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  1. I'm pretty sure they've included bits and pieces from later in the original game in this trailer, which means the second disc of the remake must be close to completion. Also, I haven't read up on it yet, but it seems the ghost-like creatures must be visions of the Ancients. That's my interpretation, anyway. The question remains how fast SquarEnix will be able to come up with the remaining three or four discs of the remake. I do hope we won't have to wait an entire year for the continuation, let's say what happens after you leave Midgar all the way up to the return to Nibelheim. And I'd love a first announcement for the XBOX version release date, please.
  2. Ain't no sunshine when he's gone. R.I.P.
  3. Yamashita can't do no wrong, even does Beach Boys better than the Beach Boys:
  4. Australia apparently selling the game a week earlier.
  5. Currently stuck on Japanese City pop classics:
  6. Yes, we all know about "Two Princes" - just wanted to bring back some Space Jam memories:
  7. Betting volume in Belarus has increased by something like 60 percent. I wonder why?
  8. And then, just as he ends his speech, "Final Countdown" starts playing in the background.
  9. Wonder how the EU will cope with the consequences of the coronavirus. It's probably its biggest stress test ever. Solidarity across member states can only go that far, it seems.
  10. Give it time - might just take a decade before you get to the full-on.
  11. Take your pick of style:
  12. Back to Ozark after going through the first five seasons of The Americans. I have a déjà-vu with Julia Garner.
  13. Still hoping they'll change the design, however unlikely that is:
  14. Masayoshi Takanaka - the Japanese Carlos Santana: Shame few people have ever heard of him.
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