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  1. Mark_w

    What Would You Give Other FTers For Christmas

    I'd get @Facecloth email notifications so he can see the delightful 'I'm a c***'' t-shirt Kingfox is getting both of us for Christmas.
  2. Mark_w


    Much higher than he deserves but funny nonetheless.
  3. Mark_w

    What Would You Give Other FTers For Christmas

    @bovril a list of usernames.
  4. Mark_w


    Beating and scoring quite a few goals against Tunisia, Panama, Colombia and Sweden in the best sport in the world (whilst winning no competitions) is just not a better achievement than being literally the best in the world at a reasonably popular sport. Harry Kane may have made you feel warm and fuzzy all summer, but that's not enough to justify him being a nominee, let alone winning.
  5. Mark_w


    If we have to give it to a footballer on the grounds that it's a better sport then Raheem Sterling is more deserving than Harry Kane. He was a key part of a team that got 100 points in the Premier League. Which is much more of an accomplishment than playing well but ultimately achieving nothing as part of those Tottenham and England teams.
  6. Mark_w


    Well sure but, and I don't know much about either, a) my understanding is that they're still ultimately individuals competing against each other & b) they have actually won a competition. Harry Kane was top scorer in what a 6/7 match tournament? I mean okay, that's a noteworthy achievement. But he didn't win the thing, he didn't win the league, he didn't win a cup, he's no right to even be in contention for this.
  7. Mark_w


    They didn't win though, they didn't get to the final, in fact he's never been part of a team that's won anything. You shouldn't be awarded for personal achievements in a team sport, over individual achievements in an individual sport. I'm certainly in the football is better than all of the other sports combined camp, but you can't say he's the best sportsperson in the country when he's failed to achieve any of (what should be) his goals.
  8. Mark_w

    What Would You Give Other FTers For Christmas

    @kingfox attention.
  9. Mark_w


    But he hasn't won anything?
  10. Mark_w

    Songs that mention....a Part of the Body

    I should probably clarify, in hindsight, that I was thinking more Broken Face than Detachable Penis.
  11. Mark_w

    Songs that mention....a Part of the Body

    On a related note, do songs that mention the absence of body parts count?
  12. Why would you send Lallana back out 4-0 up in stoppage time when he's got a giant hole in his head?
  13. Mark_w

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Is there a 'how to be happy for miserable c****'?
  14. Mark_w

    FA cup 2018/19

    Really happy with that.
  15. Mark_w

    Here and Now: Nigel Pearson in his own words

    I doubt ‘I’m playing him even though he’s been poor because...’ to the press would have been great for that whole confidence problem.