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  1. Am able to get one adult ticket if anyone wants one👍
  2. I think we have been given a smaller allocation than in previous years. Last year I was in block 21, however this block, and others below it, are not for sale to sway fans this year.
  3. Yes, also my mistake, there’s about 50 now, forgot to add in block 220 which has about 35 spare seats, sorry.
  4. I don’t think u should worry about that, this will easily go as far as members
  5. I am able to get an adult ticket and two under 18 tickets if required?
  6. There are no restricted view seats in the away end, there’s at the minute just over 30 seats left...
  7. Still just over 40 seats left as of 4:40pm today. Could make tomorrows first few lucky people
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