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  1. I think this thread is about them playing not their career afterwards.
  2. Why not? As long as we're not singing about loving them. Don't you like Wes Morgan's chant or Iwan Roberts? The latter is a classic of course.
  3. I'm sure we always used to get linked with Danny Murphy because I always wanted the rumours to be true. Would have been class even late on his career he was still a good footballer and we were only a Championship side then.
  4. Got pissed on holiday didn't he? That's all I know of. He's still very young and captaining the club that he and his family love, that's reason to have a drink now and then. What he did during this lockdown was stupid, agreed. Although this news about Kyle Walkers shows that Grealish isn't the only one. No mention of Walker in this thread though because it doesn't suit people's agendas.
  5. Fox92

    Corona Virus

    Obviously I hope Johnson pulls through but his condition surely won't be as bad as a normal person. People like PMs will always be monitored closely.
  6. Today's upload is of Matt Elliott. Some absolute belters on there for a 6ft centre half. When people pick their "best PL team" Elliott is in with a shout alongside Huth and Morgan. Also Neil Lennon's crossing ability is underrated.
  7. I played the Santanic album yesterday. "She's a Rainbow" and "2000 Lightyears From Home" are the stand outs from it, both good songs for me.
  8. No surprise at all. Spirit of Shankley is a great group who try and do good stuff. As as I said earlier in thread, if you'd have asked me which club I thought wouldn't do this I'd have guessed Liverpool. Obviously their owners don't share the same thoughts as the majority of their fan base but good stuff from Liverpool fans but I did expect a response.
  9. Bit of a pointless stat considering they finished 6th last season (a massive one place lower) and got promoted.
  10. Can’t stand Walker at all. One of those players that I don’t like.
  11. Without doubt. The term "legend" is mentioned far too much nowadays but 2 goals in a cup final is definitely legendary status.
  12. Agree with both of you but as Davie says there, that was sort of my point. Audiences are going to want to watch bigger sides compared to "smaller" sides.
  13. Surely though it's because they are good sides so involved in good games. If people think great PL games they think Liverpool/Newcastle, Arsenal/Spurs, Man Utd/Liverpool, Man Utd/Arsenal etc and for us, from a non-biased view here, it'd be LCFC/Man United and LCFC/Arsenal. Great games are hardly between Palace and Watford. Or at least I can't think of that many games. It's only natural people will want to watch the bigger sides more anyway.
  14. That has surprised me. If I thought any clubs wouldn't do this my guess would have been the Merseyside clubs who do a lot of work for communities. Can't see their fans supporting this. For all the criticism they get, their fans donate to stuff like foodbanks more than other clubs and not just in their area.
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