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  1. I don't know but if the word United comes up in a football conversation most people would automatically think of Man. U. I'm not sure the same can said about City.
  2. I think that under Brendan Rodgers we will see a change in his all round game due to a playing style that won't just rely on his pace and I wouldn't be surprised if he became more like Kevin Phillips. If so he could well still be playing until his late 30s.
  3. Their arrogance goes all the way back to the Busby years. After he retired he was always at Old Trafford casting a dark shadow over successive managers who could never be expected to repeat his success and they gradually got worst and basically became also rans until Fergie showed up. But even then I can remember the likes of Bobby Charlton banging on about how they were the greatest football club in the world and that ANY player would jump at the chance to play for them. I'm not a great fan of Alan Shearer but I remember the disbelief at United when he turned them down for Newcastle. And now history seems to be repeating itself. Fergie has retired but is still an ever present at Old Trafford casting his own dark shadow over the latest series of managers who will never be able to bring them the same level of success as he did but they will still keep telling everyone that they're the biggest football club in the world. Fingers crossed their demise lasts as long as the last time, which by the way included a relegation in 1974 under Tommy Docherty. Happy Days
  4. What are the odds on it being a betting company?
  5. If we don't manage to sign him he will be in the Kante, Cambiasso category of " How lucky were we to see him play in a Leicester shirt" I really hope we can convince him to stay.
  6. Great performance and great result...can't wait to see what we can do next season...
  7. I grew up with them too and whilst I never want Man Utd to win anything, Liverpool are a very close second behind them in the dislike league. I'll never forget that they were the main reason English teams were banned from European competitions for 5 years. Even laat seaaon they tried to trash the Man City team bus. They are some of the most arrogant self indulgent supporters in football. As for their plaatics...I know a "Leicrster Scouse" that takes the piss out of Man U's " Cockney Reds"... Please. please please....don't let them win it. ( Ever again )
  8. No surprise. Should be good enough for 3 points.
  9. Either he's bored shitless at Celtic winning all the time or he thinks he really can make us top 7.
  10. As a fashion item the grey shirt probably is a thing of beauty. For playing football grey should never be worn.
  11. What makes me laugh is the Leicester scousers who ridicule the Mancs for being Cockney reds.
  12. I think part of the problem is that a lot of people probably can't see the bigger picture. Let's be honest, we're not going to win the league again any time soon but our fairy tale in 2016 has perhaps contributed to affect our expectations. It is obvious that our owners realised that the title win was a one off and that continuing to play solely counter attacking football wasn't going to help us progress long term. They are building slowing for the future. Puel has been given a brief and he is delivering it. Whilst some team selections seem baffling at times it makes sense to try different things when you're not in danger of going down but are not going to challenge the top 2 or 3 either. Would the likes of Chilwell and Hamza have progressed as much if we were fighting to stay up? Would we swap places with the bottom 5 or 6 having to go for it every game because we need every point. I'll take a few seasons of boring middle to top half of the table football whilst the club slowly develop and build a young team capable of challenging in the future.
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