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  1. haha. I took Van Dijk out when they were conceding at least 1 a game then he bagged two against Brighton and got a clean sheet. I'm full of mistakes this season.
  2. Is the double game week for Liverpool this week? I know they play next week midweek but there's the FA Cup on Saturday in between.
  3. Thanks man and I agree with yours too. I said in another topic that subs are concerning, we seem to take off Perez and Praet at the same time every game. Didn't think Maddison was that good today and that he should have come off instead with Perez going more centrally behind Vardy.
  4. Ah. So the predictions of getting hit were right but are gonna come from a fellow fan first
  5. Agree. Or put him central when Maddison is off it like he was today. Perez is never gonna get form when we constantly drag him off after 60 mins every game.
  6. Ings form would suggest he's worth a starting place.
  7. Performances are more worrying. Today was better, albeit the result not, but performances against Norwich, Southampton, Liverpool, Manchester City not good enough (okay the latter two are among the best sides in the World but then again after battering us Man City have dropped points against Palace and Wolves). Just because we're third and nobody predicted it I don't feel our inconsistent form is something we shouldn't be worried about. Lets hope the performance is good midweek and we get our first home win of the year.
  8. Not surprised to hear. Is this on Twitter? Burnley is one of those places I certainly wouldn't be shoving a camera in the locals face.
  9. Think I might start betting on his substitutions. Doesn't matter how we're doing it gets to the same time and Perez comes off for Kelechi and, in more recent weeks, Praet off for Youri. Didn't think Maddison was that good today and I'd have stuck Perez centrally and put Kelechi on for Maddison.
  10. Most people have been slating Chilwell today. He gets dropped/rested and now you're calling for him back. Make your minds up. Oh, and as I excepted, Fuchs was no better than him today.
  11. Or Brentford. Wouldn't mind either of them up. Pleased to see WBA hopefully back.
  12. Cambridge won’t run to St Pancras. Somewhere like Liverpool St.
  13. Fox92


    No gonna go into it but I'd say it's normal(ish). However I'm sure I read that London leads the way in terms of Cocaine use, or is up there.
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