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  1. United linked with a potential 50mil offer for villa's josh McGinn. Have they taken leave of their senses? I know he's a grafter and what not but ... is he their calibre or someone who you'd rely on in a top 4 bid? Mins you who else they got in that cobatative role?
  2. Im not sure. Just looking into it. I am not the most up to speed on the ins and outs. But if I remeber I am just can’t remeber if it’s 5/10 years and it only covers structural ... which I assume this is. If I’d go through the NHCB would I need to alert my insurance?
  3. I also have a pic of the front which I can upload apparently. It’s too big a file.
  4. Ok. Is been in new house for over 5 years and no real bother. It’s a new build in Staffordshire by Bovis home. As a i I mentioned never had a problem until last few days .... I have never been one for the obvious but that ain’t right haha. Now anyone have any idea on what’s wrong? Clearly yes I know it’s related to rain
  5. The romance mode is more about the honor duals and the legends right? I was about to boot the bugger up and it’s updating haha. I can’t wait to get lost in this game. Been waiting a good while.
  6. Yeah the warhammer series are very good games. Well at least I think so. I have just just downloaded 3 kingdoms but not really started yet. Any suggestions?
  7. Who’d you start with and how far are you into the game? Did you play any of the total warhammers?
  8. This has come at the wrong time for me ... my father a lifelong city fan passed away 6 weeks prior. But before he went we spoke about the parade at Vicky park. What a memory that is and forever will be. All made possible by you Vichai, you were always kind, passionate and above all cared for the city and the people. A true gent. Say hello to the old man for me. Xx
  9. Bad pic I know ... but seriously.
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