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  1. I can't believe the negativity there is around him from some of our fans. People talk about players like Mahrez having no loyalty but when we have two academy players in chilwell and Barnes playing regularly in a top 4 Leicester side and they get regularly slated by our own 'fans' you can't blame players for not being loyal. Get a ****ing grip we've have years of utter dross from the academy so get behind local lads like Choudhury cos otherwise we'll lose them
  2. Hard to play against 2 goalkeepers tbf. We were shit but that was pathetic refereeing all game
  3. Presumably Villa will be allowed two goalkeepers should it go to penalties as well?
  4. Why is this useless keeper deciding to have a stormer in both legs against us?
  5. So glad we had to fight for that in the end. Team showed what they're made of. This team is special and us as fans need to remember that. Coming of age performance from Barnes today
  6. That would have been goal of the century jesus
  7. The silence in the stadium then! Wow eerie
  8. There's not many teams who could be 3rd in the league and consistently slag off their left back and both wingers
  9. That guys played like a right twat so far as well
  10. I'm going to be in this thread religiously from this day on - so if you need to talk about life to some random 20 something year old from Suffolk then please message me. Life is shit but we shall manage it together That is really a pledge - if you don't want something to be public then message it to me personally and we can talk about it in person! It's hard to make your feelings public but if I can be a stepping stone then please use me! Even if it's just a stepping stone then that helps me feel like I have a purpose
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