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  1. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    What happened to the Jordon Sancho Bundesliga Player of the Month SBC? I swear it was online not so long ago, they've taken it down again. Surely somebody must be trolling from within the company. EA Sports at their best. Shambles.
  2. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Sitting out this weekend with FUT Champions, need to take a break from all the drama and shouting at the TV. In all seriousness, I forgot to redeem my access coins in time.
  3. Definitely need an oomph factor signing in midfield to assist Maddison with the play going forward, another winger for the right side of the pitch (I'm still not convinced by Ghezzal, who continues to come across as a panic signing last summer) and potentially a striker to take some weight off Vardy's and Iheanacho's shoulders and one that adds competition. Might also be the transfer window where Fuchs is leaving the club for good after three and a half years, so a new left-back may be on the horizon, too. But it's the January transfer window, so little will change.
  4. MC Prussian

    Red Dead 3

    It's a beautiful game. Landscape, weather, animations, storyline, the underlying tension. It all fits. First time we rode the horses out in the snowstorm, the texture of the snow just amazed me - so life-like. The way the game starts is obviously intentional and acts as a well-told tutorial, to get you accustomed to the times back in the day, where everything was indeed slower and took longer. Also like the introduction of another well-known protagonist early on. Only gripe is the amount of different functions on different buttons. Needs some time getting used to.
  5. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    That's brutal. Sorry to hear that. I quite enjoy FIFA 19 myself - for many reasons. One of the first FIFA titles EA have gotten right in years.
  6. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Ouch. That must've hurt.
  7. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Very sneaky of EA to have a third Icon SBC online for about one hour only.
  8. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Szczesny and Van De Beek for me. Pretty happy about that.
  9. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Ben Yedder and Gameiro together is also a great striker combo for a La Liga team. Or try adding Rodrigo.
  10. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Saul and/or Illarramendi in central midfield - alternatively, IF Joan Jordan is a surprisingly good and very balanced card, too. Shooting stats, phwoarr. Get two proper strikers in. Griezmann would be the ideal choice, but very costly still. Benzema and Iñaki Williams work fine, Williams with the right chem card turns into a proper powerhouse especially. Then Piqué at centre-back and you're sorted.
  11. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    I'm holding out on opening my two player reward packs, plus the remaining extra packs. Big fan of the console walkout experience.* *Nerd Best moment so far was pulling Aubameyang from a pack, using him for the SBC, then opening the corresponding pack, only to find another Aubameyang.
  12. MC Prussian

    The World Football Thread

    Switzerland lose in a friendly at home against Qatar. The audacity. Almost as bad as leaving the pitch as losers away in Luxembourg or Azerbaijan in qualification stages.
  13. MC Prussian

    15th biggest wage bill in world football

    I‘m certainly not saying the wage bill has gone down significantly, but I‘m pretty sure it has gone down to some extent. Whether we‘ll be paying more over the coming years is pure guess work, maybe you‘re right. But following the current trend, it‘s highly likely wages in the Premier League in general are going to continue to rise, not just ours. In the end, it‘s not about the wages in total, but moreso putting them in relation to the national and international competition out there.
  14. MC Prussian

    15th biggest wage bill in world football

    Original post amended with regards to the Newcastle situation. Still, we don‘t know the details of the deal at the time - Newcastle paying his full wages has only been „reported“, never confirmed. In the end, no matter how you‘d like to twist it, the fact remains that we‘re talking old numbers here and that a handful of big earners have left the club in the meantime. My guess is that the wage bill has gone down for this season.
  15. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    87 Reus. Thank you. David Silva or El Shaarawy would be nice as part of the rewards tomorrow, EA.