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  1. MC Prussian

    The NBA Thread

    So, LeBron James with his first public appearance for the Lakers... http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/la-sp-lakers-plaschke-20180924-story.html To describe his demeanor during the press conference as underwhelmed probably is an understatement.
  2. MC Prussian

    President Trump & the USA

    The links you provide again prove nothing - it's just a continuation of an argument that is none, you imply and/or claim that the "Alt-Right" exists, yet you can't define it. As you state it, it is your "opinion". What is the "Alt-Right"? As far as I can tell, it's a relatively new and made-up term (I think Richard Spencer was one of the first to coin it to distinguish his white supremacist movement from traditional conservatives and what he calls "Alt-Light", centralists and libertarians) currently used and abused by some fractions on the left and within media who see everything from their own biased and ideological perspective, and that with a certain intent - it's a dangerous move, because labeling other people with a different political viewpoint to your own with one term, using one single term for an incredibly vast, diverse and heterogenous assembly of individuals and groups or organizations is lethal. Heck, just because I don't identify as "Socialist", I could be described by people on the American right and the media as "alt-right" and thus be put in the same group as Neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, racists and the likes - just because some people and institutions would like you to believe so. That's both frightening and dangerous. Can you see the incendiary potential here? The BBC article doesn't explain the term, just again uses it loosely. As do the Breibart and WP links - it's no wonder they're putting the term in quotation marks, it doesn't automatically mean they all believe it exists. They're trying to figure it out, but they can't. Again, I think it's an attempt at describing something out of a particular reason, political bias comes into play. As far as we know today, Fields acted on his own behalf. He had right-wing and Nazi sympathies and slipped further and further into a state of fanatism, but that's where it ends. JJ Christian was also mentally unstable, as described by friends. To this day, there's been no proof of support or funding by any far right-wing group. As far as we know, he acted alone and in a fit of blind rage. Provide the evidence that these two sickos were instructed by an extremist group to commit their evil deeds and we'll take it from there. And again, just because you think there can't be individual acts of right-wing sympathizers and nutjobs AND collectivist left-wing attempts at undermining society and/or the American government doesn't mean both can't exist simultaneously.
  3. MC Prussian

    President Trump & the USA

    That's not what I was saying. I cited the example of members of the SDoA being part of a conspiracy against Trump and his administration, abusing their positions as government employees (which has been proven), I didn't stretch that accusation to other groups that I mentioned. I also said that the Portland knife killer was a very troubled individual, mentally unstable and acting on his own behalf. An act of individual madness, just as much as Fields was acting on his own behalf when he drove his car into the crowd in Charlottesville. You brought up these two examples, so I examined them and based on the facts as we know them, neither JJ Christian nor Fields had any support from other people or groups when they committed their respective act of violence. You're drawing the wrong conclusions and fabricate your argument based on a false assumption, which is rather futile to the discussion. And yes - there can be fvcked up individuals acting on their own behalf AND group thinking and lethal self-justice on the left of the political spectrum in the US at the same time. One doesn't exclude the other. As far as the "Alt-Right" are concerned, please make the effort and cite more factual examples that prove its actual existence instead of relying on CNN and MSNBC, two networks with their own bias and networks that have lied about facts in the past (as you confirmed in a previous post). "Alt-right" is a newly-constructed, modernist label, a very loose term and usually deployed to describe a very heterogenous and vague assembly of many groups and individuals, mainly based on the notion that they are on the right from the perspective of the people using that term - or in short, anyone who disagrees with ones Marxist, socialist, gender equality (of outcome), collectivist, SJW philosophy. Btw, on the subject of "Alt-Right", I found you this: https://www.spiked-online.com/2018/09/20/the-stupidity-of-modern-anti-racism/
  4. MC Prussian

    President Trump & the USA

    I can't tell. The incidents that you have named have something in common: Fvcked up individuals acting on their own behalf. Neither Portland nor Charlottesville were the product of a bigger conspiracy or the result of a (right-wing) organization. From what I can gather, the Left in the US (if that actually exists, because the Dems certainly aren't "Lefties" in the European sense, just more on the left than the Republicans) has the bigger problems with SJWs, Antifa and a rather prevalent and flat-out dangerous Marxist-Leninist train of thought on US campuses. There seem to be more groups operating in the shadows of the Democrats than there are on the other side. But that's just me. Can you name some far-right US organizations that use group thinking, intimidations, shutting down, scare and subversive tactics as much as the SDoA and Antifa are doing at present? I mean, if they were, I'm sure CNN and MSNBC and the likes would be all over them.
  5. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Yep, EA have screwed with the controls of the game. Again. Pace isn't as much of an influence any longer, it's more about skills and tactics. I, for one, applaud that, because it prevents pace abusers from gaining an unfair advantage over others. FIFA 14 to 18 were crazily one-sided. FIFA 13 to me was the last proper FIFA were the emphasis was on skill (and team chemistry). However, as somebody else has already pointed out, it's a bit rich to tone down the FIFA 19 speed differences between a player like Mbappé (fastest in-game) and a defender with 24 pace as much as EA have done now. The other points you're touching upon are connected - due to the slightly changed control system, passing is more nuanced insofar, as that you have to time passes more than ever, just like with shots. Push the pass button too softly, and the pass will more likely be intercepted.
  6. MC Prussian

