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  1. If all the club's players donated a couple of days wages it would probably cover the non paying staff wages for a whole year. As some are only just realising we need everyone in society to ensure it functions well.
  2. You can blame grealish. Looks like he tried to initiate contact with his left leg which crocked Ricardo.
  3. South Korea cares about its citizens though. We're selling our test kits abroad and to the highest bidder.
  4. Sounds like Premier League and Football League will be suspended until at least 4th April.
  5. CHINA: Quarantines 58 million people. SOUTH KOREA: Tests 200,000 people for Covid-19. SINGAPORE: Orders army to deliver masks to all citizens. ITALY/FRANCE/GERMANY: Bans all public gatherings. UK: Wash your hands and sing happy birthday
  6. Not really you can still achieve immunity and have social distancing to slow the spread, it's not either or.
  7. From what I gather the herd immunity option will mean that more people will die and it's cheaper. The people that die are those that cost the government and NHS more anyway and therefore expendable, a type of eugenics in reality. Also if we closed the schools one fear is that the already understaffed NHS would suffer as staff would need to take time off work putting further strain on the NHS. It seems that the option chosen by our government is the one that will allow the virus to spread as widely through the population as possible. Think about that.
  8. Arteta has just tested positive! Whole squad has to go into isolation!
  9. Well at least no one will snatch him off us in the summer now. Also he might not miss many games if there's cancellations. Also James Justin gets a chance.
  10. I think this season Vardy could get golden boot and not make our player of the season!
  11. Looks like Mendy could be replaced by Diallo. If Demiral proves his fitness we might still move for him. Ben White seems to be on the radar. There's that Turkish goal keeper Ugurcan Cakir and a Turkish striker too.
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