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  1. Just catching up on motd and I'm glad Fletcher is getting praise on here! Best pundit I've seen on MoTD for a while now. Spot on with his comments about man city's double pivot and what I was really impressed with was his praise of Walker who I thought was fantastic yesterday. So many pundits would just see the score and base all their comments off that rather than the actual game
  2. I agree with this completely in regards to an overreaction. But also worth saying that his performance in the context of just having come back from such a horrible injury was way better than expected. Think we should absolutely keep him
  3. Someone has signed his match ball with the name Bundy. I think there's a number 4 next to it... is that a nickname for Cags? Cos if so then that is hilarious
  4. Gary neville go pickle your walnuts you stupid cretin
  5. Get to the byline instead of an aimless cross and we score. This is what I've asked for for so long! Well in timmy
  6. Castagne has the confidence to go past a player and get to the byline. That's promising
  7. We have a habit of losing to newly promoted teams. Let's buck that trend come on city
  8. I'd be gutted if he leaves. I think he's class
  9. Is it bad that a big part of me was rooting for Denmark just because of Kasper?
  10. Name I haven't heard of? God yes gerrimin. Matt targett who I have heard of? Nah mate
  11. Sounds similar to what I'm dealing with! And as a response to wolfox I'm not one to self diagnose but am also conscious of not wasting NHS time at the moment! From what I've read it seems like something that you can bare through the pain if you're so inclined. Fingers crossed after a while this will be a non issue
  12. Wasn't sure if there was a running thread but I found this. Has anyone else had issues with plantar fascitis and running? I've become addicted to running while losing my weight but I think running as such a heavy bloke has finally caught up to me. I've been running for just over a year and lost 10 stone. I went for a 15km last week and ever since then my heel is absolute agony whenever I wake up or until I stretch it out. Don't want to go to the dr's at the mo but from my research I'm pretty sure it's plantar fascitis. Just wondering if anyone has any advice as my goal for next year is running 3 marathons and I'm worried if this is a recurring thing that it might be an obstacle. Plus running is the only thing that preserves my mental health and having not been able to go for the last week I'm losing my mind!
  13. I don't rate him at all from what I've seen of him
  14. He's really improved and his link up play is excellent. Really don't understand why Rodgers didn't put more trust in him and subbed him off early. We'd be stupid to sell imho tbqh
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