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  1. Firstly, I'm not Jesus. Secondly, It's not anything to do with one bad game, this has been a problem for years.
  2. Not great but could be worse, Soyunchu straight swap. I would be more concerned by the fact that we don't have any strikers.
  3. Do you think its all good then being a 'Top Club' whom are challenging for champions league football, and are currently competing in the Europa league, to only have one striker, who's 34, with only one recognised alternative who wouldn't even cut it in the second league of Scottish football? Our lack of depth in attack is embarrassing when compared against the clubs ambitions.
  4. Anyone able too Google translate the word connerie thanks.
  5. The club will be masters of their on fate. We will fcuk champs league place due to lack of squad depth, not to mention being a club with only one striker on the books who's currently crippled. Fcuk it, im going bed and if I wake up to us having signed some fcuking Burton albion full back then fcuk it, fcuk fcukiddy
  6. BR will be too arrogant to change anything. Same team, Perez starting up top with Ünder allowed the last 10 minutes. 1-1 Fulham are probably better now than when they turned us over
  7. Exactly. Their player would probably be down the Royal having his ankle restructured.
  8. Think ended up giving them £2m
  9. So didn't score 2, cool story bro.
  10. Our recruitment will probably end up signing up someone called Diego from Costa at beaumont Leys.
  11. The inconsistency and failure for champions League football is the club as a wholes fault. If we had a replacement / addition to Vardy, we wouldn't drop half the points we do. Instead we get people like ünder who sit and warm the bench and then get given 10 minutes to work a miracle.
  12. How can a team with such talent and aerial ability be so poor at set pieces. There's something fundamentally wrong with who is training set pieces or how it's being trained.
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