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  1. I feel like starting Iheanacho instead of Vardy for the sake of being unbelievably arrogant.
  2. We don’t need you, we’ve got Soyuncu, he rides crocodiles.
  3. I hate VAR again. Bloody hope I'm back to loving it tomorrow night.
  4. I still can't get over that penalty not being given for the foul on Rodri. With VAR that's either the most incredible incompetence or something more sinister surely?
  5. We do have a Football Manager thread.
  6. Wolves would have beaten us 10-0 if it wasn't for the Europa League.
  7. Didn't blame though, even though it was taking much longer than it should have I couldn't see anything but goal coming up on that screen. Very funny.
  8. I love it today - don't think for a second it's fair that it saved us a point - but I love it. Will probably hate it after Stamford Bridge.
  9. Got a bad feeling about this one, 1-3.
  10. They're also doing wonders for my FPL team.
  11. Yeah. We had a great defence in our second season when we won the league you know.
  12. Except if he survived the first half of 2016 it's already happened in his lifetime.
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