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  1. All I can see is people taking photos of the telly
  2. Surely the issue isn't Pochetino but the fighting and EastEnders style drama in the dressing room?
  3. I don't know what the fuss is all about. He did miss out on 2 years at a tip club and instead had 2 years of transition with leicester. He did want to leave but we kept him. Truth is no one know how things would have planned out if he left. Maybe our resurgence would have started earlier as we would have replaced him.
  4. Barnes is doing very well right now and is improving game by game. Some of his play is sublime and he is getting crucial involvement in goals. Gray is suddenly our game changer, stretching the game and setting up goals. Look at his intelligent patient play and darting run to set up the first goal against arsenal. Brendan has played a blinder here. If we strengthen then it will be a centre back and utility attacker that we go for. Someone who can play on the wing or upfront.
  5. The Leicester team is far better than the England team. Probably the first time I've ever been able to say that!
  6. We'll definitely twist. We have a budget for this scenario and players in mind
  7. I'm pretty sure our best substitute ever was Rooster Russell.
  8. It is really cold out there and he probably needs a drink....
  9. I reckon your best bit was when you squeezed out your second log and only had to wipe 3 times. Definite lowlight was forgetting to wash your hands.
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