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  1. Yeah, I've never been a fan of replay's in slow motion. The game isn't played in slow motion and I think things looks worse in slow motion.
  2. Surely they won't get a points deduction this season. For these situtations I generally thought they apply at the start of next season?
  3. I don't mind Luton. Went all the way down to non league and it was great to see them come back up through the leagues.
  4. Jones certainly has turned them around. No doubt they love him again now
  5. Fvck Man City. Hope they get banned. Hope they never win the CL. Can't stand their fans. If they do get banned it'll add to their "everybody hates us" agenda.
  6. He'd definitely be worth about £50m now, if not more.
  7. I don't know. Have they always favoured the big teams? I know Fergie used to absolutely harass them and the whole "Fergie time" thing. They probably always want the big clubs to participate in the Champions League but that goes in every Country surely.
  8. All refs are equally as bad. We don't have a standout referee anymore. Clattenburg was the best and he left. Oliver was then the best for me but now he's just as bad. Moss isn't the worse though; Craig Pawson and Lee Mason are much worse. Graeme Scott, who did Var for the Villa game yesterday, is the one to blame not Moss. He should have overruled. It's for Man Utd though so they dare not. Do Villa get a penalty for that at Old Trafford? No way.
  9. Definitely. Can’t believe Neville said Villa looked deflated since HT! It was since the penalty.
  10. Tbf, pen aside, it could have been about 0-6.
  11. Started years ago when Alex Ferguson used to harass referees. Never seen any other manager do it like him.
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