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  1. How can you be “worried about his final ball” when you describe him as a player who “whips in very good crosses”? Lol
  2. It wasn’t in the street. Context does matter in law. Yes you can argue cases re muster etc. But in this case. Context.
  3. Agreed. I was impressed with his link up play with Justin, Vardy etc. He’s also and people don’t believe this got a nack for winning the ball back.
  4. This is what worries me. Those teams had fight, they had spirit, they had bottle and most of all they believed in it and believed in the manager or perhaps the great Esteban in the great escape. but you get my meaning. This squad ... most believe their own hype, they don’t seem as connected as other squads and squad harmonics just don’t seem right to me. I’ve been waiting it since January but something just doesn’t feel right about this squad. I honestly think it revolves around transfers and ‘traditional big clubs’. I’m not in the conspiracy that this was done to weaken our chances by other clubs. But the media love in for them and how they fix on our players and create stories about how they’d fit in, link in or whatever phrase you care for. Hate the media.
  5. Ha. He can’t be registered for us now. At least that’s my understanding. Bennet has not looked very ... commanding.
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