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  1. Just been down to the club store. If he doesn't sign they're going to have to take a lot of posters of Youri in the new kit making a love heart down
  2. I'd rather be owned by billionaires who stand by their countries morals and what they believe in than billionaires who represent oil money and basically slavery. I'm sure they've done some shady shit in their business dealings but as billionaires go I'm proud that they represent us
  3. Man City haven't dropped any points since January. You can't argue with that... to go on that run at this stage of the season is incredible. Heartbreaking for Liverpool but with a bit of perspective they should be very pleased with what they've achieved. What a title race
  4. Thank you Danny Simpson and thank you Okazaki for all that you've done for this club! Absolute heros and it's devastating that their time has come!
  5. Namajunas brutally gets slam KO'd and the women's divisions lose their last actual female champ
  6. Spurs seem to be pursuing Andre gomes. Good news?
  7. Sean from Enderby is un-ironically the only source I trust now. The way he shut down that rumour. Majestic. This is a man at the absolute top of his game. Tiger Woods in his red shirt type stuff
  8. Also what sort of spec are you looking for? What games do you want to be able to play and at what resolution?
  9. Probably not the answer you want to hear but the best option really is to build it yourself. It's not that hard at all if you do your research and it is ridiculously rewarding. Don't cheap out on the power supply though
  10. Look like Chelsea with the white socks haha. Got Fernando Torres up front
  11. Think the calculator would set on fire to be honest
  12. Albrighton rinsed zinchenko in the first match didn't he?
  13. Title says it all really just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a place to get a tat done in Leicester?
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