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  1. Barnes is only in because Greenwood is out and there' 3 games in a week. I'd be surprised if he gets many minutes but what he has got in his favour is that he is already part of the England set up through the age groups and was even player of the tournament once. Gareth loves players who have come through the ranks.
  2. Let's hope they don't do a medical on Benko!
  3. The least we can do is be really upset when a club bids for our players and fight tooth and nail for the best price.
  4. How accurate is this random generator?
  5. All the songs proposed so far are far too ambitious for Leicester supporters. I'd go for Ooo aaaa fofanaaa Ooo aaaa fofanaaa Ooo aaaa fofanaaaaaaaaaaagghh Repeat but a bit more quietly then mumble the third time as it fizzles out.
  6. A fit Ricardo wouldn't simply walk back into this team. That's how good JJ and Castagne have been! Unbelievable really.
  7. I'll put my hands up and say that I'm very very melodramatic and fickle. And possibly a bed wetter. I thought we were going to get pasted I now take that back and maybe Brendan did have a plan all along.
  8. We getting slated by the commentators too. It's like they're reading this forum.
  9. Should've put the reserves out and saved the players legs for games we can target for points.
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