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  1. Don't get angry Mark, we've won the Premier League.
  2. I think everybody else would work out pretty quickly never to give me the ball.
  3. When we dropped into the relegation zone between Ranieri being sacked and Craig Shakespeare's first game really amounts to the same thing doesn't it?
  4. Was a bit funny.
  5. Loan him to Preston IMO
  6. No he couldn't, his penalty couldn't have won us the shoot-out and he'd been pretty rubbish all season.
  7. Probably would have.
  8. Ugh, really deserved something from that. F***ing bollocks. Man City better finish above Spuds now.
  9. Deep breaths
  10. It's amazing how many of the people who can be bothered to put together a photoshopped kit, can't be bothered to check they're using an up to date logo.
  11. There's some interesting stuff going on in the Craig Whyte trial right now isn't there? Wonder how the Blackpool fans are enjoying League Two. Perhaps just all owners of football clubs should be approached with caution, Britain has its fair share of incompetent and/or dodgy businessmen.
  12. Come on Bradford them.
  13. Can you imagine how painful it would be if Blackburn can get two and Forest concede. Please.
  14. Give Spurs some credit, it's not easy finishing second in a two horse race but they're gonna do it.