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  1. I like the potential of Iversen too. Only young still. Ward is 27. Kasper cannot go on forever so at the minute it makes sense, plus we paid £12m for him in the first place.. Like I say though I do hope Iversen gets a shot at the number 1 spot too.
  2. I only see European sides when the EL/CL is on (as I don't watch European leagues) but PSG did impress me over those two games. I know they are probably the wealthiest club on the planet, mind. I would like to see Poch win the CL.
  3. Butter! I don't have it on much actually, toast is about my limit for any kind of butter.
  4. haha yeah I meant I'd not had jam in years (not that I'd never had it).
  5. I only have toast and butter, although the other week I had jam for the first time in years. Very nice.
  6. No. They didn't bottle anything, they were never top. They never fell away from anything really. Also not everybody did/does so "we" is harsh in your post.
  7. No I do agree, I think people (some of our fans too) will point to it as a disrupting factor but what can we do now except move on? Fine them, move on, it’s all Rodgers can do really. IF we do miss out on top 4, and I think we will, bigger questions would need to be pointed at those home games we did not win plus lack of depth in some areas.
  8. Every club showed a loss. Whelan stated, when the accounts were posted, that investment was still being made in the training ground and also in transfers (Justin etc). We were linked with players, even if it was a loan, just a couple months back in Jan yet you think we’d need to ditch Morgan because of his wage and the fact he doesn’t play regular? I’m not accountant but that doesn’t add up. Also you can have a debate without sarcasm. No need for it.
  9. The club will still be making millions through the PL itself, TV deals, playing in the different competitions etc. If finances were hit so hard then why are players still being bought (not just here I mean throughout the league)? If OP is implying Morgan will be retained as a coach, if Brendan wants that then it'll be done. We ain't gonna start losing potential coaches because of Covid. We're in the richest league in the World. Everyone is going way over the top here.
  10. Not great viewing. Hopefully it’s not a regular thing.
  11. Played my Move record the other day, first time in months. Only a greatest hits but I forgot how much I like them. Didn't realise how psychedelic they sound either, especially live.
  12. Probably my favourite drummer. Page is one of my favourite guitarists too.
  13. He probably doesn't but, at the minute, who we playing out wide if we go with 442/4411/4231 ? He's right to play with 2 strikers.
  14. Our lack of wingers is really annoying. We can't even go 4 at the back without having to stick a full back at right or left wing.
  15. Great goal. Love a diving header and there's not enough of them these days.
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