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  1. Just because they made a poor appointment doesn't mean we'd end up the same (well...). However it is a similar dangerous line for us, if we don't have a good appointment lined up (which we wouldn't/won't), because we're not in any danger of relegation and to be fair to Puel he is the first manager in a long time to not have us in a relegation battle at this level. Yesterday pushed me over the edge tbf. It was the worse game I've been too for ages, our performance was pathetic.
  2. Fox92

    What Would You Give Other FTers For Christmas

    Thank you Max. My first choice would be to go back to the recording studio and watch Susanna Hoffs record Eternal Flame.
  3. Fox92

    Harvey Weinstein

    What an awful ****
  4. Fox92

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Because he's managing the best team in Scotland? They're way ahead of the rest. Just like Manchester City here, every home game they score at least 3 games. My point is if Rodgers wants a challenge then yeah go for him but I can't see, from his point, the advantage of leaving all that to come here. If he goes 4 games without winning everybody will want him out.
  5. Fox92

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Not a chance with Rodgers. Why would he give up winning trophies and playing in Europe for a battle for 7th.
  6. Tbh he's supposed to have two defensive midfielders behind him.
  7. Fox92

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    Huddersfield have always struggled to score goals, even when they came up. I think they won promotion with a negative goal difference. I do like Wagner but I wouldn't go for him. He has done an incredible job at Huddersfield but I think he's similar to Puel.
  8. Another that seems to get picked regardless. Evans has played well, we've kept clean sheets, yet as soon as Maguire is back he's back in. Ndidi has been consistently poor but not dropped yet. What does it say?
  9. eBay is as safe as any other site. I never keep my bank details saved anywhere. My eBay account is not linked with my PayPal account. When they say "do you want to save your PayPal details for a quicker checkout next time?" it's a no from me.
  10. Fox92

    Time for Puel to go

    Time to bring in somebody that can actually make a good appointment too.
  11. Not 'duped' at all. It's looking to be a poor appointment (again). Not a good enough appointment and that's not Puel's fault. He didn't give himself the job.
  12. Fox92

    Which players have improved

    Chilwell mainly but there's shouts for Mendy who could've easily been shipped out.
  13. That quote is bang on..... and that's an average football fan. So did the board/the owners not go in depth and look into Puel's games at Southampton? Honestly I do not trust them (our board) to pick the right manager. We constantly sack managers we hire, there's got to be something wrong.
  14. My bigger concern is that all Southampton fans said this about his football and lack of goals etc yet our owners wanted him. Do the board not go and watch managers? Even if we sack him they'll not get the next manager right.