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  1. Even if there wasn't a pandemic I'd be fuming if they were out partying this close to one our biggest games of the season. Absolute disrespect
  2. Oh yeah absolutely. I'd rather have Praet in that position any day of the week. But if you compare Ayo and Maddison they have a very similar technique in trapping the ball and turning. I don't think anyone else we have in the squad really does the same. If I'm not conveying the specific move I have in my head then it doesn't make sense but if you take this system we have been playing in the last few games then Perez and Maddison function in a very similar way. I'm also several vodkas deep so I may make absolutely zero sense
  3. I'm completely biased in favour of Ayoze because I loved him even before he was a Leicester player (absolutely no reason just one of them that you take a shine to) but I do have to say that he is nowhere near good enough to be a starter for where we want to be. However, he is the only player we have that can fulfil maddison's role. Not in terms of playmaking but in terms of receiving the ball on the turn. He is very good at taking the ball in his stride and turning and running at the back four... just his decision making from there is very questionable. He's almost like Knockaert in a lot of w
  4. He hasn't had too many big decisions to make but Jesus christ this has been an awful refereeing performance. Obviously wouldn't really make a difference but he is literally giving decisions based on who screams the loudest
  5. Martin Tyler couldn't sleep last night because he was too busy dreaming up the wanky phrase he's gonna say if Aguero scores
  6. So glad others have noticed. He was incredible.. the whole team was but I guarantee Marc rustled them up good and proper. And also had plenty of attacking influence.
  7. 100% mate and what is frustrating is that I know this is all I need to hear. I've done well to make the next couple of days fairly positive but I just get to a point where I'm compulsively thinking of stuff that I know is going to take myself to that irrational dark place (Sadly no Garth Marengi). And I know that's the most difficult part for someone else to deal with me struggling. Usually going for a run or walk has been my reliable way of stopping it but that doesn't seem to be working anymore. But nah thank you for your reply and the honesty... that's what I respond to best! Shitting out m
  8. In the familiar phase of having a complete breakdown and not being able to function anymore. Luckily I think I caught it early this time compared to how I usually do but I'm getting really sick of feeling this way. Feels like when I'm positive it's only because I'm successfully keeping myself so busy that I don't have time to think and any time I do then I'm just immediately miserable. I've developed ways of coping better and functioning but when it all comes down to it I'm just a person that's had all the life kicked out of them and is just broken. I get heart warmed seeing some of the commu
  9. Haha trust me this is the first and last time I will ever have inside information on anything
  10. Lamela only goes for the rabona because before this game he was yet to complete a single pass with his right foot
  11. Hahaha im a pathetic excuse for a human being don't worry about it
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