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  1. Ricardo/Kevin Pressman Robbie Neilson Matt Mills Zak Whitbred/Wayne Brown Tom Kennedy Jesse Lingard Nick Powell Michael Johnson Ahmed Musa Roman Bednar Harry Kane
  2. I sometimes wonder whether people critically assess the source of the information they rely on during elections - judging from the Sun and Telegraph reading conservatives in my family I highly doubt it, considering they base what they think EXCLUSIVELY on right wing press and tweets from right wing figures. I honestly think any so called ‘newspaper’ that has any political affiliation should not be allowed to be called a ‘newspaper’ as that implies a certain objective ness or impartiality which simply isn’t there. And to be honest if you read the Sun, daily fail or express you deserve to be lied to.
  3. You’ve got a pretty good knowledge of music Marco 👍 I’d say this hasn’t really been a decade of great music, there are only really a handful of artists I have liked: 2010: Sia - We Are Born 2011: REM - Collapse into Now 2012: Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon 2013: Johnny Marr - The Messenger 2014: Morrissey - World Peace Is None of Your Business 2015: None 2016: The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It 2017: Imagine Dragons - Evolve 2018: None 2019: LSD - Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present... LSD Some of those albums I prefer to others (2012 and 2017 are by no means great albums), but I really think I was born in the wrong era for music 😬
  4. My sound wasn’t great when I was watching the match, I think I remember hearing a song about Vardy and his magic hat can anyone tell me the words? Haven’t heard it before 😬
  5. Not sure how to embed on iPhone, but this is Sia before she wore wigs and had mainstream success, really amazing live performance https://youtu.be/qq66J6Y3vHo
  6. Don’t believe everything you read in the daily fail, the media bias in this country really is disgusting
  7. Cheers, I’ll probably just sell then, CEX website says they give either £24 or a £29 voucher 👍 I’m annoyed I got Black Fridayed into buying it lol, my brother has it and I’ve seen the problems in FUT and career mode that are so fkin annoying. I’ve had every Fifa since 05 and it shows how crap this one is that this is the first one I’m getting rid of 😔
  8. Just started playing the game and I’m having traditional FIFA buyers remorse - starting with such a shite team is making me regret getting rid of Fifa 19 and my 94 rated team lol. Is it worth sticking with it considering the bugs like heading etc. or do you think I should just sell it on at a slight loss, and save myself the stress of grinding to keep up with the 98% who have POTM Vardy? My fearsome CB pairing of Jonny Evans and Gary Cahill can’t quite cope 😂 (I got it for £35)
  9. I do agree about the ground being unhelpful, the more compact grounds like Loftus Road carry the noise a lot better and creates a great atmosphere - doesn’t excuse our now awful atmosphere week in week out though, it’s been fantastic in the past, I think maybe a lot of our fans are becoming a bit complacent
  10. Been away for a while but couldn’t resist this lol - 2 things 1. Our support really is worse than I’ve ever seen it before, near silence broken only by 1 short chorus of “Come on Leicester” and frequent groaning whenever a player loses the ball or makes a mistake. Until we score and we get a couple of minutes of atmosphere before descending to silence/groaning again. 2. I laughed so much at the 80 minute brigade missing another late goal, almost as much as I laughed at the droves who missed Iheanacho’ last minute goal. Maybe these last 2 games and Rodgers even mentioning the fans leaving early might encourage people to stay, but I doubt it, everyone’s too keen to watch I’m a Celeb instead right?
  11. Sep Smith, Graham Cross, Andy King and Jamie Vardy Or Mark de Vries, Barry Hayles, Elvis Hammond and Levi Porter, it's a tough call 😁
  12. You've taken that quote out of the context of that post. Read it again and you'll see I was talking about the distinction between 'fans' and 'supporters' which @old koppite mentioned, and this is completely consistent with my above post.
  13. I didn't call anyone 'bad fans', I simply pointed out the irony that the only response those that leave early give is a sarcastic "you're such a better fan than me", when choosing to not stay for the duration of a game or appreciating your team after a 5-0 win might suggest a little apathy or little less dedication than those who support for the full 90 mins and after. Nothing controversial about that.
  14. Straw man argument again bud, point out where I mentioned elderly fans who have a valid reason to avoid being in a jostling crowd. The fact is @Babylon and @UniFox21 it's all very well categorising every single fan who leaves early as needing to catch a train or being too frail to endure having to queue to get out of the ground, but we all know that's not true for the vast majority of those who leave early. They just want to avoid a bit of traffic.
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