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  1. Did you catch the documentary when he became manager of Liverpool? Particularly “the name of the player in this envelope will let us down before the end of the season” scene? Absolute joke of a manager.
  2. If you don’t feel that Puel is the right manager so be it, but thinking that Brendan Rogers is the answer
  3. Not sure if you’re a ST holder already, but if Brendan Rogers ends up as our manager please PM me and you can have mine.
  4. I agree with you, I’ve no problem with Kasper. Just think his Dad’s pronouncements were unhelpful at best and he comes over as a bit if a twat to me. I’d probably think the same of your Mum at school too if I knew more about it. 😄
  5. I agree with much of what you say, but I think we’re only having this conversation because his dad decided to chat shit. You’re quite right. Ian Marshall couldn’t stand Martin O’Neill but still played well. He just didn’t have a Dad with a public voice ready to pipe up how crap the manager was.
  6. As ever, you make excellent food for thought points, and do so politely without need for insult or sarcasm. However, the three outstanding managers of my lifetime Bill Shankly, Brian Clough and Alex Ferguson never used gentle softly-softly choices in the face of players getting ideas above their station. Indeed, in Ferguson’s case, he went even further and got rid of them completely in the case of Ince and Keane and was questioned by many at the time. Now of course Puel is not a manager in their class, but a correct action is a correct action, and if Vardy did call him a ****ing knobhead in front of millions world-wide, he has every right to drop him from the first 11 next week imo. I don’t think any of the three managers I mentioned earlier would have selected him for the next game in those circumstances. Of course, I may be wrong and Vardy was dropped purely because he hasn’t been playing well, which is not entirely untrue to be fair, but I take your point that we have few other options up front.
  7. Nickfosse


    Can I just say that it was 1 0 with the ball on the penalty spot when Vardy entered the fray. A few minutes later we we’re 2 0 down.
  8. I’d suggest that “showing Vardy who the boss is” or any other player for that matter, is very important for the future of the football club, whoever the manager is.
  9. Interesting. The man who who could have kept us in the cup if it hadn’t been for a handball penalty.
  10. Unfortunately, Evans was a disastrous captain at West Brom. Maguire for me.
  11. Nickfosse


    Not at all. Dealing with last week’s situation by saying I’m not starting you is a well-used internal disciplinary tool in football. Alex Ferguson did it frequently. Either way, as much as I appreciate how good he has been, Jamie has hardly been prolific this season has he? Couldn’t even score from the penalty spot today.
  12. Nickfosse


    Neither of us are on the telly getting paid for it. Maybe your right. Depends if it was an internal disciplinary situation which Puel has chosen, professionally, to keep private.
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