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  1. Mark_w

    Corona Virus

    Someone is an absolute hero.
  2. https://dcfcfans.uk/forum/39-bvb-fans/ Going a bit far
  3. Wish we weren't to be honest. What's the point of risking the health of our players and their families for football in empty stadiums, if you need a football fix watch the Bundesliga.
  4. Give global warming a few more years.
  5. The ‘interviewer’ was a bit of a tit though.
  6. I celebrated that dreadful scrappy shambles of a goal more enthusiastically than I care to admit.
  7. Oh, I get it, rape. Very funny.
  8. I'm assuming there's no 2. Bundesliga televised in the UK? Would love to catch a Bochum or St. Pauli game.
  9. I imagine a Premier League winners medal looks better on a footballer’s CV than a few extra goals for Mainz. He might not get the credit he deserves but that season will have done more for his profile than any other in his career.
  10. 1. Mahrez vs. Man City 2. Ulloa vs. Norwich 3. Vardy vs. Liverpool 4. Vardy vs. Man United 5. King vs. Everton
  11. Except Liverpool have a much better squad than we did, have much more money than we did and aren't in any real danger of losing any player they desperately want to keep. We got to a stage where Vardy could have chosen to go to Arsenal if he wanted - that's not going to happen with Liverpool's most important players - and even if it did they'd find it much easier to find top quality replacements than we would. Liverpool are one of the most famous clubs in the world, we were a great story but our position was infinitely more fragile than Liverpool's is. It's really not the same.
  12. Chelsea had a very good squad, a talented new manager & had picked up towards the end of the season. On top of that they had massive resources way ahead of our own, to buy and retain players. There's a reason that there's such a strong correlation between club's wage bills and their league positions. We still had a lot of uncertainty about whether Mahrez and Vardy were going to be at the club at the start of the next season. I don't think you can say there was no justification for the decision in terms of which club was better placed to be a success on the pitch.
  13. I know. I'm not saying Mahrez was wrong to go either (I just think he handled it before and after in a much more s***ty way). The point I was making was the 'he left to a crap Chelsea side so it wasn't a footballing decision' argument doesn't really hold up when they then won the league.
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