    The End of Telltale Games

    Apparently, they've gone bust: https://thenextweb.com/gaming/2018/09/24/celebrated-studio-telltale-games-shuts-down-in-the-messiest-way-possible/ Thanks for all the great games you've made over the years. The Walking Dead in particular.
  7. MC Prussian

    President Trump & the USA

    At the heart of the Portland knife attack, you'll find that the criminal in question was mentally unstable. Fields ploughing his car into the crowd in Charlottesville was a cowardly act by a nazi-loving ****, but the act of an individual still. This wasn't planned on a greater scale, this was the work of a highly disturbed individual. What I'm seeing here with Hrabar and her cronies is much more grave and could have much more distinct and fatal consequences if it is allowed to continue - this is an organized attempt at undermining (and potentially overthrowing) a president that was democratically elected (based on the democratic process in the US elections), and that by force and by abusing government resources. Yes, Trump lost the Popular Vote, but he was still legally elected. This isn't a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy - as seen in the videos of the people involved.
  8. MC Prussian

    President Trump & the USA

    That's easy - don't behave in illegal ways. Or quit your job. Again, you're somewhat implying that these people working against the government are working in the interest of the people it serves. I'd argue they're doing it for their "group" and for their own interests. And that their actions are despicable - no organization should be proud if they're engaged in a witch hunt or even just chasing after shadows or straw men. Personally, I haven't heard of Republican or "right-wing" mobs hunting down "lefties" in the US, chasing after them in restaurants whilst they're eating. Or using government databases in order to find out where these people live in order to protest in front of their lawn. But I'm open for suggestions. The Socialist Democrats of America seem like a very subversive and cunning organization and I'd say what we're seeing here is just the tip of the iceberg.
  9. MC Prussian

    President Trump & the USA

    In order to gain a more unbiased view, I agree that it is utterly important not to rely on one news source only these days. Btw, if you think that I'm a fan of Project Veritas - I just discovered the site today. The point is that it's a) highly problematic, if not illegal, to use government resources (hardware, software, time) to work against the hand that feeds you - there's contracts and laws in place. Subversive measures shouldn't be tolerated, it is or borders on treason. If I was working in a job where I'm actively organizing resistance against my boss or the company, then I can't cry wolf once I'm exposed. b) highly problematic that mainstream American media, such as CNN, MSNBC and a few others, try to push their agenda by spreading lies about the Trump administration - such as CNN's stance on the Russia connection (which some network figures claimed were only done to increase ratings - but it's not as if that wasn't generally known beforehand, they just confirmed it). I'd like to emphasize that these views apply to both main US political parties and as a US citizen, I'd want to hold the people that are paid by taxpayers' money to the highest (moral) standard possible. I know, a rather laughable idea.
  10. MC Prussian

    Which is the best Star Trek series?

    The Next Generation. So many great themes elaborated upon - space exploration and human curiosity first and foremost, but also friendship, family, life, death, adolescence, war, peace, tolerance, hatred, liberalism vs. conservatism, responsibility, divisiveness, philosophy, religion (Q springs to mind), technology vs. nature, aso. And great actors assembled (for a science fiction series). It's got it all. Tops Deep Space Nine and Voyager for me. As much as I adore the first series, by today's standards, it comes across as camp and cheap - and the tech gimmicks in the series haven't aged that well. Enterprise was a bit of a mess, sloppy acting, cheap stories, all built on this very dominant patriotic notion. Haven't seen the newest series.
  11. MC Prussian

    President Trump & the USA

    What I find interesting - and not many people are talking about this at the moment nor seem to be aware of it - is an attempt at undermining the president by subversive measures within the government itself. Several Federal employees have been exposed for using their resources to work against Trump: You know - you can dislike people like Trump, Cruz or Nielsen - but this is going a step too far, this is calling for mobs to seek out who doesn't share your viewpoint, invade their privacy, then try to shut them down by imposing one's own ideology. What next, US of A?
  12. MC Prussian

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Of course you can argue about OH Leuven's performances on the pitch right now, but I find it rather irritating that fans of a Belgian second tier club are so up in arms about a bad spell when the season has just started - with only eight teams in the division and four encounters with each one of them, there's still a massive amount of games in which a club like Leuven can turn it around. What is it - seven points to first place and 21 games still to go? Besides, the second half allows teams to pretty much start anew and Leuven can finish first there, too. Judge Pearson by the end of the regular season or if he's failed in the Europa League qualifiers again, and not now.
  13. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    What console are you on? I figured it out myself to some extent and with the help of some folks on here, as I hadn't had a FIFA in two years. On XBOX, you buy EA's Early Access and then access the game from there in the XBOX menu (probably have to do a pre-order first, though - although I'm not sure about that). In any case, Early Access lets you play the game for 10 hours in total before it is actually released.
  14. MC Prussian

    Söyüncü Signs

    Yep, don't understand the rush in bringing in Söyüncü. There's this weird obsession with some fans that they equal new signing=best thing since sliced bread. Let the manager decide. I thought apart from a shaky start in the first half, Maguire and Evans complemented each other well - Maguire able to move into the opposing half, with Evans sitting back in our own half.
  15. MC Prussian

    Söyüncü Signs

    Fun fact of the day - the No. 1 Huddersfield Town fan was at the King Power today.