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  1. Even when funny fit he wasn't THAT good. I feel bad for him regarding his playing career but he was fortunate to get that 4 year contract when he did. He wouldn't make our match day squad now despite when Brendan has said.
  2. Problem is that he's now been part of 3 squads and not made an appearance. This only really happens if you're 3rd or 4th choice goal keeper or something. Who was the last player to be part of 3 squads and not play? I don't know but it's got to be a rare thing. So now if he does make an appearance he'll be under so much pressure from himself, the media and fans that he's unlikely to perform to his ability and this will be used as a stick to beat him with. It's poor man management by Southgate here.
  3. He never did you just read the daily mail and the sun too much.
  4. It would be good to see lcfc reach out to him re: getting some help for his issues. I know he's not our player anymore but that shouldn't matter. There's still apart of him thats lcfc and no-one can take that away.
  5. In a slightly related brexit note I think a new law needs to be enacted for companies who don't pay tax in the UK. They should have to pay a percentage on all UK turnover which is at least 30% and also contribute to the up keep of the local area they operate based on number of customers / clients they have in the UK. We have the richest in the country benefiting from health care, roads, policing everything yet they don't contribute. This needs to stop this country is in desperate need ATM.
  6. Read and weep uk. Unless of course you support this kind of thing.....
  7. An election is the last thing we need I think. It needs to be a straight in/out referendum that way everyone knows what they're voting for. After the referendum we should go straight for an election.
  8. Anyone watch rose if the Nazis on BBC 2 last night? I'd love hear brexiteer views on this actual historical show with evidence and facts. Do they see any parallels with what's going on now and how they are complicit? It's never too late to change your views, maybe this TV show is the eye opener you need. Remember we're all in this together whether you fight them or appease them it's still going to be shit.
  9. I kind of enjoyed our visit to league one. It helped us get into winning games again and enjoy going to games.
  10. You should change your tag from Leicester_loyal. There's no way you're loyal to Leicester or any one in it.
  11. At least Carole Cadwalladr backs up her claims with hard evidence such as photos, emails and things that people have actually said and done on record. I'd say we have bigger problems when people can't accept facts.
  12. I start school next year. Can't wait I'll be a big boy and everything!
  13. Can it be spelt out any clearer than this?
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