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  1. Criticism of our Young Players

    Ah well, we’ll just have to see how things pan out won’t we. Im sure, as a passionate supporter of Leicester City, you’ll be willing Demarai on and hoping that he can fulfill his potential with us
  2. Criticism of our Young Players

    If you’re going to set yourself up as the board’s windup merchant, at least get your facts right. Birmingham wanted to keep Gray. He insisted on a release clause that we met and they had no choice but to sell him.
  3. Criticism of our Young Players

    Completely agree with this. We have so many examples of players who took time to develop into excellent premier league footballers. You would think we would have more patience and understanding. And it doesn’t extend only to our own players who have developed with us. We saw Kane and Lingard when they were young and we were underwhelmed by them.
  4. Puel

    Spot on. I can predict now the “how can he inspire a team when he’s so boring, I fall asleep when he comes on the radio” and “nobody must have a clue what he’s on about” comments. Really hope the powers that be at the club and more intelligent supporters give him support when we hit a rough patch. It happens. It’s football. You sometimes lose. It doesn’t mean the club is rotten to the core and the manager is clueless.
  5. Puel

    A massive thank you to our French friends for their genuinely interesting and enlightening posts about Puel. I often think of giving up reading this forum when it is full of negative, hyper-critical whinging even during the finest era of our club’s history. Posts such as these remind me why it’s occasionally worth having a look around here.
  6. Best Away Day

    Bloody hell, you were a fuching hard 8 year old if you enjoyed that😄 got pelted with pies and coins from stoke fans behind when Parker scored too.
  7. Best Away Day

    Play off semi v Stoke with the dogs, horses and helicopters protecting us from the hoardes? Had my car walloped by a stoke fan after wanting a fight too. barnsley away in championship winning year was a brilliant evening.
  8. Matty James

    Lennon, Izzett, Parker and Savage, or am I being too kind to Robbie? He was good at what he did for us though.
  9. Andy King

    I was simply commenting on comparing 10 years as a footballer to 10 years at Billy’s Widgets with you adding in only the additional benefits. I don’t think it’s like for like because we’re not scrutinised in the same way. Personally, I think King has a greater role off the pitch than on it these days.
  10. Andy King

    I don’t disagree there are great compensations as a modern day professional footballer. You were comparing it with the average workplace and there are significant differences when it comes to being analysed by the public. I’m sure you’re right in saying King doesn’t have millions around the world scrutinising his every move, but plenty round here are not slow to pass comment on his efforts (myself included).
  11. Andy King

    And the public scrutiny and criticism. How many of us work with 30,000 peering at our every move and millions around the world assessing us on television. Not to mention the message boards and social media that batter us every time we fall short.
  12. Silva Lining

    Good news for those who’d like us to sign Sessegnon
  13. How long will Puel last?

    4 managers in 12 months would be a nonsense, let’s just give the man a chance...and time please.
  14. How long will Puel last?

    For what it’s worth, I was at Anfield yesterday too, and I thought Puel’s analysis was spot on. If we’d looked after the ball better and counter attacked more effectively we would have been fine.
  15. Happy New Year

    Happy new year to you too Ashley