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  1. Oi! Ref! You said 20 seconds a minute ago you c***!
  2. 100%. If Vardy did it to win us a Semi-Final we'd love it. It's exactly the sort of thing he'd have gladly done pre-VAR, wheeled away in front of the opposition fans, cupped his ears, and be treated like an absolute hero for. Players should have a win at all costs mentallity, that's their job.
  3. I can't imagine Messi's heart would really be in it and they're both at potential retirement age so we'd probably be better off sticking with the one who seems genuinley eager to be here.
  4. RIP, one of the best sporting cheats in history and that's no bad thing in my mind.
  5. I'm not sure how much difference it makes to the performance of the match engine? The match engine is great, the match interface feels like a small step back to me. I'm missing the timeline hugely, where's the option to view it?
  6. Surely user experience is ultimately more important the 'feel'?
  7. Pretty much every significant away game pre-2018.
  8. I essentially mean fans who saw their team (legitimately) struggle for a decent period of time. Man City do have that, United/Liverpool/Arsenal don't, and Chelsea are a horrible club really.
  9. I don't want any of Everton/Southampton/Wolves/Villa getting our surprise title winners attention, and, in spite of Guardiola and their ownership, Man City are preferable to the others. They still have some fans who know what it's like to support a normal football team.
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