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  1. Because we were scared and clueless. Just a notch worse than them that day.
  2. The thud after Maddison's shot went past Gazzaniga was one of the most beautiful sounds I've heard in a long time.
  3. Thomas Cook faces bankruptcy, their tourists held back in Tunisia over fear of unpaid bills - unless the tourists pay again out of their own pocket: https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/thomas-cook-latest-news-update-collapse-tunisia-hammamet-pay-again-a9115081.html
  4. What a wonderfully relaxing exhibition match.
  5. Have Watford even had a shot on goal all match?
  6. Kevin de Bruyne pulling all the strings in midfield, massive performance today.
  7. Watford don't want to be in this league.
  8. Yep - Manchester United against Ipswich back in '95.
  9. 4-0 to Manchester City. Watford should throw the towel in and declare a forfeit.
  10. Manchester City vs. Watford is a bit like the bully at school vs. stick man. The Hornets look already as if they're ready to get relegated, not even a change in manager appears to be helping them.
  11. It was a bit risky, but I guess he thought he'd last the last few minutes - don't want to give it to them that easily with a man down (we had already had all three substitutions at that time).
  12. Started off brightly, then that freak Kane goal took the wind out of our sails. I thought we'd do a repeat of the weekend prior, with lots of possession, but no outlet up front and little pressure or threat created overall. That we managed to turn this around, somewhere out of nowhere to be fair, is down to luck... and effort. If VAR hadn't interfered, we would not be so happy right now. That decision punished Spurs for once and it sucked the life out of their players. It gave us the strength to get back into it, always believing we could get an equalizer. That Maddison managed to score the winner makes it even sweeter, the lad deserved that goal so much, after all the workrate he put into it today. Wish him a speedy recovery, we might see Praet in his place at Luton. Always great to beat cocky Spurs.
  13. So glad we've won that - all signs pointed to the opposite when Aurier fired that shot past Schmeichel...
  14. Gazzaniga is 6ft5in, but even he can't reach that shot.
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