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  1. I don’t disagree with the criticism of Puel, but when piling in to him for his faults, I think we should remember that he brought two magnificent players to the Club in Pereira and Tielemans.
  2. All of our last four managers had an excellent early run of results. I’m much happier with Rodgers than Puel, but I think we need to see how things pan out.
  3. Plus 3 from Birmingham who are rolling in a summer hols visit to in laws in Darlington amazingly and entirely coincidentally on the day we play Newcastle 😄
  4. I know it doesn’t make much difference but it was actually a net spend of £20 million because we had to give Hull £9 million.
  5. Nickfosse


    I read your post yesterday and didn’t reply because I’ve never experienced what you and many similar beautiful people on this thread who replied to you have been through. But you’ve been on my mind and I’ve been thinking of you and hoping that moment by moment you are feeling just a little better than before you had the tremendous courage and strength to share what you are going through on this thread. My thoughts and very best wishes are with you. Take care and go gently and go well.
  6. What’s going on in the last paragraph of the ticket announcement? They don’t usually include all those requirements in the away ticket blurb do they?
  7. My favourite moment was John Hartson on the Debate suggesting that Celtic are not bothered with being knocked out of the Champions League. It’s the ten in a row that really matters. 😄 And to think that some were concerned that we would let English football down in the Champions League 😄😄😄
  8. I’ll join you in your retirement 😄 I’ve enjoyed the conversation and I think it has been graceful. There’s been no personal abuse, just a sharing of differing opinions and I thank you for that. Please don’t give up your support. We always have our most sharp conversations with those we have most in common with. I cant make Chelsea as I’m working, but at Sheffield United and Bournemouth I’ll be singing my heart with you and being part of the atmosphere and support we both want for our club.
  9. Maybe not hundreds in a row but I’ve seen plenty of Holland supporters wearing orange caps and all sorts of other dodgy gear come to that.
  10. So by that logic, you think that Dutch supporters wearing orange caps look embarrassing because a cap doesn’t speak of tradition, history or supporting a football team? The orange is fine, it’s not the colour, it’s the cap you have an issue with, yeah?
  11. Of course I do. That’s not really my point. It’s what we’re playing in on Sunday isn’t it. Would you be happy then if blue caps were given out this Sunday?
  12. Should’ve played the reserves 😄 Edit. Bugger, too late 😄
  13. Absolutely this. There seems to be a particular type of football supporter who appear to be extraordinarily bothered about what is said about them on social media after the game by other supporters. As you say it’s sometimes difficult to know where the hipster lines are drawn. If the majority wore the caps we would create a sea of pink in the away end, which is the colour kit we are playing in, but that will be mocked on social media and we will be an embarrassment, however when Holland fans turn up head to toe in orange it’s great.
  14. Bloody hell, that’s a big drop down the pyramid 😄
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