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  1. I’m too high to even work that out. That’s a ridiculous stat right? Or am I just that high?
  2. Bayern? Juve? Real or Barca and I think they’d let him go with good grace. An English side I think they’d play a little harder. But what the world is now figuring out is that Youri is not far off world class ... maybe even already be there.
  3. I’ve had a Zambian... very good experience I must say. Although I’d love Daka here too and I hope he enjoys the experience
  4. How is that a penalty? He’s brought that and it’s embarrassing
  5. 35 tomorrow and no work. So time to enjoy this and soak it in whilst doing nothing haha. What a team we have and Brodge has them all on the same page. We look to one of the best teams in Europe atm. Fantastic going forward and we’ve stopped conceding soft goals and we are one again dominating teams. That’s without Barnes, maddo JJ and few others just returning to fitness. What a time to be a lcfc fan.
  6. They’ll surely find summat. Be Vardy missing a sitter or us conceding or maybe because Perez didn’t do well enough. They’ll always find summat, we do have some ****** who follow the team. I can’t fault anything .., that wasn’t far from perfect.
  7. We didn’t. From what I’ve seen it was just north of 20. I think.
  8. I was just thinking that. Great contribution
  9. Read it again and tell me exactly where I mention Ünder in a negative context.
  10. Pulisic should be available come summer. I’d love to have him here if he can stay fit. But I know that’s probably unrealistic.
  11. Tbh we both pray it/they get her skin tone and definitely her eyelashes. I’m Dane by descent so almost as white as they come so would love them to get the mrs skin tone. Whatever happens they’ll be a fox or vixen there’s no doubt.
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