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  1. We were the only club 1 out of 20 to vote against PPV. That is the big one?
  2. I think the point I was making is that whilst I acknowledge the club is not run perfectly. It is run far better than most. Fan involvement often comes down to the vocal minority who make most noise, rather than a genuine reflection of what the overall support base thinks. We have FANTASTIC owners. We are very lucky to have them and they have delivered the longest spell in the top flight in my 43 year life. They run the club well and show real class in their stance on PPV etc. I am 100 per cent behind them.
  3. Our owners need to be business savvy and look after the financial interests of the club. They would win no admirers by making profligate decisions and being wasteful of resources. We have to compete with a number of clubs with greater revenue generating capabilities than us. We manage to do this and the owners have also been on the fans’ side in the recent PPV and ‘Big Picture’ debates. We are incredibly lucky to have them and I hope they continue to run the club commercially and ethically. Asking for fan involvement is a recipe for big gestures that have grave financial consequences. If we wa
  4. Legends of the club are few and far between. The players i would call legends (from my time watching) would be: Lineker Walsh Wright Izzet Morgan Kasper Vardy sone big mentions for Wallington, Fuchs, Heskey, Albrighton, Huth who are players I have enormous respect for too. i know that Worrhington, Birch, Weller and ‘The Doug’ were all big fan favourites before my time.
  5. Really enjoy hearing these stories. My Dad used to take me to sit on an old dugout at the front of the Kop (I think it was Pen 4) starting from ‘83. I’ve never lived in Leicester, but used to walk to Filbo from my Nan’s house just off Saffron Lane. Such good memories and I idolised players from some good eras like Lineker, Ramsey, Newell, McAllister, Reid, Mills, Thompson, Joachim etc Walsh and Izzet come close but my all time favourite is Vards. I’ve always loved watching City, but my enthusiasm dropped a bit in the mid-2000’s as I was playing myself and my old man wa
  6. I don’t think we need an either/or debate here. We need a proper squad if we are going to try and battle on multiple fronts in Europe and at home. Mendy has been superb, but I have detected that his energy levels seem to suffer towards the end of games - anyone else see that? He is so intelligent and retains the ball so well; Pappy is integral to the way we break out when we play a more defensive formation. I think Wilf is a huge physical presence and a fantastic asset - he is relentless in tackles and interceptions and a dynamic and unselfish player that is a huge asset
  7. Very tough fixture this one. Hard to call, but I’d take a point. Up the Citeh!
  8. I think we need to use lots of players and a variety of formations to cope with the sheer number of games and the very different challenges we’ll face. I’d like to use formations that get as many attacking players as possible on the field at times and I think Vards could benefit from Kel’s ability to link play. Full marks to Rodgers at the moment, he’s rotating the squad sensibly and getting his tactics right. I agree we have a great squad.
  9. So many players contributing at the moment and BR is managing the rotation exceptionally well. I think he deserves so much credit for how he has adjusted his tactics/selections depending on the opposition and player availability. His game management/subs have been bang on. I still feel that the number of fixtures will catch up with us, but to be where we are at this stage is a huge achievement in itself. I’m genuinely excited to see how far we can go.
  10. N’golo Choudhury was my man of the match - absolutely superb. So many tackles and interceptions - well done Hamza!
  11. I can’t stand Alan Smith for two reasons; -desperate for us to lose vs Arsenal the year we won the league; and - dull and unimaginative commentary/punditry In terms of the first point, given the opportunity we gave him you’d think he would at least want us to win our ‘fairytale’ season. His commentary the day Welbeck scored the late winner was a disgrace. I don’t feel any sense of loyalty or connection with him at all now. V good player for us, but it clearly didn’t mean much to him, so I’ll save my positivity for the likes of Lineker, Izzet, Emil, Walsh, Huth
  12. This lad has some real quality - that ball for Vardy was ridiculous. Obviously, he’s got a long way to go and he’ll need to work extremely hard, but I have high hopes that he’ll be a strong player for us. The only thing that might hold him back is that he doesn’t have that electric pace that left backs often have in the modern game. However, I think he could potentially play in a few positions given how good he looks to be on the ball.
