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  1. I get your point. It's a phrase that is so annoying. People speak of the league as if it's super difficult yet we've seen players like Kante (from a French division) and N'Didi (from a Belgium division) look more than comfortable playing regular Premier League football. Maybe it's because Sky big the league up so much.
  2. Announce
  3. You've summed it up. Sky/the Premier League have created this. I saw Gary Neville on twitter this morning criticisng Manchester City for spending big and not investing into youth or whatever and I'm thinking, this is the same Neville that works for Sky. There's that much money in the division that clubs can afford to go out and spend £200million. Even promoted clubs such as Huddersfield, a locally owned club, spend £10mill+ on players.
  4. That's my point
  5. Tbh who cares what anybody else thinks of us.
  6. RB?
  7. Nah man that year we were quicker and it was new. Now everybody knows whats coming. We've only got one outlet. Just pray Vardy doesn't get injured.
  8. A player like Silva wouldn't like our style of play. The ball would spend more time over his head.
  9. Our problems are bigger than this. We need a rebuild. Shakespeare has changed very little. Our style of play is still awful and we still rely on that long boring ball to Vardy. This needs to change. Even if we were to sign a world class creative midfielder, the ball would probably spend more time over his head. Also players shouldn't be judged on relegations. Maguire proved he was a solid centre half in a shit Hull team - and he plays football. He just doesn't lump the ball anywhere like Morgan. West Ham once got relegated with Defoe and Carrick, would you not take them either?
  10. Can't see us finishing 9th with our typical boring style of play. I'm looking over my shoulder more than ahead.
  11. Just re-joined ya league Stan
  12. Our long ball really needs to change. Towards the end of last season we were shit to watch. I don't think Shakespeare will last the season. Hasn't changed enough for me - we need a sort of rebuild.
  13. Champions: Manchester City Relegated: Watford, Swansea, Burnley Our finishing position: 13th - 17th Shakespeare: Sacked Our top goalscorer: Vardy
  14. Be good if that is true
  15. Lighten up a bit man. It's summer, we're all board.