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  1. Would prefer the lines straight down the middle, to many teams have diangle stripes eg Southampton so it's not unique
  2. At least the hated Spud's are losing so my Sunday won't end that disappointed
  3. Always thought that... what's the point of Crystal Palace.
  4. I dunno what it is but losing Man city doesn't p*** me off like when Leicester lose against other teams. Maybe cos we didn't really do anything on the pitch, hopefully we get into gear next game and Iheanacho scores. Plus we let them win today so they won't know what hits them if we play them at Wembley!
  5. New it would happen when Kelechi Iheanacho got subbed, what was the point of subbing our inform scorer!
  6. Can't still see why that was a free kick, ref only blow his whistle when Kevin complained
  7. Let Man city have all the play in the 1st off, we are soaking them up to smash them in the 2nd half!
  8. But he tweeted when Lampard left that he's in love with Chelsea
  9. Chelsea what a weirdly managed club, they spend hundreds of millions every year but don't just get that a team fill of individual superstars aren't superior to a team playing as a team
  10. Chilwell's got it easy for his money.... never seems to get a game!
  11. Spurs found it hard to pay the loans it took to cover there stadium build costs, and the UK government gave me them the money at virtually zero interest, because they were seen as making profits year in year out. Football clubs will make a profit if they don't spend much in the transfer market, like in the Pochettino era at Surs
  12. The only reason Spurs made profits for the last several years cos Poch wasn't given any cash in the transfer market for acouple of years. Not forgetting the 200m bailout they got from the UK government last year.
  13. Only downside from yesterday's great performance from from Leicester is that looking at Man U's RedCafe forum they want to sign Ndidi, Tielemans and Fofana
  14. Will Everton ever achieve anything in football, really are a enigma club.
  15. Man U Edison Cavani is 34 and still can score and the fans wished they had signed him several years ago. Plus Vardy's been great scoring for us the last few years
  16. We should go after that Dynamo Zagreb player Orsic, think afew ELP teams will be looking at him after scoring a hatrick against Spurs today. Read that Orsic does like to score in the Europa League.
  17. We should go after Patson Daka, everyone seems to think he's the next Erling Haaland
  18. That's abit dumb of Scott Mctom celebrating as if he's scored the goal just because he went up to head the ball aswell 😅
  19. What a great Sunday beating the blades by 5 goals.... Spurs losing from going infront and Lamela getting a red... all we need now is the Moyes getting one back on his old club!
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