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  1. I got absolute dross, too. And they're all untradable! That's what you get for beating Bayern on penalties in the final.
  2. You can only win the pack once, you get 2'000 coins for winning the tournament for a second time.
  3. Going with Uruguay once more, same settings and starting XI as in the previous tournament.
  4. To solve the situation on the wing, we should a) Find a way to motivate Mahrez to get back to his old self (the 2015/2016 version) b) Find a way to motivate Gray to play less selfishly on the pitch when he does feature c) Get another (very good) winger in to add competition It's part down to man management, but also down to both players (Mahrez and Gray) to take their head out of the sand and improve again.
  5. Huddersfield sign Belgian striker Laurent Depoitre for a club-record fee. If that's the type of player they're going for, they're screwed. Although thinking of Bournemouth in their first season the Premier League, hmm... Feels as if the Terriers are copying Burnley's model.
  6. You're only paying the price for filling your lot's Duracell batteries with Tchernobyl waste material.
  7. You can now trade in two TOTS in a XI for another tradeable TOTS for the next six days. In the worst case, you'll end up losing two cards and winning one of the two you just used!
  8. So, are we really expecting one final TOTS - the Ultimate TOTS with players who got the most upgrades during this past season? Or is this strictly for the mobile version?
  9. Yes, the now infamous Yeovil wonder goal, given to Chris Wood in the end.
  10. Atalanta Bergamo now also in contention according to latest reports.
  11. Badstuber has re-iterated his desire to play outside of Germany as the next step in his career. Like I've said before, if we managed to keep him fit, he could be a fantastic asset.
  12. Your players are all high on radiation - some would call it doping! Four games unbeaten, that can't be right!
  13. I knew it! My dear Urus back to their historical self, getting a player sent off against bloody Ukraine! Oh, well. There's always next year...
  14. Chris Wood scored the only goal for New Zealand in tonight's Confed Cup match against Mexico, a game the Kiwis lost 2-1 in the end after taking the lead to half-time.
  15. Just one page back on this forum, you'll find this: