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  1. Possibly the worst kit we’ve ever had. All white back FFS
  2. Easy. And a nice night on the bets.. There’s my Wembley ticket paid for.
  3. We’re a better footballing side than Portsmouth so disappointed Jack Ross has went with 3 CM’s and 2 number 10’s wide. Should’ve attacked IMO
  4. Hahahaha get that up ya dirty stinking Leeds!!!!
  5. Wow what an awful finish that is, must hit the target
  6. Ha’way Derby. **** Dirty Leeds.
  7. Superb goal and massive result that one. We were on a decent run of form at the time and Allardyce made us hard to beat back end of the season.
  8. Agree for the FA Cup but their champions league coverage is excellent IMO, especially in the group stages when all of the goals are shown as they go in.
  9. Really nervous for tomorrow night. One of those 1-1 draws we’ve had far too often this season, would do nicely.
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