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  1. To me it seems like he never fully recovered from those injury issues earlier in the season. He was never quick obviously but he has seemed stuck in the mud at times. Have every faith in him to come back stronger
  2. All the people criticising Ndidi earlier in the season need to get in the bin. Guy has been an absolute machine with Tielemans next to him
  3. Hahahaha **** you Dyche you horrible shite
  4. The problem with Wolves is the shady business with their relationship with super agent Jorge Mendez and the conflict of interest that may arise from that. Having that guy on your side makes it 10x easier to sign basically 50% of players as he represents so many. Some clear shady business going on and they benefit massively from it. Having said that, anyone who denies they play great football or that they deserve their 7th place is probably a nonce
  5. No sympathy for Watford in terms of refereeing decisions after the absolute shite last week
  6. He;s like a Gerrard/ Iniesta hybrid. Absolute dogs bollocks
  7. In a world where £12 million gets you either Josh or Jacob Murphy, Tielemans is worth my first born child
  8. He's second for chances created in the top 5 leagues, only beaten by Memphis Delay. That's incredible. We should be having more patience with him
  9. I love the bloke and I can't blame him at all, but giving Matty James a contract like that when he was still injured (I think, or at least just coming out of injury with a dodgy record) is unbelievably poor management by the club.
  10. Poor refereeing performance. Deeney remaining on the pitch is actually the funniest joke I've heard in weeks and their midfielders had way too many second chances. But that's no excuse it's the same old problems. An early goal, clueless in the final third, and then a stupid mistake. That freekick in the 92nd minute we had and we decide to pass it backwards? Inspired. Too early to judge Rodgers but that choice to take Tielemans off is very, very worrying. Iheanacho is our worst player in years
  11. Our tactic of attacking by passing back to Schmeichel really worked at the end there
  12. So we had a free kick.. trying to win the game. And we go backwards and concede. This is the shit that got Puel sacked
  13. Oh wow taking Tielemans off is baffling
  14. Refs finally found his cards at least. All Watford do is have Capoue and Doucore foul it pisses me off
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