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  1. Well yeah that would be my guess. They can probably offer first team football.
  2. Pope got 11 points for yesterday's performance and he's on my bench Same old.
  3. I was gonna say, every time I've seen Brighton recently he hasn't played. Not sure if he's been on the bench.
  4. As soon as a keeper comes out he runs the risk. He was never gonna get that ball. Plus it was a pull before the incident.
  5. I wasn't comparing. But these players also contributed to us, just at different levels. Hobbs/Morrison were superb for us. Dyer is a hero, I proudly sang his name away at Burton last season. All of them made us proud to support LCFC again.
  6. Kisnorbo wasn't that bad at centre half and I think without an injury might have played for us after that. I'm pretty sure he played a couple of games under Pearson? Hume used to get double figures and McAuley was a good defender. Stearman did okay too. Steve Howard and Matt Oakley were good for us after and key players in getting us back up.
  7. haha. Some "ITK" stuff from me there
  8. I will be surprised if Harris isn't sacked soon.
  9. I got 96 so far and haven't used my free hit or wildcard. The players I had all managed to contribute something, especially Stones. So different compared to Nov/Dec when nobody was turning up
  10. They were good at that time, which is what we needed. There's no comparison to now because we're playing in the top flight so our players are naturally going to be better now. But at that time don't take anything away from the likes of Kisnorbo, Hobbs, Dyer etc. They all served us well and gave us a couple good seasons after years of shite. Also if Wellens was a couple years younger, I have no doubt he could well have been here in our promoted team like Dyer/King etc.
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