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  1. AMN has been abit s*** at West Brom, glad he didn't come to us.
  2. Arsenal have of a knack of not giving their foreign youngsters playing time in the 1st team, if Arteta wants Gabriel Martinelli to go out on loan this summer to another EPL club we should sign him. He's going to be a future star and we may get a chance to sign him up permanently.
  3. Who is this Danish kid Wahid Faghir that we failed to land in January when we submitted a million pounds for him and failed, just read that Wolves also want to sign him up in the summer apparently.
  4. Wasn't Mason Mount rested, I remember he didn't Chelsea last game, so it does affect performance when you can rest your mind and body for a week
  5. Got to feel for Fulham first concede an own goal and then have a perfectly good goal disallowed, Lemina's arm wasn't even up!
  6. The more I see it ... the pass and Wow what a goal , heard the UK press describe it has a screamer!
  7. What's a pearler? Sorry some English words we don't use here
  8. F*** he'll just give Burnley a goal ... They've had so many great chances!
  9. Pep will still spend £200m odd this summer to try to win the CL next year!
  10. When every team players at the beginning of season are fresh and injury free Pep can't coach his team to win, and now more then midway through the season when other teams seem exhausted Man City look like there season has just begun.
  11. It's so unfair that Man City can have so such a big squad of talanted players whilst other teams who haven't got oil money can't rest or change the squad because they have lesser quality players on the bench. This burnout and tired players don't seem to affect them cos they have fresh players on the bench like Mahrez who has played alot of time on the pitch this season.
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