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  1. Got the mid icon pack with swap deal players - I got 87 Gianfranco Zola. I was disappointed as I knew I'd got pretty much the worst overall possible, but tbh he feels much better than 91 De Bruyne, and at least I didn't get Sol Campbell or Nakata lol ? Anyone else who got the mid icon pack, who did you get?
  2. On another plane entirely my mums boyfriend met Lenny Henry and Dawn French when he worked at a hotel, apparently she's really nice, but he is a total willy puller, he even made a waitress cry - I'm told he got some extra 'froth' in his coffee in return
  3. In 1985 my grandparents were at a dinner in LA and they found themselves chatting with none other than Jimmy Stewart and his wife! They must have got on well, as I'm told he said to his wife, "say wouldn't Ron and Nancy love to meet Ted and Pam"! They got invited to stay at some weeken retreat with Stewart, Reagan, and who knows would have been there, but it all got cancelled after Reagan had to stay in Washington to deal with some plane hijacking or something. Apparently that was one of the biggest disappointments of their lives, though they did have many other interesting meetings, such as my grandad giving Cary Grant a lift to his mums in Bristol for 5 weeks (as you do lol) ?
  4. Nice, unfortunately the Ronaldo is untradeable, shame as he goes for like 3.3 mil lol - but tbh it's just so fun using him, this is the first Fifa where my squad is basically a FUT draft team ? For the swap deals, is anyone planning on getting the mid icon pack? I'm not sure how good mid icons are, as I've never had a single one
  5. Watching PMQs and every time the PM gets asked a challenging question they change the subject, and/or attack and insult the asker. Enfuriates me. I'll chuck in First Past the Post while I'm at it
  6. Guys what is the best card you've pulled from a pack? I ask cos I randomly just got ovr 98 Champions League Ronaldo from a weekly challenge reward pack... ? In all my years playing Fifa the highest I've ever got was around the 85 mark lol ?
  7. Alternatively, a song for Albrighton, or Gray when they're on the right wing, could work for either. To the tune of Sinatra's 'Strangers in the night' Demarai's on the right, Exchanging passes, with Vardy at first sight, What were the chances, things would be alright, With Demarai on the right! Could swap Demarai for Albrighton, and if they're playing bad, you could change 'things would be alright', to 'he'd be fvckin shite' ? Just call me Lennon/McCartney
  8. To the tune of Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep: Youri Tielemans, YOURI TIELEMANS, Youri Tielemans, YOURI TIELEMANS, We signed him from far, far away! Youri Tielemans cost us 40 million, (You-ri, Youri Youri Tielemans), But he's gonna pass the ball like a fvckin Brazilian, (You-ri, Youri Youri Tielemans)! And repeat until bored ?
  9. We need a better song for Vardy - to the tune of Depeche Mode's 'Just Can't Get Enough' 'De de de de.. (Etc) Jamie Vardy!' (x2) 'His name is Jamie Vardy, he's Leicester's number nine, (I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough), Your defence is terrified when Vardy leads the line, (I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough), He's the best that we've ever seen, And I just can't seem to get enough, VARDY! (and repeat)
  10. @Mark 'expert' Lawrenson I think you may have the best username on FoxesTalk ? My Dad’s a Norwich fan so I’ll tell him we won’t sign their star player this transfer window for Fathers Day
  11. I think our away support is amongst the worst in the league - The amount of people sitting down or standing up with their arms folded. I tried to start a chant at Liverpool this season to end the library atmosphere and just got an "on your own" lol. And when a few people start a generic Leicester Leicester Leicester chant at the back, most people ignore it or join in muttering under their breath ?
  12. Did anyone ever watch HBO's Rome? I got Netflix a while ago to watch it but then it got taken off. Does anyone know of a way to watch it other than pay the extortionate prices on Amazon?
  13. That's the problem with privatisation - people say it encourages fair prices through competition but that isn't really true, just look at the train lines where train companies get a monopoly on a line and then can charge whatever they want, and no one can use a different company. The healthcare system in America is truly awful, geared for exploiting the maximum profit from patients; I've heard of people even being reluctant to call an ambulance because of the extortionate price, and an X Ray is ridiculously expensive. Many people there can simply not afford to be sick. Since Thatcher we've been edging slowly closer to the American model, where greed is king. One of the reasons I support renationalisation of the railways for instance.
  14. Wow. ? Did he ever keep any shrapnel or anything that he found? My grandad lived in Finchley in London and wasn't evacuated, so they had raids a lot (the V1s used to go over his neighbourhood) - though kids in those days weren't any way near as frightened as the adults were. My grandparents still have their ration books in the attic and some old coins and things, and probably lots of other stuff In fact my grandma was evacuated outside London but after a short time in this house next door to the local air raid siren, they decided to just move back home ? They had a Morrison shelter, but apparently they sometimes just stayed in bed when the siren went as they thought the Morrison wouldn't do much!
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