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  1. I personally believe no religion should be forced on a child at all and religious schools should be banned. Especially for kids under 11. It's just a brain washing exercise really which prevents social cohesion and critical thinking.
  2. Hmm I want to post specifically about trump and also other general news separately too as they're such big topics. Why don't we reopen the threads and all collectively block / mute @MC Prussian and @AlloverthefloorYesNdidi. That should keep it civil?
  3. Are closing down all the other threads then?
  4. Why don't you just not watch sky sports news?
  5. Damn the EU ruining opportunities for the young.
  6. I went to Freeman's common today. That was a dump.
  7. I have a feeling that we're trying to get a real marquee player in and make a statement. Maybe an experienced proven winner. Come on @LinekersApples give us some thing to go on. Is that Valencia option still being looked at or is it dead?
  8. Had him on FIFA a couple of years ago and he was really good. It's a yes from me.
  9. 4 was ridiculous really though. He's was never going to be a first team player again. More like Shakespeare looking after his mate. A 1 or 2 year extension would have been sensible.
  10. There's no doubt doing a course and fitting it around work and family life is really difficult. Without the support of your family, ie partner, it will be impossible to do it justice. You must create time in the day / week when you can focus on the course if you can't then this might not be the right time to do a course. I found that I could only study once the kids have gone to bed and before everyone gets up in the morning. You'll be amazed how much you can achieve at these times. On the weekend I'd nip to a library or cafe for a couple of hours to get some work done. If you don't have the time don't stress about it just be pragmatic about the situation. I've started and not finished courses or postponed them when work and family life got too much it's not the end of the world. The important thing is to not stress out or beat yourself up about it all.
  11. How was he cleared by the Mueller report. Please explain that. The understanding by those who read it would say that it most definitely does not clear him and the only reason that he isn't in prison is that he's a sitting president and no one has arrested a sitting president before and there's no process for this. Trump is basically immune and that's why he still there. Maybe you missed Mueller's speech where he spelt this out in no uncertain terms.
  12. If Everton are interested we've got no chance, which has always been the case in recent years, but I wonder if the tide is turning?
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