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  1. If we get Jovic I'll eat my hat. I can't see this happening. We desperately need champions league if we're going to be able to strengthen our first 11 otherwise it's squad fillers or first team sales to fund things.
  2. We gave a player who was quite good but not brilliant and very injury prone a 4 year contract. We have to suck up that poor decision and support him. Even if fully fit and in his prime he probably wouldn't get into our team. But a contract is a contract and that's that. The best we can hope for is to negotiate a settlement so he can get in with his life and we save a bit on wages but I'm not sure that's on our agenda.
  3. Runs deeper than that it seems that whenever we play a big club there's suddenly lots of rumours flying about our players leaving for them. The media actually hate our success.
  4. Is he any good at killing monsters?
  5. I did used to feel that if we don't make top four it would be a big cock up by the team but when you look at the squads of Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and the money thrown around by the likes of Everton who always seem to snaffle the players we are after. Having so many games in quick succession only highlights how poor our squad is. The fact that we held on to third for so long is nothing short of remarkable.
  6. If we want to compete with the big boys we need regular champions league. Otherwise it's the road to ruin. Some of the debt is against transfer fees owed I think so not as bad as it looks.
  7. We would get the book thrown at us if we did the same. They'd make an example of us.
  8. They have owners that can make any country in the world uncomfortable. They have genuine power.
  9. Did cross my mind too. Madison STILL hasn't signed a contract extension and Chilwell might be looking for a move. Both know they can move to a champions League club in a summer. Haven't other players refused to play to secure moves in the summer? Eg Lallana
  10. I'm really nervous about this one. All our games have been must win but we have beat palace which we don't always do and we managed a draw against arsenal. We need a minor miracle to keep to 4 now I think.
  11. Not too concerned about his apparent attitude. It's skill and talent we need and a high resale value so we can sell him to Chelsea, Man Utd or Man city in a few years.
  12. Say our owners killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people by bombing and starving them to death while killing women for being raped etc etc Would you still want to give them your money and time?
  13. We didn't move for him because he's out of our league. No point in trying on players like that. Think about it when we were champions we still couldn't attract players to improve the team.
  14. I'm not to sure it will make much difference. We'll just be a nursery for the bigger clubs and when it comes to contract renewal they'll make a move to a bigger club or a smaller for game time.
  15. If Chelsea are interested then we can forget it. There's not a single thing we can do better than them. Plus he doesn't have to relocate.
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