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  1. The "gender pay gap" - I think we need more information on her case before we can call it inequality: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/may/22/female-bbc-manager-offered-12000-pounds-less-than-man-same-role Does she work the same hours? Does she have the same broadcast experience as her male counterpart? BBC says no: Does she have the same or a similar education? Could it be that she didn't bargain well enough in the first place? How much does she actually earn or would she currently earn per month? The higher the total salary, the smaller the actual earnings gap.
  2. R.I.P. - grew up in Germany, heard about her in a BBC TV documentary a while ago, where she went back to Berlin, re-visiting her childhood home where she lived before the family had to flee in 1933. Highly active into her later years, an inspiration. Fantastic woman.
  3. I don't care if I have to take them all the way through, even if I lose in the process, but it's satisfactory to say the least when you hold up well against people who start with a full Saudi League team, only to bring on 95 TOTS Son, RW Ronaldinho and Ronaldo as the game progresses. Up yours.
  4. At age 36, Chris "Wondo" Wondolowski scores FOUR goals for San José, smashing the MLS all-time scoring record: Respect.
  5. POTS Ederson from my player picks. I think my PL team is now settled in terms of goalkeepers.
  6. The tale of the Unionistas de Salamanca and the two Murphy brothers: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48296119
  7. Dortmund are just doing what Bayern have been doing for years, if not decades: Buy the best talent in the domestic league in order to weaken the immediate opposition. £48m is still a lot of money for a Bundesliga club, not many can afford that kind of dough for only two players. Dortmund stocks are also available for purchase on the market, so that's where they've got a fair share of their investment from. Football on the whole thrives on underdogs winning things, and our title was so far the last real triumph for the sport, not just in romantic terms. Long gone are the Kaiserslauterns or Werder Bremens winning the Bundesliga title. The last ten years have seen only two teams win the "salad bowl", as the trophy is known in the football scene. Bayern are currently on 17 title wins out of the last 25 seasons! Utter dominance, no wonder people cheer on teams who manage to beat them.
  8. How many games did it take you?
  9. Oh, I've been using Valencia and Kolasinac mostly. Just completed the objective - that was a chore... FUT Scream Mings with the fifth and last assist.
  10. This TOTS Digne Weekly Challenge is doing my head in!
  11. TOTS Alisson as part of the PL TOTS SBC.
  12. Bruins vs. Blues it is. We’re all Blues now!
  13. Incredible three-point accuracy by the Raptors, plus some real nitty-gritty rebounding did the trick. Also, Drake...
  14. It's ok. I'd say this forum can be used to debate on that level, but I'm not sure it should be on a practical level - it becomes a bit tedious or overwhelming. All that writing...
  15. ... and expanding too fast. Cost control, cost control...
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