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  1. Maybe Brendon had it to easy at Celtic and the tactics against the Scottish teams weren't needed. I dunno really because I didn't follow Scottish football.
  2. Individually the country produces brillant tough players more than any south american country but somehow collectively in the WC can't produce it together
  3. Dear Congerton in the January transfer market please find us a old fashioned strong Uruguayan striker. One that dosn't mess around in front of goal like Edinson Cavani yesterday, a proper hard old school striker.
  4. Man U seem to have sorted themselves out now, really think they can challenge for top 3, they have bought wisely in Edinson Cavani the Uruguayan is 33 but as they say form is temporary but is is permanent. He's showing Progba how to score, a proper hard old school striker
  5. Now Liverpool probably feels like us, parts of the media said we could beat Liverpool but they played good. And than everyone said how Liverpool are brilliant. Seems they also came crashing down yesterday, the hype about them came crashing down yesterday, the players thought Atalanta would be a easy turnover, but they gave Liverpool no respect, maybe Leicester should have given Liverpool the same treatment.
  6. He's really understated does not show off like some show pony's, really is class.
  7. And he was disappointed he wasn't picked to play for England last week (same with Barnes) I wonder why? he's no Jack Grealish.
  8. He afew to many games for Belgium last week, he seems wacked
  9. He afew to many games for Belgium last week, he seems wacked
  10. We are so so poor today we could be 4 down, jota is really good he can't believe his luck
  11. We need Rogers to make a big cjamgw here we can come back here if we ate positive
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