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  1. Fox92

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Go win it! No Everton in sight
  2. Fox92

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Fair play to Pep he goes strong every competition. I know the squad is strong but there's no doubting he'll have some talented 16/17/18 year olds which he could just play.
  3. haha yeah. Pretty sure Fryatt scored inside like 5 mins
  4. Fox92

    Pre match TV screens

    I don't need to clap it (as I don't) to remember it happened. What we going to do play it every season forever Imagine the reaction on here if other clubs played something they won forever.
  5. Fox92

    League 1 & 2 Thread - 2018/2019

    Just like "Lampard's derby" then. Great win for Notts County today.
  6. Fox92

    Championship 2018-2019

    Always goals at Villa Park.
  7. Couldn't have told you the score off top of my head. That one must have passed me by. I do remember losing at their place.
  8. IF I recall correctly it's Brighton during the League One season 08/09. Remember it well because they turned up in our away kit and I'm sure Adams was their manager at that time.
  9. Fox92

    Pre match TV screens

    Club will do anything to keep their copyright so I wouldn't expect anything. People can't even sell pin badges around the ground ffs.
  10. Fox92

    Pep apologises to Mahrez

    Don't go around buying other clubs' best players then. They didn't "need" him did they.
  11. Fox92

    Khun Vichai in the Hall of Fame?

    Not for me. Why would an owner be placed in the football hall of fame. If anyone it should be Ranieri or the title winning 11/squad.
  12. Fox92

    If only...

    Our away support is better than those clubs listed. We do take numbers (even if some do need to go to general to sell out), the issue is noise.
  13. Fox92


    Our style needed to change. Doesn't matter if it was Puel or any other manager. We can't sack Puel and then require a manager to adopt Vardy's style, we'd go down quicker than anything else. He's 32. We need another forward, prefebly to play with Vardy. Even if he does get injured / suspended now, I'd struggle to see where other goals are coming because Iheanacho lacks something (at the minute lacks confidence too).
  14. Fox92

    Gordon Banks RIP

    A true great.