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  1. £4 per away game huh? Wow, yes you have to commend them. Very generous to give fans who pay £900-odd quid for a season ticket a maximum of £76 off away games over the course of a season. If there's a single football club in England that deserves zero credit for their ticket pricing, it's Arsenal.
  2. As if the Sun ever ask any journalist to 'gauge the mood'. It's just 'go and find one nutter who suits our agenda'.
  3. Can't wait to hear Joey Barton's take on it all.
  4. Everyone remember to give us an extra point and take two off Liverpool when you look at the table then.
  5. Peach intestines are a right bugger to clean up.
  6. Either Brugge have improved a s*** load, or we're an awful lot better than Real Madrid.
  7. I thought it was the worst thing I'd ever seen when Wolves had it on before the opening game. It's even worse with a Leicester logo on there.
  8. Those players have as much chance if not more of game time at Man United at the moment. But they should still join us from a career perspective so they don't close the door on potential Liverpool/Man City moves.
  9. Ready to make a swift exit if anything goes wrong.
  10. Only please don't, my FPL team would suffer greatly.
  11. Well done Toon fans & Leicester City.
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