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  1. People were writing off but tbh you don’t score that many in the second division and just get next to nothing in the PL.
  2. Puel built a good squad for us.... Evans, Maddison, Soyuncu, Ricardo... I always felt that the next manager needed to be more attacking.
  3. Anyone watching SSN? Just shown a clip from Chilwell on Soccer AM later today. Chilwell speaks of Matt James nutmegging Maguire three times in a row They just showed the clip. Apparently it was put in the ground chat and Maguire "lost his melon" as he didn't want it to go out on social media. Probably would've knocked £10m off..
  4. Electrification of the midland mainline should have happened years ago. It's a joke they announced it, now scrapped part of it and are only electrifying up to about Kettering. But it's not comparable to a station like Birmingham New St anyway. Stations like that have two mainlines in and out, Leicester will never have that. Plus Birmingham has a major International airport. The scoring of tram line doesn't make sense though. Cities like Sheffield and Manchester have a good tram network (on top of buses and a rail network). As a railway enthusiast I don't like knocking everything, always seem I do with the midland mainline though because pricing is a joke too. I can go from Sheffield to Manchester for £5-£7 yet Sheffield to Leicester costs me double that. Maybe because it is a mainline.
  5. Great picture and of course two LCFC heroes in one.
  6. You've always been able to park around the ground.
  7. He had a tough job given they were awful when he walked in and never had a great squad anyway (Wagner did an unreal job there given the squad and finances) but he got the summer and they still haven't won. I don't understand the Lincoln game - being under that pressure, having not won in months, and make a load of changes. Go for the win. Hope Huddersfield go for a decent manager and turn around.
  8. Literally just seen this in the news. He must be about 37. I didn't even know he was at Liverpool.
  9. Oh man Harrison's solo stuff is great. "All Things Must Pass" is a superb album.
  10. I don't think we'll be below 500 but I imagine it'll be between 600 - 1500.
  11. Their defence really isn't great at all. Zouma and Christiensen can be got at. Azpelicueta has been a good defender for Chelsea and the league in general though.
  12. Be interesting to see how many we take here. Can't see it being a massive following.
  13. Been talked about a lot in the league 1/2 thread. They aren't 'glamourous' but they're a founder member of the football league and it's sad to see a club like that in the mess they are now. I saw their teamsheet last week and it was made up of 16/17/18 year olds. Fans are doing well to keep going though and it has been good to see both parties acknowledge each other well after the Wycombe and Coventry games.
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