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  1. Any good? Have this on my to watch list. Not sure if it’ll make for good viewing for better Half though.
  2. Ah. Cheers man. Not that i to even slightly relevant but signed him on fm21. The year we won the league. The stars are aligning haha.
  3. 10mil when the quoted cost for buyout was 3mil? I mean I’ve only read that one so know clue and I am so not in the know But at either cost not huge layout for hopefully a decent squad player. Must really want cover for Praet if we don’t wanna wait for the free transfer.
  4. Well said. Also the fee - it’s been reported several times that the fee was less than the 30 that’s touted. If I recall it’s <20mil.
  5. It’s been mentioned somewhere. Aye. It’s crazy right.
  6. Youri, gtf? Esteban? Arteta? Fabregas? Hoijberg? I could go on. All not the quickest and some down right slow If his brain and feet are quick enough ... pace won’t matter playing centrally.
  7. Could do with him have a few ‘Old Harvey Barnes’ moments soon ... because I am seriously wondering how long it’ll be before we are fending off serious money for the lad! He is pure Fcuking sauce when on it. He nearly has it all and could win European titles if he continues on this trajectory you’d think, injury aside.
  8. Can’t disagree with a word of this. Great post.
  9. Listening to his interview following Chelski- I would t be surprised if he’s read somewhere (probably not here) or heard feedback about him hitting the deck easy and acted on that. Clearly wants to learn from feedback etc. Fair play to him though, I love seeing him further up the field and brings out the best in him which in turn makes other players better. I was happy for him to be rested a month or so ago with Praet taking his spot. Gladly he has proved me wrong and has added to his game. He seems more gritty, stays on feet more and his vision seems to have improved. Love the lad.
  10. That’s the point I was making to my mrs. We are sooooo used to having Vardy that anyone else up front just looks lazy. I though Perez worked hard and you could see him tracking back and put the work in defensively. But he’s never ever going to play off the shoulder and break the channels. Not his style.
  11. I was yeah, that completely unfounded then bud? Genuine question? As it looks conspicuous bearing in mind he was sporting a black eye when it all came out. But fair enough of that’s pure fiction.
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