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  1. In all seriousness doing mushrooms or Ket can lift the mood for weeks after taking them.
  2. I know I'm sure he'll go down for something big. Mueller is a smart guy and is probably biding his time...
  3. Some unscrupulous advisers charge up to 1% of the loan but that's for those generally in the last chance saloon. Normally expect to pay around £500 for face to face advice and as low as no charge for a telephone service.
  4. I fully expected Mueller to find some collusion with the Russians. However I do think there's more to this story. But I guess I don't know anymore. I wanted this to be the downfall of Trump and I'm disappointed after all the hype that he lives too fight another day.
  5. So JCB who want brexit are meeting with Putin. There's a suprise. The same Putin who the UK are supposed to have sanctions against and who are openly murdering people in the UK. The same Putin interfering with our democracy. This is why we need to vote again, shit like this emerges every day.
  6. Never heard of a human cash machine before!
  7. Which means you do condone the shooting of kids. Something tells me you especially condone the shooting of black kids.
  8. Whether you're leave or remain there's a few things to consider. 1. The referendum was advisory and not legally binding. 2. Leave campaign committed election fraud. 3. If the referendum was legally binding then it would have been void due to the election fraud. 4. Foreign money and countries helped finance the leave campaign which is illegal. So those who really value democracy would want another referendum which has been properly and legally ran. Doesn't matter if you're leave or remain this election shouldn't stand especially when the stakes are so high. The real problem is that the disaster capitalists have invested so much into this and they can sense victory. Theresa May has a massive conflict of interest where her husband stands to make hundreds of million out of brexit. Reece mogg will make millions. Trump will make billions. Putin will make billions. Mercer will make billions. Can you not see a pattern? Those pushing for brexit stand to abuse their power and make more money then we can imagine, all at the expense of the UK citizens. There would be no normal people who win everyone would lose.
  9. The fact that he's going on a forum like this means he'll be better off using the services of an independent financial adviser. Even if they charge. It's not just about the best deal. They'll hold your hand all the way through the process to completion. Most people appreciate that. They're the central point of contact between the lender, solicitor and vendor/estate agent.
  10. There must've have been a seller's pack ready to get it done in 5 days. Which means you could've done it yourself in one if required. Most transactions need searches conducting and normally get held up at council level. They can take 2-12 weeks to get the information back to you. No solicitor can speed this part no matter how much they charge. Unless buying from auction or a cash transaction you'll have to go the slow route to satisfy your self, insurers and the lender.
  11. If we sell our best players for big money we'll never be able to replace them for players as good or better in the long run. We'll end up slipping further down the table. We could not attract a Chilwell or Maguire or Vardy now at the level they're at. It's too much of a gamble to hope to constantly develop players to England first team standard. Lose those 3 for example and it's all a gamble. All unknown. Most likely relegation.
  12. A democratic Russia would be interesting
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