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  1. I didn’t wanna say but ...
  2. People were saying no to Lingard and look how that turned out. I’d love him here on a loan.
  3. Disagree. I think Brentford will stay up. Comfortably
  4. Fair point. But KDH plays a very different game and it’ll be interesting to see how he develops.
  5. Decent stats. Bout all I know.
  6. I can’t get over some of the comments on here it’s baffling.
  7. We have a trophy. One of the most prestigious in the fookin world... so we drop outta the top four, disappointing yes game changing ... probably not. Yes the financial clout would be nice but you know what ... that trophy and May 15 will live on in our memories forever. Falling out the top four, frustrating but it’s not gonna be immortalised.
  8. Thought he’d taken up a new hobby in his twilight haha.
  9. Where’s the warhammer reference come from out of interest? Lol
  10. I know one thing for sure. Saturday 15th May 2021 will be a day that lives on forever. The game we lost to Chelsea a few days later and maybe dropped outta the top 4 (for the first time in like a year, near enough) will not. I know that when my time comes I’ll remember that Youri goal, that lift, top and all the other emotions. Missing out on top 4 would be long forgotten. Brendan has immortality amongst most fans for this. Alongside a few others.
  11. Fcuk me ... just bewildered absolutely bewildering. Yes your opinion and fair enough but wow.
  12. Which is why I actively avoid the fukcing thing. Far too much vitriol and if I’m honest shit.
  13. I seriously don’t get the negativity. Fcuking crazy.
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