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  1. He’s got no pace and he’s deliveries now are not what they were and let’s fave it our strike force ain’t dominant. He can’t really take players on and doesn’t have an abundance of skill. He does however support Ricardo well and tracks back. But for me. I think it’s tome we let him go. one of the best free transfers ever.
  2. I’d still take him now. He’s excellent.
  3. Been dog muck all season not just the cups. He served no purpose here now. Not as a player ... would like to keep him around though. Maybe get him through the badges.
  4. I think for weds I’d like to see Perez more central. Maybe playing the madders role. That’s where he was most problematic against the toons oppositions. Madders needs a break and a break in the limelight. He has clearly had us head turned as has chilleell. I have no evidence but out form coincides with them being linked away to United, Utd and Man City. That would turn any 22 year old boy imagination. I know the man is a god amongst mortal man perhaps even a colossus. But any worried about the lack of form for the three legged Turk?
  5. Ianus Hagi? Can play anywhere across the front three and the maddo role.
  6. That ginge ain’t Paul Fitzpatrick is it?
  7. Looking at flushing out for a CAM however unsure who I want in that role. Currently I alternate between KDB 91 and sif madders. However I was thinking of an upgrade in the form of one of the legends. Thinking Gerrard or Bergkamp but wondering if you lads had an opinion. Currently have like 350k and can get rid of kdb for another 100 odd K but who do I replace with?
  8. Hey. Nothing wrong with a little games workshop in your life.
  9. I’ve always enjoyed my B’s save. Always have a strong young squad with decent financial backing. I’ve done a save every year for the last three. Will be starting this seasons soon. Any advice on their squad?
  10. I can’t wait till I drop the soap and someone has at it .... as I certainly accord afford 10k fine. What a bell he is. Does he still use the forum? I mean actively post rather than stalk people who slag him off. I’d like to see @Mark opinion on this. Not sure if I tagged the right mark
  11. No ... it’s our fans that are bizarre.
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