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  1. are Wolves always this shit?! They don’t look interested at all. Boring to watch also
  2. We’ve got a chance, certainly got momentum. Tough game at Crewe tomorrow who’re 9 unbeaten at home. Swindon (H) and Rochdale (H) next week so a win tomorrow would be huge.
  3. Phil Parkinson froze him out and made him train with the U23’s then loaned him out to Charlton (in the league above at the time). Absolute ****ing joke that bloke.
  4. McGeady with one of the best individual performances I’ve ever seen, he was superb. Genuinely unplayable, horrible afternoon for the Doncaster RB.
  5. You lads have a real chance of winning it this year IMO
  6. Embarrassing, again. Struggle to make the play-offs at this rate.
  7. Dig in lads. Decent enough start, nothing silly now
  8. Solid start from England over in India
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