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  1. Why not?
  2. What on Earth made you think starting this thread was a good idea?
  3. This is how we win the league.
  4. Lack of imagination.
  5. Pretty much.
  6. These tournaments keep getting more and more plausible.
  7. Or maybe the media didn't cover it because nobody really cares.
  8. Labour got roughly 40% of the vote and 40% of the MPs, the Tories got 42% of the vote and 49% of the MPs at this election. With PR in place - if people had voted the same way - they'd most likely be leading a left-wing coalition. When's the last time right of center parties had over 50% of the popular vote? I think they had 50% in 2015 but can't remember when it was higher than that? On the face of it it looks like it could help Labour.
  9. Because what they're saying is obvious, obviously.
  10. He got 40% of the vote. The Conservatives are not going to have an easy year or two/three/four. Another poor Tory campaign coupled with a UKIP comeback that takes voters more effectively from the Tories than Labour (quite conceivable depending on how Brexit negotiations go), and he could very conceivably win the next election while changing very little. At least I don't see why he couldn't, but maybe I'm just being optimistic. There's no reason not to reach out to the rest of the party now though and it can only make Labour look stronger, so I hope he does.
  11. Jezza out.