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  1. For the mellow moments in life: Son of Peter Shelley ("Gee Baby").
  2. Hellboy 2. What a lame piece of kitsch.
  3. It's a yes from me. Links well with Perez on FIFA. Nah, seriously. Maddison needs a competitor for that CAM role and Olmo is a huge talent if you go by Dinamo Zagreb fans' opinions.
  4. Can the team please put in a shift again? We've looked mostly disinterested and careless as of late. Sharpness gone astray for some odd reason. Would the midfield please turn up once more? Maddison and Tielemans have had little impact in the past few matches. Maddison especially has come across as a little bit too greedy lately. Will Chilwell be able to focus on his defensive duties again? Can we stop giving the ball away so cheaply? It's become really infuriating how carelessly we lose possession because our players have ceased to think about their teammates and are much more easily put under pressure. Who can replace Ndidi better for the time being? Choudhury or Mendy? I'd tend to agree with the latter. Can our manager find a way out of the current malaise with regards to us faltering when opposing teams use pressing against us? Our gameplan has been very stale, the manager practically unable to cope with a change of tactics since mid-December. Will the real Jamie Vardy please make a comeback? The penalty against Burnley was a pathetic excuse for a dead-ball situation. No goals in the past three matches. Eek. Can we address all these problems looking ahead to Wednesday's game? We shall see...
  5. Lily Allen should stick to taking in refugees like she promised to as a very compassionate and privileged human being that she is (estimated net worth of around £15m in 2019): https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-37633937/lily-allen-i-would-take-in-a-refugee Oh, she didn't. She did virtue-signal, though. How very brave of her.
  6. What privilege? Every single person experiences the world in a different manner from the get-go, that is a given. Everyone experiences hardships at one point or another. One could equally say that Boyle will never experience the world like Fox does. Shami Chakrabarti is a duchess - talk about privilege. She then plays the "woman" card. Being a PM candidate shouldn't be about gender or race, either. But all about competency. Actors' union Equity then brandished Fox for his comments, calling them a "disgrace to the industry". Well, the irony. It's not as if acting is having a bad rep at present, anyway. It may used to be a more reputable profession, but today? Does being "white" and "male" mean everything's rosy, everything served on a silver platter? Where does this notion come from that men and white men in particular have it so much better? Life expectancy, suicide rates, violence, alimony rows, being discriminated against due to gender quotas - just to name a few where life fancies other groups. But maybe us "white men" should start moaning like all other groups and talk about oppression and micro-aggressions also... The argument shouldn't be about race or gender or general privilege. It should be around class, individual privilege, morale, character and personality - to put it bluntly: Either you're a dick, or you're not. No matter where you come from or what sex you have.
  7. You cite two instances where it went our way. I'm talking about half a dozen matches where we've shown we lack certain qualities that defined us earlier on. Burnley (a) 2-1 loss against a team that had lost seven of their nine previous matches Southampton (h) - 2-1 loss - after a 1-0 lead Aston Villa (h, 1-1, FA Cup) - somehow managed to get a draw, otherwise a rather awful game Everton (a, League Cup) - arrogant display in the second half, giving a 2-0 lead away Wigan (h, FA Cup) - only took the lead thanks to an own goal, and then huffed and puffed over the finishing line Liverpol (h, 0-4) - simply caved in (granted, against the currently best team in the league) Manchester City (h, 3-1 loss) - took the lead, then took the foot off the gas and let it slide Norwich (h) - a dour 1-1 against one of the poorest teams in the league In two out of those eight matches, I can excuse our performances to some extent - Liverpool at home (best team in the league) and maybe Manchester City away. The rest? Rather spineless. In what way were we "arrogant" after a win against a team down to ten men for most of the match? Most fans were taking the piss out of Newcastle's sports science team if I remember correctly.
  8. You'll find few people who'll complain about their team losing - depending on the way the defeat came about. For about a month now, our players have apparently lost their appetite for football. One can rue VAR decisions all day long, in the end, you make or break your own luck. Fact is our style of football and the attitude displayed by many players reek of complacency and arrogance. Manager at present seems to have no clue how to rectify these issues.
  9. I find that attitude rather careless, given our present state and the fixtures ahead, it seems as if you attest the team a "carte blanche" already, where they can do whatever they want, without having to fear any repercussions. Only six points to Chelsea, eleven to Manchester United (at present). Still 15 games to play for, that's up to 45 points. We're not near May already. If we were putting in performances like this at the end of April, with us in second or third still, there'd be no word from me. But now? At this rate, based on league current form, we'll have to count ourselves lucky to play European football next season. The Cup runs may also come to an end soon...
  10. A few weeks ago, we were SECOND, now third. From the outside, it looks great. It doesn't reflect current trends, though. The question is: "For how much longer?". Soon, it'll be fourth or us even slipping out of the Top Four, then looking back and damning the fact that we led such a glorious occasion slip away so carelessly. That is, if we don't start turning things around quickly. Right now, we look a team that thinks it is bigger than it really is. A team bereft of a leader, a team with little to no precision, no impetus. When even Vardy misses a penalty, you know you're in trouble. A tougher approach to management is clearly needed. We've been sloppy and careless for about four weeks now. Attitude stinks by a country mile. Club needs to do something about that and stop putting out "Champions League" slogans as a given, as seen recently in the Söyüncü interview. Delusions of grandeur are back.
  11. That's what you get when you as a club talk about "looking safe in a Champions League spot". The arrogance.
  12. In times like these, it's a "Pearson" type of manager that we need more than anything. Rodgers has clearly lost his mojo for the time being. The motivation leaves a lot to be desired for. 1-0 up against Southampton, 1-0 up against Burnley. And we're ****ing it up again. Poor football since Norwich at home. Utter cringe.
  13. Absolute arrogance. The amount of misguided passes and the lack of movement and precision up front is mind-boggling.
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