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  1. Liverpool fans singing going down
  2. Daniel James is a knob. Diving cheating every game.
  3. Stupid though isn’t it. If we go with that then the United goal shouldn’t stand for the foul. Even though contact is minimal there’s still contact. Not that I care to much, because I don’t care who wins, but VAR I don’t like it.
  4. Not handball for me. Controlled on knee, he’s running, ball bounces up.
  5. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-utd-liverpool-mike-phelan-17115212
  6. Ipswich not really done anything at Accrington so far. Thought this was to be their first defeat but it says on BBC table they've already lost, I must have missed that result.. Edit: Just realised it is a live updated table
  7. Nobody fancying an outside bet on Manchester United today then?
  8. Yes. Ndidi v Chelsea.
  9. Thought he was okay, better performance than recent weeks, though the goal was questionable. I've always thought he gets through a lot of work without always having help from Barnes though. First time Barnes actually ran at Burnley and crossed he provided the goal but other than that he's often inside which doesn't help Chilwell.
  10. Was surprised to hear they all thought it was a foul on Evans but I'm happy with that. Last thing I wanted to see was it being debated.
  11. Sorry mate I did agree with your point I just went off on one yesterday morning.
  12. Go there and win. Somehow squeeze Praet into the side though.
  13. Listened to the managers interview on the way home from the game last night on 5live. Heartbreaking stuff, he was so passionate. So good to hear someone stood up to this and it sounds like Yeovil assisted well too.
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