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  1. Burnley v NUFC to be an absolute classic?
  2. NUFC being kept up by the shite below them. Please keep Steve Bruce for next season...
  3. We’ve got tough games to play but we’re in great form. Hull (A) in a couple of weeks time... Blackpool still to place twice!
  4. Feels like Leicester need HT here. Man City dominance.
  5. Apparently being the key word here. We’re yet to see any evidence. Oxford got exactly what they deserved yesterday.
  6. Huge win today. Devastated that Peterborough and Hull both scored so late on to win their games but it’s still massively in our own hands...
  7. Oxford v Lincoln tonight. Home win, please...
  8. Gutted for Stokes. Well played lad
  9. Yep, an absolute disgrace. It shouldn’t be allowed, he set the tone from minute 1.
  10. The filth are so bad to watch. Terribly negative
  11. One of the worst refereeing performances I’ve ever seen in our game today.
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