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  1. I'm sure the cabinet won't be.
  2. Did VAR not see Krul kick Kelechi or just not care?
  3. Yeah, you don't speak for all of us mate.
  4. Oh it was all worth it after all then. How on earth have I won this with what was undoubtedly the least accurate prediction! Still it was an election characterized by people winning things they don't deserve, so fair enough I guess. Cheers for the hard/painful work Alf.
  5. Absolutely. Traditional left wingers are a thing of the past, we've got to evolve.
  6. We need to be cutting into the centre. I'm sorry if it's not popular but we just aren't getting crosses into the box at the moment.
  7. Am I missing something? I was referring to the three constituencies that represent the city, which all voted Labour...
  8. The city of Leicester is firmly behind Liverpool in this title race. Come on Liverpuel #YNWA
  9. I can't give you any rep points, but you're a brave man for not just pretending this thread didn't happen Alf. Hope the trauma of totting everything up isn't too much (but I'm not offering to help).
  10. That's exactly what Labour need to win most of the seats they lost yesterday back (particularly the press attacking her for it).
  11. Glad Liz survived relatively safely still in the end. Not sure if she’ll be a Labour MP next time I vote for her though.
  12. Assuming this is just a vote for collective euthanasia then.
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