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  1. Maybe, always looked poor whenever I’ve seen him. Perhaps he needs more time following his injury problems.
  2. Think Chilwell would get a game a Manchester City with the problems they have at left back.
  3. And yet in a thousand years time I’d wager that millions will still be gathering on Easter Sunday to celebrate Resurrection, and the books of Hitchens and Dawkins will be minor footnotes at best and most likely utterly forgotten. Maybe you’re right and they’re all delusional, or maybe they’re tapping into deep spiritual wells that speak deep truth.
  4. Not defending Puel, just saying that our problems lie deeper than the manager, past or present.
  5. The usual suspects would be destroying Puel on here for that performance
  6. I see that lots of people are advocating Che Adams. I just wonder if they saw his performances in the two recent games that were closest to Premier League pace and intensity against Villa and West Brom. He barely got a kick in the Villa game and when he did he struggled to control it and link play up, and was so poor against West Brom he was hooked off after 70 odd minutes. Ive also heard him described as quick when in reality he’s no faster than Iheanacho. He certainly doesn’t have Vardy pace. I understand when you see a Leicester lad doing well and scoring plenty in the Championship to think he’d be a great fit, but I’m really not sure his skill set would survive the massive leap from Championship to top 10 Premier League. We’ve seen how tough it’s been for Barnes and he was arguably the standout player in the Championship before Christmas.
  7. As Eddie Waring used to say following a dismissal in the Rugby League on Grandstand, “he’s off for first use of the bath” 😄
  8. To be honest, you’ve been one of our most insightful contributors recently. Not that you have much competition, and I include myself in that. 😄
  9. You mentioned that you despair that @Dr the Singh’s reply got three thumbs up. As I was one of them, I’ll explain. Your reply to someone who was the victim of despicable racism following our football team in the 1980s was utterly bizarre. I’m desperately sorry to hear that and truly hope all that nonsense is in the past would have been a far more appropriate comment in my opinion. Why you went off on a tangent that had nothing to do with the context of the thread and racism in English football during the 80s which Dr the Singh had first hand experience of I’ve no idea.
  10. If I’ve learned one thing tonight, it’s that few can master the term Puelesque. 😄
  11. The same turgid 18 months when Puel had a similar start to Rodgers and beat Man City at home and Chelsea away? Look I like Brendan, but there has been a lot of nonsense written in opposition to Puel which my response was in reply to.
  12. Err, because we’ve been told that there was nothing wrong with the players, they’re top 6 material. Apparently it was the toxic atmosphere induced by the manager that was the problem. Once we got rid of him, all would be well...we were told...
  13. So, who is it we’re replacing in the top six?
  14. I agreed with absolutely every word you said...until your last sentence 😄
  15. Nice to know it’s still hurting in all the right places😄
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