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  1. Hope the owners don't give Brendan Rodgers another substantial pay rise just because Spurs are interested in him. He's already on decent whack and I remember the last time he was linked to Arsenal the owners did up his wages and then our form dropped off.
  2. Yup I thought that swell, because it's little Aston Villa let's show the red card, bet if it had been Kane he would not have been sent off.
  3. Spurs really done one over us, making our players thinking is Brendan staying or going at the end of the season?
  4. Looks like he's not going to Spurs than, on a serious note wasn't there news this week that he may get a huge pay rise. Same thing happened last season when Arsenal were interested Brendan was given a huge pay rise and then are form seemed to dip
  5. Steve Walsh did pretty good at scouting when he was at Everton brought Calvert-Lewin for 1.5m, read that he recommended Erling Haaland for £4m but the Toffees heirarchy didn't want him.
  6. Yes go on Johnny he's the man when u need a desperate goal, now let's finish them off
  7. Looks like he realised he won't be getting any transfer cash at the meeting with Levy
  8. I don't really think Arteta knows what's he doing, he carrys off this image of showing no emotion which looks cool. He should have stayed at Man city coaching rather then think he can manage
  9. I am glad Spurs are now going after Ten Hag becos since they sacked Jose some of there fans on the Spurs forum fightingcock reckon if they got Brendan Rogers, he will bring are quality players, the coaching staff and scouts along with him
  10. We need to do the opposite to what Spurs did yesterday in our FA cup final, they do I'd nothing we need to do a Leeds on Chelsea.
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