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  1. Been let down by someone for this. Now have another one available as well so, two under 22 tickets top of SK1 £40 (£20 each). DM me - meet at ground. ps. If you messaged me the first time and I didn’t reply - please message again. Offering out as there’s now two instead of one and also need a quick response.
  2. One under 22 ticket available. SK1 (near the top) £20
  3. One Under 22 ticket available, SK1 near the top. £20 pm me
  4. Downloaded this a few weeks ago but only put a tenner in so I don't expect anything from it. I'm currently about 40p down due to chopping and changing with players I had due to boredom and the fact that then you sell FI take a certain percentage. What I've gauged from it though is there is money to be made - from looking at the market over the past year it seems that about 90% of players have increased in value in the long run. It is a lengthy and patient process I feel if you want to make money from it but also one that you'd have to invest a significant amount into to see considerable reward.
  5. Hope someone on here stayed up late enough to witness what was an absolute classic between Evans and De Minaur. Probably my favourite tennis match of all time
  6. I think first half he got it wrong but the tactical change made at half time by Rodgers was superb - dropping choudhury in allowed Tielemans and Maddison much more space and we put villa right on the back foot to the point that they never reached our half. Yes Chilwell probably should have been hooked but the change from Rodgers kept us in a decent position in the tie
  7. A game involving Kyrgios where it's not him losing the plot! Tsitsipas' mother gave him a bit of a grilling after this
  8. http://hockeynews.site/events/2020/west-ham-united-vs-leicester-city/
  9. “Boris, oh Boris Johnson he’ll take your benefits” seems to be the chant going off the videos. Everton fans including our boy Tom are convinced it’s “Boris will shut the NHS”
  10. Combination of what went on, his performance and tactics I feel. Brendan knew he got it wrong with the diamond and needed to change it sooner rather than later, Kelechi was the obvious choice to go off. I did think he would wait till half time, mind.
  11. Unbelievable isn’t it. I was going to cash out straight away for anything over 1.7k but that put me off. Just has to sit through five minutes of ridiculous nerves I’m on a ridiculous hot streak at the moment of which I am adamant I will never see the like of again. I stuck a fiver on Celtic in-play tonight which returned £23 in the 94th minute! Then re-invested £10 of that into a four fold of Wolves, United, Rangers and Gladbach and of course Gladbach and Wolves 94th minute winners got me another £106. Then unbelievably went to the casino with an £80 budget and have left with £740. I really can’t believe this week. Will never ever see anything like this ever again.
  12. Won £2482 off a fiver on the weekend. Yes, I’m not sure either how I managed to get those odds on a five fold.
  13. This is what baffles me, the owner is incredible yes but having sat in that east stand now it has become clear how draining the clappers are to the atmosphere. Surprised no one has said something and then pulled the plug, freebies are fantastic and we all love the owner but sometimes we would rather go without. Unfortunately the atmosphere will never improve until we: 1. Get rid of clappers 2. Organise a safe standing zone or specific singing section
  14. Used to stand in K block when we won the league and the atmosphere was alright. Moved to SK1 due to champions league restrictions the following season and the opening game against Arsenal and the champions league nights I think the Union FS boys created some of the best atmospheres I recall. However, this season I’ve started commentating for the club and wow, sitting in that east stand you notice the difference, L1 non existent, Union FS you can see them making noise and you can hear the drum but that’s about it and then all you can hear is the away fans completely drown everyone out. The atmosphere is sadly getting worse and worse in my opinion
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