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  1. Are we gonna finish top four?

    Colin, priceless thread once again. Just had to do it, didn't you? I bet you're creating such threads on purpose, only to go through the motions so you could tell everyone "I told you so".
  2. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Absolutely terrible. Whole team needs a lesson in humility on top of such an embarrassing defeat. We were never in the game, recent success seems to have gone to many of our players' heads. Inexcusable performance, only Schmeichel can come out of it with some credit. The rest should be put through the blender. Never again like this.
  3. Palace Home Match Thread

    Even if Atkinson has got some decisions right, he's mostly whistling in favour of Palace. As much as we couldn't string two passes together before Ndidi's sending-off, the referee has made things worse.
  4. Palace Home Match Thread

    Simpson gets the ball in a tackle. And sees a yellow for it. Mr. Atkinson, I just don't like your face.
  5. Palace Home Match Thread

    A day I'd like to erase from my memory. Everything going against us. Referee doesn't help, either.
  6. Palace Home Match Thread

    That's how you kill a game, Mr. Atkinson. First a dubious decision against Iborra and now Ndidi has lost his head. Deary me.
  7. Palace Home Match Thread

    We'll do well to score twice against these in the second half. Need a totally different mindset and one or two changes to juice it up.
  8. Palace Home Match Thread

    Don't know about that. They've just been more solid, focused and composed than us. They have a game plan, it seems. As opposed to us. We're all over the place. Poor application on our behalf more like it.
  9. Palace Home Match Thread

    "Two goals from Crystal Palace courtesy of... shambolic Leicester defending." That was a facepalm half. Absolutely forgettable.
  10. Palace Home Match Thread

    Sadly, that attitude from both fans and team is there for all to see. They need a rollicking at the break, and a massive one at that!
  11. Palace Home Match Thread

    Look at how easy they can go on the counter... and score. We are terrible today, bereft of any idea or incentive. Sloppy play all around. How can you go from a 4-1 away win at Southampton to this? Excruciating game to watch. WAKE UP, FFS!!!
  12. Palace Home Match Thread

    Our build-up play is very sloppy today, and with Palace leading, they can afford all the time keeping it tight at the back. Chasing it now and that's not where we usually excel...
  13. Palace Home Match Thread

    See how easy that was? Cross into our box, header, goal. Christian Benteke ends his scoring drought against... Leicester. We need to wake up, not in the game at all!
  14. Palace Home Match Thread

    Schlupp vs. his successor. Guess who's coming out on the winning side?
  15. Palace Home Match Thread

    Tight game between two in-form teams. Don't let the table mislead you, this Palace side is on the up.