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  1. Anyone got a fox travel available please? Seem to have forgotten to buy mine, now has sold out. Only just 17 by the way so can’t drive and don’t fancy getting the train, especially as all my mates are getting the coaches. Thanks
  2. These aren’t on general sale, club seem to be trying to limit the games that go to general sale as much as possible this year, instead they choose to let the tickets filter out to members.
  3. Can get up to 6 under 18 tickets if needed by anyone?
  4. Don’t worry, there will be tickets left for tomorrow. Slow sales so far, about 450 on sale now with two more blocks still to be opened. So well over 1000 left for tomorrow and further on.
  5. How much were the away tickets? And how many points did u generally need to buy one?
  6. Can get anyone 3 tickets if needed. 1 adult and two under 18
  7. Very difficult to create an atmosphere though
  8. I’m not sure. There is still 4 blocks to open with over 300 seats still available, but sales tend to pick up between 300 points and 310 points. The club are always very reluctant to take it to general sale too, so I reckon this will go on fox members or all season ticket holders.
  9. Ah okay, seems fair enough I guess. How many points is that usually do we know?
  10. Might seem like a stupid question, but what actually is the “AWAY PRIORITY SCHEME”?
  11. There are a few burnley tickets recently released left. That’s if u can bare a day in burnley.
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