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  1. I did a fabulous double take when I saw Lejeune is the high scorer in FPL at the moment after having stopped following the games about 93 minutes in. Truly tremendous work to throw it away like that.
  2. Decent point for NPFC, probably deserved more.
  3. I mean I agree, but surely stopping Leicester playing Kasabian should be our priority.
  4. Ah yes the Nigel Pearson Trophy, well remembered, the Quad is on.
  5. Mark_w


    It's an interesting negotiating tactic, but I'd still suggest we offer him out for the absolute maximum anyone will buy for.
  6. Sorry I just think it downplays the fantastic season we've had so far to talk like we aren't currently a top four team in one of the best leagues in Europe.
  7. *glances at league table* Umm... our starting eleven?
  8. Can we eject anybody caught chanting Boris Johnson unless it precedes ''s a w@nker', please?
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