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  1. Schmeichel Justin - Fofana - Evans - Castagne Ndidi Youri Maddison Under Barnes Iheanacho Maybe something like that? Maybe put Perez in for Under, but I think Iheanacho's link up play combined with Maddison and Barnes' go
  2. This season is crazy. Teams can go on a four of five game skid like Liverpool and still come back in for title contention. Don't write off Liverpool yet give it a couple of weeks and they'll be up there again
  3. Thing is it wouldn't take many dropped points for all these pundits to say they never thought we had a chance
  4. Comment from an arsenal fan on reddit: "Using a double pivot of Kovacic and Mount against one of the most balanced midfields in the league is criminal. When Chelsea lost the ball they had no urgency to regain possession which allowed Tielemans, Ndidi, and Madison ages to pick a pass. They were cut up like a Sunday roast with all the line breaking passes.
  5. Odegaard has requested a loan away from Real Madrid...
  6. He's like Nugent or Olazaki. Slightly unfashionable but we're undeniably better with him in the team at the moment
  7. Ricardo and Castagne linking up on the same side could be absolute filth.
  8. We've found another level in the last couple of games. Two clean sheets in a row! Vardy has played more of a role in build up in the last couple of games I think
  9. Martin Tyler pulling teeth to give us a compliment there
  10. That run and then another beautiful tackle. Fofana has potential to be unbelievably good.
  11. Add that maddison pass to the great balls list
  12. Pretty sure madders must have taken on board my criticism from a few weeks ago with him struggling to come back from injury He's found a new level of comfort at this level and him chipping in with goals has really propelled our momentum
  13. Its funny playing "find the illegal streamers and the sky customers" in these match threads
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