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  1. After one ticket please- will transfer then money today, thanks.
  2. Don’t think club will give refunds unless the season is either made null and void or is frozen as it is now, whereby the games can be played obviously. As it stands the games are to be rescheduled and played at a later date, so the club will not give refunds yet, but this seems highly unlikely to happen.
  3. I wouldn’t mind that being the case if I’m honest. Really just don’t like the idea of games being played behind closed doors, Leicester’s the only thing that gets me through the week😂
  4. This game is so open ended. The fixture could be moved midweek cuz of the fa cup participation, but also if the corona virus worsens it may be played behind closed doors, or postponed altogether, depending on how bad the case gets. Really hope it doesn’t get to that.
  5. Likelihood of this making all season ticket holders?
  6. It’s not a happy household. A bit exaggerated though, they do go to the home matches, as in order for me to go until recently my dad had to come, so we’ve had season tickets for a while.
  7. My brother is 10 and supports arsenal cuz my dad does, as he used to live there. Don’t get me wrong, my dad since moving to Leicester does go to the games, with me and my brother, but only as it is his local team and without him I wouldn’t have been able to go until this year.
  8. Am happy to get a few tickets if needed, been to all aways this year bar Newcastle in the cup, but won’t be allowed to go to this due to School ( I’m doing A levels ). Don’t think my dad and brother who are arsenal fans, but do own a season ticket, fancy it either😂
  9. Should get 20 points for a season ticket, per season, for up to 5 years. Once you reach that 5 year point, no more points are given for having a season ticket, only for going away. This will allow others to catch up, but then after a further few years the points gained from owning a season ticket are retracted (but points gained for going away remain) and the process starts again. I think this would ensure that it isn’t impossible to catch up with those on higher priorities, whilst those who have been going to away games longer do still remain first priority. As it stands a season ticket holde
  10. Anyone got a fox travel available please? Seem to have forgotten to buy mine, now has sold out. Only just 17 by the way so can’t drive and don’t fancy getting the train, especially as all my mates are getting the coaches. Thanks
  11. These aren’t on general sale, club seem to be trying to limit the games that go to general sale as much as possible this year, instead they choose to let the tickets filter out to members.
  12. Can get up to 6 under 18 tickets if needed by anyone?
  13. Don’t worry, there will be tickets left for tomorrow. Slow sales so far, about 450 on sale now with two more blocks still to be opened. So well over 1000 left for tomorrow and further on.
  14. How much were the away tickets? And how many points did u generally need to buy one?
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