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  1. The decision to give him the job full time was atrocious.
  2. He criticised them though over the Jota transfer, dunno if that played a part. Fans will no doubt want Hughton back.
  3. Always sing along to Only Fools but my favourite is Likely Lads
  4. Interested to see if Lincoln carry on their progress.
  5. Yeah I thought they look pretty decent. Congrats on the baby!
  6. At least Norwich away is at a half decent time. Sheffield United away will be good with it being the third game in.
  7. Decent enough. Bit disapinting Spurs away isn't 'till May.
  8. I (shamefully) forgot Sting. I do like Sting and also the Police.
  9. I just said this in the other thread.
  10. Every year the fixtures are "leaked" and they are never correct.
  11. Oh it's gonna be typical us to be linked with all these names then end up signing someone like Welbeck on a free.
  12. I do respect that area for supporting Bury/Rochdale etc when I imagine it's so easy to support either Manchester club. Good luck.
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