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  1. I imagine Sheffield United are being included to give Wednesday a derby?
  2. Why is this not a Photoshop thread? Shameful.
  3. Garry Parker in a 1-0 win against Norwich at Filbert Street 05/04/1995.
  4. Can we have another election yet please?
  5. Sacking a manager with ten games to go when you're 4th in the Championship (and he's been in charge all season) is just utter madness. Morons.
  6. https://www.marca.com/en/football/international-football/2019/03/02/5c7acb0f22601d49788b45cc.html This rebound rule change is just so f***ing stupid.
  7. Agree with the bulk of your post and absolutely Ranieri deserves credit for the above too. But Vardy had been prolific in a pretty similar 4-4-1-1 system in the Championship and Mahrez had been given that freedom with his role in the Great Escape tactic, Pearson struggled to adapt to the Premier League at first but it's not like he had never put together systems that did exactly what you're saying. Nigel Pearson, Craig Shakespeare, Steve Walsh and the rest of the backroom team they helped assemble deserve a huge amount of the credit for what we did. And personally, I have no doubt that we'd be in a much stronger position now had we kept Pearson that summer. There's a lot of talk about recruitment which Walsh deserves a huge amount of credit for, but equally important was Nigel Pearson's ability to identify people who weren't right for the squad and mentality we were trying to build and his ruthlessness in cutting those people in spite of the doom and gloom from some of our fans. I absolutely love him. But this thread is going a little bit too far in terms of writing Claudio out of it. I never thought there was any long term planning in the appointment of Ranieri and he did at least start to over see the disassembling of what had been built in the proceeding years. But it is extremely difficult to see a situation where we could change just about anything and still win the league. He did revert to the 4-4-1-1 when another manager might have tried to stick with the style that had worked at the end of the previous season, he did bring Danny Simpson back in when he looked all but gone, he made us stronger defensively, his management of the media was impeccable and I'm sure he played a big role in keeping the mood positive at the club in spite of what had transpired in the summer. I think Ranieri was hugely lucky to inherit what he did, and as someone who dislikes Fulham for one reason or another I was delighted when he got that job, but he absolutely deserves to be mentioned alongside everyone else who made our title possible. It was not just Kante, and it was not just Ranieri 'leaving it alone' because he didn't just do that.
  8. Heifer whines, could be human cries.
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