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  1. I dunno mate, in heavy traffic there is unlikely to be a space and most normal people would allow someone into their lane if they needed to switch lanes and indicated their intention to do so. It doesn't mean they can't read road signs but changing lanes is part and parcel of going from one place to another. Personally, I'd let some one in front of me if they needed to come in to my lane that's just me. Just like I'd slow down or stop if I see an old person or young kid trying to cross the road so they can cross safely. I'm the kind of driver you probably hate.
  2. No but if you see them indicating you should let them in and not be a bell yourself.
  3. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. When we sell one of our great players we have to buy at least 2 normally before we've replaced them.
  4. On page 57 this is good going. Do you think we'll get to page 150?
  5. I've just heard it's happening!
  6. This is a good point I think we thought we'd lose Maguire last summer hence getting 2 centre backs in then he ended up staying. Chilwell signed a new deal but think he'll stay unless promised 1st choice left back at new club.
  7. Our maybe less chance as we look to be a selling club rather than be able to compete at the top.
  8. Selling Maguire doesn't mean we can get Tielemans.
  9. Get your house on here first, we'll appraise it for you. You might even sell it....
  10. We have lost one marquis player each summer who we've wanted to keep. Who will it be this year?
  11. Richardo wasn't wanted a by a host of champions League clubs was he?
  12. Having a baby don't change a thing and working with Pep is an upgrade on Rodgers. Plus less games and more trophies. Loads more cash and global recognition.
  13. Even Huth too. We've had a knack of picking players up who weren't wanted and doubt we'll with them. Then we bought a load who actually turned out to be crap so it's evened itself out
  14. Get some food in you and maybe some sleep it'll be nuts when everyone gets back from the club or wherever...
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