Lil boy lost pre match behind away end

    Shouldn’t take to long to pick them out thanks to CCTV
  9. Adidas

    No fan designed kits yet??
  10. Atmosphere....

    Part of the problem there is those of us that do want to stand and sing and buy into what the union FS boys are doing can’t because a majority of the seats are season tickets. You can’t turf someone out of their seat for not singing unfortunately.
  11. Getting to the Match 1930's style.

    It glides as softly as a cloud
  12. Bournemouth chances of it being postponed ?

    It’s really not that bad. Give yourself extra time to get the game, take your time, know your route and check before you leave, wrap up warm and get behind the lads!
  13. Chelsea (H) FA Cup - Sunday 18th March 4:30pm

    What is our breakdown of season tickets holders and members?
  14. Why is Gray Starting

    His attitude is everything that is wrong with young English footballers, thinks he’s made it before he’s done anything. As Matt Elliott said last Monday on Radio Leicester, he doesn’t help himself. Scores one goals and starts talking about playing for England. He’s a below average player who inconsistently performs. If we could get £8/10m for him in the summer I wouldn’t be disappointed to see him go. Move onto the next project.
  15. Bartosz Kapustka - Debut in Bundesliga

    Just moving the eggs out of the Gray basket...