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  1. So you want to introduce an American style draft but remove its only benefit?
  2. That'll go nicely with our defence. Have they thought about Kasper & Vardy yet?
  3. I knew it was Pearson who did it really, he did a very convincing job with the accent though.
  4. Mark_w

    James Justin

    Either Ricardo or Chilwell could do it, although I agree that Ricardo's probably best suited. Really pleased with this one if it comes off.
  5. We don't need a big summer spending spree, we'll probably only look to do that if we start selling some of our best players, so I very much hope you're proved right.
  6. We are approaching peak Ghezzal, exciting times.
  7. I'd like a repeat of the final day - suspect Chelsea could be a bit shaky with the summer they're likely to have.
  8. Yeah... no. Not again.
  9. Literally about to post that, the first one I think I owned (granted a kids size but still depressing).
  10. How could you think that was serious?!
  11. In fairness every paper has to cater to the quality of its audience.
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