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  1. Fox92

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    Ah yeah, they are there on full desktop. Cheers man.
  2. Yeah I recall them losing to Dortumund/Munich etc potentially Ajax too. Maybe they are a different seed now. Just strange how they get a favourable draw even in our domestic cup competitions too.
  3. Fox92

    Forum upgrade

    No edit option anymore then?
  4. Man City with an easier draw like they get in every cup competition.
  5. I just worry because it's not sustainable forever. We've done well with it so far because aside from Mahrez we've replaced the others. Southampton did well at first too (such as selling Lallana but bringing in Mane) but got to a point where they were just bringing in players who were worse/not as good as what they were selling. Lets not forget they were in a relegation battle the other year. If you wanna keep selling then you've gotta keep bringing in good players, which we have done so far. I do accept it because it's natural. Bigger clubs buy our players just like bigger clubs by
  6. We don't have to speculate though. I don't want to see us keep selling good players.
  7. Considering his dad played for Burnley he was probably just born there.
  8. BudgetAirUK Threy don't even sound legit.
  9. I was amazed last year when I learnt Mitrovic was only 25.
  10. All the areas/spikes they speak about are all midlands and further. Nothing south of Birmingham have specific lockdowns.
  11. He's not good enough for these sort of sides. Dunno why people think "ohh he'd be great here" without any knowledge of that club's current midfielders. He's 32 and Huddersfield didn't want to keep him on the back of a loan move.
  12. It's all leased anyway? I thought once there's no family left people are dug up. Pretty sure you get 100 years lease, sort of thing. Obviously not with the older graves. Some old graves are really spectacular though with no sort of uniform headstones.
  13. Didn't watch as those two sides bore me but what a stupid fixture list Spurs have. Fixtures Sunday, yesterday then again tomorrow. Can't believe that I was more pleased Spurs won.
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