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  1. Fox92

    What grinds my gears...

    On social media I keep seeing these: "Today, my 4 year old said: [insert something a child that age wouldn't say], so what are [insert company here] going to do about it?" ... Or something along those lines. Today, Kleenex remove "man size" from their products.
  2. Come on now Webbo. You're usually sensible but this has gone too far now. Ranieri showed absolutely nothing to highlight he was turning us around, we even got dumped out of the FA Cup to a side that weren't even (at that time) in the top 6 of League One. Contrast to this season where we look comfortable in games against genuine relegation candidates. We controlled the game up at Newcastle, the difference between the two sides were massive.
  3. We were lucky with the 0-0 draw at home. They deserved to win that one too.
  4. Slimani would be up front on his own. I get the Ashley isn't supportive but lets not act like Benitez hasn't spent money. He just spent about £10m on a Japanese forward. I went to Newcastle away a few weeks back and they booed Benitez's substitutions. They were the worse side I've seen us play for ages, worse than Huddersfield.
  5. Probably because he's currently sitting second bottom on two points. I just don't get why people say we're defensive / boring and then want Benitez when his style is worse.
  6. Like I said last season, Fuchs made as many mistakes as Chilwell but used to get away with it. So pleased Puel persisted with Chilwell and made him number one left back at the start of this season, it could have been so easy to go with Fuchs.
  7. So pleased he persisted with Chilwell. I was so pleased to see him in an England shirt last night. Rewarding. All the people that called for Fuchs last season, it could have been easy for Puel to indeed go with that.
  8. Fox92

    Us Now

    Been going home and away for the past 15 years now, so up until Pearson joining I generally watched shit (aside from Adams who did very very well in 02/03 to get us up but after that it went downhill). I can remember being so pleased to see us in the Championship play offs in 09/10. Winning the league was something we all thought wouldn't happen but I still want to see us win the FA Cup. To see us between 8th-10th in the top flight is great.
  9. One of my best mates is a season ticket holder at Hull and used to always tell me he thought Maguire was their best centre back. To be fair to Hull they've had some good players in recent times. Thinking both Maguire and Robertson were in their side that got relegated.
  10. Not taking about expectation just stating he’s the first manager in a long time to not have us near that position. My expectations prior to the season starting we’re top 10 plus a good go at either Cup and those expectations haven’t changed. So far he’s meeting them.
  11. Fox92

    Cardiff City away

    Apparently so. It would have been changed by now.
  12. Liverpool and Everton both seem to be in December/January every season. I'll probably do Everton again this season but not Liverpool.
  13. Yep. Also, Puel is the first manager to not have us in the bottom three / a relegation battle since we got promoted.
  14. Also Maddison, who's agent said Puel sold the transfer telling him Maddison would progress as a player here. So far he isn't wrong either.
  15. I do like Brighton away but think I may have to miss it this season. Our away games up to Christmas are poor in terms of who we're playing and the time of the year.