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  1. Next City Manager?

  2. Next City Manager?

    I'd like Rogers too did well at Swansea and Liverpool and now Celtic
  3. Next City Manager?

    Big Sam would be great for us right now. He's our best option to get into the top 8. Plus we shouldn't get relegated.....
  4. West Brom Post Match

    Yes it must do, we never get anything at home to them. So actually the season is going quite well, according to plan you could say.
  5. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    This has got 1 - 2 written all over it
  6. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    This has got 2 nil written all over it
  7. West Brom (H) Match Thread

  8. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    We're not playing too badly, we just lack confidence.
  9. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Now we have a chance ...
  10. We all know where the problem is

    Your can't blame the manager
  11. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    People need to chill out a little. We're in our natural place and some seasons we survive and others we don't and we get relegated. At least this season won't be boring and we might see some good football played by the opposition. Which'll be nice.
  12. West Brom (H) Next Up

    It's very hard to cheer the shit that's been on site lately. As soon as we string 2 or 3 passes together the crowd does start getting excited but it's difficult to cheer a lot of what we've seen recently. But I do agree we could be a better crowd overall.
  13. West Brom (H) Next Up

    They've also got that Oliver Burke guy who's meant to be quite good, in fact all of their midfielders would get into our team right now.
  14. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Everyone is going on about the attack but our defence needs attention. We should match them up. Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Fuchs Dragovic Huth Amartey Albrighton Iborra Chilwell/Benaluane This is the way forward I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this line up already.
  15. Our most intelligent player?

    Kanye? An accountant who is also making great career and contract choices