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  1. Many have predicted that modern football will end up eating itself. This sounds like the aperitif to me.
  2. My 15 year old son’s pumpkin tribute.
  3. Nickfosse

    You’ll Never Walk Alone Tribute V’s Burnley

    If the tragic death of Vichai gets us singing “when you’re smiling” in vast unison and at a proper pace regularly in tribute, it will be yet another beautiful gift and legacy to us all.
  4. A few weeks ago, I decided to stop reading foxestalk. The negativity around, well, virtually anything and everything was starting to anger me more than an Internet forum should. I wanted to scream to anyone and everyone, you don’t know how lucky you are to be supporting Leicester City in this period of our history. We have had, and are still having the most amazing time and are in wonderful hands. Then came the tragedy on Saturday evening. Tentatively, I clicked back on this site and I’m so pleased I did. The comments and thoughts expressed here have been exceptional and have captured just what this beautiful man and his family mean to us, the supporters of our club. I was talking to a Coventry fan this morning and trying to explain that our connection with the owners goes far beyond title wins, beers, cake and scarves. It has been so obvious from almost day one that they love the club as much as we do. They do what we would do if we were billionaires and have gone even further, conducting themselves with dignity and humility. On a personal note they have given me the best years of my footballing supporting life. I have been so fortunate. I have been a supporter for 45 years and a season ticket holder since the year after league one promotion. I have met up with my family at games and 2015/16 was not only a perfect storm for the club but for my Leicester City supporting family. It was one of the few years when my dad, mum, brother and four boys aged from 10-17 could all be together to enjoy that incredible year and subsequent Champions League nights. Any earlier and my youngest would struggle to remember, two years later and my dad has had to relinquish his ST struggling with the cold in the winter and my mum is now too disabled to get out. My eldest is now on Sports Science placement on Saturdays and cant make every game. As others have said, it’s more than a game. It’s about family, friends, highs and lows, joys and disappointment. In other words it captures life. Without Vichai none of this would have been my family’s experience and treasured memory. I never met him to speak to, but when the Premier League trophy was lifted and paraded he walked past the east stand wher I sit on the second row and our eyes met. I put my hands together in the eastern sign of thanks, praise and honour. Typically, he smiled gently and honoured me back. It’s a moment I will never forget. Since that day, I stay to the end of every game and clap the players off even when we’ve been beaten, and I stayed on at the end of the last game of last season to applaud and thank them once more. Thank you Vichai, you have given me and my family immense joy over the past eight years. You will never be forgotten and will forever be honoured at Leicester City.
  5. Nickfosse

    What if watford do a leicester

    To be honest, I think you’d make a better fist of it than Burnley, but then, that wouldn’t be hard.
  6. Nickfosse

    The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    Yes, I agree. That sums it up perfectly. I’m not surprised they have limited access to the club. After the article in the Mirror about Henry taking over, between McCarthy and Stringer they asked essentially the same question 4 times at Puel’s press conference whether he felt his position was under threat. Absolutely ridiculous. What’s he going to say? “yes Ian and Mike, I’ll be fvcking amazed if I’m still here when the clocks go back!”
  7. Nickfosse

    The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    That’s a fair enough point, but personally I prefer their positive spin to the shit stirring radio Leicester presenters.
  8. Nickfosse

    The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    That’s a fair point, though James Sharpe pointed out that Chilwell’s praise of Puel was unprompted.
  9. Nickfosse

    Harry Maguire signs new contract until 2023!

    I know his mumbling broken English can be a bit hard on the ear sometimes, but he’s actually very skilled at avoiding giving answers to questions he’s not keen on.
  10. Nickfosse

    The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    And interviews with N’Didi and Chilwell recently who both spoke directly of their appreciation toward their manager.
  11. Nickfosse

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    We’re picking up a lot of injuries in the under 23s. I make that Hughes, Muskwe, Eppiah and Ndukwu all out for a while.
  12. Nickfosse

    The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    I think he may get his wish to leave soon. The number 3 spot was up in the air in the summer to be fair, but Johannson has been impressive for the under 23s and Iversen is having an excellent start to the season at Oldham.
  13. Nickfosse

    The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    He’s a broadcaster on Talksport who posts here under the username of Up the league fox.
  14. Nickfosse

    The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    Interview saying that he doesn’t get on with Puel. Up the league fox the first to tell us that Jakupovic was joining us. Tweets from Geoff Peters last season telling us that players weren’t happy with Puel. Have we unearthed the missing link?
  15. Nickfosse

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    To misquote George Galloway, “being told by Joey Barton that you have a lack of class is like being told by the hunchback of Notre Dame to sit up straight”. 😄 There’s loads of sledging that goes on in professional sport, football included. I’d be amazed if the Fleetwood players hadn’t dished out plenty themselves. I think the real reason for Barton’s outburst was to divert attention from his team throwing away a 2 goal lead late on at home.