  13. Really happy to see Ben kicking on a bit. It was clear that his confidence was low last season at times, but he is very good player. I wish our fans didn’t turn on our academy products so quickly, I love to see our youth products get into the first team. Really happy for Hamza tonight too - he seems to be the most recent target for disproportionate criticism.
  14. He will never know how much joy his investment brought to us as a fan base. Eternally grateful to Vichai and his family who continue to make me proud of my club.
  15. That pass gets better every time see it. Absolutely class. For the older posters, it looked like a Hoddle pass the type of pass that very few players see let alone execute.
  16. Can’t argue with the tactics that have seen us get 6 points from Etihad and Emirates. It’s fine as long as we can be more positive against some of the sides that will look to defend deep against us. 6 games in to be in the Top 4 with the injuries we’ve had is a fantastic position to be in. It’s not been all positive, but with the players coming back I’m excited to see what this side can achieve.
  17. He looks to me like he has the type of physique that means he struggles to gain sharpness quickly. Fergie always used to talk about the differences in say Giggs, compared to Rooney in this regard. I think players who have a more “stocky” build sometimes have to work harder to get up to speed. I think if he can stay injury free and get some game time we’ll start to see the best of him in November. Too early to see him start today I think we need a more defensively astute player to deal with AFC’s strong left wing.
  18. Unpopular opinion here, but why is everyone focussing on Hamza’s performance? He did ok - made some v good tackles and looked mobile and tenacious enough to help us out a bit as we were beginning to tire. He’s definitely got a role to play this year and I think he will prove a few people on here wrong. Much like Ndidi has done. I was really concerned with Perez’s performance, he’s had plenty of game time but he is really struggling to impact games. We know he lacks pace and strength (that won’t change), but I am most concerned with his inability to retain position and/or link play.
  19. I think you need certain systems and selections in certain games. Against the “low block” we can use Nacho in this way. I can’t stand it when managers just throw out the same formation regardless and hope for the best. I agree we often look good in a 4-3-3, but the modern game requires tactical flexility and a variety of formations/personnel to be used! Just look at how different our formations and personnel needed to be to face Man City’s passing, Burnley’s aerial bombardment, West Ham’s defensive organisation.... Mind you, I didn’t mind Claudios insistence on a 4-4-2 a few years
  20. I’d play Barnes left, Kel off the right, Madders central Vards striker in a 4-2-3-1 system. I think Tielemans would miss out as we’d need to play a double pivot. We played this system away at Villa in the league and we looked very good going forward (but Ricardo was left exposed at RB).
  21. I think there is a strong argument for playing Kel with Vardy in certain games - we sometimes struggle to get Vards involved and Kel could potentially play off the right side - enormous goal threat if we can get Madders, Harvey, Kel and Vards working in sync. I appreciate that Perez will give you more defensively, so in certain games against the better sides he could be the better option, or we could go with Albrighton who never lets us down in terms of effort.
  22. Anyone who said we should play Perez instead of Kel watch this evening’s game. He created chances and scored his goal - very good performance.
  23. It’s another night where I have some Leicester City in my life - I care enormously!!
  24. The extent to which a load of posters turn on our academy products is really harsh. Come on this forum and you’d believe Chillwell is useless and Barnes is a Championship player. Choudhury has been given no minutes at all - and we expect him to come on and play like Roy Viera. Reality is he’s had more good games for us than bad and he’s put in really good performances against the likes of City, Chelsea and Arsenal!!
  25. I Iheanacho is not useless - complete nonsense. To be honest I should have stopped listening to your opinions on strikers when you said Edouard is better than Vardy, but I have to disagree again because I think either you don’t know anything about football or you are on a wind up.
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