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  1. I'm not saying we need 3 players. I think we actually need 1 quality individual who can help the attack and give the squad a January lift. Could be a winger or creative CM. Maybe Ünder is that person but we are freeing up somes seriouswedge on the wage bill this year which might give us room to get someone of genuine quality in. This year we're losing: Gray Fuchs Morgan Slimani King and James are on loan. And maybe some others I can't think of.
  2. We definitely need to strengthen this window. If Barnes, Vardy or tielemans gets injured it could derail our season.
  3. I think we'll finally beat these again!
  4. That's about as hard fought as they come. The resilience of our team is impressive and it looks like we have learned a lot from last season and even from earlier this season. Another striker is looking more and more important with Vardy looking injured. We are definitely contenders for the title whatever other people say.
  5. What a great half of football! End to end and you can't take your eye off the game. Southampton just seem relentless.
  6. We're just can't deal with Southampton's pressing. We have no answer at the minute. We're not playing badly they're just so good.
  7. Just feels like we're hanging on until Southampton inevitability score.
  8. Southampton have got our number here. Same as last season.
  9. I don't think Soyunchu is as good as Fofana. Which is incredible really.
  10. A wise man once said "och ye Cannae have too many full backs in the team" Actually it was Craig levein and the optimal amount is normally 2, max 3.
  11. Stearman became a steady premier League defender while we languished in the championship. Mattock went on to better things for a couple of seasons too.
  12. Makes the new training centre seem like a misplaced plan if we can't benefit from the youth players.
  13. For me he's the final piece of the jigsaw and seems to suit our club and players perfectly. I hope he feels the same.
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