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  1. @Mark 'expert' Lawrenson I think you may have the best username on FoxesTalk 😆 My Dad’s a Norwich fan so I’ll tell him we won’t sign their star player this transfer window for Fathers Day
  2. Jeez we did well to stay up that year 😁
  3. I think our away support is amongst the worst in the league - The amount of people sitting down or standing up with their arms folded. I tried to start a chant at Liverpool this season to end the library atmosphere and just got an "on your own" lol. And when a few people start a generic Leicester Leicester Leicester chant at the back, most people ignore it or join in muttering under their breath 😆
  4. Did anyone ever watch HBO's Rome? I got Netflix a while ago to watch it but then it got taken off. Does anyone know of a way to watch it other than pay the extortionate prices on Amazon?
  5. That's the problem with privatisation - people say it encourages fair prices through competition but that isn't really true, just look at the train lines where train companies get a monopoly on a line and then can charge whatever they want, and no one can use a different company. The healthcare system in America is truly awful, geared for exploiting the maximum profit from patients; I've heard of people even being reluctant to call an ambulance because of the extortionate price, and an X Ray is ridiculously expensive. Many people there can simply not afford to be sick. Since Thatcher we've been edging slowly closer to the American model, where greed is king. One of the reasons I support renationalisation of the railways for instance.
  6. Wow. 😱 Did he ever keep any shrapnel or anything that he found? My grandad lived in Finchley in London and wasn't evacuated, so they had raids a lot (the V1s used to go over his neighbourhood) - though kids in those days weren't any way near as frightened as the adults were. My grandparents still have their ration books in the attic and some old coins and things, and probably lots of other stuff In fact my grandma was evacuated outside London but after a short time in this house next door to the local air raid siren, they decided to just move back home 😆 They had a Morrison shelter, but apparently they sometimes just stayed in bed when the siren went as they thought the Morrison wouldn't do much!
  7. I think I was a bit too hasty in just choosing songs from my favourite artists - I think it may be better to choose songs that transport you back or remind you of a specific point in your life. So: 1. Go Betty Go - C'mon (Playing burnout on the ps2 as a kid with my older brother) 2. Drake Bell - I Found A Way (Kids tv nostalgia watching Drake & Josh) 3. Republica - Ready To Go (Reminds me of my first season going to Leicester games in 2002) 4. Digitalism- Circles (Yes, FIFA was my childhood 😂) 5. Michael Palin/Monty Python - The Lumberjack Song (Love Monty Python to bits) * 6. France Gall - Bebe Requin (Beautiful French singer brings me back to studying my French A-Levels, my first musical crush as well) 7. Glenn Miller - Chattanooga Choo Choo (My favourite WW2 era song, also my favourite historical era) 8. Dinah Shore - Buttons And Bows (My grandma's favourite song as a girl, and reminds me of her) I think that's better but once on the island I'd probably go crazy without The Smiths
  8. I for one would love to read them one day if you ever make them available 😜. These stories are fascinating, it makes me wish I knew more about my own family's involvements. My grandad did his national service around 1955/1956, and just as he was about to finish he was instructed that he was to go to Egypt as this was the height of the Suez Crisis. Obviously as a kid I had never heard of this and I asked if he had ever shot anyone as many 7/8 year olds might unthinkingly do. He would always change the subject as I could tell he didn't like talking about it, but my grandma told me that he had seen action, though I don't know exactly where. I spent a year studying the Suez Crisis at university to understand his experience, and it sounded like a disaster, the British being sent to take back the Suez Canal by pretending to defend it after colluding with the French and the Israelis, and lots of British soldiers kidnapped and killed by Egyptian nationalist guerillas. I would have been livid to have seen my friends killed in such a conflict. After Suez, my grandad decided to stay in the army to become an officer instead of going back to his bank job, and was sent to training where he shared a hut with 5 or 6 other guys. One day on of his mates was fooling about and thought it would be funny to throw some live ammunition into the fire. Well you can imagine what happened, they destroyed the hut and were luckily unhurt, but despite the protest of the one responsible all of them were held responsible and kicked out of the army. My grandad was always slightly bitter about this, but he did get a letter from John Leyton, the guilty fella, afterwards apologising - he went on to have a music and acting career and was in the Great Escape. Just checked and found that he's still around - I might see if I can contact him to ask him about it...
  9. Do you know where he was stationed, or what battles he participated in? My great grandad didn't join til 1917, I think he may have been at Passchendaele but I'll have to check. My granddads uncle who was in the Royal Flying Corps actually got a medal for gallantry or something, but I can't remember exactly what since I was around 7 when I was told about it
  10. I'll start, unfortunately I know nothing about what my family did in the World Wars as my grandparents never asked what their parents did in WW1, beyond one being in the navy, another in the infantry and an uncle in the Royal Flying Corps. My grandparents were kids during WW2 and they've told me a few interesting things about rationing, air raids and the black market for instance, but for know I'll just briefly share a few stories from people I've spoken to with fighting stories. My stepdad's father lied about his age to join the army in 1944, but missed the Normandy Landings. Instead he was involved in the Battle of the Bulge in late 1944, where his unit tried to prevent the SS armoured division from taking a vital fuel depot on their way to the Belgian ports. But his involvement didn't last long, after seeing most of his friends ripped to shreds by mortar fire, including his officer who was extremely popular, he himself was blasted off his feet and shot through the leg. After some time he was eventually picked up by some American troops who took him to their camp to care for him - plenty of chocolate for him too, as this was just a boy of 17. It was a 'Blighty' wound and he was sent home. He was extremely lucky. I once spoke for a long time to an old man in a hospital ward a few years ago who told me that he was a paratrooper during WW2 and he took part in the disastrous Arnhem raid. My overriding memory from talking to him was the fear he had after landing in dense forest, completely alone and disoriented in the dark, and then suddenly hearing German voices around him, not knowing how close they were... Finally a good friend of my Grandparents who they have had an annual dinner along with others for many years witnessed a very important moment at the end of the war. He's 96 now, and his memory was completely clear when I spoke to him for almost the entirety of one of these dinners about his experiences. In August 1945 he was a member of the British delegation on board the USS Missouri along with General Douglas MacArthur to receive the surrender of Japanese forces. I was a kid when he told me about it, and I remember not believing that the Japanese representative was wearing a full 19th century upper class suit, complete with top hat and monocle until I saw it on video footage! I'd love to hear anything you guys have to share - these stories, no matter how brief should never be forgotten 🙂🇬🇧
  11. With the 75th anniversary of D-Day coming up it's more important than ever to remember those who fought before the Second World War goes out of living memory - I'd like to know if anyone has any stories or memories to do with WW2 or indeed any other conflict. Can be stories or titbits you have been told by family members, even just as simple as what they experienced during wartime, or your own experiences if you were around during a conflict.
  12. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.rt.com/news/460735-us-bullying-36-countries/amp/ Team ‘Murica: World Police at it again. So much for free trade Only if US benefits I suppose
  13. Don’t think you’ll find the Conservatives willing to reform it, Labour might.
  14. What’s to be unhappy about? He can either take an obscene amount of money every week to play FIFA and watch TV, or he can request a transfer. Not really ‘Sophie’s choice’
  15. Our squad is better than theirs, I think we would have stood a better chance of winning that game than them. Who, other than Aubameyang from that squad would you have in Leicester’s team? Maybe Koscielny, Ozil and Lacazette as well, but I wouldn’t start Lacazatte ahead of Vardy if I was playing one striker. Willock and Iwobi would probably not make our bench.
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