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  1. Could be a cracking signing though if we're prepared to shell out.
  2. What annoys me is when he predicts a team to win simply because, "they haven't won for ages so I just think they might win today. They've got to win sooner or later". The man's been stealing a living for years.
  3. I think you'll find Cags and Soyuncu are the same person.
  4. The other pleasing thing is that we already have a 5 point gap over Everton in 6th.
  5. Really hope we can win this. I know too many Leeds fans and they'll make my ears bleed if they beat us.
  6. I also think that when we got the 14 point cushion there was perhaps a switching off mentally. When we started dropping a few points it didn't seem to matter. I remember Rodgers a couple times saying that if we want to challenge the top clubs we have to have a top club mentality. This is generally a young squad and hopefully they will learn from this season that you can't take anything for granted. Overall I think the season has been a success but if we miss out on Champions League, we'll look back and with a feeling of disappointment at what might have been.
  7. So the players won't be shaking hands before the game, but I bet they'll still pile up on top of each other when they score or do the play ground handshake thing in celebration. Guaranteed that at least half of them will be spitting and clearing the their nostrils all over the place.
  8. Looks like he's morphing into David Moyes.
  9. Would love it if BT Sport have Walshy and Steve Bull in the studio for this one.
  10. WTF!!! I stopped watching because it was like watching paint dry. Pop back on to check the score and I've missed 3 goals...bloody football..
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