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  1. To replace those who want to leave
  2. Real concern for me, as I like to fantasize about potential signings, is that we haven't really been linked with anyone to improve the team or squad yet.
  3. Probably sent the best replacement we could get really. Would cost silly money though.
  4. I wonder if Chilwells head has been turned by the interest from Chelsea? Same for Madison and Man United. It will be interesting to see if their performances are up to scratch on the weekend. Also think that if we don't strengthen then the only way is down in the league. We need to freshen it up a bit.
  5. Apart from when he played in the champions league and made the quarter finals. With Leicester.
  6. Isn't he hardly ever fit? I'd prefer to go for his younger replacement at Man United. I can't remember his name.
  7. A lot of people seen to think that Madison wouldn't be interested in moving to a Man United or Arsenal in the summer. If he starts next season with us I'll eat a taco hat
  8. Net spend isn't a very useful metric really.
  9. Now let's win it! We got lucky hopefully this is the boost we need!
  10. We defo don't like it when teams come at us and press.
  11. If we win by one goal I'll be grateful. All this talk of expecting comfortable wins reminds me of the attitude of teams during our title win where they were playing little old Leicester and then got beat. A lot of our fans suddenly think we're on the same level as Liverpool or Man City, we're not, we've just had an awesome half season.
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