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  1. God Liverpool fans are insufferable. Wanking themselves off over Robertson and what a "great bunch of lads" their team is. Never seen a team full of such dirty bastards get away without having a reputation. Milner and Mane are so dirty and no-one mentions it
  2. More angry at the ref giving high foot against Perez when we had Vardy and Albrighton clean through. His foot was about knee height **** right off
  3. Wilfred Ndidi might be my favourite ever player. Looked a bit emotional at the end bless him. Praet was excellent, Tielemans quality, Ricardo world class. The rate at which we won the ball back was really great to see
  4. Really impressed with how quickly we're winning the ball back
  5. He has deserved that so much! Edit: own goal.. bollocks!
  6. Of course Atkinson stops play. Not a head injury you ****ing dildo
  7. The annoying thing is maddison seeing Barkley playing ahead of him will make him think that the best way to get into the team is to transfer to a "top 6" club. Barkley is ****ing wank and has been for ages Top 6 is stated with massive quotation marks.
  8. Soyuncu having 63 pace is bizarre
  9. Forgot ndidi and maddison! Got 38 though but let myself down majorly there!
  10. I hope he manages to join the 100 prem goals club
  11. If we add that bit more in the final third the sky is the limit for us this season. Exciting times
  12. Not a thrashing but definitely gave them a good diddling. That second half performance was so controlled and dominating. Vardy looked like he was back in his Championship days getting onto every back pass and scaring the keeper. Maddison looks so much better playing deeper and influencing the game more. Will go under the radar as its expected at this point but Ricardo was absolutely unbelievable.. kept Fraser quiet all game Loved the thumbs up between Brendan and Top at the end as well
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