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  1. Everton agree naming rights with business partner of owner. 30 odd million being touted. I’m not sure I like this naming rights thing. Yes yes I know we have the KP Haha
  2. You actually want him to get twatted? Are you actually this bothered by somebody else’s behaviour that actually has no Fcukin impact on you? On reflection perhaps you should look into your own views on life and such rather than his? Just a thought.
  3. I was thinking the same after the villa game. Him and Maddison look a shadow of their former selves. Both have had their heads turned.
  4. Is the game ply changed slightly? Logged on this morning after 10 days off and lost four on the bounce and I really struggled. I’m not good by any means but I normally do hold my own. 91 Owen has been appalling for me x
  5. With we and him croaked for the time. I expect a bid for the Turkish las. Like we did with Perez. No muss no fuss boom.
  6. Anyone on seasons right now playing as Leicester vs Leicester and loosing 2-0??? Finished 3-2 to Leicester haha. My lcfc x
  7. Because people automatically believe that because we are second in the league we should be targeting the Creme Dela creme. They forget we are Leicester city. Yes we are playing amazing football and one of the best set ups in the league ... We don’t have the pedigree of some of the more elite clubs in Europe and we won’t attract top top players without completely breaking the ethos of the club and the budget. If we want elite players they will want elite wages. Why come here when you can go to London, Manchester, Liverpool and that’s but a few. They probably said it about players like Madders and big Soy. Maybe not delusions of grandeur but certainly some of our fans are getting a little big for their boots. We have had major major success with younger signings, maybe have a little faith. ‘Elite’ signings we’ve made over recent periods ... Slimani, Musa, Silva all worked out real well. Compare that to our younger signings as walshy5 highlights.
  8. Can we go out and buy players capable of playing in the UCL Final? I mean look at the last 5 years of signings. The best have always been players we sign and develop. The ones where we brought proven champs league players have been major disappointments. Stick to what we know and what we’ve done better than anyone in the last 3 seasons.
  9. Leon Krnic Mk ll. although hope he gets his chance.
  10. Haha. Dude try and relax. We are second in the EPL ... and you’re this concerned about someone passing on information? I fear for your health.
  11. “The top bin” ”slide rule ball” and old traditional but “they just didn’t turn up” ”Liverpool” “Klop” ”traditional big 6 / top 4” ”and ... its LIVE”
  12. Where did I claim to itk? It’s not like I’ve seen paper work or ‘official’ scouting reports. Like I said it was passed onto me. Also If you had read my post you may have seen that I admitted I had no clue how to spell his name. Would you like me to google it next time and copy and past for accuracy? Would that make you happy? You mighty mighty keyboard warrior.
  13. Djenepo (spelling) looks like he has all the tools to develop into a baller. I remember we were linked with him in the summer.
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