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  1. Depends on if he wants champions league or Europa League.
  2. Even if Madison stays we still need a reliable back up if he continues to be so injury prone
  3. Go easy on him/her he's/she's only 6 years old.
  4. Get real, what you're saying is that we sell Madison, Perez, Chaudhry, Barnes, sack Morgan?
  5. Translation: It's harder for them to get favourable treatment.
  6. Ok drop then, not necessarily this game but it can't be against the rules to drop any player due to poor form. Which is why I said 'rest'. You can't say that he's not been a bit of a passenger lately.
  7. Agreed with everything you say but seeing as we lost on Sunday I'd like a public apology. Knowing that they couldn't play was bad enough, especially with Barnes and Soyunchu also out, but then finding out the reasons and then narrowly losing to a team who are now 1 point behind us and after what happened last season, I expected laser like focus on the run in for what is potentially the second best season ever in the history of our club. If we miss out on champions league or Europa League by 3 points or less this is the fixture that it'll be pinpointed to.
  8. They have some say when they're paying you over 100k per week and if your sections can cost the club over £50M in revenue. It's not like your boss at Gregg's saying you can't do something.
  9. I actually do want a public apology from the 3 covidiots. When Madison plays we're a different team. Even Perez would've been useful. Two creative players who definitely would have played today.
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