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  1. Yeah don't expect a strong moral message from the people behind an entirely immoral 'sport'.
  2. You're welcome to console yourselves with the notion that getting knocked out of this makes qualifying for the Champions League more likely, but it's nonsense.
  3. Why are they bothering with this shit when he's offside?
  4. Poor BT really don't know how to not talk about Liverpool
  5. My suggestion is Bossanova>Bossa Nova
  6. Professional cheating, it's their whole thing.
  7. Oh I'm not blaming him at all, I feel really sorry for him. It was like the parting of the red sea after the second red.
  8. I can't imagine what is happening in Ralph Hasenhüttl's head. Imagine having to go into an interview after a 9-0 defeat and not even being able to trot out the 'this has never happened to me before' line.
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