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  1. Did you miss how Liverpool got there first? If Mike Dean isn't corrupt then he is an impressive kind of incompetent.
  2. They have ****ing stolen that, awful ref.
  3. The least this cock could do is blow now.
  4. If it finishes 1-1 Liverpool have absolutely robbed a point, wouldn't be remotely surprised if they steal all three though.
  5. Yes! I will always have a soft spot for the Baggies after that Tottenham draw, if they get something here they're heroes.
  6. From my angle in the ground there was no indication of there being even a chance of it being offside. Just felt completely heartbroken, particularly because the changes we'd made would have made it close to impossible to go on and win it again. And then when it was Chilwell credited the goal as well that was another huge kick in the teeth. Felt so sick, and then pleading when the check went onto the screen and so ****ing elated when the ref indicated for it.
  7. My cousin posted this on Facebook thought I'd share.
  8. So drained, I've barely been outside since March 2020 so my body was not ready for Wembley
  9. **** off to your Super League if we win would be fun.
  10. The Wes Morgan who captained us to the Premier League title while Cambiasso elected to join Olympiacos rather than renew his contract? Yeah, imagine.
  11. Yes. I asked Jim about this.
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