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  1. SAFC1

    Corona Virus

    This has been pathetic.
  2. I can see Leipzig scoring 3 or 4 today.
  3. He’s resigned from the board but still has a 6% stake in the club. I’d be on all night if I was to name the mistakes they’ve made, we’ve been a joke for years and years but their performance since coming in has been embarrassing and worse than anything previous. Just look at Donald on deadline day when it came to signing Will Grigg...
  4. We didn’t deserve play-offs. Stewart Donald needs to sell up ASAP
  5. Schalke horrendous defensively.
  6. This has been far too easy for Dortmund here.
  7. Good touch and finish. Keeper poor imo
  8. Ridiculously defensive with a squad that really should’ve won promotion. Drew so many games 1-1 after taking the lead.
  9. Nah, we’ve only won 6 top flight titles
  10. Everton second best all over the park.
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