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  1. Any game that results in continually getting eaten by a T-Rex and other like creatures has a thumbs up from me.
  2. I've been there. Lovely place
  3. Carrying on from this I decided on a Spanish save last week and plumped for Real Sociedad or whatevs they're named on the actual game. They have a half way decent squad and have quickly picked up the nack of my counter attacking with a fast transition football. William Jose has been a revelation playing the F9 or as a complete forward. The young lad Oryazabal is a phenomenal player whose only going to get better. Carlos Vela is a beast although an unhappy one as I declined a transfer offer from spurs for 18 million. He's not going anywhere unless they meet his clause. Had to strengthen the back line buy bringing in peruzzi for 3 million and Arribas from La coruna for a further 3 million and he's getting the job done with an average rating of 7.40. Curenlty sitting 3rd behind the two great ones but there's only for points in it and I have Real away as my penultimate game. Currently at the end of March. I'm hoping for a large investment with a top 4 finish to really push on. Made a few under 19 signings whom I'm hoping will develop under the correct guidance. A good save so far but finding the use of B and C teams a little pants as player fitness becomes and issue for non regular starters.
  4. Just this week got back from Vietnam. Sigh.
  5. Majority of PL defenders struggle against Carrol and especially Benteke in the air. You can't really complain about that mate.
  6. I never said he was good at it. But he does do it where he never used to. It's a side of his game he has improved for good or worse. I was saying that gray does not appear to have the discipline or apparent desire to do this in the limited time he has had.
  7. It really has lit up. Cracking cross and a very good headed finish.
  8. Was just about to complain about how pants this game has been. However a goal at last. Lucky though with the deflection.
  9. But ... but... where are spurs???
  10. For 22million he can go. Although with Mahrez going in the summer I'd assume he'd be in line to fill the void. I don't think he will do the defensive work that Mahrez has added to his game.
  11. Stupid selfie time now. Fair play to Sanchez at the end showing his Respect.
  12. Down his shorts? Because he isn't on the pitch.
  13. He isn't quite that headless. Schlupp was athletic and direct, that's about it. Also he's a fair bit younger than our Jeff
  14. A freaking horrible carpet at that. However I'd take him in a heartbeat. Fast, direct and skill full but lacking end product. He doesn't appear however to moan or whine at not starting and appears to give it his all when he gets minutes. He'd be handy squad player and with him and Demari on flanks the speed and skill could be awesome (could be, may not be)
  15. We'd rip the arse apart if we show the form we've played since Shakes took over.