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  1. Wilfred Ndidi

    The attacking midfielder doesn't pass forward / drive forward enough. For a player that has 50+ goals for us, King doesn't half go sideways and backwards a lot.
  2. That division is unreal. York, Stockport, Darlington, Gainsborough.... big clubs at that level.
  3. Bbc rađio leicester

    Elliott probably cba anymore.
  4. Wilfred Ndidi

    He should sit in for Maguire, that's the thing he's done wrong. Yes okay it's shocking how little attempt to get back - though he does look knackered on the reply - but Maguire comes out, they swap. They shouldn't be playing a one two with each other.
  5. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Southampton had a couple of decent seasons - I remember they got slated for sacking Adkins and replacing him with Pochettino. Pochettino finished 7th I think before moving to Spurs and then Koeman finished 7th and then 6th. Don't underestimate how well they both did with Southampton, who lost their best players in that time too but somehow brought in better players (Van Dijk, Mane etc).
  6. Should the mods just close this thread? ... I mean, if you've got an issue or know who it is then take it to the club. Nobody should go to a football match and die. The Sun are bastards and I'd never read that shite. What's more to discuss? Discussing it on a forum won't do anything.
  7. Check the other threads, I said he has been poor since the Arsenal game. Examples here:
  8. Where do think we will finish after 6 games?

    Ohh I agree with you in terms of people's expectations and we're not a top six club, not at all. I don't expect us to take points from Chelsea or Manchester United but Liverpool I do, I don't think they're brilliant and hadn't won away from home (Watford got a result against them at the Vicerage) and same applies to Arsenal although I did think we were largely good at Arsenal. Coming away from the Emirates I was gutted but didn't think we were Coming away from Old Trafford annoyed me because I felt like I waiting for them to score, although a very difficult game of course, but the worse was Huddersfield who largely dominated us. I may have been harsh calling performances 'shit'. but style of play does annoy me. As does the midfield who just go sideways. BUT onto Bournemouth, I expect us to go there and get something - it should be an open game as they will attack.
  9. Aye, I'll stick to my thoughts. Just said the same in the 'where will we finish' thread - my expectations won't change either.
  10. Where do think we will finish after 6 games?

    It's performances that are shit and that's what people see. In the summer I said we'd struggle and I'll not change my mind on that, but our style of play and lack of creativity from midfield is worrying. We offer nothing in central midfield. This is what is worrying, not the fact we've lost the game we were expected to lose. Plus Shakespeare's decisions before and during the game - if we play the same 11 at Bournemouth I think I'll cry.
  11. Second obviously. Nothing will change my mind on Albrighton. Just another player we could improve upon. He's been awful all season, if it was Gray everybody would be shouting for him to be nowhere near the ground.
  12. Where do think we will finish after 6 games?

    Same as I said all summer somewhere in bottom half. Voted 15 - 17
  13. It was "you Manc bastard" - presumably to Kasper. Everybody knows they do that to Manchester United related players and Manchester United fans sing "you Scouse bastard" to Liverpool related players.
  14. Wilfred Ndidi

    Tbf once Maguire - or any centre back - comes out for the ball N'Didi should sit in. I cannot believe how tired he looked - his last game was four days ago and he's a 20 year old.
  15. Expensive Transfers

    True. I just get fed up of the "tough start/tough teams" rubbish. Yet we played Huddersfield, not a tough team, and were largely dominated. Liverpool aren't brilliant. We're talking about a side that are defensively poor and hadn't won away all season - Watford got a result against them at home. We've got Bournemouth next, we should be looking to win, I want to see changes and I want to see the likes of Iborra in.