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  1. Eljif Elmas' second goal for Macedonia against Latvia was a sheer joy to watch:
  2. They can't afford to lose on purpose, Orlando and Charlotte are pushing hard for a playoff spot. No time to get wasteful.
  3. The lag on this is still unbearable. Trying to compete in an Online Single match is more demanding than the Weekend League.
  4. Looking forward to seeing Kasper Schmeichel in action against Switzerland tonight. Can't be there in Basel, but will be watching on TV.
  5. Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti charged with fraud (among other crimes): https://edition.cnn.com/2019/03/25/politics/michael-avenatti/index.html Trump Curse strikes again.
  6. Time to bring this Mark Blyth interview back to the surface:
  7. More in the sense that most papers tend to be leaning to the left of the political spectrum, thus being more open to the idea of a European Union. That's just my assumption.
  8. Leaving a construct such as the EU is a big issue with far-reaching consequences that go beyond this current generation and it's an issue that needs some serious in-depth knowledge, and what possibly should be done better or should've done better is/was to educate the people about the possible pros and cons on an objective basis - by the BBC most of all. I can't look back and encompass what did happen in the UK back in the summer of 2016 and how much of that theoretical promise was fulfilled, that's just my wishful thinking. Then again, you're looking at a certain media bias towards the EU and I doubt many UK papers or TV stations see the EU from a more critical point of view, so the public tends to be at a disadvantage from the get-go.
  9. Well, looking from the outside in, it seems both strange and frightening that any country that fulfills a certain amount of (economic) criteria can get in, but there's never been a discussion or grounds for countries leaving the EU? Reeks of elitism and what about respecting individual countries' tendencies? And why shouldn't countries decide for themselves what's good for them? Are they all too incompetent from the EU's point of view? I'm all for a European Union, but one that is solely based on a political idea, based on the foundation of the original union, one that brought Germany and France back together after WWII. The moment the Euro was conceived, it all went downhill. When you look at the apparatus built in Brussels, it's a molokh that devours anything it touches, it's like a modern-day usurpator. I also find it odd that people can't stand how direct democracy works - not wanting to accept the result of the first vote, then claiming the people were misled. Well, hello - there surely was no time and no possibility to inform oneself in detail beforehand about the possible ramifications of a Brexit? How often do the "losers" now want to repeat a vote until the result favours them instead? I can vote on many issues here in my country - sometimes, I "win", sometimes I "lose". But I'm surely not going to get all wound up about it. The majority has spoken and this is how it'll go from hereon.
  10. Zahavi's goal to make it 3-1 for Israel against Austria was an unreal strike. Beautiful.
  11. ISIS in Syria defeated. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/03/isil-defeated-syria-sdf-announces-final-victory-190323061233685.html Hopefully, this will be the last we've seen from them.
  12. I feel for you, but the game is modeled in a way that you stand little to no chance if you join in this late into its yearly cycle. You need to seriously invest both money and time to master what is a flawed game. I've been online since the pre-release in September, and you need to stay active and build your team so you can compete with 87 or 88 OVR squads, either filled with special cards or Icons. But there's things you can do. What you have to do first and foremost is tamper with your tactics (press Y (XBOX) in the squad screen), alter players' instructions, change your general strategy for games. It'll make a massive difference compared to how you're set up right now. You can take it further by playing with custom tactics during matches. But that's optional, I've done fairly well so far without it.
  13. Well, thanks to the better gamers and YouTubers, once it was exposed how lame the rewards are higher up, more and more people have stopped bothering pushing for anything more than 14 or 17 wins. It's simply not worth it. If EA would reform that system and offer better or more personalized rewards, there'd be a bigger incentive to win more games. People have realized how much they have been conned and they're fed up. Understandably so.
  14. With regards to Trump, it's easy and convenient to build up this picture of an enemy of the people. But where's the media's criticism and debate on the Democrats' own failings? Why no word on the sheer lack of personality and character among the candidates for the 2020 presidency? The extreme amount of bland candidates? I like Bernie Sanders and he's probably the most popular among all Trump opponents, but he will fail again because the Democrats will axe him once more, just like they did in 2016, when Hillary was made the crown favourite. Also hardly any mention of Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang, who in my eyes deserve to be pushed. The main reason I predict a 2020 win for Trump isn't based on Trump's ability, it's down to the Democrats' own infighting and internal disagreements, plus the hints of anti-semitism. That party currently is a shadow of its former self and needs some serious clear out.
  15. It is equally telling that some people fail to answer the most pressing of questions with regards to this particular subject. Where's the debate? One-liners like yours don't solve anything, only add fuel to the fire of a more and more polarizing handling of news and political discourse.
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