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    Bigger, but not better. There's been clubs in the past like Newcastle and Leeds who thought their club was too big to go down but in reality their playing squad was absolute shite.
  2. JohnLennon

    James Maddison Confirmed

    might not be him who is planning his exit...
  3. JohnLennon

    James Maddison Confirmed

    you sound hard
  4. JohnLennon

    Elliott Moore

    When you give a player a new contract it doesn't always mean you think he will eventually make the first team. Sometimes they'll be a realistic chance of making money from selling them instead of releasing them on a free.
  5. JohnLennon


    Let's be fair, thats from one angle and i dont even think he looks out of shape there. There's less to aim at if you're a bit wider anyway
  6. JohnLennon

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Stupid website saying it'll be the first time we have played them there since 1994. Just discounting every other time we been there in friendlies then
  7. JohnLennon

    Andy King

    I think in the early stages of having a youth product, we are all in danger of overrating them. There has been countless examples of that and i dont want to start listing the Odihambos and the Levi Porters. But what happened with King was we produced a top player for the level we were at, one that - lets not forget was wanted by a fair few Premier League sides when we were at Championship level too. I think he did genuinely become Premier League quality, albeit bottom half quality. But because he was a youth product who had grown with the club, many just assumed he was simply a passenger. That isn't the case. We were blessed with the perfect squad member who gave his absolute all whenever he was required in that season and you only need to look at every title winning team ever to know you need everyone pulling in the same direction like that. But the loan at Swansea has proved he is worthy of this level, but like i said albeit a relegation threatened side. Just because he's one of our youth products doesn't mean he's some championship level fodder who didn't deserve to be here.
  8. JohnLennon

    Arsenal post match 3-1

    I'm a big fan of the way Arsene Wenger has conducted himself in the last few years, and have nothing but respect for him as a manager but - My god i forgot what a sore loser he can be, and how literally anything that goes against him he contends. Likewise anything contentious that goes for him favourably he either agrees with or "didnt see". Great manager but ****ing hell Arsene, show a bit of decorum at this age.
  9. JohnLennon

    0-2 Wham theadaodnaijdnjoansdijnasdop

    For what it's worth i'm sorry for Puel, i'll be the first to say we should get Benitez
  10. JohnLennon

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    First 25k Premier League attendance in years
  11. JohnLennon

    Michael Appleton

    Is there any job he hasnt been linked with on here? Barry for Glenfield will be linking him to the assistant manager role at the Beamount Leys Asda next.
  12. JohnLennon

    Name a better option than puel

    I wouldnt disagree with any of what you have said. I just think we have a bunch of players who were never keen on him from the off. I think initially they warmed to him, but at the first sign of things not being exactly their liking they have completely given up on him and us. Maybe that is just football now. Even Mourinho couldn't stop it from happening at Chelsea. Player power is something more associated with bigger clubs than ourselves but i suppose thats what one Premier League medals does to these egos.
  13. JohnLennon

    Name a better option than puel

    If Puel gets the sack now, he will have been sacked from with a 8th place and 9th place finish with two clubs who have spent most of the last decade outside the Premier League.
  14. JohnLennon

    Captain Morgan bottles

    I did have a bottle but after watching him play this season i had to drink it all
  15. JohnLennon

    Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    I think give him the summer to at least have a go at recruiting players he thinks can play his style of football. It is no secret that the vast majority of our title winning side were not possession based, quality footballers who could win games that way. We've never been good at playing that way in my lifetime. I only need to look back and shiver at the days when Sousa tried getting players like Wellens and King to play the ball in triangles whilst getting beat 6-1 by Portsmouth. That isn't to say things cant change. But if he is given the sorts of figures that are being rumoured then patience wont last long (not that it ever does with most of you lot).