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  1. Afraid Puel lost me tonight that was decent team we fielded tonight this has all the smell of Mourinho at UTD i think he has lost the team
  2. I voted in 7 weeks ago but tonight he has lost me.
  3. That Newport game is coming back to haunt Puel he lost the team since then.
  4. Madison needs to hang his head that was f#####g shocking
  5. What the hell was that conceding from our own corner
  6. 3 defensive mids against Southampton wheres the creativity..Puel blows my mind
  7. My only real criticism of puel is the weakened teams in the cup he acknowledges that a top 6 finish is unlikely and 7th maybe the best we can hope for so why not make a concerted effort in the cups last weekend was a real downer for me.
  8. He is either good enough or not needs to be recalled particularly as he is great form compared to the dross we have at the moment who or not in great form and are probably heading for the exit at the end of season.
  9. We lost are shape after we scored just needed to keep possession instead we lost are heads...
  10. Should have kept possession after we scored instead we completely switched off
  11. Lacking in every department huffing and puffing
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