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  1. Ok so just installed this despite the usual will I won’t I. But having to isolate for two weeks I thought fcuk it. Any tips? Any preferred formations etc ?
  2. Also cooking with cannabis. But that’s mainly as I love my green.
  3. I am obsessed. Read the book series years ago and love them. Also love the series... but then again so does my mrs ... but she says “for a very different reason” 🤨 we have just started ratchet... American horror story spin off. Very good so far after 5 episodes
  4. He’s paying someone’s wages or at least pay the club meaning he’s kinda paying the wages. How’s that trolling , yes it can be a dig at the arse. But couldn’t it just be a very kind gesture? The cynicism on here at times is just depressing. Take it as an act of charity.
  5. I am starting to wonder. I have backed him all the way. But Ian the nacho came off the bench and looked so much more constructive and useful.
  6. Ahhh feels soooo good getting out of the football part of the forum following Sunday. Any who ... as with regards to the title has any one use a flexible/foldable keyboard and are they any good? Are there any recommendations? Any pro’s and con’s? cheers lads.
  7. Anyone else think he will do a Kevin Phillips? I genuinely think he can play till 40 if he wanted. His body won’t have been through the riggers of other professionals being a late bloomer and he’s very very intelligent with his movement and passing. If and it’s a big if he can stay relatively injury free and we do it right (if he stays with us, which he ofc will) I think he could have another year or two at the very top and then some. It’s all about what he wants. Can’t bring myself to think of the day he hangs up that chewing tobacco 😭😭😭 man I hope they name a stand, street and my child after
  8. Hamza is nowhere near Mendy’s standard let alone Ndidi. I think you missed my point. On form is it fair to drop Mendy. He has been very impressive and tbh we have lost to teams like this before and recently. Kinda makes your point moot. No one has said he’s a Kante in disguise but I think people are waking up to the fact that he is very disciplined and his positioning appears excellent. He also has his head up looking for the right pass and he seems to Magog his way out of very tight corners.
  9. Oh most definitely. How do we fit Ndidi, Mendy, Madderson and Praet in? Lol. Can we just play with 13.
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