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  1. We have to change our style and go full on counter attack. Maybe play gray instead of Perez for his pace. Dare we drop Vardy for iheanacho?
  2. I think this pushes us further towards a breakaway European league where uefa cannot make the rules and it's just a bunch of exhibition games. The champions league is going that way in a few years anyway.
  3. Thing is with the way we're playing there's not a single game left this season where you think that's an essy 3 points. Compare that feeling with the way we were playing up until mid December.
  4. Lol not a single first team man city player would consider Leicester champions league or not.
  5. I honestly don't think we'll play any differently to last time.
  6. He's still got the hunger but now the opposition are wise to him and don't give him any space and time on the ball to play his game. He'll have to learn to deal with this and quickly.
  7. Bottom line is that despite what we think on the forum he's liked by his team mates and he would massively improve the right midfield position. Fans views would turn very quickly if he scored a few goals for us. Obviously man babies would never forgive him but he you have to be pragmatic in life.
  8. I'd welcome him back. Business is business at the end of the day. He's a fantastic player and we might not ever see anyone as good put a city shirt in our lifetimes.
  9. If they try the high press I really hope we don't fanny around with the ball at the back.
  10. Problem is against a deep block he is next to useless when marshalled by 2 or 3 good defenders. He cannot get any space or involve himself in the game and he is let down when we lose the midfield battle like against wolves. We weren't able to get him any support and thus we effectively had 10 men on the pitch.
  11. I've been worried since December tbh. I just don't think Brendan knows what to do and we don't have the depth of squad yet to change it up sufficiently. We really need a flair player on the pitch and when playing against teams like wolves a player like iheanacho who can hold up play further up the pitch. Also more muscle needed in the middle of the pitch.
  12. This was a really good result for us, wolves know how to nullify us and they were unlucky not to score. As long as we beat the terms in the lower half of the table well be ok.
  13. It does seem like over the past 3 months we have been found out and good managers know how to set up against us and even beat us. There doesn't seem to be much variation in our play and it's all too predictable. The worry is that Brendan doesn't know what to do. It's not that we're crap it's just that we've been nullified.
  14. So there's a lot of noise all of a sudden when some on here claimed that the context was signed before he went to Dubai. Does anyone really know what's going on, will be sign a new contract with us?
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