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  1. FA Cup 2017-18

    Man City fans hahah fvck off. Can't stand them
  2. FA Cup 2017-18

    Wigan have now beaten Bournemouth, West Ham and Manchester City. Great achievement.
  3. FA Cup 2017-18

    I'm so pleased for Wigan and the FA Cup in general, but the saddest thing is all talk will be about the referee and the red card. This Manchester City team, even with 10, still costs about £100 million.
  4. FA Cup 2017-18

    Grigg has impressed me - held the ball up well all game, decent bit of pace and a then good finish.
  5. FA Cup 2017-18

    Unreal that. Never thought Pep was so aggressive!
  6. FA Cup 2017-18

    I said red straight away, full speed, his foots high. I'm not sure on second look but at full speed looks red. Delph is horrible anyway. Not surprised it's kicking off, Cook is very passionate as is Pep evidently.
  7. Diego Maradona

    For everything Messi has done he's never won them a World Cup. I understand why Maradona would be considered a God over there.
  8. What is this? First off, Wellens didn't play in the Premier League. Secondly, he was a solid player for us - that side of 09/10 who somehow finished top 6 at a time when there were some quality teams in the Championship will always be heroic for me. I've been a season ticket holder since 2002 (the opening of the ground) and 09/10 was the first time I saw us compete in a play off campaign.
  9. Tbf Dia came first and played one game. And probably not even a full 90.
  10. George Weah’s cousin
  11. Brighton away

    Do as many grounds but it just counts once. For example clubs that have moved ie West Ham I've done Upton Park and their new shit "ground" which is obviously 2 different grounds but it only counts as 1 because it's the same club.
  12. Yeah, only just seen Ings on the cover. Anyway, Thomas writes books for Burnley now. He's got loads published throughout the years. It's no different to any other club, including us, publishing books.
  13. Mahrez being booed?

    He got a great reception at Manchester City. Those who booed him on Friday must not have been there.
  14. They won the Championship. Some of you sound spoilt anyway. Let them enjoy it. They didn't spend millions to go up (you've got clubs like Sheffield Wednesday, Wolves, Villa, etc spending £10mill on players at that level) and were tipped for relegation to League One when Dyche first come in. He's done superb there. I would've thought with all the shit we've been through - from admin right through to relegation to League One - some of you would be more acknowledgeable. Traditional club are Burnley, I hope they have a good finish this season (though, below us obviously).
  15. Championship 2017/18

    Derbies care to the clubs and fans involved, nobody else. Clubs represent county in this game too. I can't imagine there's too many Norwich fans in Suffolk etc.