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  1. If nothing else, we'll be great on FM.
  2. Would explain Bournemouth/Lingaard
  3. If Porto finish 3rd in their Champions League group we might need him for the Europa League.
  4. Manchester City Chelsea Liverpool Manchester United Wolves Arsenal Tottenham Leicester Southampton Everton West Ham Sheffield United Burnley (Brentford) Crystal Palace Brighton WBA Leeds Newcastle (Fulham) Aston Villa
  5. I mean we still absolutely robbed Man United and improved our defence doing it. If we hadn’t sold them Maguire we’d be £80m poorer, they’d most likely have got a more competent defender and we’d have been much further off them. It was absolutely the right decision on his part to go, and on our part to sell. United less so, but they can afford to carry him and still do okay. But by their standards only okay.
  6. Mark_w

    Yacine Adli

    Surely he's far too good on FM to cost €14m?
  7. More wins, fewer defeats.
  8. I think you also have to be realistic with your expectations. And I do know that we could have realistically finished 3rd this season, but with the resources we have versus other teams in the league, 5th is a big achievement in of itself. We don't have the squad to cope with the injuries we've had, or to be able to change things up massively when a player is doing poorly. We just don't, and we aren't in a financial position to have that without doing some absolutely miraculous transfer deals. Competing at the level we are is a huge achievement, and if people moan too much we'll drive away the staff and players that have us here, and be back to the level we were for most of our history.
  9. Okay. Another fact is it's the 5th highest finish in our 136 year history.
  10. Think Buendia would set up a ton of Vardy goals.
  11. I mean if we're going to use that analogy (and we probably shouldn't but I'll humour you). It's a bit like being a 2 out of 10, and dating a 2 out of 10 for years, and then getting together with a 10 out of 10 once, her leaving you and you ending up with an 8 out of 10 and whinging about it because you have delusions of grandeur.
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