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  1. Looking at flushing out for a CAM however unsure who I want in that role. Currently I alternate between KDB 91 and sif madders. However I was thinking of an upgrade in the form of one of the legends. Thinking Gerrard or Bergkamp but wondering if you lads had an opinion. Currently have like 350k and can get rid of kdb for another 100 odd K but who do I replace with?
  2. Hey. Nothing wrong with a little games workshop in your life.
  3. I’ve always enjoyed my B’s save. Always have a strong young squad with decent financial backing. I’ve done a save every year for the last three. Will be starting this seasons soon. Any advice on their squad?
  4. I can’t wait till I drop the soap and someone has at it .... as I certainly accord afford 10k fine. What a bell he is. Does he still use the forum? I mean actively post rather than stalk people who slag him off. I’d like to see @Mark opinion on this. Not sure if I tagged the right mark
  5. No ... it’s our fans that are bizarre.
  6. Some sense at last. But I do think some of the lads have had their heads turned perhaps. Who knows. But let’s not panic just yet. I mean trump coming into power was meant to be the end of the world. If that clown can carry on I am sure we can grind some results and needed some much needed confidence.
  7. Everton agree naming rights with business partner of owner. 30 odd million being touted. I’m not sure I like this naming rights thing. Yes yes I know we have the KP Haha
  8. You actually want him to get twatted? Are you actually this bothered by somebody else’s behaviour that actually has no Fcukin impact on you? On reflection perhaps you should look into your own views on life and such rather than his? Just a thought.
  9. I was thinking the same after the villa game. Him and Maddison look a shadow of their former selves. Both have had their heads turned.
  10. Is the game ply changed slightly? Logged on this morning after 10 days off and lost four on the bounce and I really struggled. I’m not good by any means but I normally do hold my own. 91 Owen has been appalling for me x
  11. With we and him croaked for the time. I expect a bid for the Turkish las. Like we did with Perez. No muss no fuss boom.
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