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  1. All the pundits who slated us for sacking Puel saying we were expecting too much and should be grateful for avoiding relegation are now predicting us to finish top 6 and calling us dark horses. Modern journalism and footy analysis is wank
  2. 50 million how long will it take these clubs to realise that we're not Southampton. We're not gonna roll over and sell our best assets
  3. Big Daddy and Youri double signing announcement?
  4. I'm not having a tug until he signs. Please Youri
  5. I have no reason for this but I ****ing love ayoze perez. Just one of those random players you take a shine to sometimes
  6. I know it's not finalised but interesting to see Ricardo wearing number 21 on his training gear and Justin wearing number 2
  7. What happened to that Brais Mendez chap we were looking at supposedly?
  8. Can't believe Jordan stood up to Anna rightly and then backed down and let her get on her pedestal again. That girl is 28 and acts like that, then has the cheek to say men are usually too immature for her. Get in the bin
  9. Thought we were on for a good old plane tracking saga and you have to come in here with all that logic to bring me down
  10. People are never ugly they just aren't rich enough!! But seriously if Nige just sits on his money and lives an easy life hunting wild dogs I would be incredibly happy for him. Seems like one of those managers that takes on a lot of stress when he's in a job
  11. He's aging like a fine wine. Absolute silver fox
  12. Nah heard he really respects the opinion of Chris Powell who put in a good word
  13. https://streamable.com/4f0jp
  14. Absolute masterclass. Get in there
  15. Honestly think its the best shape for him to be in. Big muscles take more oxygen. Always assumed more muscles = better but look at guys like Daniel Cormier in the UFC. Literally the most unimpressive physique but has cardio for days. Dunno about boxing as much but in the UFC the muscle bound guys tend to have gas tank issues
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